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Disclaimer: Not all of the lines from the school play part are mine. Some are taken from the series 'The Tudors' - just a reminder (:

stunning picture by MrsLovett at TDA!

Ignorance is Bliss

“Ok, I lied.”

If Lily and Alesha knew any better they would have taken Katie seriously when she had said that. But because they knew her inside out they didn’t seemed fazed at all by her words. They were sitting in Lily’s room In the Heads Dorm doing various things. Lily was using a muggle object called a needle to sew one of her ripped skirts, Alesha was flicking through the latest issue of Witch Weekly and Katie was experimenting with different make-up on her eyes.

“What about?” Alesha asked without taking her eyes off of the magazine.

“I wasn’t in the library with Lupin last night working on our Arithmancy project,” she admitted, her cheeks reddening. “I was with Chase.”

Her best friends looked up at her immediately. That could only mean one thing...

“Katie you didn’t!”

The Latina didn’t look ashamed at all. “Yeah, I did. Well...” A giggled escaped her lips. “We did.”

She looked at her friends, expecting them to be laughing and cheery just like she was but what she got was much different from what she expected, especially from Lily.

The red head looked at Katie hard, her eyes narrowed in disapproval. “Oh for God’s sake Katie, he has a girlfriend! They’ve been going out for nearly a whole year!”

“He doesn’t feel the same way anymore,” Katie protested slightly shocked at Lily’s harsh reaction. “He told me he didn’t.”

“It doesn’t matter!” Lily told her. “Katie you have to stop this. You can’t just go around breaking people up because you fancy a quick one with the boy of the week!”

Santa Maria, it’s not like that!” Katie snapped, standing up. “Chase told me he doesn’t feel the same way about Claire anymore. He told me he is going to dump her for me. It’s not my fault he fancies me, Lily.”

Lily scoffed. “Well you weren’t exactly making it easy for him were you?” she asked sarcastically. “You practically threw yourself at him as soon as you realised he was going to play the part of your husband in the play. If I hadn’t told you about his role you wouldn’t have given him a second glance.”

“That is so not true,” Katie hissed back.

Lily stood up too. “It is, don’t try to deny it.”

Katie didn’t reply.

“Katie I’m saying this for your own good!” Lily continued. “What are you going to do when you’re bored of him? You’ve broken up his relationship with his girlfriend just so you can get what you want but when you don’t need him anymore you’re just going to leave him by himself to pick up the pieces of the mess you’ve made of his life!”

Katie was too shocked for words. “But I won’t get bored of him!” she uttered quickly. “This time is different!”

The last sentence caught Alesha’s attention.

“Wait a minute,” Alesha said making both Lily and Katie turn around to look at her. “Katie do you fancy him? Like as in more than just physical attraction.”

Katie looked down at her feet. “I don’t know,” she answered truthfully. She sat back down on her chair staring into the mirror dreamily. “He has such a nice personality and I swear last night we talked for hours about absolutely everything. He doesn’t treat me like the others did; he has more respect for me than all the other boys I’ve been with.” She sighed deeply. “And the way he looks at me, no one’s ever looked at me like that before.”

Alesha walked up to Katie and put a hand on her shoulder. “Katie, honey, do you like him? I mean really like him?”

Katie smiled before nodding. She turned to Lily. “I do Lils, I really do.” She looked down once again. “I actually felt bad about it, I told him that maybe we shouldn’t, that he should break up with Claire first but he said no, he wanted it to happen.”

Lily was about to reply when Alesha cut her off. “Lils we should be celebrating,” she said grinning. “Katie has a heart.”

In a short space of time, Alesha and Katie were outside in the Head’s dorm living area running around, laughing as Katie tried unsuccessfully to catch up with Alesha. They ran round and round the sofa so many times that Lily decided it would be best to just sit down and wait for them to finish. And it would take a while too.

Santa Maria, tengo un corazon!” Katie yelled loudly as she tried to grab Alesha.

The brunette jumped onto the sofa missing Lily by an inch. Katie jumped on the other side of Lily and kept trying to grab her best friend without stepping on the red head.

