Ashley Cooper sighed and blew her blonde hair out of her blue green eyes. She apparated into her father’s house in New York City. She heard a loud racket coming from the dinning room so she walked there and leaned on the frame of the door. She saw her cousin sitting at the table with what must have been a bunch of her friends and an enormous cake in front of one of them. "It looks like I was missing a party."

Emmeline looked up and smiled, "Ashley!" she said as she stood up and ran over to her.

"Hi Em." Ashley said wrapping her lean arms around her cousin giving her a hug, "So what was so important?"

"Oh, I'm engaged!" Emmeline squealed.

"That's great Em." Ashley replied, "Let me see the ring."

Emmeline pulled away from Ashley and held out her left hand.

"Oh that's is beautiful. I'd hold onto him."

Emmeline smiled, "Oh I am. Don't worry."

Ashley smiled, "Good now introduce me to your friends."

Emmeline nodded and turned around, "Well, the girl with curly black hair that's sitting at the head of the table is Raine, it's her birthday. Lily is the red head, Dorcas is the blonde sitting in between Raine and Lily, and Marlene is the girl on the other side of Lily. And the Marauders are those four boys on the other side of the table. The one next to Raine is Sirius, then James, then Remus, and finally Peter."

Ashley smiled at everyone, "Well it's nice to meet you all and happy birthday Raine."

Raine smiled, "Thanks. It's very nice to meet you too. We've heard an awful lot about you from Emmeline."

"Oh well I hope it was all good..."

"Don't worry, it was." Raine said before slapping Sirius' shoulder.

Ashley smiled, "Well I'll be right back. I'm going to drop my stuff of in my room and change. It's quite a bit colder here then California."

Everyone nodded their heads as Ashley left the room. Once she was out of earshot, Raine smacked Sirius again and Dorcas kicked him under the table.

"What?" Sirius exclaimed.

"Stop it right now Sirius Orion Black. You are not to mess with her." Raine stated.

"Who said I was going to do anything?"

"We all know that look in your eye when you see someone you want. So, don't." Dorcas said.

Sirius rolled his eyes and leaned back in his chair his arms crossed over his chest.

"Don't even Sirius. If I can't, you can't." Raine said. "Marlene told me to be good on this trip and not to make Emmeline or her family mad."

Sirius rolled his eyes again, "Well I never told you couldn't."

"I bet if I tried, you would."

"Well that's different."

"No, it's not."

"Yes it is."

"How so?"

"Can we not get into this right now?" Remus asked.

Raine sighed, "Fine. But only for you Remus."

"Thank you." Remus said. "Anyways we all know if she offers Sirius isn't going to say no even if you said you would kill him. Therefore we have to make sure she doesn't offer." Dorcas said looking at Emmeline.

Emmeline nodded her head, "I'll try to make sure she doesn't."

Sirius rolled his eyes, "Or you could just let things happen as they want to."

"No!" Emmeline, Raine, and Dorcas stated.

“Why not?”

"Because you're a jerk and she doesn't need to communicate with some sixteen year old that thinks he's god’s gift to women." Lily spoke up.

Sirius rolled his eyes again as Joey walked into the room.   

            "Nice of you to finally join us Joseph." Emmeline said.

            "You're welcome Emmeline." Joey said dropping into one of the empty chairs.

            "James, you haven't really said anything. What's up?" Raine asked before taking a sip of her water.

            "What do you mean?" James asked.

            "Well, you haven't really talked. You really have just been sitting there listen to all of us argue."

            "Yes well I can't say anything on either side or someone is going to hit me."

            "Not uh. Sirius wouldn't do that. He's way to nice of a guy." Raine stated.

            James snorted. "So I take it Ashley's been by." Joey said.

            Raine nodded her head, "Yes. She's apparently up in her room."

            "Yes she stopped by my room before she went up."

            "Cool beans."

            "Not really." Joey replied as Ashley walked back into the room. She was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and jacket her blonde hair pulled into a high ponytail. She smacked her brother in the back of the head before sitting down next to him. Raine smiled and let out a light laugh.

            "So are you guys planning on staying around here all day?" Ashley asked Emmeline.

            "Well, with jet lag and everything. I think we'll just stay here today and go out tomorrow."

            "Are you guys already tired? It's still only like nine here so it is only three in back at your school."

