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I lay on my back, staring up at the ceiling of the room I’ve shared with Charlie and Ron for the past week and a half and just mulling around my thoughts.


Even though it had been only ten days it felt like a life time.


I liked it here, I felt safe here.


And that was the thing that scared me the most – I didn’t want to leave.


I finally felt like I had a home, a place where I actually was wanted and belonged.


Molly had thought I was deep in sleep when she had called me Gracen Weasley, but I really wasn’t.


The name sounded good, it felt good.


‘Oh gosh,’ I rolled over to my stomach and stuffed my pillow under my chin, ‘What am I going to do Bella?’


The Strali looked at me and tilted her head.


I huffed and shifted my eyes to the window, ‘I don’t know either.’




‘Arthur, are you sure we're doing the right thing?’


Arthur Weasley had been married to the women for along time now, and he knew that when she asked that she meant is this going to work the way I want it too?


‘Yes Molly dear, we need to talk with Ms. Coles about taking Gracen.’ Arthur said, placing a comforting arm around his worried wife.


‘I do hope it’s what’s best.’ Molly said, as she lifted her hand and knocked three times on the bright, cheerful blue door.


It took a second for someone to come to the door. A boy, probably a year younger then Gracen with a shock of brown hair and bright electric blue eyes, opened the door.


‘Maybe I help you?’ He asked politely.


‘Yes,’ Arthur said, stepping forward, his wife in tow, ‘We are here to see Ms. Coles. Is she home?’


The boy nodded, and extended his hand towards the hall, a simple jester offering them to come in.


‘I’ll go get here. One moment.’ And then he was gone.


‘What a strange boy.’ Molly commented. Arthur chuckled and gave her a gentle squeeze.


A moment later a women walked into the room, the boy following close behind her. Her hair was down, flowing down her back in a silvery wave and her bright green eyes shinning with the same smile that played across her red-lips.


‘Hello, you must be Arthur and Molly.’ She said cheerfully, clasping her hands together.


‘Yes, thank you for finding the time to speak with us today.’ Molly said, returning the smile.


Ms. Coles gestured to the boy, ‘This is Tyler, he shares a room with Gracen. The twins, Seth and Sean, are out today.’ She looked to Tyler, who got that this was an important and private discussion and quickly excused himself and went upstairs.


Ms. Coles turned back to us, ‘So would you like to come in for some tea?’


‘Yes that would be enjoyable…um, Ms. Coles—’


‘Please, call me Siabella.’ Siabella said, her smile never leaving her eyes as she talked.


Molly gave a small nod, ‘Alright, but tea does sound lovely Siabella.’


The blonde smiled and nodded, ‘Yes, and we do have a lot of important things to discuss.’


‘Yes,’ Arthur commented, looking down at his wife who was shaking slightly with nerves, ‘A lot of important things.’




‘Has anyone seen Mum or Da? I haven’t seen them for hours and it’s almost lunch time!’ Ron complained, walking into the kitchen were all of us where doing just find making our own lunches for a change.


‘Oh Ron,’ Luna cooed in her daydreaming voice, ‘Here, I'll made you some lunch.’


Ron blushed as Luna handed him a roast-beef sandwich, just the way he liked it with mayonnaise on one side and ketchup on the other with just a squirt of mustard between the slices of meat.


‘Thanks Luna.’ He mumbled slightly, and the two headed out the door to enjoy some time alone.


‘….weirdos…’ I mumbled to myself as I grabbed the mustard.


Charlie chuckles from my side, ‘Your time will come my friend.’


‘Doubt it.’ I mumbled, grabbing a knife, looking at it closely to check that it was clean, and started to spread the mustard around.


‘Has someone not got his testosterone yet?’ The twins sung in unison.


‘Leave him alone you two,’ Charlie said, coming to my defence.


Thank you Charlie, I thought to myself as I gave him a small smile.


‘Still think girls-ez are—’


‘—ickily Gracy-poo?’ They said.


I stared at them with a glare forming in my eyes and my lips in a tight line, ‘No comment.’


‘He thinks that his studies are more important right now, I applaud you. Not everyone has there futures as top priority,’ I nearly choked on the piece of sandwich in my mouth. The great-and-mighty-stick-up-his-arse-Percy had spoken to me.


‘What about that Clearwater girl your fifth year?’ Bill said, giving Percy a sly grin.


Percy huffed, pushed his glasses up farther, and walked out of the room.


‘Bill one, Percy ZERO!’ Charlie called the last part louder so that Percy would hear.


And we all broke out into a spell of laughter.


I looked around at every face, from Bill to Charlie to Ginny and Harry and Hermione.


And I felt home.


‘I can’t wait for Mum and Da’s New Years party!’ Ginny said, as we all settled down and gathered around the table, ‘It’s going to be so much fun.’


I looked to Charlie for an explanation.


He swallowed a part of his sandwich and explained, ‘Every year Mum and Da throw a huge party for all of us. All of our friend and such, its just a fun way to bring in a new year.’


I nodded in agreement, ‘Sounds cool.’


‘You should invite some of your friends too Gray.’ Ginny said, taking a bite of her sandwich, ‘It’s a great way to end the break.’


‘Yeah,’ I said, shifting my eyes to my plate nervously, ‘I-I’ll think about it.’


And then reality set in, I wasn’t real home. Yet.


I smiled to myself, a small plan forming in my head.






Siabella – (Sigh-au-bella)

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