Alesha laughed joyfully, something she found she hadn’t done in a while. It had been a while since she had had time to relax with Lily and Katie without having to worry about all the other difficulties in her life.

“Katie and Chase sitting near a tree...”

Lily couldn’t help but laugh as Alesha started singing.


“Oh you shut up!”

Alesha just grinned even more.

“First comes love, then comes marriage…”

She looked at Lily knowingly and they both grinned at the scowling Latina.

“Then comes a baby in a golden carriage!”

Katie sat down on the sofa with a big thud, crossing her arms and legs in protest. She glared at her so called best friends. “You two are so mean!”

Alesha jumped off of the sofa giggling. “Why?” she asked. “Is it because we are the only people that care about your love life?”

“Oh haha, you are hilarious,” Katie replied, muttering swear words in Spanish. “Just because I prefer to have a love life than prance around the room in the shortest shorts I have and not use my great looks with any guy at all!”

It was a wonder that the brunette laughed back. “They’re yours Katie,” she replied.

The blonde gasped. “I thought I’d seen them somewhere before!” she said standing up and ready to chase after Alesha again. “Give them back!”

Lily’s head snapped at once. She looked at the brunette carefully, examining what she was wearing. “Hey, that’s my t-shirt!”

Alesha ran as fast as she could around the dorm trying not to get caught by her best friends who weren’t giving up at all. She jumped on furniture, screamed at the top of her lungs and laughed like she hadn’t laughed in a long while.

That was until a worried face poked out of his bedroom door and looked at the girls with a worried face. Alesha was standing on the table, an umbrella in her hand trying to make Lily and Katie go away as they tried unsuccessfully to grab her.

“Are you lot ok?” James asked.

The brunette took this opportunity at once. “Ah Potter,” she said. “I need to talk to you.”

James looked taken aback. “About what?”

“The play,” she replied. “More specifically, about my lines.” She jumped off of the table and made her way towards him. “I don’t seem to have many lines. I just get on stage, giggle, kiss Henry, say two words and then go.”

Alesha turned to Lily and then back to James.

“I want a change here.”

James thought about it for a couple of seconds.

He only had two obvious options.

If he considered what Alesha had said then him and Lily would have to re-work part of the script and therefore spend more time together. But on the other hand he would have to deprive his best mate of kissing his ‘future girl’ for a couple of minutes in each scene and therefore face the ‘rage of Padfoot’ every day until he finally got Alesha.

He weighed his options carefully in his mind.

Remus had told him that to win over Lily he had to show her the part of him that made him lovable by his friends and not his fan girls. By showing her that he was dedicated to the play and actually wanted to work it would have put him in a good light in her eyes. He had managed to become friends with her and that was a step that had taken him seven years to do.

He wasn’t going to wait seven more years for something to happen between them. He loved the way that they didn’t argue anymore but he couldn’t deny that every time she reminded him of their friendship a sharp pain would hit him right in the heart, just for one or two seconds.

James thought about it very, very carefully.

It was after all, a tough decision.

Sirius was going to have to suffer.

“You’re absolutely right Johnson,” he said. He walked out of his room and took Lily’s hand dragging her out of the dorms. “How about me and Lily go to the library right now and work on your new lines?”

Alesha looked at him shocked. She had only meant to distract her best friends so they wouldn’t try to kill her. She hadn’t expected James to actually agree with her.

“And Lily you can help me with my Defence homework,” James added.

Lily started at him shocked.

“You want to work?” she asked him incredulously.

James nodded. “Of course I want to work. I’m thinking...”

The two Heads walked out of the room, chatting avidly about Alesha’s new lines.

Katie stared at Alesha her face too shocked for words.

“Did Potter just use the words ‘I’ ‘want’ and ‘work’ all in the same sentence?”


King Henry VIII stood proudly in front of his throne, a young man kneeling at his feet. Margaret had reluctantly agreed to marry the King of Portugal and he now needed someone to accompany her to her new home.

Who better than his long time friend Charles Brandon himself?

