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[I don't own anything but the plot and the OC's. Everything else is JK Rowling! Enjoyyyy]

A month passed by quickly. I did my best to keep myself occupied so that I wouldn't think about the things that were going on back home. There was nothing I could to about it from where I was, and well – there was nothing I could have done had I been home either. Mum sent me letters keeping me updated on Grandma Jean, she was doing fine at the moment and that was all that mattered.

Practices had been going rather good for me, I had improved in scoring and I was slowly gaining confidence in the game. I was nowhere good yet, but I was getting there. For Neville, however, things weren't going very good. To say that he was just as bad as he had been when he started out would be a lie. He could now fly without shaking like leaf, but he was so bad with his bat. It had been showed at today's practice when Blaise and he had been doing one on ones with their bats. Draco had told us all to stay as far away from them as possible, something which showed to be important. Neville had no control over his bat or his aim whatsoever and Blaise wasn't known to be the most patient guy.

Even though today's practice had been a joke compared to our others, it had also been a good practice since we had finally come up with a team name - Hogwarts Howlers. It had been Dean's suggestion but we had all agreed that it was a good name for us. It was at least better than the other team's name - United Unicorns. Our whole team had laughed out loud as we had heard their name. Well, that made them storm off while looking slightly pissed and offended. I had been told by someone that the United Unicorns Quidditch robes were light blue and silver, which was good. It would be easy to tell the teams apart. Our robes had arrived a while ago and they were absolutely gorgeous.

The golden Hogwarts emblem was stunning against the black fabric of the robes. I must admit that it felt strange to see my last name at the back of some Quidditch robes but it was there, in capitals. Just beneath it was the number 8. Also those were in golden. It had been such a powerful feeling to fly with the Quidditch robes on for the first time; it was as if it was suddenly real.

Blaise and Amber were still doing well, but they had their fair share of problems with Laura and her little gang. Laura was definitely out to get Blaise to screw up and hurt Amber, but he wasn't stupid enough to fall for her stupid tries. She'd say thing, imply things, but he never gave her more than a glare in return.
She wasn't an ugly girl and Blaise would have definitely hooked up with her had it not been for his love for Amber. I think Amber knew this and it made her even more afraid of losing him.

Harry and I kept in contact and I had learned that he did indeed keep our letters a secret from Ron. I knew that Ron would be furious if he found out – Harry knew this, too.
Draco had been sort of okay with the fact that Harry and I sent letters to each other but he was still a bit against it. I think he felt as if he was being left out when I sat down to write to Harry, so I tried to do it when he wasn't around. Our letters were long, which I took as a sign that Harry was close to constantly bored. He wasn't the type to sit down and write long letters, exactly.

I had just sent a letter to Harry and threw myself down on the couch as I waited for Draco to get back to our common room. He was with Blaise to get some sweets from the kitchen and Amber was in the shower. I really appreciated those moments when I was completely alone. I heard Amber singing in the shower and sighed. Fine, almost completely alone. It wasn't that I didn't like to have Blaise, Amber and Draco around, but sometimes it was nice to be all by myself.

It was Friday – Yeah, we had been granted to have Quidditch Practice today instead of tomorrow, due to the fact that it was Valentine's Day tomorrow.
I closed my eyes and sighed with a grimace. Valentine's Day. We hadn't even talked about it so I had no idea if we were even going to pay attention to the day or just pretend that it was just a normal day.

The door burst open and Blaise and Draco stormed inside while laughing hard. I think Amber heard them enter as well, because her singing stopped. Draco walked over to the couch and I moved my legs out of the way so that he could sit down. His laugh began to subside after a while.

“We ran in to the United Unicorns,” he explained and rolled his eyes, “Merlin, they are hilarious to make fun of. Couldn't they have named their team something else? Gee...”

