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‘Excellent!’ Charlie said.


‘That’s bloody brilliant!’ The twins said.


I knelt down by the fireworks that the twins had set up, ‘So which ones the final one?’


Fred knelt down next to me, and pointed to the smallest of the ten set out, ‘This one, its small to the eye, but not for long.’


I pulled the November Stone from my pocket, and picked up the firework. Carefully I pulled the top off, careful not to spill anything from the inside, and placed the stone gently on the top, before closing it and setting it back down with the others.


‘Were did you ever learn a thing like that Gray?’ Charlie said, his admiring eyes looking down at my work.


I looked up to Charlie with a mischievous smile, ‘It really is amazing what you can learn from reading a few simple books.’


‘You retain everything that your read, don’t ya?’ George commented, taking a closer look at the firework.


I nodded, ‘Something I get from my Mum.’


‘Well, by the looks of it, the mischievous smirk and that trouble in your eyes, you definitely have Weasley blood in you.’ Fred said, looking over to me with an approving smile.


‘A true Weasley!’ Charlie continued, his eyes sparkling with agreement.


‘Here! Here!’ George mocked, holding the firework up like a drink.


I smiled, ‘Let just get this started, I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces.’


The twins looked at each other, mirrored a smile, and then looked back to me, ‘Yep, definitely a Weasley.’


I smiled from ear to ear, unable to think of anything else to say.




‘Mum! Come on, you’ve got to see this!’ Charlie called, me and him where set to be the distraction, to get everyone out into the yard without them acting too suspicious.


I kept my mouth shut, and just nodded at what Charlie said – I knew I was a good liar, but laughter was bubbling up inside of me, and I didn’t want to be the one to give up the surprise.


‘Ok, one second!’ Molly said, wiping her hands on her apron.


‘Come on everyone!’ Charlie called, his loud voice ringing throughout the house, ‘You’ve got to see this!’


That caught Molly’s attention, she looked from Charlie to me and then back to Charlie, her eyebrow slightly raised.


‘What’s going on?’


Charlie, who had experienced his mother’s detective nature his whole life, just smiled innocently and shrugged his shoulders.


And that’s when she turned to me; I bit my lower lip and shifted my eyes to Charlie then to her.


‘Gracen? The truth.’ She said, crossing her arms like a mother would talking to a defiant child.


I felt Charlie’s eyes on me, but I didn’t dare look at him.


‘Like Charlie said,’ I said, trying to keep my face solemn, ‘We need to get out there.’


Without another word Charlie and I took off towards the door, everyone following behind us, curious as to what was going to happen. Molly, with her hands on her hips, taking the lead.


I ran over to the twins, leaving Charlie to explain to his mother.


‘We're ready.’ I whispered. The twins gave me a confirming wink and held up a light to the first one.


I plugged my ears and leaned back on my heels. The spark ignited and the whizzing of a firework flying past us sounded and then a large pop. I peered around the corner, everyone was looking up at the clear night with a smile, not only were the stars perfectly clear the fireworks gave the night an even more enchanted feel.


My eyes scanned over the crowed slowly. Molly stood, her hands over her mouth, amazed at the show her boys where putting on for her, and Arthur stood next to her, his arm around her, smiling from ear to ear.


Hermione, Ginny, and Harry stood off to the side watching, and Ron and Luna stood a bit away, hands entwined subtly.


Every pop of the firework sent a flurry of colors across the awestruck crowds face. I smiled and looked back to the twins, they where down to the last firework. The finally.


‘Gracen, would you care to do the honors?’ Fred said, handing me his light.


I smirked, and knelt down next to them, ‘5…’


‘4…’ George continued.


‘3…2…’ Fred said, plugging his ears.


‘1!’ I held the light to the string and it lit. I was expecting it to be amazing, what I wasn’t expecting was to be flying backwards when it ignited.


Fred, George, and I sat up coughing. I looked at the twins, black soot covered them from head to toe, there hair was standing on end – black and ginger mixed together.


A smile spread across my face, I knew I had to look as bad, if not worse, then the two of them.


‘Fred! George! Gracen!’ All three of us cringed as Molly’s voice called out names.


Molly came around the corner, and the anger that was originally in her face disappeared as she saw us sitting on the ground literary burned from our show.


‘Oh my boys!’ Molly went straight into mother-mode. She had a handkerchief for each of us, and started to clean us off very carefully, checking for any signs of permanent damage to our bodies – our ego was another thing entirely.


