Disclaimer 1: All of the affection the teacher/adult in this story feels for Lily while she is a minor/his student is all platonic(that is kinda the plotline really) so do not think he is a creep/pedophile, he isnt, just a friend.

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Don’t Stand So Close To Me
– Of Plaits and Hippogriffs

Third Year –Lily is thirteen

Lily hated mirrors. And stupid plaits that wouldn’t plait. And the fact that her in makeup looked like a six year old in face paint. She sighed heavily, tugging at her hair with a comb. She struggled for over ten minutes to force her ridiculous curls into submission. There were some tangles amongst the crazy mass that had surely been there for years, so tightly were they twisted. She long ago had given up the fight to make her hair act with some normality, and just twisted it into her iconic, if rather juvenile, pigtails.

But today would be different, today she would look, if not stunningly mature and voluptuous, slightly better than normal- if that was possible. She had not inherited one single feature of her mother- or even her father. She looked like some vague combination of her Granddad and a leprechaun. At five foot three, she was the shortest Weasley ever to exist- even Lucy was taller than her, and she was twelve and half-Japanese. Her hair was not auburn like Rose’s, or scarlet like her mother’s, she wasn’t even ‘strawberry blonde’ as Hermione so democratically put it. In fact, the one person who she resembled the most was Hermione, and they weren’t even genetically related. She guessed it was the extra-ordinarily bushy hair, or possibly the overly tiny front teeth, that made her look more like her marital aunt than either of her parents, but who could really say.

What Lily really couldn’t believe was why she cared so much. She wasn’t normally fussed by her looks, sure her hair was some new standard of deranged, but so what? She hated those girls who; spent more time talking about eyeliner than possibly imaginable for a stick of greased charcoal, couldn’t turn a needle into a matchstick but knew seventeen different weightless charms, and who tried so desperately to make boys look at them that they wore designer clothes at school, and got up at six in the morning to apply copious amount of thick orange goo to their practically flawless complexions. Lily didn’t care what boys thought, was very attached to her pigtails, would beat on anyone who ever dared refer to her as ‘babe’, but she was- inexplicably- spending fifteen minutes getting an aneurism over hair. What was she turning into?


Hair successfully strangulated into one, long, neat-ish French plait, Lily dragged herself down to breakfast. She slumped down next to Louis, ruffling his hair and helping herself greedily to porridge.

“How many times have I told you not to do that?” Louis asked, cocking one- slightly effeminate- eyebrow and looking at her over his mail.

“One less than needed,” she replied, “And anyway, who could resist such a cute little cherub face,” she said in a mock babyish voice, pinching his cheek with glee.

Knowing she would just find some way to taunt him, Louis just rolled his eyes scornfully and returned to his letter. Poor Louis was sick of being everyone’s baby.

He had been born cursed to spend all eternity (or at least the next fifteen years of his live) with old women cooing over him and pinching his cheeks with sharp and yellowing fingers. He, quite simply, looked like an angel. Even more beautiful than either of his sisters or his mother, with immeasurably deep, achingly beautiful brown eyes, radiant, honey coloured hair and the sweetest smile ever to exist on a little boy. But at twelve years old, he was rather weary of being likened to a cherub, or to other assorted fat babies. Even his own mother, much used to the beauty of her own family, could not stop herself from sinking into cooed French endearments upon sight of him.

“Any thing happened at home in the forty eight hours since you left?” she teased him, it being a recurring joke amongst them that his parents sent him at least five letters a week. Dominique, having refused from day one to respond to any of the enquiries of whether either; she had been exercising regularly, or whether she had found a nice boy yet, and had so avoided the embarrassing exchange of letters. But not so with Louis. He might have been sick of being everyone’s “l’enfant” but he didn’t know how to be anything else, and would never dare hurt his mother’s feelings. Although, in Lily’s much secreted opinion, Louis would never himself find the right girl, but something quite different.

“No, not really. Mum’s sending a new lipstick for Dom- although why she bothers still I have no idea- and Victoire has recently been presented with the largest diamond ring ever to grace this planet. Classy as ever,” his nose wrinkled at his sister’s lack of taste.

“Well, it is the Vickster, what else were we to expect?” replied Lily. She still could not believe that Victoire had got re-engaged so quickly, and to a guy whose oldest child was three years older than her. What twenty-two year old wants their father to marry a gorgeous nineteen year old part-veela? Opal was definitely pissed about it, and she guessed that Zach would be even worse.