            Raine shrugged, "It really doesn't matter. It is Emmeline's choice, not ours."

            "It's your birthday therefore it should be your choice." Ashley replied.

            "Yeah, but Emmeline has really been wanting to spend time with you. You're all she's really talked about since we got here."

            "Oh don't I feel special now."

            Raine smiled, "I guess you could."

            "So Em what are your plans then?"

            Emmeline shrugged, "Now I guess we'll go out on the town." Raine jumped up, "We should go see the Wizard of Oz!" she exclaimed.

            "Why?" Ashley asked standing up. "She's got a point that was retarded." Joey replied.

            Raine lightly glared at them, "Fine. I'm sorry I wanted to go see Peter's favorite movie on Broadway." she said as she sat back down in her chair.

            Ashley rolled her eyes, "I'm going to get my bag and other shit I'll be back down in a minute and then we can go if you want."

            Raine shrugged and took another sip from her water. The she stood up and walked over to one of the windows.

            "So what do you want to do then Raine? Anywhere you want to go?" Emmeline asked walking over to her.

            "Um, not really. I've wanted to shop and try some Starbuck's coffee. And possibly see a show on Broadway." Raine replied.

            "Sounds like fun. Ash will probably take us to all of the designer stores get extreme discount and buy everything."

            Raine smiled, "Oi! Potter. Get your arse over here!" Raine exclaimed.

            James sighed and stood up, "You called?"

            Raine smiled sweetly, "Ready to go drink some coffee?"


            "James!" Raine whined.

            "I don't like coffee!"

            "They have tea too. Don't they Joey?"

            "Yeah and a few other things." Joey replied.

            "Hmm. See. So, would you please come and at least try one itty bitty sip?" Raine asked as she wrapped her arms around his.

            "I'll come but I'm trying anything." James replied.

            Raine sighed and pulled away. "Fine." she said as she walked over to Sirius. "You like coffee. I know you do," she whispered in his ear as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Oh yeah I love it." Sirius replied.

            Raine smiled, "I knew it."

            Sirius rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around her waist, "Are you going to stop torturing Prongs?"

            "How am I torturing him?" Raine asked sweetly.

            "All this talk about coffee."

            "Alright. I'll stop." Raine sighed. Sirius smiled at her and let go of her. "But he has to stop torturing me," she said as she ruffled his hair.

            "And he's supposed to do that how?"

            "I don't know. But he constantly does it. Even when he's not thinking about it."

            Sirius rolled his eyes and picked Raine up around the waist and carried her over to Remus and set her down in his lap, "Your turn." He said walking away again.

            Raine smiled, "Hi Remy." she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

            "Hi Raine." Remus replied.

            "I'm so sorry to just barge in on you like this."

            "It's alright Raine."

            "So, do you come here often?" Raine asked jokingly.

            "Oh yeah all the time." Remus replied sarcastically.

            Raine smirked, "Oh yeah? Well, this is my first time here. So, do you like coffee?"

            "I don't think I've tried it."

            "Really? Well, I think we should go try it together."

            "If you wish."

            Raine shrugged and stood up, "It doesn't matter."

            Ashley finally made her way back into the room, "Ready to go?"

            "I suppose." Raine said for everyone as she grabbed Remus' hand and made him stand up.

            Ashley led everyone out of the building and on to the already busy streets of New York City, "So where to first?" She asked. Joey was one of her sides and Sirius was on the other.

            Raine shook her head at Sirius and answered Ashley, "Let's go to, um. Actually, I don't really know. Lily, you pick."

            "I don't know I've never been here before either." Lily said.

"Do you want to go buy clothes first, or shoes, or go get coffee, or food, or what?" Ashley asked leaning on her brother.

            "Um, let's go to get shoes!" Raine stated.

            Joey groaned, "But we could be there all day."

"Shut your face Mister. We're going to get shoes and you can carry my bags." Ashley said grinning at him before leading everyone down the street to a really expensive looking shoe store that took up the entire corner.

            "Um, I'm not aloud to go in there." Raine stated once they got to the door.

            "Why not?" Ashley asked spinning around.

            "There are high heels in there."

            "Yes there are."

            "So, I'm not aloud to go in there. I'm supposed to look for flats because my cousin, James, Sirius, and Remus will more than likely yell at me."

