It was the third week in October and Dorcas Meadowes was sitting out underneath a large oak tree near the lake. Her homework was sitting next to her forgotten and her large blue eyes were wandering up and down the serenity of the lake. She flicked her blonde hair off her pretty face and watched as a few golden and red leaves dropped to the ground in front of her.

            A couple minutes later, Remus walked up to her and sat down, "Hey Dor." he greeted.

            "Oh hi Remus." Dorcas said switching her gaze onto him.

            Remus smiled, "What's up?" he asked.

            "Not a whole lot. What have you been up to?" She asked her eyes moving back over to the lake.

            "Nothing, just talking with the Marauders really."

            "Oh well..." Dorcas said picking up her homework off the cold ground.

            "What?" Remus asked.


            “You sure?”


            "Are you okay? You've just seemed, really distant lately."

            Dorcas shrugged her slim shoulders, "I'm fine. I've just been thinking."

            "Really? What about?"

            "A lot of things." Dorcas replied as the wind picked up again. It whipped Dorcas hair around her face and made countless leaves from the trees around them.

            "Is there anything you need to discuss with me?" he asked.

            "No I don't think so."

            "Say what you feel. Say what's on your mind."

            "I'm trying to figure us out. You don't tell me anything. You never tell me what's going on in your mind."

            "I do too. You just think every word that comes out of my mouth is a lie. Or that I'm keeping secrets from you, which I'm not."

            "I don't think that." Dorcas exclaimed.

            "Yes, you do. Otherwise you wouldn't ask me, 'Are you sure about that?' or 'Really?' when ever I tell you something."

            "You do the same with me."

            "I do not. I only do it when I know something is wrong. Like now, something is wrong and you aren't telling me what it is."

            "I just bloody told you. I've been thinking about us. When was the last time we sat and actually talked?"

            "I don't know. It seems when ever we do talk, its really arguing. Or, I'll walk into the room and you'll leave."

            Dorcas rolled her eyes, "That isn't true. I tried to talk to you last night but all you wanted was sex."

            "That isn't true either."

            “Is too.”

            "No, it isn't. That's what I thought, you wanted."

            "Why would I want to only have sex with you? I was trying to have a conversation."

            "Oh. Well, sorry then."

            Dorcas sighed and crossed her arms over her chest.

            "What?" Remus asked.          

            "What do you mean what?" Dorcas demanded.

            "You sigh and cross your arms over your chest, there has to be something else on your mind."

            “No, there isn’t.”

            "Okay, fine."


            "Dorcas, what is wrong? You're mad, yes. But something else is bothering you too."

            "You never talk to me anymore. You never actually tell me what's going on in your mind. Don't tell me you do because you don't. You never talk about your parents or your sister."

            "Well, I'm sorry if talking about my home life is hard for me!"

            “Don’t yell at me.”

            "It doesn't matter. You don't believe me anyways." Remus said standing up.


            "No Dorcas. You don't believe me. I haven't said a word to anyone about my home life because it's not something I enjoy talking about. But you constantly push that button, asking me 'what's really wrong with Kerri.’ Or 'Are you sure she's really sick?' I'll tell 'You yes, she really is sick and that's all.' but you don’t believe a word of it.”

            "Fine if you don't want to discuss it then go. I don't want you to be here yelling at me. Sorry I don't always believe you. You did lie to me for five years."

            "I'm also sorry that I don't like to discuss my dysfunctions with everyone that comes along. Technically, I didn't lie to you Dorcas. I just didn't tell you."

            "Fine. I'm sorry I want to be part of your life."

            "You really don't, do you? If you did, you would actually trust me."

            "What? How could you say that? Of course I want to be part of your life. It feels to me like you don't trust me. You don't share anything with me." Dorcas said standing up.

            "You don't share anything with me either."

            “I do too.” Dorcas replied.

            "You don't. Wait, the most you've shared with me is how your day was and books."

            "I've told you more then that."

            "Like what? How your parents are, yeah, that's it." Remus said.

