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Anything that you don’t recognize means that it belongs to JK Rowling.  This chapter is dedicated to all you beautiful readers. :)


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Teddy Lupin


I walked back to Hagrid’s cabin. I had been three times since the kiss, and every time he wasn’t there. After a pathetic attempt to rival Professor McGonagall, she is still insistent on only letting me discover that he is ‘away on School business’.


It’s silly really, but I feel like I am in desperate need of a bear hug, and who better to give you a nice and caring one of those than Hagrid. I was hoping that he would be back before the winter holidays so that I would be able to wish him a Merry Christmas. If not, I would leave him a note from all of us, or something.


On the account that today was the last day of school until after the Christmas Holidays, I seriously doubt that obtaining one of these so called bear hugs I out of the question. Inside, I didn’t know whether or not I was dreading going to the Potters or looking forward to it.


I shrugged off that weird feeling and skipped back up to the castle. I was humming the tune to a song that I had heard on the Wizard Radio this morning when I smashed full pelt in to someone and went crashing to the floor.


“Oh Circe, I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going. Are you ok?” I asked all in one shuddery breath and quickly got up to give a hand to the person I had knocked over.


“You should be and what the hell do you think Price?” I should have known, Evie Lewis. “I bet it wasn’t even an accident.” She spat, smacking my hand out of the way and getting up herself making a mountain out of a molehill.


“If that’s what you want to believe.” I sang, shrugging it off. I would usually feel a great amount of guilt about knocking someone over, however when I knock over Evie, I feel nothing. I knew that she would never in a million years believe that it was an accident, so I decided to not even bother denying it.


“So, you just admitted it.” She stated shoving me backwards a little.


“No, I did not.” I denied and tried to find a strong voice. “And I would appreciate it if you didn’t shove me.”


She shoved me again and folded her arms. “Why the hell not; you punched me in the face.”


“Fair point.” I admitted guiltily. “But I did apologize,” I said knowingly. “And if you weren’t being such an arse towards my family, then I wouldn’t have had to do it anyway.”


I had no idea where the words were coming from. I had always been fairly civil to Evie, before I had (deservingly) smacked her.


“An arse.” She smirked, pretending to be hurt. “Listen bitch, we’ve been through this.” she hissed stepping forward and creating a gap of only a centimetre between our faces. “You are going to back off.”


With a sigh I tried to stand my ground, knowing that I couldn’t’ just walk away this time. I could hit her again, but I was sure that this time I would be consumed with guilt.


I sighed. “Elaborate.”


“James is mine, he chose me not you. He’s not your best friend anymore. He even told me that he doesn’t like you, that you are an arrogant little conniving shit and that he wishes that you would stay out of our lives.” I felt the tears prick in to my eyes. That isn’t true, that can’t be true. James would never say that even if he didn’t want to be my friend anymore. “You are only messing up what James wants. I know you like him, and so does everybody else, even James, he thinks it’s a petty little crush.”


“I don’t have a crush-“I began to defend tears coming to my eyes.


“Did I say you could interrupt; I’m talking.” She clicked her fingers in my face threateningly and stepped forward expecting me to step back. “Look Price, James is a big boy; he doesn’t need you anymore; he’s got me.”


“That’s really nice.” I said grinning at how naive she really is, shoving the emotion of despair as far away from my expressions as possible.


“Nice?” She questioned. “Are you gunna come back at me with another of your pretty little insults, maybe call me stupid?”


“No Lewis, calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people.” Once again, word vomit, and I was beginning to like it.


“Ouch, getting better Barbie. FYI, this little chat never happened, and if I find out that you were within five feet of my boyfriend before the Christmas holidays, you have no idea what kinds of hell I am going to unleash on you.”


I made some childish mimicking noises and she sneered.


She began to turn around and walk away before she stopped and grinned. “Oh, and in case you didn’t realize, FYI means for you’re information.”


I thought that was all she was going to do, insult my intelligence, imply I was stupid, but no. Then she stabbed me harder than any knife was able to.


