Rose Weasley

              Rose Weasley was currently wearing down the carpet in her bedroom as she paced from her desk on one side of the room to the other side where her bed stood against the wall.  The reason for her nervous behavior was that she had to figure out whether or not she wanted to go out with Malfoy.  Her father had absolutely forbade her of even becoming friends with Scorpius Malfoy on Platform 9 and ¾ that fateful day that started her first year at Hogwarts.

              Rose had of course followed her dad’s so-called rule of not hanging out with the Malfoy boy for the first two years, but in third year she was paired with him in Potions.  Thus, that started the friendship that would grow into something more in their fifth year, the year that they had just completed in fact.

              It had happened on accident, but could not exactly be taken back quite as easily as it had slipped out in a confession made by Scorpius as they sat before the Shrieking Shack in Hogsmeade.  It had, of course, taken Rose completely off of her guard.  She had not ever considered that he might like her more than a friend, let alone she herself liking him back in that way.  Her heart had sped up, and her palms had started to sweat, while she tried to say something.  Anything!

              Rose could still feel Scorpius’s eyes on her as if they were still in that moment, instead of separated to spend summer with their families; families that hated each other with every fiber of their being.  Weasleys and Malfoys weren’t supposed to get along, let alone like each other!  And yet, she really did like Scorpius, a lot.  What she felt for Scorpius was more than some puppy love crush that other sixteen-year-old girls had. 

              It was not even the fact that Scorpius and her relationship mirrored that of the infamous story Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare; two lovers destined to be together, but torn apart by their families.  It was more along the lines that they needed one another in anything that they had to face.  Both had been through so much in their years at Hogwarts, and they had gone through most of it together.  As friends, not lovers though.

              Rose did not want to lose the friendship she had built up with Scorpius if a relationship ended up not working out.   It would be tense and awkward, and Rose did not even want to think about what she would lose if she lost Scorpius’s friendship.  While the other girls befriended girls and dated guys, Rose had always been one of the guys as she chose their company above other girls her age.  Plus, Rose’s best friend other than Scorpius was her cousin, Albus.  The three of them were known as the Three Musketeers now, but what would happen to their friendship if Rose said ‘yes’ to going out with Scorpius?  It would undoubtedly change their friendship.  She let out a frustrated sigh as she sat down on top of her perfectly made bed.

              It was at that moment that the door opened and in walked Rose’s cousin, Lily.  Lily seemed to hesitate before she said, “There’s someone standing outside on the front porch that would like to talk to you.”

              Rose raised her brows in confusion.  “Do you know who it is?”  It was no doubt Scorpius, but Rose felt compelled to ask either way just to hear whether or not her suspicions were correct.

              “Uh, he said not to tell you,” Lily mumbled as she looked down at the scuffed toes of her very worn-out sneakers before she looked back with curiosity shining in her brown eyes.  “What are you doing alone up here, anyway?”

              “Nothing,” Rose said.

              “This wouldn’t have anything to do with Scorpius asking you out, would it?”  Lily boldly asked as she stepped further into the room, and closed the door behind her at the same time.

              “How did you find out about that?”  Rose asked, and her cheeks flushed pink.

              “Albus told me,” Lily stated matter-of-factly.  “He also told me that you’ve been avoiding Scorpius ever since, and that Scorpius is upset because you won’t give him an answer.”

              Rose chose not to respond to her cousin.  She did not have to explain herself to a fourteen-year-old who would not understand what she was going through at the moment.  Instead of answering the question, she posed a question for Lily.  “Where is everyone?”

              “Out back playing Quidditch and goofing around,” Lily said.  “You should go talk to Scorpius.”

              “Aha!  So you admit it, the person on the porch is Scorpius!”  Rose said in an amused tone before she turned her features back into a serious expression.  “How did he get here?”

              “I don’t know,” Lily shrugged her shoulders.  “I think I heard him tell Albus that he took a Muggle bus.  Well, I’m going back outside.”

              “Oh, okay,” Rose said as she stood to walk toward her window, which conveniently had a view of the worn path in the front yard that led to the wooden porch.  It took Rose a moment before she spotted Scorpius sitting on the porch swing.

              “Rose,” Lily said before leaving the room, “you should tell him how you feel.”

              Rose only stared at Lily for a full minute before she said anything.  “What are you on about?”

