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Disclaimer: I wish I had the money and the talent of JK Rowling, unfortunately I don't this is merely my humble offering to the goddess of HP.

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As feisty as I may appear I'm seriously falling here,
And I fear,
you are wasting your time
can't you be mine?
Daisy Dares You -Daisy Dares you

Thoughtful Baths and Surprising Peters 

“AHHHHHHHH!!!!” I screamed as the girls (or evil munchkins, you know, whichever you’d rather) laughed hysterically at me. Water dripped down my face and soaked through my jammie top.

“You girls are so full of evil you’re like a bunch of really evil evil guys on evil pills!” I shouted.
What a way to wake up! I had been deep in a lovely dream (which absolutely did not involve a certain person whose name rhymes with Birius Slack) when I was assaulted by three total LOONS!

Attacked with water no less.

I grumbled loudly as I stumped into the bathroom. I could hear the others laughing loudly and then shriek suddenly. I was über scared until I heard the sound of Jezza roaring followed by hurried footsteps down the staircase.

I took my time in the bathroom.

I had no classes today, so I did not care about time restrictions. I drew myself a big bath full of a combination of different bubble baths plus some extra cool bubbles from my wand. I slipped into the warm water and relaxed luxuriantly.

Oh how I loved the weekend! My mind drifted as I stewed in the water. My thoughts floated to my family, a topic I tended to avoid at all costs. I sighed and flicked the water with my hands.

You see my father is a Muggle.

Huge hellish shocker for my dearest mama’s family when they discovered that.

The Baines: one of the oldest pureblood families producing a half-blood!

Major scandal! My mother said she had been coerced into doing the dirty with my dad. She said he’d drugged her when she’d least expected it. It didn’t help though. She was partially disowned and it was as though I was never born. She has a much more admirable bloodline in my half-brother Damien Black than she would ever find in me, lowly half-blood as I am.

We used to be very close, me and dad. Every other weekend he had custody of me and I would enjoy whatever we did; only returning to my mother under protest. But slowly as I got older we ran out of topics to talk about.

Our worlds were just too different and slowly we lost our connection. When my cousin Vern found out that I was a witch he abandoned me. His father, my dad’s brother, disliked my mother immensely, and I can’t say I blame him, she was a cruel bitch to my Muggle relatives, but, he had always been fair to me.

His son, Vern, was a brother figure for me. 4 years older (but none the wiser) he allowed me to follow him around at family parties and we played together when we were young.

But all that changed when I received my letter for Hogwarts. I had been so excited to tell him. I had kept my magical secret from him for 11 years and I couldn’t wait to tell him the truth when it was finally confirmed. But Vern wasn’t excited; on the contrary, he turned on me. Called me a freak and told me to stay away from him.

I’ve barely seen him since, my visits to my father becoming more and more infrequent as I became older and more different.

Of course my maternal family was even worse. My darling cousins punished me at every opportunity for what I deem my mother’s mistake. You see it’s not my fault my idiot mother got trashed in a Muggle bar where she was hoping to enjoy some Muggle-baiting and in the end got taken home by my soon to be father.

He had a wife but she was on a business trip and so he had no qualms about shagging my mother. After all she had been all over him. You may wonder why I know this so well.

Unfortunately I had been retold the story so many times and from so many different points of view that I had been able to construct a horrifically vivid mental picture of the night.

Now I have one maternal ½ brother, one paternal ½ brother and two paternal ½ sisters.

Ain’t I just so lucky?

Dad’s kids think I’m a freak but I think there weirder with their “T.V.s” and their “Light bulbs”. As for Damien (mother’s child) he takes his role as protective older brother incredibly seriously, when he wants to.

At other times he’s a total effing nightmare.

He really is a nut-job; well, he has inherited both the Black and the Baines insanity. Yes my ½ brother is a distant relation of Sirius.

I heard scratching at the door and then the yowling began.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” I grumbled at my bonkers cat. I rinsed the shampoo from my hair and twisted myself in towels. I left the bathroom in a cloud of scented mist looking; I’m sure, like a total goddess and proceeded to feed my cat.

I passed the day slobbing about in my uber comfy, loose jeans and gihugic Gryffindor quidditch hoodie. I completed the massive transfiguration essay I had on trans-elemental transfiguration. It would be difficult but I am just sooo amazing at transfiguration that it was a walk in the park, not that I’m bigheaded or anything.

However I would probably receive a T for my potions essay, it was truly shocking. I just did not understand that subject and Professor Slughorn did not truly appreciate my expressionist take on potions. I tried making a sleeping draught following the instructions the wrong way, to see if it would make an awakening draught.

Apparently potions don’t work that way. My mother sent me a howler after she received the bill to repair the damage to the dungeon.

Anywho, I was walking back from dinner with my posse (aka Lilster, Marley & Ray-Baby) when we heard the sound of scuffling up ahead then I heard a hissing voice um... hiss “Caught a marauder have we?” I did not like the sound of this.

The posse crept forwards as we drew our wands.