I smiled as I looked between them both. Blaise told Draco to move over so that he could sit down as well. I had to admit that their name was pretty stupid. I think our name was so much better than theirs. Draco handed me a lollipop which he had gotten from one of the House Elves. 
Strawberry flavoured, I noticed to my delight. I sunk back against the sofa and put the lollipop in my mouth. It tasted very good.

“So, what plans do you two have for tomorrow?” asked Blaise and sounded beyond excited. He was probably still smiling; I couldn’t see his face because of Draco, but I was pretty sure he was smiling. I, however, was not smiling. It had been a topic we had stayed far away from. I shifted uncomfortably and glanced at Draco.
He didn’t seem to have minded the question at all – he was smiling at his friend who continued to speak, “Amber and I are going to Hogsmeade. Are you going there, too?”

“Yeah, we are,” replied Draco and looked over at me and smiled crookedly. I took the lollipop out of my mouth and sat up straight.

“We are?” I asked with a shy smile, he took my hand and gave a squeeze.

“Yes,” he said simply.


Blaise chuckled amused and sighed as he looked at us. He stood up and walked over to his room and shut the door easily. I stared after him and wondered what the heck had just happened. With my eyes furrowed, I glanced over at Draco who rolled his eyes and explained that Blaise was only going to change out of his school robes.

“Something I should do, as well. I’ll be right back.”

He stood up just as quickly as Blaise had done and headed in the opposite direction.  I was left sitting all along in the bed looking at his back as he walked away, and then I looked over at Blaise’s closed door and wondered what had just happened. I stood up and went after Draco, who seemed to sense that I was following him. He changed in to a pair of grey cotton trousers and a white t-shirt while I thought about what I was going to say to him. When he turned around to face me, I cleared my voice.

“So… Valentine's Day, huh?” I tried to sound casual about it but by the look on his face – I was failing.

“If you don’t want to go out tomorrow or anything, we can stay here. I just thought… I mean, I – It’s Valentine's Day,” he rolled his eyes and that was followed by a shrug, “If you don’t want to go to, say Puddifoots, then we can just go to Hog’s Head, I don’t mind. We did have our first dinner there, remember?”

I did remember. It had been back in October and we had been flying. It had been right after we had shared out first kiss. When we had decided that we were just going to be friends. I had thought that the candles looked too romantic, and then I had proceeded to drink my nervousness away.

A smile crept up on my lips and I walked up to Draco and put my arms around his waist. It sounded like a great idea.

“I’d like that,” I spoke with a rather low, yet clear voice and he kissed the top of my head – making me tilt my head up so that he could kiss me properly instead. His lips captured mine in a small, sweet kiss which didn’t last for more than a couple of seconds but it was still lon enough to make my heart race. He smiled down at me as I let go of him so that we could walk back out where Blaise and Amber now was.

They were discussing whether or not Amber sang while she showered. It was something she denied, but all of us had heard it. I don’t think she was even aware that she sung.

“I do not sing!” laughed Amber and hit Blaise playfully on his arm, to which Blaise threw his head back in a silent laughter.

“Oh, you do, honey,” he said when he had calmed down a bit. He took a hold of her waist and pulled her to him.  “But I love you even though you sing so horribly bad,” he chuckled as he kissed her softly. I felt terribly out of place. Amber whispered ‘I love you, too’ just as I glanced at Draco.

‘Yippee’, I mouthed to him. He grinned – understanding that I was referring to them being on good terms with each other. I turned my attention to the couple on the sofa and smiled. “Hey!”

They jumped at the sound of my voice before Blaise decided to kiss her again, completely ignoring us. I knew that he didn’t have any problem with that whatsoever. However, Ambers face became a deep shade of red out of embarrassment. Something I thought was strange, after all this time, you’d think that she’d gotten used to it.
I grimaced and cleared my voice, making Blaise groan and break the kiss. He sent me a small glare which asked me what I wanted; he didn’t even need to voice his question.

“We were just wondering if you were up to doing something?” I asked them, to which they stood up and Blaise scratched the back of his head.