              “You know what I’m talking about,” Lily replied simply before she skipped, yes skipped, from the room.

              And it was with one last frustrated sigh that Rose left the confinement of her bedroom to head downstairs.  While her feet made their way down the stairs that she had grown so used to growing up that she could climb them up and down with her eyes close, all the while her mind was already on Scorpius and what they would talk about.  Rose merely paused for a few minutes next to the front door before she turned the knob and pulled it toward her.  It was not until she stepped outside that she realized Scorpius’s attention was on her, and she made her way over to the porch swing but chose to stand instead of sitting down next to Scorpius.

              “Hullo Rose,” Scorpius greeted with a sheepish expression as he chose to stand up from where he had just moments ago been sitting on the swing.  “How’s it going?”

              “I don’t know, you tell me,” Rose replied.  “Why are you here on my porch?”

              “Oh, I don’t know,” Scorpius said conversationally.  “Maybe it’s because someone never gave me an answer to a question that I asked them.”  Scorpius looked at Rose accusingly.

              “Well, what do you want me to say?”  Rose asked hotly.  “That I always liked you more than a friend, or that I don’t want to ruin our friendship by becoming a couple?”

              “How about a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would suffice nicely?”  Scorpius responded rhetorically.  “Or is it too hard for you to give a straight answer?”

              “Don’t,” Rose put her hands out in front of her in an attempt to stop the argument between them.   She could not handle arguing with Scropius at the moment, not when she was still trying to figure that what she felt for Scorpius really was real.  Not to mention, it hurt to have to listen to Scorpius throw out his words the way he was.  She felt like crying as his words continued to cut into her, no matter that they had already been said before she started to feel them hit hard.

              “Rose, I’m sorry,” Scorpius said, “I didn’t mean any of it.”

              “Yes you did,” Rose said, realizing that her voice came out in a croak and that her cheeks were wet with tears.  Great, just great, she was crying in front of the one person she did not want to show how she felt.

              “Okay, I did,” Scorpius agreed, shamefaced as he looked down slightly.  “But I didn’t mean for my words to come out the way they did.  You have to know that I would never hurt you intentionally; I’m just frustrated because I really do like you, Rose.  A lot.”

              Rose sniffled back a sob before she found herself leaning into Scorpius, whose arms were now encircled around her in an instant.  The two of them stood like that for several minutes before Rose backed up while wiping the tears from her cheeks.

              “What’s wrong?”  Scorpius asked.  “I actually thought you liked me more than a friend just now, Rose.”

              “I do like you, Scorpius,” Rose said.  “I like you very much so, but I just don’t want things to change for the worse between us if it doesn’t work out.”

              “Who says it won’t work out?”  Scorpius asked. 
He was certainly full of questions now, thought Rose.  But even so, she countered his question with another question.  “What makes you so sure that it will work out?”

              “I’m not, but I hope it will,” Scorpius said simply, as if it was the most obvious answer that could be given to such a question.  “Rose, when are you going to learn that there is not always a definite answer to a question; sometimes you have to look for the answer within yourself.”

              Rose considered what Scorpius had just said.  It made sense, however she still could not come to grips that sometimes no answer to a question would solve a single thing.  It was as if he was able to read her doubt, she felt herself being pulled into Scorpius’s arms yet again as Scorpius lowered his head, looking into her eyes, and touching his lips ever so softly to her own lips.  The touch was so soft that she barely even registered it until she started to kiss him back.  The kiss went on for only a few seconds before the two, breathless, pulled out of it.

              “See, no answer necessary,” Scorpius said with that sweet smile that Rose liked most about him.

              “That easy, huh?”  Rose said as she blushed, and she could feel her ears as they turned red, an annoying trait that she had inherited from her father.  But thankfully her long, bushy red hair covered her ears so that it was not as noticeable.

              Scorpius nodded.  “So, what do you say?”  Scorpius asked, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

              Rose took note of the sweet, yet anxious expression that he wore on his face before she smiled.  She reached up on her toes a bit before she was able to brush her lips against Scorpius’s a second time; an answer to his question no doubt.  When she had pulled back, she noticed the big smile that he was wearing, and smiled back in response.

              “That is a ‘yes,’ right?”  Scorpius asked with his brow raised in a comical inquisitive way.

              “Not every question has to have an answer,” Rose repeated what he had only just taught her a few minutes ago.  “Sometimes actions speak louder than words.”

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