            "You never ask me anymore then that."

            "What else is there to talk about? We're with each other all the time, usually talking about the same things over, and over."

            "You never ask me anything else so how am I suppose to know you want to know more. I ask you things all the time."

            "Things you know I don't want to talk about!"

            "I'm sorry that I feel it isn't safe or healthy to keep everything inside, and don't bloody yell at me."

            Remus groaned, "It's not safe to spill you guts to everyone either.”

            "I'm one person."

            Remus rolled his eyes, "You know what I bloody well meant."

            "I wasn't going to spreading it around school."

            "What ever. I don't know what else to say to you Dorcas. You don't trust me."

            "I bloody trust you, okay."

            "No, you don't. Other wise, I wouldn't be put under the spot light whenever you talk to me."

            "I'm sorry I care about you. Do you want me to stop?"

            "I don't know anymore Dorcas." Remus sighed.


            "I don't know anymore."

            "What do you mean you don't know?"

            "I don't know if we're going to well right now... I don't know if we should keep this relationship going if all we're doing now is arguing."

            Dorcas' face paled, "But Remus, I care about you. Okay I'm sorry that I push you to talk to me. I just want to be part of your life. I really do believe that your sister is sick but I want to know more. I'm sorry that it's hard for you I just want to help. I know you can probably take care of your problems by yourself but I want to help."

            "Dorcas, I'm sorry. I just really don't know if we're going down the right track. All we ever do is argue or shag."’


            "Dorcas, I'm really sorry. I just don't know if I- if we can do this anymore."

            "Don't talk about me I know I can still do this."

            Remus sighed, "Then, I don't know if I can still do this. I don't like being interrogated all the time. I like spending time with you and all, its just, I also like to spend time with other people."

            "What do you mean? I let you spend time with your friends. I'm sorry I won't make you talk about your personal life anymore then."

            "Dorcas, this just isn't working out anymore. We talk, but it’s always about the same things. All you ever want to talk about anymore is me and I don't like that."

            "I'm sorry I just said I wouldn't do that anymore."

            "Don't make promises you can't keep Dorcas."

            "I didn't promise anything but Remus please."

            "You'll find someone else, I swear. A girl like you can have any guy in this school."

            “But I want you.”

            "Dorcas, I know you were thinking about breaking up with me. Marlene told Peter who told me. If you would've been the one to say something, everything would be different because you wouldn't be on the receiving end."

            "That's not true I love you."

            "Dorcas, the best proof of love is trust and you don't trust me. So, I'm not too sure if you do."

            “I do trust you.”

            "No, you don't." Remus said while taking a step back.

            "Yes I do... this isn't about me trusting you is it? This is about you not trusting me. I've told you over and over I trust you and I just want to help."

            "Help with what exactly?" he asked.

            "I want to know about everything that's going on in your life. I want to know how you feel with what's going on. I want to know but you don't trust me with that knowledge do you?"

            "You're right Dorcas. I don't trust you with that information. I'm afraid if I tell you, you'll laugh at me or you'll never talk to me again. That's why I never tell anyone about my home life. Except for the Marauders. They're like my brothers, I can tell them anything and they won't laugh or judge me."

            "I'm not going to judge you Remus. I'm sorry that's how you feel I'll act, and I'm sorry they are the only ones you feel you can talk to. I want to be there for you."

            "You probably will be. But, I really, just don't know anymore."

            "Fine. I guess your right." Dorcas replied quietly.

            "I'm really sorry Dorcas."

            "Just go. I don't really want to be around you right now then." Dorcas said sitting back down and pulling her knees to her chest.

            Remus nodded his head, "I'm sorry," he said before he walked away from Dorcas and back into the castle.

            Dorcas closed her eyes as tears started to stream down her face. A couple minutes later, Lily walked up to her. "Dorcas, I heard what happened. I'm so sorry," she said while sitting down next to her and embracing her in a tight hug.

            Dorcas started to cry harder and buried her face against Lily's shoulder.