“I don’t know, we just thought we’d take it easy on the room. Have some sweets and… Well, you know. Just spend some time together,” he replied and sounded as if he wasn’t sure what he wanted to have said. But Amber looked as if she knew exactly what needed to be said. 

“What Blaise is trying to say is that we need to spend time alone for a bit. We’ve been struggling and we’ve decided to give this – us – a harder try. But for that to work, we need some alone time. I’m sorry that we can’t all hang out, but I know that you understand…”
I did understand - we both did. Since it was rather late, after all, we decided that we might as well just go in to our room and spend some quality time with each other as well. I took a hold of Draco’s hand and led him back in to our room and closed the dark wooden door before I threw myself at the large bed and stared up at the ceiling above me. It didn’t take very long until I felt Draco’s weight on the bed, too. But he didn’t say anything, he just laid there beside me and I assume that he was staring at the ceiling as well – I can’t be sure, though, since I didn’t look at him. I closed my eyes and thought back to the time we had spent together. He had made me think about it since his comment about us having dinner at Hog’s Head.

It was hard to imagine that it had been about six months that we had been together. It was even more surreal that we had been such enemies before that. It was strange to think about him as the evil git I had once thought he was. The more I thought about it, the more my eyebrows furrowed, until I felt the need to ask him.

“Draco… Did we get together, I mean… We became a couple in early October, right?” It was a rather stupid question, but I didn’t know when he had begun to think about us as a couple.

“Yes, October 4th,” he replied without thinking and then he took a deep breath, “Why?”

“You do realize that we completely missed our 5 months anniversary?” I laughed softly with my eyes remaining closed. “I mean, we completely forgot about it. It’s so typical us…”

His chuckle was agreeing and after that we fell in to another comfortable silence. That was until Draco spoke up, “Well, we’ll just have to remember our six month anniversary.”

A warm and silly feeling went through my body and I felt as if I was levitating. I understood that it was pure happiness. Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger - together for almost- six-months, it had a nice ring to it.  Time had passed quickly, it felt as if it was just yesterday that Draco came to see me at the library and told me that he couldn’t be just friends with me, and Mrs Mulberry caught us snogging in the restricted section.

“That we’ll have to,” I agreed in a low voice, which sounded breathless even in my own ears.

“May I ask what we’re doing?” Draco asked slowly and I couldn’t help but to laugh. Doing nothing wasn’t Draco’s thing, at least not if it hadn’t been his idea to start with. “No, wait… We’re just being, right?”

I nodded and opened my eyes as I turned my head to look at him. I found that he was on his side facing my way and he was looking at me intensely. A faint flush appeared on my cheeks. He smiled and tucked a stray of my hair behind my ear.

“What?” he asked softly as his fingers caressed my flushed cheek.

“What are you looking at?” I knew it was bad of me to answer his question with a question, but what else was I suppose to do?  Say ‘Oh, yeah. I’m blushing because my boyfriend is looking at me’? Well, it didn’t sound like the worlds smartest sentence.

“You,” he said just as softly, if not even more so, “My girlfriend. What else am I supposed to be looking at? The ceilings like you are?”

I stuck my tongue out and moved over so that I was facing him. My eyes traced his face like they had so many times before. My hand came up to touch his face and I let my fingers trace the faded scar that he had a few centimetres below his left eye. It reached for about four centimetres across his cheek and it made me angry just looking at it. It hurt me to think that it had been Lucius who had given Draco that scar, for whatever reason – I hadn’t asked.

I was afraid that if I knew then it would change my opinion about Lucius.  Draco was watching me carefully but allowed me to trace his scar in silence. I have a feeling that he was trying to read my mind, just trying to hear what I was thinking right then.

But of course, he couldn’t. He just laid there completely still and let me do my thing. I had promised him that I would heal it completely – make it vanish, but I wasn’t sure that I wanted too. It felt like a part of him, somehow. And honestly, if he had wanted me to do it, then he would have told me so, right?
A small smile formed on his lips and I let my fingers trace his lower lip instead of his cheek.