            "They have flats too and I already promised my friend Nicole I would see if I could track down Vivienne and get her some new shoes."

            Raine looked at Emmeline, "What is Vivieninee?" she asked in a whisper.

            "Vivienne Westwood is a shoe designer." Emmeline replied, "I didn't know either."

            "Oh. Alright." Raine said as they walked in.

            "Yeah." Emmeline replied, "Ash knows almost everyone." The girls all looked around before Dorcas and Marlene almost ran over to the shoes and started to look. Lily smiled and walked over calmly.

            Raine nodded her head and looked around. She smiled when she saw a pair of forest green pumps. She calmly walked over to them and started to examine them. James and Remus rolled their eyes before they walked over and grabbed one of her arms each and picked her up and carried her over to row of shoes without heels.

            "Let me go. They were so cute! Please Prongs? You're the sensible one and I love you a ton."

            "No you need normal shoes. Maybe after you pick out some other shoes." James replied. Emmeline was dragging Joey around to all the shoes while Ashley was up at the front talking some people who worked here.

            "Hmm. I lied. You aren't the sensible one. Moony, I love you over a bazillion tons and you're the smartest, kindest, most handsome, and the best Marauder ever." Raine stated as she walked over to a pair of maroon colored flats.

            "Get some flats and then some shoes for running or something and then go heel crazy." Remus replied.

            "I knew I loved you more than them for a different reason." Raine said as she found the maroon colored flats in her size.

            Remus laughed and looked around the shop. Emmeline already had Joey carrying four boxes. Marlene and Dorcas already had a small mountain of boxes around them. Lily only had one pair of shoes. Ashley was now on the store’s phone.

            Raine stood up and looked at James, "What color shoes do we need for Quidditch?" she asked.

            "Any color you get." James replied shrugged, "What is Padfoot doing?" James asked Remus.

            Raine gasped, "He is missing! Oh, never mind. Bloody git got my hopes up. He's at the front of the store looking at himself in the mirrors."

            James laughed, "Well at least he isn't staring at Ashley right? Where is Wormtail?"

            "Oh God. Not Wormtail. He can't be missing. He's my favorite." Raine said sarcastically as she picked up a pair of black ballerina slippers.

            James glared at her and spotted Peter sitting down just looking around the store.

            "Don't glare at me Potter. I didn't do a thing." Raine said as she walked over to the side of the store with the running shoes.

            James rolled his eyes and went over and sat down next to Peter. Ashley hung up the phone and looked around the store. Raine had just found herself a new pair of running shoes, Lily was sitting down with Marlene and Dorcas talking, Peter and James were sitting down talking, Sirius was looking at himself in the mirror, Remus was walking towards Emmeline and Joey, who were arguing about whether or not Emmeline should be aloud another pair of shoes.

            Ashley sighed and walked over grabbed Sirius' arm. She led him away from the mirrors, "You look like an idiot doing that you know."

            Sirius smirked, "Why thank you."

            "It wasn't a compliment, are you pompous enough?"

            Sirius shrugged, "I suppose."

            Ashley rolled her eyes.

            "So, when are you going back to California?" he asked.

            "Sometime tonight I hope."

            "Why so soon?"

            "I have things to do there."

            "Oh. Like what?"

            "If I told you I would have to kill you."

            Sirius chuckled, "I'm so sure."

            "You never know."

            Sirius nodded his head, "Right. So, what else are you going to do today?" he asked.

            "Well after I've either showed my face long enough or they get tired of being out I was planning on sleeping."

            "Oh? Is that all?"

            "At the moment yes, Why?"

            "Just wondering. I was going to ask you if you wanted to hang out or something before you left."

            "I'll think about it."

            Sirius smirked, "Alright. Now, if I were you, I would tell them, that they need to bring their shoes to the check out counter. Otherwise, they'll buy out the entire store."

            "That's okay I get everything at like 75 percent off."

            "Alright." Sirius said as Raine snuck over to the high heel section and picked up the same pair of forest green pumps.

            "I thought she wasn't aloud to get anymore heels?"

            Sirius groaned, "She isn't. Prongs! She's after them."

            "Moony told her she could heel crazy after she got some flats and shoes for sports." James replied sighing and glaring at Remus.

            Sirius chuckled, "What a stupid man."

            "I think your friend is in love." Ashley said.