“Your alone Price, you always will be. James doesn’t notice you, only that Ravenclaw boy seems too, and look how much attention he’s been giving you lately. Your alone; you will always be alone and you are going to die alone. Even cats will run away from you. So I think that it would just be best if you stayed well away from my Jamesy, because he doesn’t consider you as anything more than a pity friend.”


I stood there in shock, not able to move. I have never been in an argument with anyone before. I didn’t believe a word that she said about James, as he would never say anything like that about anyone, let alone me. It must have been a few seconds before I felt a caring hand on my shoulder.


I half expected to see Ellie; she always seemed to be around when Evie was being mean, her and Dixie, but D would have run after her and beat her until she bled, being the scarily violent person that she is.


“Wolfy?” The voice asked. Scorpius’ Malfoy’s blonde hair fell over his forehead as he turned to face me. “Are you okay, love?”


“Are you having a laugh, Scorp.” Blaise added from his left. “The things that Evie said were fucking terrible. Fuck, if I was you, I would have done a lot worse than punch her in the face.”


“Thanks, Blaise.” I muttered.


Scorpius took hold of my hand and pulled me behind him. “Come on, were telling Lily.”


“No, we can’t.” I stuttered pulling him back. “Have you got any idea what she would do to Evie?”


“That’s sorta the point Charisma. We want Lewis to suffer.”


“No we don’t, I don’t want to make a bigger deal out of this than has already been made. I’ll get over it.”


“Trust you. You are too nice Chic.” Blaise groaned, turning around and walking away.


“Fine, I won’t tell Lily, but I am not letting this go, and if she does anything like that again, you are going to tell me. OK?” He said, I wanted to laugh, to ruffle his hair and call him my brother, but his eyes were hard. “I’ll murder her. Her brains will be splattered up the wall and all.” I rolled my eyes. “For you Charisma … I will momentarily turn in to my father.”


I laughed.


“This is not a laughing matter.” He said firmly. “If she does anything like that again you are to tell me okay?”


“Yes Mum.” I finned rolling my eyes and giving him a grateful smile. “I’ll see you at Christmas Malfoy.”


“You too, Price.” He said, accompanied by an intimidating look.



“Are you ready yet?” Lily’s voice echoed up the staircase to my dormitory. “Wolfy, a turtle could pack a trunk quicker than you.”


A turtle may be able to pack quicker than me, but I had only started less than a minute ago. Once returning from my lovely encounter with the she-witch, I couldn’t force myself to do much. I ended up just sitting on my bed, staring at the covers.


I grabbed my magazines, clothes, toiletries and any other belonging that I owned and threw it in to the trunk. Leaving behind the belongings that I probably wouldn’t need, I dragged my trunk down the staircase before loudly dropping it on to the floor infront of Lily and grinning.


“Record timing?” I shrugged.


“Yeah, for the slowest woman in the world, now get your arse out of the school and in to the back of that freaky carriage.” she retaliated.


Albus quietly took my trunk and placed it next to Lily’s. With a wave of his wand he set my trunk next to Lily’s and bound them together before levitating them along behind us. He’s only one year younger than us, but he’s fifteen going on fifty.


I could recall telling Albus that he was my favourite Potter years ago, yet he simply replied to me with statics of how that would be impossible due to that fact that I was closer to both of his siblings before him. It’s a tendency of everyone to plaster on a face of understanding while speaking to Al; it’s usually the opposite that is going on inside your mind.


The train ride home was somewhat infuriating; Evie spent the entire time trying to suck James’ face, he eventually walked out of the carriage after getting fed up after hours of trying to push her away. She followed him like a lost puppy. I couldn’t understand why he was with her; he obviously wasn’t enjoying himself.


After considering who else there was to sit with besides my dormmates and the boys, I came up trumps. Lois was staying at school for Christmas; the sane person in my head was telling me to double back and stay with her.


As I sank down in the seat next to Kyle he laughed. “Too much potential for saliva, I’m gathering?”


“Just a bit.” I answered giving my signature smile.


Fred was sat in the corner, a look of slight disgust on his face. “How will you manage the holidays, Wolfy?”