“Curious?” he asked in a whisper, as if he was afraid to break the silence. It felt as if it wasn’t something I should be curious about but I nodded nonetheless. “I should have shown you the memory in the Pensieve, shouldn’t I?”

“No, that would have made it harder. Just hearing about it makes it easier,” I told him honestly and moved my hand away from his face and let it rest on top of his. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, it’s okay.”

He made a small shrug and as I was looking in to his eyes I could see clearly that he lost himself in a memory before he licked his lips and was brought back to reality. His fingers intertwined with mine and his eyes pierced mine as he began to speak. For a moment I was unable to hear the words he was saying, simply because I was so lost within the depth of his grey eyes.

“It was during the summer holidays, I had just turned twelve and we had been to Diagon Alley. Father was upset with me because I had wandered off alone in to Knockturn Alley where I had found a rather creepy man who sold Dark Magic items. Not knowing what could happen to me, I had picked up one of the items but father had found me in time and made me drop the item I had been holding. We didn’t speak at all until we got back to the Manor, something which scared me – which was most likely his intention.”

I listened carefully, not wanting to miss even one word. His eyes held mine as he spoke, they were not hard or cold. They were intense and hesitant.

“When we got home and I headed for the stairs to go to my room, he stopped me and told me to come with him to the library, you know the old one?” he added and I nodded quickly before he continued, “He never used to let me be in there. He said that it was too dangerous for someone my age. I was thrilled, of course, by the idea of finally being able to walk around in the library in which he spent so much time in. I looked up to him so much; I wanted to be like him in every aspect.”

Draco smiled sadly and shook his head, “That was going to change. The atmosphere changed in the library and as my father turned to face me, I could see just how upset he was and I got defensive very quickly. Father asked me in a freakily calm voice what I had been thinking when I wandered off alone – especially in Knockturn Alley, and if I had known how dangerous it was for a Malfoy to do so. I was young and people there knew of my family’s wealth. I could have very easily been kidnapped. Not to mention the fact that I had been holding an unfamiliar Dark Magic object, oh, he was furious about that. But, like a true Malfoy, he did a very good job at concealing his emotions and still spoke in that calm voice. I remember that because it sent shivers down my spine.

“He looked down his nose at me and told me that I, as a Pureblood, would have thought twice before I went and did something as careless as what I had done. I replied by saying that it would have better had I been a Mudblood then, or even better – a squib, then he wouldn’t have had to worry about it.”

I listened to what Draco told me with wide eyes, I knew what was coming – and I was hanging on to every word just waiting for him to get to that part. He still seemed hesitant about telling me all of this; perhaps he was afraid that it would change my opinion about his father, just like I had been. But he still told me.

“I knew very well that I was pushing his buttons by saying so. I knew that it was going to lead to a more heated argument, but I couldn’t stop myself from pushing those buttons. Father became furious within minutes and finally he yelled at me that I was never to walk alone in Knockturn Alley again. Being yelled at like that wasn’t something I liked; it felt just as if he had slapped me across the face. So, I did the only thing I could think of. I slapped back,” Draco sighed at my reaction which was to cover my mouth with my hand, “No, not literally. But I reckon that my words stung as much as a slap or even worse. I told him that I would have rather had a Muggle father. He completely snapped. One second I was standing there, looking him sternly in the eye and the next I was on the floor with a throbbing pain in my face.”

He didn’t need to say more, I knew what had happened after that. I also knew that Narcissa had healed him, something which Lucius probably couldn’t bring himself to do.

“He does regret it, though, Hermione. I hope you won’t think of him differently now…”

“I’ll do my best,” I promised and he gave a small smile before he planted a kiss on the tip of my nose. I cuddled up to him and told him that I was happy that he had decided to share that with me. It really showed that he trusted me.