“Why couldn’t she have just married Teddy?” Louis sighed, “He might have made her into a real human being, not to mention he would be an awesome big brother. But I guess you know that; he’s already practically your brother,”

Annoyance flared through Lily’s eyes, “Why does everybody have to say that?” she demanded, banging her fist on the table, causing her bowl to fly over and hot porridge to coat everything within a metre.

“Ow! Damn, Lily!” Louis stormed, trying to vanish the lumpy gunk now concealing his mail. “Stressy cow” he sighed exasperatedly and speedily left the table.

Lily moaned and flopped her head against the table- momentarily forgetting the spilled porridge. “Ahh,” she groaned, violently grabbing her bag and rubbing her face against her sleeve.

She passed her cousin Rose upon leaving the hall, but ignored her cheerful wave. She was angry, sticky and going to be late for her first lesson.


The sun was strong and bright, the sky a clear, pale blue, and Lily was joyous- if a little twitchy. Most of her class, a mix of Ravenclaws and Gryffindor, were settled on the ground enjoying the sunshine, but agitated as she was, she had to stand. She could not help herself. Every second she was plucking at her braid, of lifting her skirt up, or pushing it down, of brushing invisible lint off of her tights.

They were nearby where Hagrid still lived, as he had been for decades now, but he was getting slightly too old for teaching classes as he had before- that was where Teddy came in. He was sitting on the fence, leaning back casually with hands thrown out on either side for balance. He was smiling, but she had to admit he looked a little nervous. He bit his lip occasionally, and he was tugging at the leg of his jeans the way he only did when he was very anxious. He looked like some kind of reborn Apollo, skin a dark, deep tan, hair a light bronze and muscles clearly visible beneath a red checked shirt. He was absolutely gorgeous, but he in no way resembled a teacher. She could already see some of the other girls giving him approving looks, and it made her hot with annoyance- both at them and herself. She had no claim on him, he was in no way hers, much as she may wish.

“Good morning, my name is Professor Lupin and I will be teaching you Care of Magical creatures,” he started, his voice confident and low, “There are two smiple things I expect from all of you in all of my lessons, follow them and we shall get along brilliantly,” he smiled broadly at the twenty or so students, hoping that he didn’t sound as nervous as he was, “Number one, I will not tolerate any rudeness, cruelness to or ill-treatment of any of the creatures that we will meet and study. Number two, no student in my class will be rude, lazy or unkind to me or to each other,”

Most of the girls beamed back at him, twirling their hair in their fingers, but the boys nudged each other and laughed nervously, seemingly put out by this manly newcomer.

“Okay, I am just going to flip through the register, make sure you are all here,” he took a sheet of paper out from his pocket and flicked his eyes down it once before proclaiming, “Alison Ball,”

“Yes, Professor,” she smiled demurely.

“Jordan Batten,”

“Present, Professor,” she was seemingly absorbed by the grass, and didn’t meet his eyes.

He went through every name, the girls replying either shyly or with some kind of batting eyelashes/ twirling hair gesture, and the boys mumbling and looking at their shoes.

“Lily Potter,” he said when he finally reached her name.

“Yes…Professor,” she replied, smiling and looking up to meet his eyes teasingly, remembering their joke that she could never call him professor. But his eyes, so usually warm and tender, did not even pass her way. He went on to the next student with no change in voice or facial expression, nothing to give away that he was, in fact, the best friend Lily had, nor that he had known her since she was born, and had spent almost every day with her in the holidays, and all the summers, Christmases and Easters before that. Why wouldn’t he even look at her?

“Okay, now that’s all done,” he said finally, pushing the paper back into his pocket, “Who knows anything about Hippogriffs?”

Lily, very confident in the fact that she knew rather a lot about Hippogriffs, and even owned one herself, thrust her hand into the air.

Darren Wilkson, a chubby and rather slow Hufflepuff, put his hand in the air also- as well as practically every other girl in the class.

“You, Miss Ball, was it?” selected Teddy.

“They are like super, super dangerous, didn’t they once like tear off this boy’s arm,” she suggested, eyes flashing and false American accent in place.

“They can be dangerous, yes, but with correct training and correct treatment they are completely safe,” Teddy reassured the slightly nervous looking class. “Any thing else?”

This time he chose Amy Dean, a friend of Lily’s and hopefully able to give some intelligent response. “Umm, well, they, uh, umm, can fly?” was all Amy seemed to be able to offer. It was an odd response for a girl who normally got the best marks in the year, so Lily had to concede that she too had fallen under the spell of Teddy Lupin’s beautiful grey eyes.