“I’m planning to spend the majority of the time with you, Lily and Ro.” I said pointedly. “I suppose that I could simply move back in to Teddy’s for Christmas; I’ve never spent Christmas with him before.”


Teddy Lupin and I were a tag team over the summer. He and I would stay together for most of it, cotching in his falling-apart flat. Yet for Christmas, I would stay with the Potters. It’s how it had been since I started at Hogwarts.


A short yelp of laughter erupted from Freddy. “Sure, you just keep think that I will be near the Potters while Lewis is there. However,” he differed. “You are more than welcome to hide out at my place while she is taking residence at yours.”


“Or you could just come and say with me.” Drew winked.  


I sighed. “Should I really give you an answer there or should I just glare?”


Laughing he pulled me in to a tight hug, away from a grinning Kyle. “You love me.”



“Ginny!” I shouted excitedly as I ran towards Mrs Potter, throwing my arms around her neck and in to a tight hug.


This moment was always my favourite, greeting the family and entering in to the Potter’s large country home; it was my favourite place in the world, more so than the school – if I dare say it.


“Charisma, I’ve missed you darling.” She replied.


“Yeah it’s fine, really mum, forget your own children.” Lily sauntered past us both and headed straight for her father, who was coming down the stairs.


Ginny pulled away and set me at arm’s length away, her hands still set on my shoulder, she asked “How’s your year been so far, I hope that you’re keeping my Jamesy out of trouble?”


She was the perfect mother, carefree and perfectly embarrassing towards her children. They were all tough, the younger generation; they had grown up under Ginny Weasley’s swatting hand.


“That’s not her job anymore mum.” Albus said as he tripped through the door way, levitating everyone’s trunks behind him; he had insisted he do it.


Harry said a kind ‘hello’ and went to help his son, ignoring his daughter as she laughed mechanically.


“Yes, it now belongs to the she-devil.” Lily added, pecking her mother on the cheek with a quick kiss.


“Who?” Mrs Potter asked folding her arms.


“The girlfriend.” Lily and I chorused in a horror movie type way.


Ginny furrowed her brows. “The one that’s coming to stay?” Lily and I gave her a knowing look in response to her question. “Ouch.”


As she looked out to the car that Victoire had picked us up in, she caught sight of James and Evie, as did I when I followed her gaze. Ginny seemed to look them both over for a moment and shrugged as if seeing nothing wrong.


“She’s pure evil.” Albus hissed from the kitchen.


Harry shook his head. “Now come on; she can’t be that bad. You’re bound to your brother’s first serious girlfriend.”


“Dad.” Lily said placing a hand on his shoulder. “You have yet to meet her.”


“Yeah, make sure that you stick her in a room far away from civilisation.” I murmered.


“With locks on the outside of the door.” Lily added seriously.


James and Evie both began to walk towards the house, grinning as they came.   


Ginny blinked. “Well, if Chic doesn’t like her she must be bad.”


“She can kill cats by the mere action of staring!” Lily said, mimicking her mother’s stance. They were scarily alike.


“Mum, Dad.” James introduced, walking in to the living room and shaking snow from his stare. “This is Evie Lewis, my girlfriend.”


I am sure that Lily actually gagged.



Being a kind family, the Potter’s welcomed Evie in to their home with open arms, as they had done me all of those years ago. It was something that Lily, Albus and I disliked a large amount. It unnerved me to wonder if anyone had felt this way when they had welcomed me in a similar fashion all those years ago.


It was the second day before I had to come to an encounter with Lewis, yes it was with everyone else, but still.


“Morning Lillers.” I said sliding in to the kitchen in my pyjamas, an old white T-shirt that used to belong to James, white shorts and bed socks.


I can guarantee you it was not attractive.


Lily, wearing a similar attire, but clothes previously owned by Albus smiled and handed me the box of cereal. “Morning snore-girl-2023


“I do not appreciate that,” I retorted haughtily, “my snores are happy snores, pretty snores.”


“Yeah if a pig is dainty and pretty.”