We talked all night. About everything we could possibly think of. From childhood memories to dreams and memories from the war and things that had happened during our school years – everything. It felt natural and comfortable to talk to him about those things, and I knew that I could tell him everything without having him judge me.

We talked until I was so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open. It must have been in the middle of the night. I was glad that it was a Friday, so that we wouldn’t have classes the next day. With a kiss goodnight, I turned around to have him pull me back against his chest with his arm around my body and one of his legs thrown over the both of mine. I smiled sleepily and it didn’t take long for me to fall in to a dreamless sleep.

We had all decided to head to Hogsmeade Village together in the afternoon. So that we would have time to walk around in some of the shops before we split up to have dinner. I had no idea where Blaise was taking Amber but Draco and I were definitely going to Hog’s Head. Now, it might not be the fanciest spot in the village but due to the fact that it had been where Draco had taken me for dinner and some drinks the day before we had officially become a couple – I found it romantic to have yet another dinner there.

I wasn’t a big fan of Valentine's Day and I guessed that Draco wasn’t either but he did get ready for a longer time before we left, he had styled his hair somewhat and had very nice clothes on. He looked devilishly handsome, in my opinion. I had tried to make myself look a bit better than usual, a hint of more make up and I had tried to get my hair to look somewhat decent. Draco had approved and said that I looked stunning, to which I had just grimaced.

When we had arrived in Hogsmeade, we went in to the nearest shop, which happened to be Honeydukes Sweetshop. It was just too cold to walk around outside. Since it wasn’t long until we were going to have dinner – I didn’t buy anything. I just walked around in there and took in the bright and colourful surroundings. It truly was the most amazing Sweetshop one could ever see. There was also warmth to the place which shops rarely held, in fact, I only knew one other shop which held such warmth and that’s the bookshop in my neighbourhood back home. It seemed as if I had been the only one to think about the fact that we were about to have dinner soon because when I turned around, I saw Blaise, Amber and Draco paying for some sweets. Rolling my eyes, I walked up to them and looked at what they had bought.
Draco had mostly bought liquorice while Blaise and Amber had bought Chocolate Frogs. Though, Draco put his sweets in his pockets to save for later. Blaise, however, was eating his sweets as soon as we had walked out of the shop.

“We’re going to the Three Broomsticks, are you joining us?” asked Amber after a while of standing in the cold and I could hear that her teeth had begun to shatter. Draco replied before I got the chance and told them both that we were going to Hog’s Head instead. They just shrugged and told us that we’d see them later and then they walked in to the Three Broomsticks. Draco took my hand and we walked down the street until we reached our destination.

Draco opened the door for me and I peeked inside to see that it was still looking clean and good. It didn’t look anything like it once had, thank Merlin. It didn’t even smell of goat anymore. Walking inside I saw that there were a few creepy looking people there, but they all looked away at the sight of my boyfriend. I take it that most of them knew exactly who he was.

I stepped further inside and the door closed behind us and the sound of it made the barkeeper turn around to look at us. An old man with piercing blue eyes which twinkled not unlike how his brothers eyes had done when he was still alive. Aberforth Dumbledore glanced between the two of us before walking in our direction and he greeted us politely. I remembered how he had asked us if Draco was my boyfriend all those months ago, and we had said no in unison – oh, how things had changed since then.

“So, Hermione… What brings you here?” asked Aberforth. It sounded to me as if he was just trying to make conversation.

“Well, my boyfriend and I decided to have a little Valentine's dinner here, you see.”

A smile spread across the old mans face but it died out as quickly as it had appeared. He muttered, “It’s Valentine's Day? Well, that would explain why every teenager attending Hogwarts is running about, hand in hand with another teenager… It would also explain all the charmed, pink, fluffy hearts which has been flying around… Nah, I’ve never cared much for days like these.”

