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Chapter 19


Hey girl I know the situation changed

And so much is new but somethin’ in my life remains the same

Cause, everything changes but you… But you know that I love you.


­- Everything Changes (But You) by Take That



Sirius’ POV


“Shut up!”


“Maisy! Sirius-ly!” I laughed at my wit. I swear if she said ‘owh’ one more time…

“Ow ow ow ow owwwwwwww!”

“That’s it.” I let go of her hand and stalked down the corridor, away from my moaning girlfriend. Ha, girlfriend. Maisy Heart was my girlfriend, and had been for just over five months. Life was perfect, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Siriussssssssss!” she yelled at me down the corridor. My laughter boomed loudly as she hurried to keep up, rubbing her hand incessantly.

“Maisy.” I said, ignoring her pain now.

“Sirius, PLEASE! It huuuuurts!” she pouted, sticking her bottom lip out and holding out her hand to me.

“Okay. Fine! Just stop bloody moaning.” I said, picking her hand up in mine and kissing it tenderly. I still marvelled at how small she was; petite, even. Her little hand looked pixie-like in my own large one. Her skin felt silky as I took her wrist carefully in my fingers and rubbed it with my thumb as we walked. She sighed and put her head on my shoulder.

“Sickle for your thoughts?” I asked bumping my head to hers lightly.

“I really am sick of that bitch, you know that?”

“Funnily enough, yes. I have had that impression for many months now…” I mused. She’s such a fuchsia wearing bitch faced slag bag.

“She’s such a fuchsia wearing bitch faced slag bag!” Bingo.

“Really? I think she’s stunning…” This earned me a punch in the shoulder. I 
probably deserved that.

“Sirius, c’mon! She’s been looking at you weirdly for days. She’s planning something! I can just tell!” she huffed, stalking into the Great Hall and placing herself next to Lily for dinner.

“You really shouldn’t let her get to you.” I reassured her opposite the table. She looked up and smiled at me, that dazzling little smile that made my insides flutter every single time.

“But, my dear Sirius, where would the fun be in that?” she said, glaring past my shoulder. I would put all the money in Gringotts to bet that it was at Ruby.

“Ruby’s looking again!” Huzzah, I’m now a millionaire.

“Let her look!” I said, grabbing her hand, just to piss Ruby off.

“Owww!” she cried, taking it away from me and shaking it out above her.

“Sorry!” I said quickly. But I laughed anyway, whenLily and James began to laugh at our stupidity.

In the past months we’d grown from being a couple, into being better friends; best friends; until finally becoming inseparable and completely comfortable in each other’s company. She truly is a fantastic witch; she has me under a spell.

“So, what happened?” said Lily, wincing as she turned in her seat to look at Maisy. “Spill.”

“I punched the little bitch.”

“And you’re hurt?”

“It was a strong punch! And her face is really, really hard…”

“Goes with her heart!” James said, food spluttering from his mouth across the table. We all grimaced.

“Ewww, James, seriously! Some table manners, please?” Lily said.

“Anything for you, Lils,” he said, winking, and picking up another bread roll. She tutted and rolled her eyes, jokily.

“Well, if it’s any consolation, she has a major black eye. I doubt she can cover that up with multiple layers of foundation.” Lily said, smiling. Maisy grinned in spite of her actions.

Through dinner I noticed as people kept turning in their seats to stare. This happened at every meal. I swear, I usually love popularity and people watching me, but constantly, all day every day? It was getting stupid…

“Nose down, Sirius. They’re not staring at you,” said James, rather sadly from next to me.

“It’s obviously ‘cause of me,” Lily said, sighing.

“Nosey fuckers,” Maisy spat. She was so different now. So independent and sure of herself. As long as I was there, she was my little fighter. To be honest, I was majorly proud of her.

“Even Minnie’s looking,” I said, pointing at the teachers table to see dear old Professor McGonagall look over at Lily then busy herself with her soup as we all glanced up to glare at her.

“It’s truly shameful.” Lily said.

“You have NOTHING to be ashamed of!” Maisy said, touching her shoulder and squeezing it. “Sex is legal from sixteen…” she joked. Lily laughed.

“You know what I mean.”

“I think this is my cue,” I said, getting up from the bench and climbing onto the table.

“I dare say!” shouted McGonagall, but I didn’t care. This was for my friends, not about rule breaking.

“Yo! Hogwarts!” the din continued. “STUDENTS!” I yelled. They all looked up from their food or from looking at Lily and stared at me, mouths wide open. It was 
quite disgusting actually, some people were still eating. Honestly…

“Okay, so, it’s me again! Last time I was up here it was January, it’s been a long time.” Silence in hall. Awkward… Lily was looking up at me, frightened of what I was about to say. “We’re all young adults here, right?”

The hall muttered in agreement. Dumbledore looked up from his plate of sardines (what the hell?) and smiled at me.