Arthur came around the corner, followed by everyone else from the party. I could see smiles and hear a few laughs here and there, but soon everyone started to clap. It was the strangest thing to see.


I smiled and George and Fred, of course, over acted, standing up and bowing and just plain showing off.


Arthur came over and offered his hand, which I took and stood up, brushing myself off the best I could.


Arthur set his hand on my shoulder and leaned down to my ear, ‘Nice touch.’


I smiled and looked over to Arthur, ‘Thanks.’


I didn’t look, but I could feel Molly’s eyes on Arthur and me. What she was thinking though, I was at a lost for.


I watched as everyone came up and gave us a job well done, and then headed back into the house – most everyone still talking about the show.


‘Arthur,’ Molly’s voice sounded timid, I looked up to see that she was the only one left besides me and Arthur, ‘I think it’s time we asked him.’


I looked from Molly to Arthur and back, who where they talking about?


Arthur tapped his hand on my shoulder, looking at Molly with thoughtful eyes, ‘I think you’re right my dear.’


Ok, now I was really lost. And then something clicked, what if it was about me and the trunk?


I swallowed and turned to look at Arthur, ‘Is it about me?’


Arthur looked down at me, a smile on his face and in his eyes, ‘Why don’t we go over to my shop? Aye? We can get some privacy in there.’


Molly nodded, and started towards the small shed before us. Arthur followed, and then I was after him, dreading what I was going to be scolded about or something along those lines.


‘Gracen, why don’t you take a seat there?’ Molly pointed to the small work bench, I sat and Arthur walked over to stand next to Molly, his hands in his pockets.


I had never been in the shop for longer then a minute or two and I fought between my curiosity to look around and to pay attention to what Arthur and Molly had to say, the latter of the two won in the end.


I pushed back a few plugs that hung in front of me and looked to the two Weasley parents.


‘Am I in trouble?’ I asked, Molly smiled and gave a small laugh through her beginning tears.


‘No, no you’re not in trouble my dear.’ She looked to Arthur, waiting for him to talk.


Arthur looked from Molly to me with a small smile, ‘You see Gracen, you are a Weasley, and there is no doubt about that. If that show you and the twins, and I’m guessing even Charlie, put on wasn’t proof enough – I don’t know what is!’


I looked down, trying to hide me hopeful smile.


‘Seeing the three of you on the ground, covered in soot, and smiling made you all look like a group of brothers having a grand ol’ time.’ Molly said, I could hear the smile in her face – but a smidge of doubt as well.


I closed my eyes now, waiting for it to come, and bit my lower lip.


‘And,’ Arthur said, walking over and taking a seat next to me, waiting for me to look at him, ‘We wondered if you wanted to become a permanent part of our family, here at the Burrow?’


The shock of what he said ran through my body and I stood up automatically, ‘Really?’


I couldn’t believe what he had just said; it was what I had dreamed of over the past week. This couldn’t be reality, it had to be a dream, any moment now someone would call to wake me up and I would be in my bed in Ron’s room – or worse, at Hogwarts in my dorm with Ryder, and learn that all of this was a dream.


Molly covered her mouth with her hands happily shaking her head yes, tears sparkling in her eyes, ‘Yes.’


‘But,’ There was that dreaded feeling of reality again, ‘You’ve only known me for two weeks – how could you decide something so—’ I stopped, I couldn’t go on because I knew if they asked me the same question I wouldn’t know what to say, because I wanted it just as much. I had fallen in love with a family I never knew I even had, in just two weeks.


‘It’s what Simon would have wanted – and we all want you here to stay.’ Arthur smiled, placing his hand like a father on my shoulder.


‘I found a trunk…in the attic last week.’ I confessed, looking down at he floor again.


‘We know,’ Arthur stated, his excitement in his voice not changing at all like I thought it would.


I looked at him confused.


‘And we’re not mad.’ Arthur said, able to read my face, ‘Nothing could change the way we feel about you. Ever.’


Molly came and sat on my other side, ‘You’re like one of our own, we would never want to loose that.’


It was so cliché and everything, but I couldn’t speak. I was actually speechless.


‘So would you want to Gracen?’ Molly asked, ‘Be a part of our family?’


I looked from Molly to Arthur and then back again with a small smile. Now I knew what the doubt had been in Molly’s eyes, she thought I was going to say no, and everyone acting so weird and all, they knew – they had already talked with them.


Molly’s eyes were so soft and motherly, ‘Would you?’



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