I think he was talking more to himself than to us. He shook his head and seemed to be brought back to the present, “So, dinner it was, right? Do the two of you want a bit more of a, uh, private table? There are many tables available upstairs.”

Draco shook his head politely before saying with a smile, “Thank you, Mr Dumbledore, but we’ve already got our eyes set on a table.”
He put his hand on my lower back and led me over to the table with was in the corner of the room, by the fairly dirty window. It wasn’t terribly dirty, though. I was actually able to see through it.

The creepy wizards by the nearby tables scowled before they got up and left without a word. Obviously they didn’t like to have strangers close to them. Aberforth shook his head, seemingly amused, as he walked up to us with a menu each.

“You’re chasing away my costumers, you two. Not that I mind. Dodgy people, those four…”

I glanced through the menu, not really paying attention to what Aberforth was saying. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked up at him after a couple of seconds, though. I felt the need to ask something, even though I was pretty sure that I knew the answer already.

“Who exactly is it that makes all this food? I doubt you’d have the time for it, you’re in the bar, serving people drinks…” I could almost hear how Draco groaned and I saw how he rolled his eyes a bit at me. He did a good job trying to pretend that he hadn’t rolled his eyes, though. He gave me a small, sweet smile as if to make up for the small roll of his eyes. Something that only made me raise my right eyebrow.

“I’ve got a House Elf here who is really helpful, she used to work at Hogwarts before but Minerva sold her to me a while ago.”

I opened my mouth to voice my dislike about that but Draco cleared his voice and as I looked at him, I saw a silent plea in his eyes. It was as if he was begging me not to say anything. I sighed deeply and decided to let it go. I wondered briefly if I had ever met the Elf in question but I didn’t ask, I didn’t say anything more about it. Instead we ordered out food and Butterbeer. Aberforth went to tell the Elf what we had ordered and moments later, our Butterbeer came levitating towards us.

The candles on the table made shadows dance across Draco’s face as he leaned forward to take his glass. He caught my eyes and looked puzzled.

“What?” he asked and looked about as confused as I felt.

“What do you mean ‘what’?”

“You’re smiling…”

I hadn’t realized that I was smiling but as he mentioned it, I assume that my smile grew even wider and I blushed. Draco took a sip of his Butterbeer before he put it down on the table in front of him and reached across the table to put his hand on top of mine.

“What are you smiling about?”

I sighed happily and turned his hand around so that my fingers could trace the lines of his open palm. He didn’t seem to mind that I did so, in fact; he seemed to enjoy it. I bit my lower lip before I spoke, “Remember the last time we were here?”

I glanced around in the room before I locked my eyes on Draco’s grey eyes. He chuckled and nodded, “Of course I remember, Hermione. How could I forget the day we first kissed? Merlin, all I could think about that day was how your lips felt against mine. You have no idea how hard it was for me not to push the table away and kiss you right then and there…” He silenced and looked away for a moment or two, “You were so different. You were so forgiving and kind and most of all, accepting. Despite what I had done to you in the past, you were willing to give me another chance and I,” he gave a nervous chuckle, “It was all so new to me that I wasn’t sure how to act around you.”

“Really?” I realized how stupid it was so ask that and rolled my eyes at myself, “I mean, well, you weren’t the only one who spent the rest of that day thinking about the kiss. I remember sitting here and telling myself that we were ‘just friends’ and nothing more. But it was so hard! That kiss really was something special, wasn’t it?”

Draco agreed and then his eyes looked away from mine as out plates of food came levitating to us.

“Enjoy!” shouted Aberforth from the other side of the room, which was empty apart from us three – and the House Elf. Everyone had left as soon as we sat down. I wondered why, perhaps it was because of who Draco was, or maybe they just didn’t like to be here when strangers walked in. Who knew what they were up to.

“You heard the man, Hermione. Enjoy,” Draco smiled as he tucked in on his steak and mashed potatoes. I followed his lead, though I was having lasagna. It was terribly hot but extremely good. “Good?”