            Lily sighed, "It'll be alright Dor," she said softly while patting her back.

            Dorcas nodded, "I know." She said quietly through her tears.          

            "You'll find someone four bazillion times better than him."

            "I don't want someone better then him."

            "Why not?"

            "I'm sorry Lily I'm not ready for the bashing of him yet."

            Lily smiled, "It's fine, I understand. Everything will be fine though."

            "I know I just want to be sad for a while."

            Lily nodded, "Do you want to be sad here or in the dorm room? It's getting kind of cold out here."

            "I like it out here. Raine isn't around to make too much out of nothing. Not that I don't love her she just will take everything further then I want it to go right now."

            "No, she won't. I've already talked to her about it. She's with the Marauders right now anyways. But, if you want to stay out here, we will."

            Dorcas sighed, "It hasn't even been half an hour and everyone already knows."

            "No, just me, Raine, Sirius, and Potter."

            Dorcas sighed again, “Can you go please."

            Lily nodded, "Okay, if you need anything, I'll be in the common room. Alright?" she said while standing up.

            Dorcas nodded, “Thanks.”     

            Lily smiled down at her, "No problem." she said before walking back into the castle and into the Gryffindor common room.

            Dorcas sat by herself for about ten minutes before Emmeline came along and sat down next to her, "What happened Dor?"

            "Oh, Remus just broke up with me. That's all." Dorcas replied.

            "Oh. I'm sorry are you feeling halfway okay?"

            Dorcas nodded, "Yeah. I just want to be sad for a little longer."

            "Do you want me to stay or do you want me to go?"

            "I'd rather be alone, sorry."

            "It's fine Dor. You know I'm here when you want to talk." Emmeline said standing up.

            Dorcas nodded her head, "Thanks Em."

            "You're welcome." Emmeline said before she turned from Dorcas and walked back to the castle.

            About an hour later, it was getting a lot colder so Dorcas decided to go in. She slowly walked back to the Gryffindor common room and once she got there, she went directly up to her dorm. Emmeline and Marlene were both sitting up there. They were both on Emmeline's bed and they were talking quietly. The window was opened slightly in the room so an owl could get in on its own. Both girls smiled lightly at her, "How are you feeling Dor?" Emmeline asked.

            "Slightly better. I think I got all the tears out of the way," she said as she sat down on her bed.

            "Well if you need us were both here. Do you want to talk about it or just go leave it for now?"

            "There really isn't much to talk about to tell you the truth."

            "Well I don't know anything about it." Emmeline said.

"Neither do I." Marlene replied.

"I wanted to hear everything from you and not a second hand source." Emmeline said, "But if you don't want to I understand."

            "Well, I'll tell you guys. Remus broke up with me because he doesn't trust me..."

            "Oh I'm sorry Dor." Emmeline said.

            Dorcas shrugged, "He thinks I'm going to tell the world everything about him."

            "But you would never..."

            "I know I wouldn't. But, he doesn't seem to think so. Everything was fine until I told him I knew about him..."

            "Oh." Emmeline said, "He doesn't trust me either but I know that isn't going to make you feel better. I'm sorry he thinks that way."

            Dorcas shrugged, "It's fine. He's just really insecure and I can't blame him. I would be too."

            "Yeah you're going to be okay?"

            Dorcas smiled, "Don't worry, I will."

            "Good because that is always the best part.”

            Dorcas let out a soft laugh, "Yeah, it is."

            "I am sorry it's your post break up though."

            "It's fine. I kind of saw it coming..."

            "Well at least it does make it a little easier. Why don't you go take a shower or something?"

            Dorcas nodded her head, "That sounds like a good idea." she said while standing up and walking into the bathroom.

            Emmeline smiled at her before she closed the door. The second the water had started and they knew Dorcas couldn’t hear them Emmeline said, "He's a bloody prat."

            Marlene nodded her head in agreement, "He really is."

            "I mean I understand a little bit on his part but she loves him."

