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"IT’S NOT FAIR PADMA!” Pravati wailed.

Hermione couldn’t hide her self-satisfied smile.

Stupid bint, her and Lavender can go jump into the Lake... 

She listened as the students gathered around where Padma stood. Her twin and her twin’s best friend, the self proclaimed Seers, glowered at the interested people.

“I’m sure it wasn’t a real prophecy!” Lavender said in her insufferably voice, “I mean, you’ve never even had any training. Professor Trelawney say that you absolutely have to have years of training to make a real prophecy!” She snickered at Padma, looking at her pityingly.

“Yeah, I mean, Dumbledore is like, a crazy old coot isn’t he? So how would he, like, know?” Pravati nodded in agreement.

“It was real…” Padma mumbled.

“Well, if you made a prophecy, what did it say?” Lavender sneered.

“I don’t know if I should tell you…” Padma said uncertainly.

See, Vati! I knew she was lying.” Lavender laughed an obnoxious laugh that she apparently thought was of the beautiful, tinkling variety.

“But, it was about You-Know-Who!” Padma said shrilly, “If I tell you, he might hear about it…”

“Yeah, cause I’m totally in love with You-Know-Who and I write him love letters every night telling him how my day went and every word that was said to me!” Lavender snorted, and Hermione swore she saw a bit of snot fall from her nose.

Padma turned red in the face then glared murderously at the repugnant Gryffindor then recited,

“A power is being formed, in a far off land. The power to defeat the Dark Lord. This power is unlike any known to Wizarding kind. If the Dark Lord finds it, we are all doomed. Protect the power, win the war.”

“That doesn’t sound like any prophecy I’ve ever heard…” Lavender jeered.

“Oh please, Padma! How pathetic!” Pravati agreed, “I mean you, like, probably had a dream, and, like, started talking in your sleep or, like, something.” She and Lavender clutched at each other and laughed derisively.

“Whatever, I’ve got to go to Defense…” Padma stomped away.

“Whatever, we’re late for Herbology!” Lavender shot back at her.

Hermione rolled her eyes at the dreadful display and moved quickly ahead of Pravati and Lavender, trying to tune out the giggling and horrible jibes they were still throwing at Padma.

She’s so nasty to her own sister! How can she let Lavender talk to Padma like that?!

She sat on a bench next to Harry in Greenhouse Number 6, pointedly ignoring Ron.

Professor Sprout had spent the previous one hour lesson on Tuesday lecturing on Red Blossoming Dragon Shrubs, and today they were using the double period to pot some seedlings of the same plant.

“Now!” Professor Sprout called out, “Make sure to wear your dragon hide gloves. Don’t touch the seedlings with anything but the gloves. No bare skin, no clothing, no hair, no wands, no paper, NOTHING! Unless you want to be in the hospital wing with third degree burns for the entire weekend.”

She placed metal containers in front of the groups of three.

Hermione snapped on her gloves and carefully tucked the sleeves of her robes into them. She pulled a gold ribbon out of her pocket and pulled her wavy golden brown hair back into a ponytail.

She carefully reached into the container and pulled out a little sproutling. She examined it closely and jotted down a couple of notes about its appearance. It was the color of a red-hot poker, she could see the heat waves pouring off of it and see the surface bubbling.

She pushed her gloved finger into the soil and dropped the sproutling into the perfect little hole she had made. She looked around with distaste at her fellow students. The only other taking note was Neville, the rest hadn’t even begun the project yet. They were of the opinion that they had plenty of time since it was a double period.

She sighed ad picked up another plant and deftly placed it in the soil at the correct distance Professor Sprout had discussed in her lecture.

“Harry?” She said after planting over 10 plants on her own.

“Hm?” He said, not glancing up from his copy of Quidditch Through The Ages.

“Are you inclined to help me with this assignment at all?” She glared at him.

“What?” He looked up at her, blinking slowly.

“The assignment?” She repeated.

“Oh, yeah. You’re doing a great job!” He smiled at her brightly and went back to his book.

“Harry!” She cried.

“What?” He looked at her curiously.

“Are you going to help me?” She seethed.

“But `Mione, you do it so much better…” He pouted.

“Harry James Potter, all you have to do is stick a bloody plant in the bloody dirt!” She scolded.

He sighed and elbowed Ron in the ribs, who was on his other side flirting shamelessly with Lavender Brown.

“Come’on, Mate. We gotta get started on this.” He said reaching into the metal tub and pulling out a blisteringly hot plant, then carefully sticking it in the soil.

Ron turned and glared at him, then went back to his conversation.

Ron!” Harry said, thumping him in the back of the head.

“Fine!” Ron said turning and reaching into the metal box as well.

“RON! NO!” Hermione shouted, but it was too late.

His blatant flirtation had caused him to miss Professor Sprout’s warning about the gloves.

So he never put him on.

Before his very eyes his skin boiled and peeled, scorching his skin a charred black.

He let loose a piercing howl.

