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The teenage girl still held her cat in the middle of her parent’s kitchen, she took a deep breath causing her bushy hair brown hair to flutter around her face. 11:59. The last minute of July 30th.


   “The last minute he will have to endure that place.” She thought.


   “The last minute the safety spell would last over the house.” Thought the greasy haired man.


   “The last minute of the plan a wise man had for him.” Thought the woman in her office.


   “One minute to go.” Thought the young witch with changing hair.


   “The last moment I’ll be considered a child.” The boy thought.


   “The last minute the boy has to live…” The creature thought.


   Yet no one dared speak out loud. No one dared to break the silence.

   It was then, both worlds asleep around them, that midnight struck. All across Britain, they froze.

   The time had come, sixteen years had flashed before their eyes.


   “Happy Birthday Harry.” The redhead girl whispered, wiping the last stray tear away.

   “MOM!!!!” she screamed.

   And all over Britain the Order got to work.

   McGonagall stormed out of her office

   Hermione squeezed Crookshanks once before grabbing her trunk and apparating out of the muggle kitchen.

   Alastor Moody, Mad-eye, rushed into his yard and whisked away on his broom.

   Severus Snape stopped tapping his fingers and smirked.

   Fred and George grabbed their wands and both apparated at the exact same moment out of their shop.

   Tonks laughed once and then left her mirror ready to face anything.

   Fleur kissed her fiance before grabbing his hand and apparting, yes she didn't of course preper this job and the Weasley's drove her mad at times, but the Triwizard Champion in her called.

   Mrs. Weasley dropped the pan as her youngest child and only daughter rushed into the kitchen. She turned to Ginny, whose own eyes were blazing with fear and determination. “Already?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

            Ginny Weasley nodded, “Yes.” they bother stood for a moment, at a loss for words, until they broke out,


   Ron Weasley was already bounding down the endless stairs when his mother and sister called. Grabbing a freshly made muffin from the counter top he raised his eye brows at the women, stuffing it into his mouth and hurried out the door.

   “Good luck!” they cried again.

   “”Bring him home to me in one piece.” Ginny added under her breath.

   Harry Potter jumped off his bed and raced into the hallway of his aunt and uncle’s house. Swearing softly, he burst into their rooms where they had been fast asleep.

   “Get up!” He yelled, “Get up now!”

   “What the devil had gotten into you boy?” Uncle Vernon thundered sitting upright. His Aunt Petunia followed his lead turning on the bed side lamp.

   “You all need to get out of here, it’s not safe.”

   “How dare you run in here like that-” he began his tirade but Harry had no time to put up with it.

   “Leave or stay, I really don’t care, but if you want to protect your damn arse get out of here this instant.”

   Petunia spoke up then, “I’ve already packed.”

   Vernon Dursley turned to his wife dumb founded, as Harry caught her gaze.

   Of course she knew.

   Albus Dumbeldore himself explained it to her.

   Harry nodded and left them, to face his destiny.

   Voldemort smiled.


   Albus Dumbledore sat back in his portrait, and watched as his plan fell into place. He truly was the wisest  wizard of all time.

A/N: i know it was short, just something fun that came to me, this is how i visioned the Deathly Hallows movie to begin PLEASE REVIEW!!!!

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