“Ladies, ladies.” Ginny said, walking in to the kitchen, wearing similar attire to Lily and I. “In Wolfy’s defence, a pig can be dainty and pretty if it wishes.”


I poured myself a bowl of coco-pops and pouted at Mrs Potter. “You did not just say that.”


“I thought that your snores were very lady like.” James said sweetly walking in to the kitchen shirtless – in the name of the lord, get a grip, self - and helped himself to the toast in the toaster that Lily had just made for herself.


“No its fine James, have my toast, I was going to make another anyway.” She said in a way that I was sure was intended to not have a reply.


“Thanks sis. So apart from snoring beauty over here, how did everyone else sleep?” He asked while sitting down next to me and stealing a spoonful of my coco-pops.


“My property, back off.” I said quietly and playfully.


He screwed up his face, “My house, go home.”


I pouted for the second time that morning and nicked his toast and turning back to Ginny. “Thanks again for letting me stay for Christmas, Gin.”


“It’s our pleasure Chic,” she smiled through sleepy morning eyes, “honestly, it’s like you live here anyway.”


I hadn’t comprehended what she said next; James had replaced my cereal with his sisters toast and was shovelling it in to his mouth as if his life depended on it.


“You know, breathing while eating helps digestion.” I said as I knotted my bushy hair at the nape of my neck.


Ginny took the spoon away from her son. “I’m so glad someone’s finally pointed that out.”


James glared at me, stole his sister’s spoon and then looked at his father, who had just entered the crowded kitchen.


“Good lord, it’s busy in here this time of the morning.” Harry said grinning and kissing his wife gently on the lips.


“There is a mentally disturbed child over here.” Lily groaned as she looked at her parents in disgust.


Harry chuckled and then turned back to his wife before kissing her once again, harder and more teenage like. Ginny wrapped her arms around his neck causing James and Lily to make horrified faces and leaving the kitchen. It was nice to see parents in love.


I followed them out and in to the living room, sitting on the sofa and putting my legs over James.


“Shh.” He said putting his finger to his lips. “Evie’s asleep upstairs.”


Yay ... note my sarcasm.” Lily said for me, thank god for the blunt little sister.


When arriving last night, I ordered huge amounts of muggle Pizza, while we all had a huge family sit in talking about the year so far. We were joined by Rose and Hugo and their parents, James’s aunt and uncle, Ron and Hermione, considering that they live next door.


Evie and James sat together on the sofa while I sat with Lily, Rose and the boys, making kissy faces at James and Evie thorough the entire evening.


Mature.’ Ginny mouthed to us when she noticed, but soon began joining in. Harry rolled his eyes and smiled at his wife.


When it came to sleeping arrangements, we were all for the usual. Me sleeping in James’s room and everyone else taking their usual beds. However, this was not up to the liking of the clinically insane foundation girl.


I ended up bunking with Lily, while Evie took James’s bed and James took the sofa. Ginny refused to let them sleep in the same room, she trusted me, not Lewis.

Thank you to Lily’s gossiping mouth about her brother’s girlfriend. We had decided to leave out the parts where I punched her in the face and she called Lily a whore, also the bullying towards the Potters and Weasley’s while James wasn’t there.


“Switch.” James said a few seconds later, handing me the cereal and gesturing for the toast. I obliged and scooped a mouthful of the chocolaty goodness in to my mouth.


“Ew.” Lily stated simply, picking up a magazine.


“Come on Lily, you know that you love us.” James mocked as the devil came down the staircase looking like a princess. Even in the morning’s she looked beautiful.


“Jamesy.” She said, slapping my feet out of the way and sitting down next to him. Lily and I gave her an evil look, which went unnoticed by James.


Instantly I stood up. “I’m going to take a shower.”


“Lord knows that you need one.” Evie said smiling, making it sound like a joke for James, but we all knew that it wasn’t intended that way.


Lily jumped up too and placed her bowl on the table in front of her; I knew that she was resisting throwing what left of the contents over Lewis. “I’m going too.”


I shut the bathroom door behind me and listened as Lily slid down the door on the other side. I slid my bottoms off, shivering as the fabric grazed my legs. After helping myself to shampoo and an assortment of shower gels, I hopped under the water and embraced the feeling of warmth.