            "Yeah. Maybe it'll do them both some good to be single for a while."

            "Yeah I hope Dorcas really is okay."

            "She is. She's a fighter. She'll get over him before he can even think about getting over her."

            "That's true but they did share a lot together."

            "Yeah. I hope he gets what’s coming to him. Karma is a bitch. He'll get his heart broken."

            "Mar you don't really wish for him to be hurt like that do you? He is hurt from Dorcas but do you really want someone to have to go through that. Remus is a nice guy he just has a lot of problems going on. I do think what he did to her was horrid."

Marlene shrugged, "I don't know right now. All I know is he hurt one of my best friends. I don't want him to be hurt."

            Emmeline nodded, "Yeah but she you're right Dorcas is stronger then most of us when it comes to things like this. Which I'm not sure why."

"Yeah. But, it's a good thing.”

"Yeah but Merlin he was her first boyfriend."

Marlene nodded, "Yeah, but she'll be fine."

"Yes but still I was horribly broken up after Fab and I split."

"Yep, I remember."

"I'm glad everything worked out then." Emmeline said as an owl flew through the window and landed on Emmeline's nightstand.

"Letters this late?" Marlene asked with a smile.

"Yes, I had to rant to someone about Remus being an arse and it had to be someone who wouldn't change their opinion on the guy."


"What do you mean who? Who did I write to? Fab and Gideon so whichever one was home must have written back."

"I was just making sure. How are they anyways?"

"Why has Gideon been moody?"

"He was still in love with Raine last time I checked I think he's gotten over her finally. I haven't seen them since I left so I don't know how he is now."

Marlene nodded her head, "Oh. Well, that makes sense. A couple weeks ago, Raine owled him and he practically yelled at her."

"He doesn't want anything to do with her right now. He knows he needs to get over her and her talking to him isn't going to help him."

"Alight then. I guess that's good."

"Yeah he isn't approaching it the right way but with Raine he's doing the best he can."

Marlene nodded, "Yeah."

Emmeline smiled at her before she reached over and removed the letter from the owls' leg. The owl hooted happily before flying over to the armoire.

Marlene smiled, "So which Prewett is it from?"

            "Gideon, I take it Fab's working."

            "Why is he always home?"

            "I don't know. I find it strange too."

            Marlene nodded her head, "So, what does he have to say?"

            "Pretty much just agreed with everything I said and asked when our first Hogsmeade visit was so he could tell Fab."

            "Oh, alright. So I take it your going to go with him to Hogsmeade?"

            "I don't know he might have a go to work or training. Are you going with Brendan? When is it?"

            "Next Saturday and yes. What are you getting Raine for her birthday?"

            "Oh isn't that like tomorrow?"

            "What's today?"

            "Today is Thursday the..." Emmeline said standing up and going over to Lily's nightstand. She riffled around for a few minutes before she replied, "the 22nd."

            "Well, her birthday is Sunday then."

            “Yeah, I completely forgot. She hasn’t been running around singing when her birthday is like she has done for the last five years.”

            "You're right. She hasn't. Maybe something is wrong or she forgot herself."

            "No I think it is part of everything that is going on. She's trying to change but she's changing to much because she hasn't been herself at all."

            Dorcas walked out of the bathroom dressed in her pajamas.

            "Maybe because when ever she tries to be herself the Marauders get mad at her." Marlene stated.

            "Well we could go beat them up." Emmeline exclaimed.

            "We could. That, I think would be the best thing. Wait, did she tell you guys what she's doing?"

            "Umm for what?"

            "Why she filled out an application for Beauxbatons."

            "Oh yeah I think that was a prank against the marauders."

            Marlene nodded her head, "It is. They told her that they didn't want her around. So she applied to go to Beauxbatons so she could teach them a lesson. They really shouldn't say stuff like that. One day Raine is really going to take it seriously."

            Emmeline sighed, "I'm not getting into this."

            "But it's going to be really funny. She's expecting the letter that tells her if she was accepted or not, tomorrow. The look on their faces is going to be priceless."