“Mhm!” I quickly grabbed my glass of Butterbeer and drank greedily so that I wouldn’t burn my tongue, “Just a little hot, that’s all.”

Draco’s laugh filled the room and I blushed deeply as I looked down on my plate. But his laughter was so contagious that I couldn’t keep from smiling widely.

I put the last piece of food in my mouth and then I put the fork down and leaned back, “Merlin, I’m full!”

It felt as if I had never eaten that much during my whole life and I felt on the verge of exploding. Draco simply rolled his eyes at me and took a sip of his drink before he seemed to remember something.

“Right!” he said enthusiastically and reached for something in his pocked and I stared at him curiously and confused. That confusion turned in to surprise which I tried to hide. He put a small, red, velvet box on the table and pushed it towards me. I stared at it for a long time before I slowly reached for it. I looked up at his eyes to see if he could give me a clue on what I was about to find in the box, but of course – his face didn’t give away anything.  “Open it.”

Swallowing hard, I did as he told me. As I opened the box, I gasped out loud.  I found the most beautiful bracelet in white gold, with five hearts on it – which looked like diamonds. I shook my head and closed the box again and put it back on the table, before I whispered, “I can’t accept this, Draco.”

“Excuse me?”

“I can’t accept it. I love it, I really do. Don’t get me wrong but I haven’t gotten you anything, it would make me feel bad if I –“

“That’s complete nonsense. I bought it for you because I wanted to, and I would like for you to have it. I don’t care if you give me anything or not, for at least I’ve got you,” he stopped talking and grimaced, “How cheesy. But it’s true. Now, please, Hermione. Put it on?”

He didn’t give me much of a choice, since he opened the box and took out the bracelet and put it on me himself. He smiled as he looked at the bracelet. My hand was lifted up by him so that I would be able to see the bracelet more closely.

“Happy late five months, love.” That was when I understood. Five months – Five hearts. I couldn’t help but to giggle at him. He sounded so cheesy.

“To you too. I love you,” I said before I reached over the table and gave him a quick kiss. But when I leaned back, I saw someone run past out window. It wasn’t just anybody – It was Amber.

“Amber?” I mumbled in confusion before I looked at Draco. “I’ll be right back,” I told him before I got out of my chair and headed for the door. Draco called my name, but I didn’t look back.

I ran outside wearing only a sleeveless top and jeans, my jacket was left inside Hog’s Head. Thankfully I had my shoes on. I ran in the direction Amber had been running and it wasn’t long until I caught up with her. Her mascara had been running and her eyes were red and puffy – her face was wet.

She was still sobbing and panting from running a heck of a long way.
I heard Draco call my name again, but I ignored it and instead I put my hand on Amber’s shoulder and that simple touch made her collapse in my arms. I heard two sets of voices; Draco’s and Blaise’s.

The cold wind was blowing through my hair and I was beyond freezing – I was more like a human ice cube. I stroked Amber’s hair in attempt to calm her down.

“What happened, sweetheart?” I asked her before the boys caught up with us. The only reply I got was another sob. It wasn’t unusual that she cried, but I don’t think I had ever seen her that upset, ever. “Oh, Amber…”

“Hermione!” Draco’s voice called my name again and he sounded somewhat annoyed with me, “Thanks for ignoring me,” he said sarcastically before Blaise interrupted him.

“Amber, honey, I… I don’t know what to say. I’m so, so sorry. I honestly didn’t know. I thought… I’m so sorry.”

“I-I can’t believe you,” stuttered Amber through her now calm sobs, “Her!”

I was afraid to ask what Blaise had done to make her this upset, but it turned out that I didn’t need to. Amber looked at me and hissed, “Her, he kissed her. Right in front of me and then he has the audacity to say that he thought that she was me,” she took a pause to let me process her words.