“Well start acting like a young adult! Seriously! Lily. Is. Pregnant. Old news! We’ve all known for how long? It’s obvious guys, she’s getting rounder everyday.” Lily cleared her throat. “Sorry Lily. But anyway, stop bloody staring! She just pregnant, she hasn’t grown a second head!”

Some laughed, some looked down at their meals again in guilt.

“Yeah, so, stop it okay? We want baby name ideas, not gawping gossipers! So unless you’re a name genius, then look away. It’s pissing us off!” McGonagall gasped and went to speak. “You’re no better! Go back to your meal, Professor, and stop staring. Black, over and out!”

And I sat back down to dinner, picked up my dinner, and began shovelling food into my mouth. Ah, bliss.

“Professor McGonagall just said you have detention tomorrow night in her office. Bring gloves,” said a small second year as he left the hall.

“Cheers bud!” I called back, picking up my goblet and toasting to Minnie who was obviously irate, as she had gone a violent shade of purple. Dangerous stuff… The boy ran back and added, "And Miss Heart. For Muggle behaviour in a Muggle Studies classroom."

"You punched her in a lesson?!" James said, open mouthed.

"My girl's feisty!" I beamed.

“See, this is why I bloody love him!” Maisy cried, sitting herself up and kissing me across the table. “Good job, Sirius.”

“Thank you.” Said Lily quietly, wiping tears from her eyes.

“Oh God, I didn’t mean to upset you!” I said worriedly, putting down my cutlery to squeeze her shoulder.

James put his hand on my back and sighed. “Don’t worry, it’s just the hormones.

“Ah, I see…” I said. Though I didn’t. I didn’t understand the big deal with girls and hormones…

“Being seven months pregnant takes it’s toll, I guess,” she sniffed, spooning garden peas onto her plate. It would have been okay I guess, if they weren’t frozen.

“You know they’re frozen, right?” I said to her, raising my eyebrows at Maisy who shook her head, laughing.

‘Cravings,’ she mouthed back at me, rather theatrically. Lily hit her playfully.

“It’s not my fault our baby boy likes frozen peas!”

“And granola bars!” we all said in unison.

“Let the kid crave whatever he wants, he’s gonna be the best damn wizard in the world anyway. Second to you, of course, Sirius.” said James, smiling at Lily. He looked at her with such intensity sometimes that it felt odd to watch them, like you were invading their privacy.

“Why thank you. I do try,” I said, raking my hand through my hair. Maisy kicked me under the table. ‘Pompous git’ I heard her mutter.

“Anyway…” I beamed, poking my tongue out at my immature girlfriend.

“Names names names!” James squealed, tapping the table.

“Is it that time of day already?” Maisy groaned, putting her face in her hands.

“Yes it is, Maisy dearest. Which name have you thought up for our bee-a-u-tiful baby boy today?” James beamed. He was so excited, I could see it every time Lily was mentioned. Which meant the baby was certainly mentioned. Which made him nearly pee himself with excitement. James, a daddy? Anyone else fearing for this kid’s life right now?

“Okay. Well, I came up with Aidan,” said James proudly. Lily hitched her eyebrows and looked at him, confused.

“Aidan? You want to name our son Aidan?

“It’s a lovely name!” he replied.

“You want to name our son ‘little fire’?”


“You must be having a bloody joke,” Lily said, laughing. James looked at her seriously and laughed.

“But imagine the nicknames he’ll have at school. Oh look, here comes ‘The Fire!’ He’s gonna be a quidditch whiz as well, it will work perfectly! I wish I was called Aidan…” he added as an after thought. I laughed. Maisy was trying to hold back her giggles. Lily looked at him, in sheer shellshock.

“James, you have a very pretty name.” she said.

He tossed his hair and smiled, “Why thank you.”

“But I’m not naming our son after a match stick.” He took her hand and laughed with all of us.

“Okay, maybe you’re right there. It is rather weird.”

“True, NEXT!” She turned to Maisy who scratched behind her ear awkwardly. Oh she was in for it! She hadn’t thought of a name today.

“Have you picked one for today?” Lily questioned, staring her down.

“Of course!” Maisy spluttered. She touched her jaw. Ha! She definitely did not pick a name for today!

“Let’s hear it then!” I urged on. She shot me a look of distaste. Ha.

“I was thinking… Kai.”



“What the fuck is that? A goldfish name? Fuck that, NEXT!”

She looked at me, as did Maisy and James. I’m cornered. Oh god, oh god, oh god!

“Urrrr…” I managed. Maisy smiled at me sweetly.

“Sirius, it’s your turn sweetie,” she said, in a very girly way; tilting her head to the side and scrunching up her shoulders. Cow.

“I was thinking a name that was kind of normal, you know? Traditional, in a sense.” I said. Lily relaxed and smiled. James looked interested.

“Sounds good, it’s got to beat Kai.”

“Hey! It’s a very modern name!” Maisy pouted.

“So modern that we’d never heard of it…” James added. He gripped Lily’s hand tighter. “C’mon then Sirius.”