            "Oh it could not be and she might get really hurt."

            "How so?"

            "What if they don't react at all."

            "Then their incompetent jerks that don't deserve friends."

            "Or knowing them they could have found out or they aren't paying attention, or they know she would never leave..."

            "She told me if she does get accepted she's got everything figured out."

            "What do you mean by that?"

            Marlene shrugged, "We might just have to ask her. She didn't tell me everything."

            "Well if she gets hurt over this I don't want to be any part of it."

            Marlene and Dorcas nodded in agreement as Raine walked into the room. "Hey guys." Raine said as she walked over to her bed.

            Dorcas smiled at her lightly.

            Raine smiled back, "So, how has your day been Em?"

            "It's been okay, yours?”

            "Alright. Nothing too exciting going on in my life right now."


            "Marlene, how was your day?"

            "It was pretty good." Marlene replied.

            Raine nodded her head, "That's good."

            "Yeah, so Raine you said you have everything figured out for tomorrow..."

            Raine smiled, "Yep."

            "Care to elaborate?"

            "Well, if I get accepted, Aiden is going to pick me up tomorrow after classes. He's going to apparate me home. Then on Monday when everyone is in classes, he's going to bring me back to school and I'm going to stay in the Room of Requirement for a week. Then after the week I'll 'come back' and say I really didn't like Beauxbatons. And when I'm in that room, if you guys could bring me my school work, I'd greatly appreciate it."

            "I don't know Raine." Emmeline said.

            "Why not?"

            "Well you could get hurt Raine."

            "How am I going to get hurt?"           

            "What if they don't react?"

            "Well... then I suppose I'll know they really don't like me and I won't talk to them.

            Emmeline rolled her eyes, "Or they figured out, or they don't pay attention and wouldn't you miss your birthday?"

            Raine thought for a moment, "That's right. My birthday is Sunday..."

            "Yes so why don't you switch your plans to next week and see what they do for your birthday."

            "Okay. I'm not sure they'll do anything though."

            "Well you never know." Emmeline replied standing up from her bed.

            Raine shrugged, "Alright." she said as she started cracking her knuckles.

            "I'll be back in a little while." Emmeline said walking towards the door.

            "Um, alright." Raine said. "Where are you going?" Marlene asked.

            "To find Lily and I was thinking about going for a walk."

            "She's doing her prefect rounds." Dorcas stated.

            "Well I still want to go find her."

            "Alright. See you later then."

            Emmeline nodded before she opened the door and walked down the stairs. She looked around the common room and glanced back up the stairs to the girls’ dorm which was still empty. Emmeline walked across the common room and up to the boys' stairs. She walked up the stairs and knocked on the marauders' dorm door.

            "What?" someone asked.

            "Can I come in?" She asked.

            "I suppose..."

            Emmeline rolled her eyes before she opened the door and walked into the room. James and Sirius were sitting on the floor playing exploding snap. Peter was watching them and Remus was sitting on his bed. Emmeline closed the door behind her. "First you're a jerk." She said to Remus, "Now Raine's birthday is Sunday what do you have planned? You must have something if you send her away every time she's around you."

            "No, we don't." Sirius stated.

            “Why not?”

            "Because we just don't."

            "Why not? You better think of something good."

            "She isn't our bloody responsibility!"

            "No but if you guys don’t start caring about her she might bloody leave."

            "She will."

            "No, she won't. She doesn't have a place to go. Unless she plans to live with her mum and dad."

            "Well her family has gone to other schools don't you think they might want her?”

            "So this is about the Beauxbatons thing. Woo, she applied. She won't go though."

            "How do you know bloody know that?"

            Sirius and James shrugged, "We don't know. But, if you look back, she's said she was going places before and she never did. We're just figuring that she won't go. She's all talk and no action."

            "Well then you guys deserve whatever you bloody get."

            "What are you talking about Emmeline?" Remus finally asked.

            "If they accept her she's leaving."

