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    "Harrison, get on the other side of the hallway. NOW!" I cried.

    He shot on to the left side of the brick archway and wrenched his head towards some stupid brunette Ravenclaw who was waving him down. Thank Merlin for that chickadee, whoever she was; the girl was saving my life from being ruined over one very awkward night.

    Meanwhile, I trudged down the passageway between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables, fumbling through my bag for a textbook to study for the last thirty minutes.

    "Heather! HEather! HEATHER!" A voice shrilled from behind me. I turned around to see my best friend, Samantha Hewlett glaring at me. Her black-frizzy hair was bundled into a polka-dot scrunchie and those furious olive eyes didn't match up to the craziness of her updo.

    "Gee, can you get any louder?" I complained, clutching my Charms notes with the strap of my bag slung over my shoulder.

    She retorted back, "Who cares? You have the ears of a two-hundred year old ninny."

    "Nope, three hundred," I joked.

    She groaned, and then hissed,"Where were you last night? The entire student body of Gryffindor was freaking out about you!"

    "I was in the library," I lied," I must've fallen asleep on that bloody long text about warthogs' mating for Care of Magical Creatures."

    "Oh like you were ever in Care of Magical Creatures! Your nose is growing by the minute with the snot full of lies that you're telling me! Give me the truth!" Sam bellowed, her hazel eyes darkening with anger by the minute and the orange circles on her hair tie started to shrivel into rusty little ovals.

    I gulped, how could I manage another fib to one of the best lie detectors in the wizarding world? Even so, how could I lie to my best friend? It just didn’t seem right. I would have to somehow come up with a fib that could fool her in a nanosecond-

    "Okay, okay. I'll tell you the truth. I stayed over in the Hufflepuff common room to study with Livvi."

    She seemed to believe the answer,” Fine, just please...please don't do that again. I was worried that Black's nose got a good whiff of you and stomped you out into the textbooks."

    "Luckily, I'm not a Flat Stanley, so I think I'm fairing well."

    She grinned at my comment, "It's good to have you back this morning."

    "In what state was Frendel found after the attack of Rensdale?"

    "He appeared in a comatose state with severe burns and scars."

    “Who was the attacker?"

    "Knox Barnard."

    Sam and I conversed rapidly on the History of Magic review for the hundredth time. The clock was ticking away and slowly diminishing the cram time, and we both drank in the information with gratefulness; for me, however, I was distracting myself from Harrison’s stare that was making my stomach turn into a net full of butterflies.

    "Achooo!" a sneeze roared from behind Sam and me like a lion, "Morning, you two!"

    Who was that? I wrenched my pupils away from my papers and discovered a coffee bean-skinned girl whose face was hidden by a hankcheif. It was Waverly Bhutto, the person who could make you laugh like maniac any time of the day.

    "Wave, you resemble a victim of the Influenza Epidemic of 1918. Are you sure that you'll be able to manage during the NEWTS?”

    She sniffled,” I think I'll survive. I just came back from the clinic a few minutes ago. Madame Pomfrey forced me to swallow this bloody elixir. Supposedly, this crap is going to cure me of this rubbish I've suffered for the past week or two."

    That would be a miracle. Wave had been violently ill with a mild form of influenza. Her entire complexion transformed this week completely. Her nose was no longer the color of a dark-chocolate, but a raging shade of scarlet; while her eyes remained bloodshot behind her spectacles.

    "Wave, look at who came along this morning," Sam pointed out about my presence.

    Her red-eyes lit up, "Oh yeah! How was the library last night? Was that girl there again? You know....... the bookworm?"

    Sam shot her an infamous death glare, and Wave flipped back into her role-model mode,"Oh, I mean...Heather, where in the bleedin' Tom Riddle were you last night? You stole time into my sleep and I need that you know...cuz as you obviously know, 'I'm dying’.”

    For one reason or another, Sam sometimes acted like this and to be quite frank, it was pretty awkward. Maybe she acted like this because she had two younger (and viciously annoying) siblings to look after or the fact that Sam was Sam.

    "Harrison, over here! You flamboyant nancy, don't you ignore me!" Wave was calling out to the person I least wanted to talk to on this fine blizzarding morning. He glanced back at us and concluded his conversation with whoever that girl was. Harrison and Waverly seemed to get along, even though Wave was still under the impression that we were sworn enemies.

    "Oh, whatever! He's never vamoosing down here for us! Anyways, did yeh hear that wench snoring last night on the next aisle over?"

    I chuckled, "Yep, she was. I was studying and she snored like crazy until I got in a row with-"

    I stopped myself; I never realized that it was that hard to keep a secret.

    "Got in a row with whom?" Wave implied.