“I hereby dub thee Sir Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk,” Henry stated loudly. “Rise.”

Charles rose, a big smile etched on his face. There weren’t many people there witnessing what was occurring, but he didn’t care. He was being made Duke of Suffolk, an honour that men would die to have.

“I need you to accompany my sister to Portugal where she is to marry,” Henry told him as Margaret entered the room. His eyes darted over to his sister gaining worry as he saw the anger and frustration in her face. He was worried she would do something reckless, something that would hinder her marriage to the King of Portugal.

“Charles, take care of her.”

Charles smiled. “I will. Have no doubts, I shall treat her as if she were my own sister.”

They walked towards Margaret. Her face was stern and her jaw was set. She was clearly not happy about marrying the King of Portugal but she had a duty to her country and her brother so she had to go against her wishes and marry the old King.

“Margaret, the Duke of Suffolk will be escorting you to Portugal,” Henry explained.

Margaret didn’t reply. She just nodded stiffly, avoiding Charles’ gaze and not taking her eyes off of Henry. She wanted him to see how much she hated her role and how much she despised him in that moment for doing this to her.

“Very well,” the King said. “I will leave you two to get ready for the departure. I expect it to be a long journey.”

He exited his room, leaving Margaret with Charles.

“Duke of Suffolk?” Margaret asked him teasing. “You must be proud Charles, or should I call you Your Grace?”

“Very much so Your Highness,” Charles replied. “And you may call me Your Grace.”

He stuck out his arm allowing her to link her hand to it. She did reluctantly, amused at his reply to her sarcastic question. She wasn’t used to people answering her with this kind of humour. They walked out of the castle and towards their carriage which would take them to Dover and on their ship to Portugal. Henry’s servants had already packed her bags and placed them at the back of the carriage.

Margaret turned around and looked at the castle behind her. A sigh left her lips. Her brother would never forgive her if she didn’t carry out her duties. She had to marry the King of Portugal whether she liked it or not. She didn’t want to disappoint Henry; he had always been so nice to her. It was for that exact reason that she had accepted her role and entered the carriage, Charles entering after her.

Your highness must be looking forward with great anticipation to your wedding? I hear the king was a great horseman... in his time. And famous for his beautiful mistresses,” Charles informed her as the carriage started to move.

Margaret looked at him boldly, a small smile playing on her lips. “Don’t tease me. I don’t like it.”

Charles didn’t stop.

“Will you like it when an old man tries to make love to you?” he asked her.

Margaret’s face hardened as she tried to bite back a smile. “Your Grace goes too far. Already.”

Charles chuckles lightly. “Gospel says the truth will make you free.”

“Now you are sacrilegious!” she exclaimed her face hiding her amusement.

They continued their play-like bickering for the whole journey to Dover.

Margaret had never thought about Charles Brandon, to her he had always been one of her brother’s close friends, nothing more and nothing less. Of course, she had heard about the many girls he had left with broken hearts and yet he made it impossible for anyone to think less of him.

The ride seemed shorter than normal and before she knew it, Margaret was taking out her various clothes inside her suite on the ship. She always hated going out to sea, it unnerved her how easily she put her life at risk and how the sea had complete control over whether she would survive or not. She preferred firm land.

She preferred England.

The Princess had  retired to her room, her ladies in waiting sitting beside her as she played a game of cards with one of the girls. She loved to play, to gamble. It was something that she felt was able to take her away from her duties

“My dear Georgina, I think I’ve won,” Margaret told the brunette to her side.

The brunette smiled. “Your Highness, you have yet again.”

A sudden knock interrupted her game.


Charles walked in, not looking sorry at all for interrupting Margaret.

“Leave,” Margaret told the girls. They all got up and bowed before exiting the room and closing the door behind them. Charles walked over to Margaret and sat on the chair directly opposite to her. A small smile graced her lips.

He was here, with her.

“Do you play cards, Your Grace?” Margaret asked him.

Charles smiled. “Sometimes, Your Highness.”

“What game shall we play?”

“You choose,” Charles told her, resting his elbow on the chair to make himself more comfortable.