            James and Sirius snorted, "Sure."

            "She is and it's your bloody fault she's leaving."

            "Oi. It is not."

            "It is too. You guys tell her you don't want her around and apparently the rest of us aren’t' enough to make her stay."

            "We were just kidding around."

            "Well then do something for her bloody birthday and show her."

            "Wait." Remus said. "She was just up here with us. Why didn't she say anything about switching schools to us?"

            "Why would she tell you?"

            "Because we're her friends. You girls aren't the only friends she has you know."

            "Well maybe it doesn't feel that way to her. Why would she tell you if she thinks you don't want her around?"

            "Hey, I never said a thing like that to her." Remus stated. "That was all on Padfoot and Prongs."

            "It might have been but I think at the moment your opinion doesn't matter."

            Remus glared at James and Sirius. James sighed, "Fine, what do we have to do to make her stay?"

            "Do something big for her birthday. It's Sunday and she hasn't said a thing about it."

            "What? Usually she starts screaming about it when October starts."

            "Well she hasn't done a thing and I'm worried but she doesn't talk to us like she does to you."    

            "Oh, that's just great. I don't know what we're going to do. We have no plans and no gifts."

            "Like you guys don't know how to sneak into Hogsmeade."

            "Well, we don't have a plan." Remus stated. "We'll make one up, hopefully."

            "You better and just to let you know none of us hate you and Dorcas doesn't either."

            Remus nodded his head, "Thanks."

            Emmeline smiled at him before turning to Sirius, "You are still an arse though."

            Sirius glared at her, "Why?"

            "Have you shagged enough girls this year? They actually like you for some reason I can't figure out."

            Sirius rolled his eyes, "You're right. I still can't figure out why you liked me."

            "I thought you were a nice guy but it turns out you weren't. Apparently you only wanted me for sex too."

            "That isn't true Emmeline."

            "Then what is true Sirius?"

            Sirius shrugged, "Nothing really is these days."

            Emmeline rolled her eyes, "Why do you sleep around?"

            "Because I can."

            "There has to be more to it then that if you don't want to say or thinking about it that's fine."

            Sirius rolled his eyes, "Alright. I don't want to say it then."

            "You don't have to just stop being a prat to Raine. She's changed way to much and I don't like but she won't listen to the rest of us."

            "And what makes you think she listens to me?"

            "Because for some reason she listens to you guys don't ask me why I sure wouldn't."

            "Gee, thanks."

            Emmeline rolled her eyes, "Oh and James you’re an arse too."

            "What? Why me?"

            "Lily doesn't want you. She hates you actually."

            James rolled his eyes, "Like I haven't figured that out already."

            "Then stop chasing after her."

            "Yes mum."

            "If you stop chasing and actually be nice to her she might end up liking you in the end."

"I'll be sure to take your advice Emmeline."

            "Well you don't have to but it might be a good idea. Lily doesn't like being bothered. Call her by her first name, stop running your hands through your hair, and be nice to Raine."

            "I am nice to Raine."

            "Stop telling her you don't want her around, joke or not because she might take you seriously one day and that could be now."


            Emmeline rolled her eyes, "Have you guys thought of anything for her birthday yet?"

            "What? How are we supposed to do that while you're here, talking to us?" Sirius asked.

            "Because I need some idea of what to get her."

            "Get her a book. Lately, the only thing she's really been doing is reading."

            "But that's Remus' job and she needs something better then books. Come on I'll make Fabian get whatever it is anyways."

            "Fine, get her clothes then." Sirius stated. "Or more shoes. All she has are those damn heels and she can't play Quidditch in those." James stated.

            Emmeline laughed, "Well I'll try, thanks for the ideas and I'm sorry I had to come up here and yell at you."

            All the Marauders shrugged, "We're used to it."

            "Well you shouldn’t have to be."

            "Alright. Are you going to leave now?" Remus asked.

            "I was thinking about it."

            "Well, go." Sirius stated.

            Emmeline rolled her eyes, "Fine." She said walking to the door.