            "Who?" Sirius asked.


            “With who?”


            "How do you know?"

            "Why else would he be so nice to her and always be watching her?"

            "Because he has nothing else to do?"

            "Or because he wants her."

            "Most guys want Raine. They just won't say anything. That's why we always have an eye on her because most of the ones that didn't say anything tried to something before talking."

            "We are. Why do you think we try to ignore her most of the time?"

            "You need to teach her how to defend herself not at like jerks."

            "We are. Why do you think we try to ignore her most of the time?"

            "You need to teach her how to defend herself not act like jerks."

            Sirius sighed, "She has a wand, she'll use it if necessary."

            "Wands aren't always around. That's what my friends thought too. At least I was smart enough to take care of myself."

            "Well, she carries her wand on her most of the time."

            "Well don't say I didn't worn you."

            "Fine. Anyways, why would Remus be in love with Raine if he's mostly quiet around her?"

            "Enjoying her company?"

            "I'm so sure."

            "Why don't you ask him about it later?" Ashley replied.

            "Will do. Now, you might want to get everyone paid for so we can spend time else where and not just here."

            Ashley nodded, "Are you guys done yet?" She asked loudly as she walked to the cashier.

            Raine was the first one to walk up to the check out counter, "Yep." she said as she placed her things on the counter.

            Ashley laughed and paid for everyone's items, "Where to know?" She asked.

            "Um, let's go get some coffee. I'm parched."

            "Okay." Ashley replied. She led them out of the store and down the street a few blocks. She walked into the warm building and waited for everyone to make up their minds.

            "Yummy. This place smells terrific. Don't you think James?" Raine asked as she looked over the menu.

            "No." James said.

            "Aw, sorry then. What do you think Remus?"

            Remus shrugged, "It's okay."

            "Hmm. Alright. Can I get a raspberry mocha?" Raine asked once she reached the counter.

            "Alright." The person said at the counter. After everyone order something Ashley paid for everything and went over and sat down at one of the tables.

            Raine scooted into one of the booths and looked out the window. Remus and James sat next to her and Emmeline shoved Joey into the other side of the both before sitting down next to him. Lily, Marlene, and Dorcas sat at the table near them.

"Padfoot is missing again." Raine stated before taking a sip of her mocha.

            "He's sitting with Ashley." Emmeline said.

            "Right, because she's hotter than his other friends." Raine said before handing her cup to James. "Come on James. Just try a little bit. Technically, it's not coffee."

            "No." James said, "And don't ask again."

            "Fine, sorry. Remus, want a sip?" Raine asked.

            "No I'm good, thanks anyways." Remus said.

            "Alrighty. Em?"

            "No thanks keep your drink Raine."

            "Fine by me. So, what kind of sports do they play here in the states?" Raine asked Joey.

            "Well there is American football, soccer, and other things." Joey said.

            "I mean wizard sports."

            "We play those in school. We only have Quidditch as our non mortal sport."

            "Oh, do you play?"


            "What position?"

            "Whatever position I'm not on the team."

            "Oh. Well, which position do you think you're best at?"

            "I haven't played any of them enough to decided."

            "Alright. I was just asking because maybe we could have a little game later on."

            "There isn't any where to play and the school grounds aren't open to the public."

            "Oh, right. Never mind then."

            Emmeline laughed lightly.

            "Speaking of Quidditch, James, when are try-outs?"

            James raised on of his eyebrows, "Tryout were last month."

            "Not uh. For seriously?"


            "Well, did I make the team?"


            Raine smiled, "Well that's good. I'm very proud of myself then."

            Everyone rolled his or her eyes and Raine.

            "So, where do you guys want to go after this?" Raine asked.

            "I don't know it's up to you it is your birthday." Emmeline replied.

            Raine huffed, "But I don't like making decisions. Everyone usually gets mad at me."

            Joey sighed, "Just pick the next activity Ashley will take us to a good place."

            "That's the problem, I don't know where to go."

            "We can go buy clothes, or something." Emmeline said.

            "If you want." Raine said before taking another sip of her mocha.

            "No it's up to you." Emmeline said.

            "Then fine, let us all go shopping for clothes."

            "Okay. Are you almost done then here?"


            "Okay I'll go tell Ashley." Emmeline said standing up.