Margaret laid all the cards on the table in front of her as they both started playing. She was an expert at this game, she always won. Whenever she played with one of the girls she always beat them. She couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when she beat him.

It wasn’t long before it happened.

“I’ve won,” she said.

Charles placed his cards down. “So you have,” he replied with a slight bitter tone.

Margaret smirked. “Sore loser are we, Your Grace?”

“I never lose,” he stated.

She giggled. “You just have.”

Margaret stood up and leaned closer to his ear. “Would Your Grace prefer to play a game he can win?”

Charles’ head turned. He looked at her carefully. Henry had told him not to, when he had first come to know he was to escort Margaret to Portugal Charles had tried to joke about it, asking Henry if he trusted him with a pretty girl. Henry’s face was stern and cold when he had replied. His simple ‘Who else would I trust?’ was enough to make Margaret off limits to Charles.

But she was being so tempting.

Her lips were a rosy pink, her cheeks touched with red powder. Her doe-like eyes were glistening and her golden locks were falling onto his shoulder softly. Her voice was passionate and lustful, something that he found impossible to resist.

He hadn’t meant to, he wasn’t supposed to, but he kissed her.

There was no going back now.


Remus watched from afar as Chase kissed Katie. Something in the way they kissed told him that they had done it before, that they had been together. He sighed heavily and tried to convince himself he was better off without her. What was a boy like him going to do with a girl like her? She was everything he wasn’t; they were too different to even think of being together.

A hand patted his shoulder.

Peter smiled sympathetically at him.

“You might not have her, but you’ve got us. You just have to ignore her,” Peter told him. “I can’t have you falling for one of the Angels too because all they seem to do is destroy you.”

He pointed to the gloomy looking Sirius and the fake-smile plastered over James’ face.

“You don’t want to end up like them.”

They say that ignorance is bliss.

And that is exactly what Alesha was doing.

She was ignoring.

She was ignoring Sirius, she was ignoring the fact he seemed to stare at her as if he could kill her and she was ignoring that annoying voice in her head that kept reminding her that the shower night was one of the best of her life.

The brunette was ignoring everything that remotely reminded her of him.

Sirius wasn’t making it easy.

It almost seemed as if he was following her around. He was always there. Every corner, every room, every lesson; he was everywhere. She wanted to shout at him, to tell him to leave her the hell alone but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She was scared of what would happen if she got too close to him. Having to kiss him in the play was hard enough but if she confronted him she knew exactly how it would end.

And that was what she wanted to forget.

She didn’t want it to happen again.

That is the last thing she needed.

Alesha sighed deeply. She was sitting comfortably in her bed, waiting for Katie to show up so they could go to dinner and meet Lily together. If she didn’t show up sooner or later she was just going to go on her own and risk being assaulted by Sirius with one of his many attempts to win her over.

Not literally, but close enough.

She flicked through her charms book, memorizing as many spells as she could for the text on Wednesday. Professor Flitwick had given them ten new different spells to memorize and was going to test each and every student on Wednesday’s lesson to check whether they had learnt it or not.

A banging door interrupted her trail of thought.

“Alesha come quick,” Lily told her.

“What happened?” Alesha asked, worried.

“Katie’s in the hospital wing.”
Ah, it was time for a good cliff-hanger. What do you think? I dedicated this chapter ALL to Katie... well most of it anyway. I couldn't resist adding a bit of Alesha's denial into it. The next chapter might not be up for a while as I haven't even started writing it so enjoy this one! I managed to include Peter too, a little bit a least. Hopefully I can come up with something to make him more of a main character, he always just slips my mind when I write. And I have some other questions for you...

1) Why do you think Katie is in the hospital wing?

2) What do you think of Katie and Chase?

3) Why is Katie suddenly so serious about Chase?

4) And what about poor love-sick Remus?

Ok, i'll stop with the questions now. HUMONGOUS hug to Dellacqua, my beta. She is wonderful, I don't know what I would do without her *shudders at the sight of bad grammar and character development*

Goodbye for now!
Elisa x

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