            "Bye." James said as Emmeline walked out of the room. She walked back up to the girl's staircase and into her dorm.

            She walked over to the desk to write a note to Fabian.

            "Did you ever find Lily?" Marlene asked.

            "No it decided just to go on a walk."

            "Oh right." Dorcas smiled.

            "Yeah." Emmeline said pulling out a piece of parchment and starting to write.


 Dear Fab,

           You wouldn't want to do something for me would you, Love? I need you to buy something for me. I'll tell you what it is after I get an answer. Write back as soon as you can.

                                                                                     Love Emmeline.

            A couple minutes after she sent the letter, her owl returned with a note from Fabian,



   Sure, what do you need?

                                Love Fab.


Emmeline smiled and started to reply.



     I need you to buy something for Raine's birthday it's Sunday and I completely forgot. She hasn't been yelling about it like normal. I couldn't really think of anything other then clothes or shoes. So if you think of something better. Oh and thanks love. Did Gideon tell you when the Hogsmeade trip was?

                                                                                     Love Emmeline.


Minutes after she had sent the letter, another owl came through the window with Fabian's reply.



    He did tell me. We're both going to be there. And I really can't think of anything for you to give Raine unless it's jewelry. Is she okay? Usually she's blue in the face around this time of year.

                                                                                                            Love Fabian.


Emmeline looked around the room before she replied.



     Okay that's good. I don't know if she's okay or not. I don't really want to talk about though. It's just to confusing and then in the end I end up feeling bad. So I don't know I want to do something good for her birthday but I can't think of anything amazing to get her. Why don't you ask Gideon I know he wants to get away from her but I need some help and I know you've never really liked her.

                                                   Love Emmeline.


About ten minutes later, her owl came through the window again.



    Why would you feel bad? And what you get her doesn't have to be amazing; it just has to come from your heart. To tell you the truth, Gideon has gotten over her, a little bit. He misses her, I can tell. But, he said to get her something that has to do with everything she likes. Like a stuffed animal of her favorite animal, or her favorite flower, or something that has to do with her favorite genre of music, or something with her favorite colors.

Love Fabian.


Emmeline looked around the room and found everyone else was asleep and Lily wasn't back yet. She picked up her quill again and wrote back.



I don't know I guess just anything about Raine can make someone feel guilty. She's a certain way of making people feel bad for nothing even if she isn't doing anything. Hmm well since your buying the gift you have to decide. I don't know what to get her so can you just get the best thing you think of. Sorry I'm making you do it.

                                                             Love Emmeline.

After a while, her owl returned with Fabian's last reply.



Not a problem, Love. I'll try to make it a good gift. It's getting late you should get to bed. Sleep well.

                                                                        Love Fabian.

Emmeline smiled and quickly wrote a reply.



Thank you. All right I'm going to sleep and so should you, well when you can since I don't know your schedule. I miss you though.

                                                                        Love Emmeline.


 Emmeline sent the letter and stood up. She changed into her pajamas and ran a brush through her hair. Right as Emmeline sat down on her bed, Lily walked in the room. "Hey Emmeline." she said as she took off her cloak.

"Hi Lily, how were your rounds?"

"Not so good. Remus didn't show up to help."

"Oh I'm sorry. I might have made him forget to go... Raine's birthday is Sunday."

"Oh yeah..." Lily said quietly as she quickly changed into her pajamas.

"Yeah, I had to make sure they did something for her birthday."

"Are they going too?"

"They better or I'm going to bloody kill them."

Lily smiled, "Yeah."

"I think they are going to oh and don't kill me I gave someone a few pointers on how to get you to like him."

Lily glared at Emmeline, "Why? You're just going to get his hopes up."

"Good because sooner or later you are going to realize you want him."

"I do not."

"Maybe not right now."

"I never will."

"Never say never."

Lily rolled her eyes, "Whatever."

Emmeline smiled at her before pulling her blankets over herself. Minutes later, Lily also fell asleep.

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