“The worm barely counts,” laughed a sneering voice. I knew that sneering voice: Snivillus! I glanced sideways at Lily, she had stiffened and a frankly terrifying look crept across her features: the boy had been her friend up until the end of last year when he had called her the m word.

We burst round the corner to find the Slytherine 6th year boys holding Peter against the wall by the neck. He was turning slowly purple. I pointed my wand at Snivillus and he dropped his own causing Peter to fall to the floor.

Lily rushed forward and helped Peter to his feet and one of the Slytherine boys took the opportunity to flick his wand at Lily’s open back but Peter quickly deflected the curse. Snivillus rounded on the boy who held his hands up.

“That’s right gay-boy get a group of girls to save you,” jeered Mulciber. Rayne stormed forwards at his words whilst Peter turned rather pink.

Mulciber had the good sense to shrink back from the tiny blonde, but she was not advancing on him. She grabbed Peter by the shoulders and smashed her lips against his.

I stared gobsmacked.

I did not expect that!

Rayne pulled away to growl, “Believe me, he’s no gay-boy!” and then went right on kissing Peter who obviously could not believe his luck. The Slytherines skulked off, muttering darkly. I remained, mouth open at the game of tonsil tennis being played before me.

Marlene was on the floor laughing and Lily was in a similar position to me. We stared at each other completely bemused.

“What the hell?” came a shout from behind me. I turned to find the other marauders standing gawping at the face-eaters behind me.

“I haven’t got a frickin’ clue,” I replied weakly. There was an odd squelching noise behind me as Rayne un-glued herself.

“Wanna go out sometime?” asked Rayne almost daringly. To say I was shocked would be an absolute understatement. Also, to say that Rayne was popular with the male population was an understatement.

And here she was asking out Peter Pettigrew. I thought Peter was going to faint. He nodded weakly and watched as she turned and sashayed off. I finally closed my mouth.

I ran after Rayne about 3 billion questions racing through my mind. The most persistent was, “What the fuck, Rayne?” and that is exactly what came out of my mouth. She turned vaguely pink under our three intensely curious gazes and murmured, “I think he’s cute.”

A touch of defensiveness coloured her words and I realised that she had not been merely playing when she asked Peter out. She liked him. Once again, what the fuck?!

News flew around the school that Rayne Lovegood, Nymphet, was dating Peter Pettigrew, least sexy marauder. Gossip groups gathered in toilets and I found myself shielding my best friend’s boyfriend from jealous boy’s curses.

Surprisingly, I also found that a lot of jealous girls were also shooting spells at Rayne herself. Needless to say Rayne did not need protecting and the stupid fan-girls usually ended up in the hospital wing with wings sprouting from their ears, which caused them to fly into the air whenever they passed beneath a door lintel.

Madame Übel the aged German matron was forced to deal with many a concussion for the next few days. I did not help the matter by knocking myself out on the front doors when I was playing tag with Marlene (What? I can be 8 years old if I really want).

I have now sworn wooden doors to be my mortal enemies and have taken to opening them with my wand rather than my hand in case they get disappointed that they couldn’t knock me out and gave me a splinter instead.

They are evil I tell you.


Moving swiftly on, I was in charms a couple of days later practising the ‘oppugno’ charm which I really wouldn’t have expected to be taught in school, but I digress. Charms was the perfect place to hold a gossip session and the posse took full advantage of this.

“So how’s it going with you and Pete?” asked Marlene. Lily and I leant back in our chairs and Lily cast one of Snivillus’ charms around us to minimise risk of being overheard.

“Really well,” replied Rayne, a little smile curling her lips as she gazed off into the middle distance. I mouthed ‘awww’ to Lily and she nodded her head.

“You got to third base yet?” Marlene asked smirking.

“It’s been three days Marlene!” replied Rayne in a shocked voice.

“Yeah but it’s you,” quipped Marlene. Rayne hit her in the arm, hard and sniffed angrily.

“Aww, Ray-Ray she doesn’t mean it. We don’t care if you are a little bit slutty; you’re still our friend,” I smirked. I received a smack on the back of the head and I snorted with laughter.

“Why am I friends with you two?” Rayne whispered exasperatedly.

“Because you love us so very much!” I replied throwing her a winning smile.

“Not as much as she lurves Petey though,” laughed Lily earning herself a slap. Rayne was now very red in the face.

“We’re truly sorry Ray-Ray now tell us all about Pete, is he a good kisser?” I asked.

“Uh-huh, truly. Not too much saliva like saliva boy and not too little like cactus boy,” Rayne replied dreamily, absent-mindedly braiding a strand of her hair. I glanced around anxiously, checking that the muffliato spell was still working, as the boys in question were sitting quite close.

“Aww Rayne you really like him don’t you?” asked Lily a smile in her eyes.

“Yeah I think I do.”

A/N: Ooooh! Were you shocked? I was! When the plot came into my head I was like can I do that? So I just did! Anyway this chapter wasn’t originally in my plot but I wanted to add it in and I have only just finished it so it may have a whole crap load of mistakes but I wanted to update. So please reward me with a shower of lovely reviews. Pretty Please? Chapter image of Rayne and Peter.

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