“I had this idea on Robert.” They turned their noses up. I hastened. “Or Richard.” 
They repelled in horror. “Or Harry even…” I spouted out finally, scared of the wrath I would be under. We’d been doing this for three months, and were no closer to naming the sodding kid.

“Harry,” said Lily thoughtfully, looking at James who was also smiling.

“I like it,” he said. He beamed at me. “Nice, Sirius. It kind of suits.”

“Yeah, you’re right…” Lily said, contemplating the name. Mulling it over in her mind, I was sure.

“But Kai is such a…” Maisy began.

“SHUT UP!” James laughed, throwing at profiterole at her.

“Harry James,” Lily said, grinning herself silly.

“Harry James?” James asked.

“He’s gonna need his daddy’s name in their somewhere. Someone as great as you, we need to pass down the greatness,” she joked but James seemed truly touched.

“Harry James,” he said, smiling. “You know what, I love it!”

“Hello, Harry James,” Maisy said, bending down to Lily’s round stomach. “We’ll be seeing you soon, buddy.”

“Dude, you’re the best godson ever!” I yelled from across the table.

“He’s not deaf, Sirius.”

“Oh, right, yeah I forget.” I said, squirming. Duh, if we’re not talking about studying or the Order or graduation then it’s always about the baby Lily’s growing in that love oven of hers... I smiled at myself. Love oven! Haha. Gets me every time.

“Stop thinking about love ovens,” Maisy whispered, indicating the bonding session occurring to our right.

I saw James place his hand across Lily’s stomach and say,

“Harry, you’re gonna have the best family ever. That, I can promise.”

He turned at smiled and me and Maisy, we were part of this family; then he kissed Lily and continued to beam for the entirety of the evening.



A couple of nights later, Maisy and I were revising in the Common Room. It was very late. The half moon was high in the sky and the sun had finally set behind the forest.

“So, what do you think?” I asked her. She shifted under the blanket and sighed.

“About Felix Felicis? I think it’s a pain in the ass.”

“You know that’s not what I’m talking about.” I said, closing her potions book.

“I know, I know.” She said, turning around and snuggling back into my chest. “What do you think?”

“I’m going to join.”

“Straight away? No thoughts?”

“The Order of Phoenix needs people like us, Maisy. We need to help. And we can.”

“I know we can.”

“I think you’d be a great asset.” I said, kissing the top of her head.

“You don’t have to persuade me, I’ve already joined.” She said. I could almost see the little smirk on her face.

“What?!” I shouted, jumping up from my seat.

“I was just making sure you were joining, other wise I would have backed out.”

“You’re amazing.” I said, laughing and kissing her.

“And we’ll be in it together.”

“We will.”

“I feel sorry for Dumbledore! How will he control all six of us?”

“All six of us?” I asked, truly surprised.

“Well yeah, when Harry’s born in the summer, Lily’s gonna join after, hopefully in October. James has joined, you’ve joined, I’ve joined, Remus joined ages ago and Peter hesitated, but he’s joining too.”

“It’ll be like Hogwarts, but, like, REAL!”

“Yes, Sirius. Real life.” We were silent for a while, enjoying the time together. “Are you scared?”

“About what, love?” I asked, taking her hand in mine.

“Life. Getting out there. Dying for the cause.” Her voice was thick with emotion.

“You don’t have to worry about dying, I’ve already jumped in front of a werewolf for you. Send those Unforgivable Curses my way! Nothing’s getting my girlfriend.” I said, tickling her ribs.

“Stop! I’m serious.”

“No, I am!”

“Oh haha. But really, Sirius. We could die. This could be it. Seventeen years of life.”

“But think of the people we’ll save.” I said. But she was right. Eighteen years was such a short time. And five months with Maisy was a miniature amount of time.

“That’s why I’m doing this. My mother saved people too. She just, didn’t get out alive.” She choked, gripping my hand tighter. I smoothed her hair and made ‘sssh’ing noises.

“You’re so brave,” I whispered.

“I’m so frightened,” she whispered back.

“Don’t be,” I said.

“I’m sorry, I know how much this means to you.” She was right. Getting my own back against my own Slytherin Death Eater family was priority. Making sure they got their comeuppance. Wipe that smug look off of the Malfoys’ faces. See Narcissa fall, with her ‘Dark Lord.’ That’s exactly what I wanted.

“They won’t get away with what they’re doing.” I managed.

“We’re gonna kill those bastards, Sirius. I promise. And then we can live ‘til we’re a hundred and seventy two!” she giggled.

“A hundred and seventy two?” I laughed.

“Of course! We’re gonna live forever, Sirius.”

“Nobody can live forever.” I said, sighing.

“You will.” She said, stroking my hand with her dainty fingers.

“I will?” I laughed.

“Yes.” She said, though she was serious. “You’ll always be alive in my heart.”

“Then you’ll be living forever too. Hell will freeze over before I let you go, Heart.”


A/N1: Awesome beta-reading by listentothesilence.
A/N2: 3 chapters in one weekend - c'mon that must deserve a review? (",)
A/N3: Awesome chap image by Ardawling @ TDA

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