            "Mhm." Raine said as she poked James' side.

            "Stop it." James said.

            Raine sighed, "Alright."

            James rolled his eyes and looked around.

            "When all the clouds, darken up the sky way. There's a rainbow highway to be found." Raine started to sing softly.

            A few minutes later Emmeline walked back over with Ashley and Sirius. "Ready to go?" Ashley asked.

            "Yup." Raine said as she pushed Remus and James out of the booth so she could get out. She stood up and walked over to Lily. "Did you pack my sketch book?" she asked.

            "Why?" Lily asked standing up.

            "I have the sudden urge to draw something."

            "It's back at the Coopers'."

            "Alright, thank you very much."

            Ashley led everyone up and over a few blocks before going into a large department store, "Have fun."

            "Um, thanks." Raine said as she walked over to the shoes.

            "You have enough bloody shoes." James said.

            "But, at the other place, they didn't have any chucks. I would kind of like at least one other pair besides the pair I've worn since fourth year to practice."

            James rolled his eyes and walked away from her giving up. Raine smiled and picked out a pair of classic converses before walking over to the blouses. Everyone else was off doing their own shopping and Ashley was standing there waiting for everyone to finish.

            Sirius was just walking around the store when he found Remus and James talking in the men's department. He walked over to them, "Hey mates." he said.

            "Hey." Remus said.

            "Moony, I have a question for you."


            "Do you like Raine?"


            "Do you, like Raine?"

            "What kind of question is that?"

            "A serious one."

            "As what?"

            "Remus, I'm not kidding around. For once, I'm actually living up to my name. Do you or don't you like Raine?"

            "Do I like her as what?"

            "As more than a friend?"

            “I don’t know.”

            "What do you mean you don't know? Fine, I rephrase the question. Are you in love with Raine?"

            "I don't know." Remus replied.

            "Why don't you know?" James asked.

            "Because I'm bloody confused."

            James and Sirius sighed, "Well, tell us what your confused about and we'll try to help." James stated.

            "I don't want to talk about all of this right now."

            "Come on Moony. It's just us."

            Remus glared at them, "This isn't the place."

            "Okay, what if we meet in your room after everyone else goes to bed?" Sirius asked.

            "Fine." Remus said.

            Sirius and James nodded their heads. "Alright, so you see anything in here you want besides Raine?" Sirius asked jokingly.

            Remus glared at him, "I think we could ask you the same question about Ashley."

            "Well, I'll be one to admit it. I do want her, have you seen her? I surprised you guys aren't after her too."

            "I think that would be because you they both have their eyes on other people." Peter said walking over to them.

            "Oh yeah. Well, do you?"

            "Do I what?"

            "Have your eye on someone? You haven't really talked to anyone since Faith."

            "Not really." Peter shrugged.

            "Really? That's a change."

            Peter rolled his eyes, "It's not like anyone I wanted would want me back anyways."

            "Well, who do you want?"

            "It doesn't matter."

            "Who Wormtail?" James asked.


            "Because you know everyone we want. It's only fair that we know who you want."

            "No because I figured it out before anyone told me."

            "So, who is it?"

            "I'm not telling you."

            "Fine." Remus said before walking off.

            Sirius and James walked off down the rows of clothes.

            An hour later, everyone was finished shopping. Once they all finished checking out, they decided that they should go back to the Coopers'. When they got in the house, all the girls took their things up to their room and then came right back down stairs. "That was tons of fun. Thanks Ashley." Raine said.

            “You're welcome. I'm going to my room now. I'm tired." Ashley said standing up.

            Sirius stood up, "Yeah, I'm thinking about going to bed too."

            Everyone rolled his or her eyes and Raine glared at Sirius. Ashley slowly started to walk up the stairs. Sirius smirked at them and followed Ashley upstairs.

            "Do you want something Sirius?" Ashley asked turning around when she reached the third floor landing.

            "Just you." he stated.

            "Is that so?"

            Sirius nodded his head and walked closer to her.

            "Is this your way of being charming?"

            "It can be."

            "Well so far it blows." Ashley replied turning back around and walking down the hallway to her room.

            "Oh come one Ashley. I was just playing around."

            Ashley leaned against her closed door and faced him.

            "You're looking very beautiful today," he stated.

            "Oh thanks you look okay for British boy."