I kicked out the gels, soaps and conditioners I did not recognize. Evie had brought along three trunks, one filled especially with beauty products. Her beloved belongings that were once placed carefully along the floor of the shower were now ‘orderly’ scattered across the floor. Heck … I’ll pick it up later, after she’s seen it of course.


I turned slowly and let the scolding water flow over my body. Between the first few minutes of luxury, a rather out-of-tune rendition of a Christina Warbeck special; trust Lily. Grandma Molly Weasley loves the wizarding superstar. For her 70th Birthday James, Al, Freddy and Hugo bought her a toaster that sings her songs when the toast pop’s up.


Not only was their grandfather fascinated beyond belief that it was muggle, but she loved to sing along.


Lily and I bought ear plugs along to the Christmas gatherings.


I turned off the water and sang along with Lily, spinning a little in a small white towel.


After pulling on clothes I opened the door and finished my last note; it sounded in tune … and loud. Lily pushed past me in to the bathroom, hysterics controlling her body. She opened the door a few minutes later, dressed and ready.


“Going smelly today are we?” I teased, shutting the door behind her.


She shook her head. “I showered last night thank you very much.” She laughed lightly, but I recognized the smile.


It was the smile of mischief. It was the same on that James wore after he bombarded the Slytherin first years with stink bombs, or when he hung Rose’s bras from the top of Ravenclaw tower.


“What did you do?” I whispered quietly, a small smile appearing on her face.


“Me?” she echoed. “I don’t believe that I am the one who carefully placed Lewis belongings across the floor of the bathroom!” I opened my mouth to contradict when she interrupted me. “I am the one whoever who disposed of them.”




“Yes, disposed.”


I blinked. “Elaborate please?”


“I can surely say that it was the happiest moment I have had in a while when I saw the mixture of tart green, hussy blue and trampy red swirling down the plug hole.” I gasped. “Oh don’t be so shocked.”


Instead of lecturing my dearest friend, I laughed along side her, hoping that she only tipped them down the sink and no tampering was involved. If not, I would have to add that in later.


We both hopped down the stairs in hope that we could avoid Evie. Lily stopped me at the top of the staircase.


“Wolfy.” She whispered. “If you like James, why don’t you just tell him?”


“Because I can’t.” I whispered back pathetically, the mood having changed instantly at those few words. “You’ve seen how he is with Evie, he like’s her, were best friends and that’s all were going to be Lillers, I should just give up. It was a stupid crush.”


“Chic.” She said comfortingly. “Lord knows that, that girl ‘aint for my brother, you two would be perfect for each other, you’re the best of friends and we just have to find a way to make James see what a horrid bitch his girlfriend is, then at least she will be out of the way.”


“Lily, you don’t understand.” I said shout whispering. “He’s happy.” I stated simply.


“Stuff his happiness, you’ve got to think of every body else here.”


“Lily, I love James, he’s happy with Evie and its gunna kill all of us, but he’s happy and that’s all that should matter.” I gave her a confused smile and then walked down the stairs.


“You know you can’t sing for shit.” A voice said from the living room.


“Teddy!” I screamed, running down the stairs, almost tripping and then running to him while we did our random happy dance.


“I told you Wolfy’s his favourite.” James said smiling to Evie.


“Circe only knows why.” She muttered so that James couldn’t hear, but I heard it. I mimicked growling at her as Teddy smudged my mouth in to the direction of the other wall. He held my face still and stuck his tongue out at me.


Evil tramp.


“How you doin’ ‘lil bit?” he asked me using the nickname that I haven’t hear in years. Lil bit; I was fourteen when he last called me that.


“Fine fine, and how are you Mr. Lupin?” I asked, incredibly giddy, pulling my face away from his grasp.


“Ditto, danke.” He replied, being the idiot that he really is.


We carried on being idiots and walked inconspicuously towards the kitchen and then slammed the door shut behind us and smiled like idiots.


There was a quick silent pause where we just smiled.