Teddy’s answer to this was only to smile sweetly at the now tomato coloured girl. “Okay, so they fly- in fact Hippogriffs have a typical wingspan of twenty four feet, nearly six metres. And they also can be dangerous when untrained or provoked. Anyone know anything else?”

Lily’s hand pushed even higher into the air, she could feel the strain at her shoulder. Why wouldn’t he look at her? Why wouldn’t he pick her? Where was the boy who only yesterday had hugged her for a full thirty seconds, and called her Lily-flower and plaited her hair for several hours?

There were few remaining hands in the air, and soon they were gone too, leaving only the information that Hippogriffs had orange eyes and had been known to eat cats. By this time Lily’s arm was near spasming, and he had still not met her eyes once.

“Well, as you are soon going to meet some hippogriffs, it is best you know a little bit more about them, and as no one else has anything to add, here is a basic overview. They have the head, wings, and forelegs of a giant eagle and the body (including hind legs and tail) of a horse. The eyes are orange, while individual hippogriff colours vary as those of mundane horses do, including black, bronze, chestnut, grey, and roan. Hippogriffs are carnivorous and can and do live on insects, birds, and small animals such as rats and ferrets. A person wishing to approach a hippogriff should maintain eye contact and should bow first; if the animal bows in return, it can be touched and even ridden. Hippogriffs are extremely proud creatures, so never ever offend one, or approach it without its permission, or else you are in danger off attack,”

A few of the girls squealed, while the boys looked a tad freaked and Lily merely rolled her eyes. Teddy nimbly hopped of the fence and wandered into the forest, returning a minute or so later with the beautiful creature that was Amberwing, Lily’s own, personal hippogriff. “Any volunteers to approach her?” Teddy asked cheerfully.

Lily refused to take no for an answer this time, and simply stood up and walked towards the paddock. She deftly jumped the fence and bowed low to the graceful, golden creature. Teddy did not look entirely pleased but she tried not to care, she didn’t deserve to have him ignore her, but she did deserve to see her own hippogriff.

Slowly but surely, the glorious Amberwing sank to the ground, and Lily approached cautiously. She took tiny steps, closer and closer until she could reach out and touch her. She stroked its beautiful feathers, and its enormous eyes flicked over her, hopefully judging her to be trustworthy, as it did not move away. The rest of the class clapped at Lily’s bravery and her cheeks pinkened considerably.

“Well done Lily,” Teddy whispered low, so know one else could hear, “I knew you could do it,”

Lily simply smiled like an idiot, forgetting that she had previously been cross with him.

Over the next hour everyone managed to successfully approach a hippogriff, and almost everyone managed to confidently approach Teddy, although Amy had watched the ground the entire time and had gone an odd shade of plum, which even Lily (who was half Weasley) had never seen before.

At the end of the lesson everyone departed the paddock with laughter and many comments about the attractiveness of the new teacher. Lily didn’t leave. She approached Teddy as cautiously as she had the hippogriffs.

“Hey Teddy, it was great lesson, you did really well,” she told him truthfully, remembering his anxiety at the beginning. He was in the process of locking the door of the shed by the paddock, it was some charm she had never seen before, but was probably alohamora- proof.

“Really?” he asked sceptically, turning towards her and leaning against the flaking paint of the shed door. He crossed his arms in front of him, strong forearms showed to perfection by his rolled up sleeves.

“Yes, really,” she smiled at him encouragingly. He grinned back, white teeth shining out of his deep tan face. “Oh, and just to add, Amy Dean generally can construct sentences, she was just a tad distracted today,” her iconic mischievous grin came over her face, her cheeks dimpling and her eyes shining.

“Distracted, what by?” he asked, noting the teasing tone in her voice.

“Her stunningly handsome new teacher, what else?” Lily replied, it was the truth, but he wouldn’t think so.

“Stunningly gorgeous, don’t you mean?” he corrected her, flashing another smile and walking towards the fence. He settled himself up on it again, leaning down until her was level with her face, resting his elbows on his knees.

“Of course,” He didn’t realise how gorgeous he really was to her, which was a good thing really.

“Oh, Lily, come here,” he said, hopping off the fence and coming towards her. He carefully placed his hands around on each of her cheeks and she shivered slightly. He stroked her forehead gently, and she wondered what exactly was happening- not that she exactly minded. “You silly thing, Lily flower,” he teased, “You have oatmeal in your eyebrow,”


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