            "Oi. What does that mean?"

            Ashley smirked at him, "What did it sound like?"

            "A compliment." he said while walking closer to her seductively.

            "If that is the way you want to take it."

            Sirius shrugged, "So, would you like me to keep you company in that giant bed of yours?"

            "I don't know..."

            "Come on Ash."

            "Come on what?"

            "If you do let me, I can guarantee loads of fun."

            "I bet you could." Ashley said opening her door and walking into her room.

            "So, is that a yes?" Sirius asked.

            "I suppose."

            Sirius smiled and walked into her room. Ashley unzipped her jacket and tossed it on her floor and pulled off her red heels. Sirius walked over to her and started to kiss her neck and collarbone. Ashley smiled and pulled away from him. She walked over to her bed and sat down. Sirius walked over and sat down next to her. He began to kiss her collarbone again while running his hands down the sides of her body. Ashley smiled again and brought his lips up to hers and kissed him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. (Sex)

            Sirius wrapped his fingers around her shoulders and smiled down at her. "I told you we'd have fun," he stated.

            "Hmm you call that fun?" Ashley asked blowing her blonde bangs from her eyes.

            "Yes, did you not have fun?"

            "I've had more fun before."

            "Well that's a first."

            "What is a first?"

            "I've always been told I was the best someone's ever had." Sirius replied looking around the room.

            Ashley rolled her blue green eyes, "You're what sixteen?"

            "So. At my school, I'm known as the sex god." Sirius said smugly.

            Ashley rolled her eyes again, "Yes and you also have very little experience."

            "I do not. I have plenty of experience."

            "And how much experience have you had?”

            "Plenty. I've kept count."

            Ashley blew her bangs out of her eyes again, "Well you still are not the best I've ever had."

            Sirius rolled his eyes, "Fine. I don't have to be. You weren't the best I've ever had either," he said while standing up from the bed.

            Ashley smiled, "I know I wasn't trying."

            Sirius glared lightly at her as he got his boxers and pants back on.

            "Oh mad at me now?"

            "Nope. But I do have to go."

            Ashley rolled on to her stomach, "Yeah because they don't know what you were doing."

            "No, that's not why I have to leave. I know they know what I was doing. Before I left Raine was glaring at me." Sirius said as he got on his shirt.

            "And what are you going to go do then?" Ashley asked sitting up.

            "I told Moony that Prongs and I would meet him in his room tonight to talk about... stuff."

            "Raine I assume."

            "Yes, and you were right. He is infatuated with her."

            Ashley grinned, "I knew it."

            "But, he's confused. Or so he says."

            "Or he doesn't want to actually talk about it."

            "Well, either way, he's going to. I'll get it out of him."

            "Hmm have fun with that." Ashley replied stretching her arms over her head.

            Sirius nodded, "Well, bye then." he said as he walked over to the door.

            "Good Night, Sirius." Ashley replied lying back down in her warm bed.

            "Night." Sirius said as he left the room and headed towards his room to try and find James.

            He walked into his room and looked around and found it was empty. He sighed and walked down the stairs to Remus and Peter's room to see if they were all already there. Sirius knocked on the door before walking in and saw that they were indeed sitting around in Peter and Remus' room.

            "Have fun?" James asked.

            "No." Sirius said as he sat down on one of the chairs.

            "And why not?"

            "Because she as a problem with degrading people."

            "Oh." James said laughing as Remus started to laugh as well.

            Sirius glared at them lightly. "Oy. It is not funny. Besides, we aren't here to talk about me," he said while looking over at Remus.

            James laughed again, "Well what did you expect Padfoot, she's like three years older then us."

            "Okay, can we now drop the subject?"

            "I suppose."

            Sirius rolled his eyes, "Since when are you guys interested in what I do anyways?"

            "Since always."

            "Fine. What ever."

            James and Remus both rolled their eyes and Remus played with string on the pillows next to him.

            "So, Moony. Why are you confused?" Sirius asked.

            "She's Raine after all." Remus said.

            "What's that supposed to mean?" James asked.

            "Everything about Raine is confusing."

            "Not everything." Sirius stated.

            "Yes everything."

            "Like what?"


            Sirius and James rolled their eyes. "Okay, so everything about her is confusing. Is that all?" James asked.

            "Pretty much."