“You’re getting married.” I whisper-screeched grinning and jumped up and down.


“I’m getting married Wolfy.” He jumped up and down like a girl and then stopped; I calmed down with him and then took a breath before we both began jumping up and down like children and screaming.


“Merlin boys.” Harry said sticking his head through the kitchen door. “Lord only knows what is going on; we thought that one of you had died.”


“Boys?” I asked with a hand on my hip.


Teddy snorted. “Yeah, Uncle Harry, can’t you see that we are both full grown men?”


“Well I wouldn’t say that both of you are.” I nodded in thanks. “Teddy you’re too immature!” Mr Potter said before shutting the kitchen door and walking back through to the living room.


At that moment he wasn’t the saviour of the wizarding world, he was merely the creator of awkward and slightly embarrassing situations.


I shut the door with a quiet click and turned back to Teddy. “How are you two planning on telling everyone?”


“Well, we were thinking of putting the rings on just before we came down and waited to see if anyone noticed.”


I screwed up my face. “How old are you five? Next idea.”


“Or we were just going to tell every body on Christmas morning at the family dinner.”


“I like it, simple and cliché.”


I jumped up on to the counter and sat Indian style while he did the same on the opposite worktop.


We talked for hours, wedding plans, catching up – only interrupted occasionally for the odd person wanting a drink - and then he brought up the topic.


He looked up from the kitchen floor with slight amusement. “So what’s this I hear about you beating up James’s girlfriend?”


“She deserved it.” I said bluntly.


“Well as long as you had good aim my little prodigy.” I laughed and then he took me in to a big hug. “Has he noticed that you two are in love yet?”




He took a moment to recover from me pushing him away and rubbed his temples. “Was that too blunt?”


“Yes.” I answered in exactly the same tone. “We are not in love.” I carried on a after a brief pause. “I just hate his girlfriend.”


“And fancy the pants of your best friend?” He questioned, I was about to deny when I saw the look in his eyes.


I slid down the kitchen counter dramatically and on to the wooden panelled floor, whining. “Yes.”


“Oh, Wolfy.” He joined me.


I looked up to him, in a way that I knew only I did. “I’m screwed.”


“Well…yeah.” He said in the politest way possible.


I made a desperate attempt to straighten out the subject, grasping at straws. “But as I said to Lily earlier, he’s happy and that’s all that matters, even if it isn’t with me.”


“Don’t give me that crap woman.” Teddy dismissed in a voice that I wouldn’t consider supportive in an manner. “Due to my complete carelessness you are part were-wolf, thus making you unique.”


“And grouchy all the time.”


He ignored me without even the gracing of an expression. “You are  the sweetest girl that I have met, beautiful and genuine. You are his best friend and he deserves someone who isn’t a troll, just as you deserve someone who is going to appreciate what he’s got.”


“But he’s happy.”


“Wolfy, he’d be happier with you.” He cried with slight amusement. “If I were my decision, I would choose you in an instant.”


I bit my tongue; it wasn’t his decision. But his words were of kindness and I couldn’t throw them back in to his face. 

James Potter 

Stepping away from the kitchen door I could only gape. I was wordless, thoughtless, unable to process a single thing. When I was little, I had listened in on the elders talking and overheard what I was getting for Christmas; Mum has always told me that eaves dropping would never do me any good, using that as a prime example.


Yet this was bigger than a Chrismas gift; Charisma likes me - more than I had ever considered.


Okey Dokey. Dun dun dun….what do you guys think? Too much? Too litte?


Will they finally confess their feelings for each other? Or will they once again wean out of the situation?

So I realise that I stated this as my favourite chapter, but I have been given a lot of ideas from awesome reviewers; my main idea for the plot change from marauders_girl11 <--She has amazing ideas!
So my new favorite chapter is a few later on … one of the anyway. XD
I like the new plot twists, so thank you to everyone who gave me ideas.

The little review box down there is lonely. It would like a friend. XD Hint hint.

What do you all think of James finding out?
What’s up with Teddy? Do you find him cool? Annoying? Do you want to see more of this god-like creature? 


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