Augamenti!” Hermione shouted, pointing her wand at him and dousing his hand in water.

The burning stopped, but the damaged flesh hung grotesquely and he still withered in pain.

“Mr. Potter! Take Mr. Weasley to the hospital wing. Mr. Weasley, detention. Come see me when you’re healed.” Professor Sprout shouted over the chaos.

Hermione sighed. She should have just finished the project on her own. Now Ron was injured, Harry was gone, and she was still doing the entire project by herself. She sighed again and went back to work until the bell rang at 5:30pm.

She gathered her things and walked slowly across the grounds back to the front doors.

I have an hour and a half before dinner at 7:00pm, I can go see how Ron is, but I’m sure he’ll blame his ignorance on me… I can go to the library and do some research on Seers and prophecies and the like, or I can go back to the common room… and sit around listening to Pravati and Lavender’s dribble. Ew.

Library it is…

She raced through the corridors, up and down steps, and around corners until she was in the library, her safe haven.

“Madame Pince?” She called.

Madame Pince came around the corner looking like the sour old spinster she was.

“Why are you shouting in my library, girl?” She squinted at her through her thick glasses, her sight was failing but she would never admit it. She would find a way to cure it or she wouldn’t have her precious books anymore.

“I need books on the study of Divination, specifically prophesizing.” Hermione said with a weak smile.

“Follow me then…” Madame Pince grumbled, students and their filthy fingers, leaving sticky singer prints and smudges of only the gods knew what all over her prized possessions.

“Here.” She said pulling books of the shelf and handing them to Hermione.

An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural

Companion to the Mind

Paranormal Phenomena: The Burden of Proof

Parapsychology: Science or Magic 

Don’t Believe Everything You Think: The Six Basic Mistakes We Make When Thinking

Psychoenergetic Systems

“There, that should do you.” Madame Pince stomped away.

“Right…” Hermione struggled to balance the six heavy books to the nearest table.

She pulled An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural towards her and read:

Precognition: Also called Future Sight, refers to the perception that involves the acquisition of future information that cannot be deduced from presently available and normally acquired sense-base information.

She flipped through the book which basically covered false prophecies and talked about the studies muggles had done to prove and disprove the power to see the future.

Every book she read said basically the same thing, they talked about what precognition was, talked about famous and infamous Seers, discussed the muggle opinion of such phenomena, and contemplated why some wizards could See and others couldn’t, why muggles with no sign of ever having a wizard in their ancestry sometimes had visions, and why some prophecies never came true.

“There just no information!” She whined, she hated when the library failed her. “What am I suppose to offer Professor Dumbledore…”

She stood up and flicked her wand angrily at the books, watching them zip towards their shelves. Gathering her things, she headed for dinner.

When she took her seat next to Harry and began to spoon soup into her bowl, she did immediately notice the deadly look Ron was giving her.

“So!” He said loudly. She turned to him curiously.

“So!” He repeated, glaring at her murderously.

“Yes, Ronald?” She raised an eyebrow slowly.

“So!” He said for a third time, Harry rolled his eyes and Hermione huffed then turned back to her soup.

“So! First you harp on me about my essay, hit me a couple of time, chat my ear off about helping you with the stupid flaming root-thingys, then when I burn my hand because you wouldn’t stop pestering me you don’t even bother to come see if I’m okay after class!” He accused.

“Merlin’s Pants, what?!” She rounded on him, eyes flashing.

Harry picked up his bowl of soup and gingerly slid out of his chair and around to the other side of the table, no way he was going to be setting in between them for this.

“You heard me, you self-centered hippogriff!” He bellowed, “To lazy to finish the assignment, you were, so you tried to shove it off on me and Harry!”

“It’s Harry and I, Ronald. And for your information it was a group project. Not a lets-flirt-with-an-absolute-cow-while-Hermione-does-my-share project!”

“Did you just call me a cow, Hermione Granger?!” Lavender shrieked.

“Oh, be quiet you! This is a big person conversation.” Hermione snapped at her.

“Why you little!” Lavender stood up and went to draw her wand.

“Don’t be daft, you silly little girl. That would be assaulting the Head Girl!” Hermione rolled her eyes as Lavender’s face turned red, well the places you could see through the badly matched foundation she was wearing did anyways. It gave her a decidedly splotchy and rather unattractive complexion.

“You-You-!” Lavender struggled to come up with anything, anything, to say in response.

“GO TO HELL!” She finally screamed before grabbing Pravati by her braid and yanking her out of her seat.

“We’re leaving!” She snarled.

“But Lav! I haven’t finished my dumplings yet!” Pravati whined.

“Forget it, you could do to skip a couple of meals anyways.” Lavender sneered as she dragged the protesting girl from the Great Hall.

“And you!” She rounded on Ron again.

“It is not my bloody fault that you’re too thick to listen to a single word that comes out of Professor Sprouts mouth! And for your information, I was in the library doing some research for Professor Dumbledore!” She bellowed.