    "The book keeper," Sam chimed in, “that hag tried to kick Heath out of the place because she was in there beyond closing hours.Oh those librarians, don't they understand how hard we students work?"

    "Wow, its official that the prissy book keeper really does want to mess with our GPAS."

    Sam was lying for me?
    Why in the name of fucking Merlin was she doing this? I fibbed to her about I had no idea as this event spanned over quickly in my mind. The bell luckily rang just before the conversation became awkward and Harrison would not be able to dip into our talkfest. Thank goodness!

    Now all I needed to do was find the real man of my dreams, Chris McFaddin. My nectarine-gel haired beau, where are you?
    The frigid air spun around in the room, spiraling from desk to desk to nettling every Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. Girls were twirling their ringlets around their pinkies as tight as they could until their finger hadn't any circulation left and was the color of fuchsia. Almost everyone in the class shared the same expression of getting kicked in the stomach. Fingernails were no longer present in the outside world, due to the fact that everyone was biting them off and spitting them out on the floor-much to McGonagall's disgust. I swear that I even saw kids beginning to weep because they were so nervous about the early NEWTS. As soon as I probably would lay my eyes on that exam, I was going to go into cardiac arrest; which was what every other student was thinking in the classroom.

    While everyone was halting the vomit in their throat, Sam's elbow had managed to continuously jab into my arm as we listened to McGonagall lecture the class on how to take the test.

    "Ouch, Sam! Is there anyone else you torture?"

    "Gee, I'm sorry, okay? It's just a bad habit," she declared.

    "Yep, I hear ya...," I sarcastically commented, and stretched my arms into another corner of the lab table.

    Professor McGonagall had heard us bickering, oh crap; she was going to throw us out of the room. She hurried over to us,” Pardon my interruption, but is there a problem, ladies?"

    We both cried in unison,” No, ma'am."

    "Good, now, as I was saying.....," the professor's evergreen cloak flew by as she headed to the front of the class to furthermore explain how to circle an answer and write with ink on the paper.

    Quills screeched to the point of eardrums bursting as the essay portion of the History of Magic exam started. My throat was parched from lack of water and no restroom breaks whatsoever because the Ministry of Curriculum had passed a law against it. Nevertheless, I was fine because my mind wasn't fading into daydreams-yet.

    For about the past eight hours, my class had been through multiple visits from government workers specialized in certain subjects and about one hundred sixty-eight pages of questions total. We'd have a break-well, sort of- where each student would go behind a curtain and perform what ever was required to do for the Ministry guest. Within a few minutes, we'd return to the agonizing pain of our desks and resume to scribbling on to our scrolls.

    There was one activity that I had to demonstrate where I was required to transfigure a muggle pencil into a bear, and then, the bear into an embroidered cravat. That was just the least random of the requirements I had to do. One test required that I extract a single strand of a live, biting freezle nit and feed it to a vegetarian plant, squeeze the excess from the plant- eating organism, and stir it into a medicinal antidote for some ancient ailment that was no longer present on the surface of the Wizarding world. If anything, the potion was probably for Wave, and the hundreds of viruses she caught throughout the fall.

    Overall, my exams were extremely facile (because I crammed for five weeks up until last night.) Nothing was mentally challenging or vexing and I often ended up checking my answers over for two times minimum because I'd bring my tests to a close quite early. Sam also had the same problem, along with Wave, Viviana, and Roz also.

    Once in a while, Chris and I would ruffle each other's hair or run our fingers along the side of our desks when we'd pass by one or the other. It would have been nice to smile at him after I executed my Potions task extremely well; however, most of the professors had a limited list of things we were allowed to do besides taking the exams. Sadly, grinning with sincerity at your significant other to try to ignore the pain of that you betrayed him last night was one of the top no-no's on most lists. Ugggh, how bloody awful!

    Even though I couldn't smile at my beloved, there were so many times when something would occur and we'd try to muffle our laughter. If anyone isn't aware of the famous Fred and George Weasleys' pranks, then he or she obviously doesn't know how hilarious they are. At one point during the Defense Against Dark Arts exam, George purposely popped a piece of gum in his mouth and when he began to chew it, he omitted several long belches. McGonagall even shook a tad bit with laughter when this occurred.

    By the time the last kid checked over his answers for the fourth time, and George was chomping on his final stick of burping gum, the whole student body was anticipating for the bell to ring. Fingers were tapping impatiently at Allen Huang to hurry up and Viviana's saddle shoes were resting on the back legs of my desk and were successfully pushing our row up to the chalkboard. It was pretty amusing with the exception that the Transfiguration professor kept hissing at us to knock it off.

    So when the bell sung that glorious anthem of liberation, we sprung like bats out of hell through the doorway. Christmas break had officially begun.

    And Harrison came sprawling towards Chris.

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