My eyes snapped over to Blaise and I gritted my teeth. As much as I loved him, this was a new low for him. I couldn’t find the words to tell him how disappointed I was in him. His eyes dropped to the ground under my stare. I could feel Draco’s eyes on me, and I let my eyes find his and it was as if he was pleading me to let them sort it out themselves.

“I’ve got to take Amber back to Hogwarts,” I told Draco and I noticed how his jaw clenched and he looked away. “Wait here, Amber, I’ll just talk to Draco for a moment, okay?”

She gave a small nod and let go of me so that I could walk aside with him. As soon was we were sure that they couldn’t hear us, Draco spoke.

“So, what, you’re just leaving me alone here on Valentine's Day?” Draco sounded extremely hurt and angry.

“I’m sorry, Draco, I really am. But I can’t just leave Amber like this, you understand that, right? She’s my friend and Blaise did that do her. She needs someone right now.”

“What about me? What am I supposed to do? Go back to Hog’s Head and have dessert by myself? Well, fine,” Draco spat and turned around to go back to Hog’s Head.

I stared after him, desperately wanting to say something but I couldn’t come up with anything. Instead, I slowly made my way back to Amber, who had stopped shaking. Blaise had left, I had no idea where he had gone and quite frankly, I didn’t care either.

“Shoot, I forgot my jacket at Hog’s. I’ll just go get it, okay? I won’t be long, I promise.”

I stormed in to Hog’s head and found that Draco was, indeed, sitting alone at our table. He didn’t show any sign of noticing me as I walked up to our table, he didn’t even move as I took my jacked from my chair. “Aren’t you going to say anything, Draco?”

“What is there to say?” was his reply, to which I sighed and put the jacket on.

“Be that way, then. I’ll see you back at Hogwarts when you come back.” I turned and walked towards the door, but I stopped dead in my tracks as he called my name. I turned around to see him raise a glass of Firewhiskey.

“Happy five months, dear,” he said sarcastically and drained his glass. I was already feeling guilty about it, but he didn’t seem to understand that. Not only was I leaving him alone in a bar on Valentines Day, I was also leaving him alone in the middle of us celebrating five months together. I felt like the worst person ever. But the fact remained that Amber had been through something horrible and she needed a friend and I just couldn’t turn my back on her. I just hoped that Draco would understand why I had to be with her right now.

I walked out of the door and headed towards Amber, who stood waiting while wiping her tears away.

Later that night, when I was in bed, I felt terrible. Draco had come back just half an hour after I had, but he had still been upset with me and he had decided to sleep on the sofa instead of in our bed. I felt like the worst person in the world, and the bracelet on my wrist wasn’t exactly helping either.

I rolled over in the much too large bed and buried my head in the pillow and let out a frustrated cry. Why hadn’t I acted differently? It was official – I made the worst decisions, ever. Of course, Amber had been a mess and she had actually needed me like she never had before but… No, not even thinking like that helped. From what I had understood of what had happened, Amber had gone to the bathroom at the Three Broomsticks and as she had walked back, she had seen how Laura kissed Blaise and he had kissed her back. When she had stormed up to them and pushed Laura away, Blaise had looked shocked and said something about thinking that Laura had been Amber. 

That had not been the right thing to say as it had been what had made Amber run out. Damn, Blaise! He was the reason why Draco wasn’t sleeping in the same bed as me.

I rolled over to stare at the ceiling with one thought repeating in my head. I’m a horrible girlfriend. It wasn’t fair to blame Blaise for it all when I could have dealt with everything so much better. I could have tried to make Draco understand better but I had just… let him down. I – who he had said was the only one who had been accepting and understanding towards him – had let him down. I had left him alone there and I felt so horrible for doing so. I was a horrible girlfriend. 

That was the last thing I thought before sleep took me over. Though I could have sworn that I felt someone’s lips on my cheeks later at night, but when I opened my eyes to see if someone was there – I couldn’t see anyone. I touched the bracelet before closing my eyes again, welcoming the peaceful sleep once more.


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