“I’ve got fucking detention for Sprout every weekend until the end of bleeding October!” He roared, they were face to face, both ready to throttle the other.

“Guys?” Harry said timidly.

“WHAT?!” They rounded on him simultaneously.

“Umm… Professor Dumbledore is heading this way?” He offered.

“Shit! I’m in so much freaking trouble now, thanks a lot, Hermione!”

“Why-Why- I should curse you into oblivion!” She said, her voice deadly. Ron gulped.

“Miss Granger?” Professor Dumbledore said right behind her.

“Yes, Professor?” She smiled sweetly at him. Harry blinked.

Gilrs and their ruddy mood swings… 

“I’m here to inform you that the Head Dormitory is ready for your arrival. And that we will be studying your new lesson Saturday afternoon at 1:00pm.” His eyes twinkled and slid from Hermione’s charming smile, to Ron’s puce colored face, to Harry’s baffled expression.

“Have a good evening, Miss Granger.” He winked and walked away.

“Professor!” She called after him.

“Yes, Miss Granger?”

“Could I possible have some assistance with my things?” She asked.

“A house elf has already taken care of that, Miss Granger.”

“Hmph.” She nodded, a sour look on her face.

“What new lesson?” Ron asked, completely forgetting his earlier hurtful words.

“Not that you would care, Ron Weasley!” She shouted, suddenly feeling very emotional. She stood up and ran from the hall, fighting back tears.

She ran all the way to the 4th floor and through a side corrior, approaching a portrait of a beautiful woman with a pig’s snout. Lady Hildegard, the Hog-Faced.

“Password?” She simpered.

“Ronald is a nimrod!” She shouted in exasperation.

“Vell, you got ze password, although I’m not sure it vhas intentional…” The portrait gave her a withering look, but she swung open anyways.

“Wait,” Hermione blinked. “What exactly was the password.”

“Nimrod.” Lady Hildegard sniffed disapprovingly.

Hermione shrugged her shoulders and entered her new home for the remainder of the year.

She looked around and caught her breath. As much s she hated to admit it, she was standing in the entrance to the most amazing common room she had ever seen. Better even, she admitted grudgingly, then Gryffindor Tower.

The room had a high ceiling that extended up two stories, the carpet was a deep emerald green, and the walls were of the same color with intricately painted gold vines winding their way up.

It was circular, to her left was a large marble fireplace surrounded by squashy looking golden armchairs and shiny mahogany desks. To her right appeared to be a small library that made her sigh with obvious pleasure.

Directly across from the portrait hole was a grad sweeping staircase made of the same polished mahogany wood as the desks and bookcases. It lead up to a balcony that circled the entire room and appeared to hold a second floor.

Giddy, she rushed over to the staircase and hurried up it, trailing her fingers along the smooth wood of the beautifully crafted railing. At the top she turned to look back over the room and breathed deep, the view was breathtaking, it was too bad she was a horrible flyer.

She giggled and spun in a circle, practically skipping as she went around the balcony to her room. A gold plaque winked on the door and she almost started crying when she read it,

                                                Hermione Jean Granger 
                                                   7th year Gryffindor 
                                                          Head Girl 

She flung open the door and squealed in delight at the sight before her. Her very own room, from her very own house back in Muggle Accrington.

She had know it was coming because Percy Weasley had spoiled the surprise for her years ago by whining that if he had wanted his dreadful old room from the Burrow, he would have stayed there.

Hermione on the other had, loved her room.

The hard wood floor was bare except for a beautiful rug her mother had bought her in Italy. She had placed it right next to her bed so that it was also situated in front of her sturdy old writing desk that was coved in ink stains and rings from forgotten drinks. She had her own personal book collection and a normal sized closet, with a normal amount of decent, respectable, and modest clothing. She was content.

She flopped back onto her old sleigh bed with it prim white sheets and pillows, covered with the quilt her Grandma Margaret had made her. The quilt was made of floral patterns that she felt suited her personality perfectly and she had been so happy to see it.

Concluding to try to get a little bit of sleep before her midnight Astronomy class that took place every Friday night/Saturday morning, she decided to forgo the rest of her tour and resolved to curl up happily on her beautiful quilt.

And there she slept. Never seeing the pair of stormy grey eyes watching her curiously through the crack of the door. 

A/N: Tell me what you think! By the way… doesn’t the dormitory sound kinda familiar?… if you know tell me and I’ll give you a shout out!

~ Onna

P.S. no one has caught the A Very Potter Musical quote in the last chapter, you could be the first! Hint: In the musical, Dumbledore says it to Hermione, in this Draco says it to Hermione!

A/N: Welcome readers of HR:NG! I hope you will enjoy this story as much as you did HR:NG. Remember, this is the prequel to HR:NG it is focused on Hermione and Draco. A lot of my gibberish from the other will be answered in this!

To my faithful readers who began with this story, when this is finished, the sequel is called Hogwarts Reborn: The Next Generation... although a title change has been considered!

Thanks for reading, new and old!


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