            "Anything about her in specific that's confusing? We can probably make it clear for you."

            "No just everything."

            "Moony, you're going to tell us what. If you tell us, we can help." Sirius stated and James nodded his head in agreement. "I've been out with her twice, she's not all confusing in all actuality."

            "I don't bloody now."

            "Yes you do. You just don't want to talk about it." Sirius stated.

            "No I don't."

            "So, you're just going to sit there and watch her from a distance or are you going to actually ask her out?" James asked.

            "I'm going to do nothing."

            "And why the hell not?" Sirius asked.

            "Because I have enough things going on right now."

            James and Sirius rolled their eyes, "Fine. Will you be mad if she finds someone else then?"


            "Moony, just ask her out! No harm will come to you. If you don't want to talk to her when you're going out, just do what James did."


            "Well, then just tell her you need your space. She'll go off and read a book or something." James stated.

            "I just said I have enough going on right now. I don't need anymore added to it."

            "Like Raine is a lot to handle. The way she is right now, she'll be just like a cat."

            Remus glared at them, "I said no."

            "You're missing out then mate." James said as him and Sirius stood up.

            "Just go. I don't want to talk about this anymore."

            "Fine. But, you will sooner or later and we'll be here if you want to talk to us. Me might not give the best advice but we're here. Or, you can chose to talk to Emmeline or one of the other girls." Sirius said as they started walking towards the door.

            "Just go." Remus said glaring at them.

            "Fine, good night then." the boys said before leaving the room.

            Sirius closed the door behind him and James and they walked down the short hallway and back to the stairs, "So how long do you think it's going to take him?" James asked.

            "To talk to us or to finally ask Raine out?"


            "Well, I think he'll come talk to us by the day after tomorrow and he'll probably ask Raine out with in a week of talking to us."

"I don't know Padfoot."

            "What are you unsure about?" Sirius asked.

            "I don't think he is going to talk to us that soon."

            "Okay, so he'll talk to us with in a week or he won't talk to us at all."

            "I don't Padfoot he does have a lot on his mind lately."

            "Well, fine. I'm not going to push him to talk to us anymore. He'll come to us on his own accord."

            "Has he told you anything lately?"

            "No, not really. Why has he said anything to you?"

            "No but he has been getting more letters from home then normal."

            "Maybe he's been writing more than usual."

            "Yeah I guess but I don't know."

            "Neither do I Prongs. I try to get him to talk to me but he just buries his nose in a book."

            "Yeah I think something might just be going on at his house."

            "I think so too. Something to do with Kerri." Sirius said as they walked into their room.

            "That's what I've been thinking."

            Sirius nodded his head, "Well, maybe we can get someone else to talk to him for us."

            "Well who?"

            "Raine or Lily or even Peter."

            "I don't think he would talk to Raine or Peter."

            "And I kind of don't think he'll talk to Lily. He really just needs someone he can trust one hundred percent."

            "Yeah but I'm sure he won't talk to Raine."

            "He will if we leave them locked in the same room for a long period of time."

            "No I think that would only make him mad."

            "Well, everyone else could be in a room and have everyone ignore them."

            "It's not going to work. He's not going to tell her because he probably doesn't want her to know what's going on."

            "Oh well. All in all, he doesn't want anyone to know."

            "No, but he handles her problems not the other way around."

            "I think she needs to take care of her own bloody problems not have someone else with bigger problems help her out." Sirius said while getting on his pajamas.

            "Yeah well that probably isn't going to happen anytime soon." James said changing into his pajamas as well and dropping down on his bed.

            "Actually, I do. She seems withdrawn now. She hasn't talked to any of us about issues she been having."

            "Yeah, and that is almost worse."

            "Yep. But it's not like we need to be there every minute of the day asking her if she's alright."

            "I know Padfoot. It's just not good if she keeps everything hidden."

            "Well then you ask her how she's doing." Sirius said as he plopped down onto his bed.

            James rolled his eyes, "It would help if I did she wouldn't say anything." James replied pulling his blankets up.

            Sirius shrugged and pulled his blankets over him. "Well then have Peter ask her."

            James rolled his eyes again, "Night Padfoot."

            "Night Prongs." Sirius said before he yawned.

            James buried his head in his pillows and was asleep in a few seconds.

            After a couple of minutes, Sirius too fell asleep.

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