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JK Rowling owns the Harry Potter universe … if I owned it, I would currently be holiday-ing in Hawaii or something. :)


Beautiful Chapter Image by FIND! @ tda. 
James Potter and Charisma Price.

I was sat quietly on the end of Lily’s bed, from which I have not moved for over an hour. I complained, “But I didn’t mean for it to happen.”


“You couldn’t help it, it was his decision.” Rose said comfortingly. She sat down opposite me and placed a caring hand on to my shoulder.


“But I should have set him straight as soon as he kissed me, I don’t like him that way. I like someone else, but Nate is my friend, I don’t think that it would be the same if I lost him.”


“Yeah, especially now that James is being a prick.” Lily announced, stepping up from the window seat.




“Well he is.” She defended. “An oblivious two faced prick.”


“I have to side with my cousin on this one, Wolfy.” Rose agreed. “He is being an idiot; he acts like Evie is the sweetest person on earth, even after he heard what she said to Lily in Hogsmeade.”


“I guess so.” I admitted, “But he fancies her, he can’t help it. He’s oblivious to all of her faults.”


“Just like you’re oblivious to all of James’s.” Elle suggested, standing in the doorway of the dorm.


I groped for an answer. “What, no.” After receiving a roomful of expressions of different degrees of disbelief, I settled for a sheepish reply. “Is it really that obvious?”


“Yes.” Dixie answered, appearing from behind Elle. “I just don’t get what all of the commotion’s about, we know it, you know it; I’m pretty sure that James is the only one who doesn’t.”


“And apparently Nate.” Lily said slyly.


Elle choked on what I suspected was her own saliva. “What?”


“He kissed me.” I said quietly. Once seeing their expressions I carried on. “It was a nice kiss actually; if I’d gotten over the shock of it all quicker, it would have been lovely. He was sweet. He had been teaching me.” I said, thinking about the stars.


“About what exactly?” Elle said but not giving me time to answer. “How to startle and kiss your traumatised friend? ‘Cause let’s face it, he’d get a bloody O!”


“Elle, that’s out of line. I think he was pretty brave.”


“Charisma, you infuriate me sometimes, you are completely oblivious to anyone’s faults, let alone Mr. I’m-better-than-everyone-else-fucking-Potter down stairs, who is sucking face with the She Bitch from hell.”


I had never heard Elle shout. She got up and marched out of Lily’s dorm room. Dixie rose from the bed opposite after hearing the door slam. After shooting a sarcastic remark towards Lily she got up and followed Ellie. I didn’t think it was worth getting that worked up over.


Rose hugged me caringly. “Well, no it’s official; we’re all messed up, even Little Miss Perfect Pants that you call a roommate.” 


“Nate likes you, Wolfy.” Lily said from the window seat, as if it were a revelation sent from heaven. “You like my brother – he seems to have taken a fall from a great height, and likes the She-Bitch from hell, and Evie likes, well, herself.”


“Is there a point to this?” Rose snapped.


Lily grinned a mischievous smile, one I recognised greatly from her brothers collection. “I think it’s about time that we did something about it.”



After my fourth attempt of trying to talk to Nathan, I had given up. Daniel had spoken to me between classes, telling me that I had upset his friend enough. Yet the apologetic smile he wore told me that he didn’t dislike me.


In my mine, the fact that Nate was in the year above me, made him seem all that more immature.


I felt a stabbing in my upper arm as James’ quill drove in to my flesh. “Wolfy.”


Professor Binn’s flew from one side of the classroom to the other; somehow papers flew off of his desk. With a loud sniff, I tried to shut out James as he propped me again with his quill. I placed my head in to my hands, rubbing my eyes with the base of my palms.


Despite Lily being a handful on normal days, it didn’t help that it was the day before the full moon. She had been planning all sorts of despicable things to do to Evie – all of which I greatly disapproved of morally, yet couldn’t help but like.


“Wolfy.” He tried again, accompanied by another prod, and then a flick, and then a shake. “Come on, love, don’t ignore me. How can you resist my beautiful face?”



With the least amount of unenthusiam that the world has ever seen, I turned to my best friend.


He placed his quill back on to the table top. As Binns turned back to face the window, he dove into a story about a Goblin War, James took the opportunity to whisper quietly. “Are you okay?”


Without tearing my eyes away from Binn’s, I replied tiredly. “I’m fine.”


“You don’t seem fine.” He said gruffly.


“Well I was before you started prodding me.” I chimed in what was an attempt to be happy.


I threw my own quill down on the table with a little more force than intended. He looked taken back for a second before turning back to face the Professor and carried on scribbling his notes. He was silent for the rest of the lesson.


He was broody when he wished to be, and I could tell that he wasn’t expecting me being stroppy as a reply to his general questions for my well-being. He pushed his dark hair out of his eye-line and drove a hold through his parchment with the tip of his quill.


Dixie gave me an apologetic grin from the other side of the room; she knew that I was on the end of my tether with everybody at the moment; I had snapped at her this morning for using the last of the toothpaste. Yet she simply believes it’s because of Evie.


No one seemed to be around at the moment, which should make this month easier than the others. Lily was always conspiring with Rose – they had a pin board and everything. While Fred and Kyle seemed to take the opportunity of the little use of the Quidditch Pitch to get in extra training, thus leaving Drew to pester me on his own.


Ellie seemed to have forgiven me for whatever I had upset her when I saw her an hour later; she gave me a sugar quill and told me to keep my ‘chin up’. Yet, her constant tales of her relationship with Kyle were doing my head in, and I consequently felt like a terribly friend.


I sighed at my own failure as a person and caught my reflection in the mirror; a feat that I tried to avoid at this time of the month. I resembled a St. Mungo’s patient, bloodshot eyes, framed by dark circles and pale skin. A pink tinge pasted itself on to my cheeks and my hair stuck to my forehead in little beads of sweat that I seemed to be showing off.


I realised, that for the first time, in a long time, I was frowning.


This morning, Dixie had pulled me out of bed and practically dressed me before pulling my hair back in to a messy plait. It was the best part of my appearance today; I was sure I could scare small children.


Yawning I caught Drew’s gaze, who returned the action.



Christmas decorations hung from all around. As I sat down in the Great Hall for lunch and stirred my tea without energy, I realised it was only a week before the Christmas holidays. Despite the beautiful décor, of which Hagrid had obviously gone all out for this year, I couldn’t help but feel a little depressed at the thought of spending the holidays with Evie.


I would always spend my Christmas’s with the Potters, on the account that my family are insane, but this year there was an addition. Lewis was invited, and of course she graciously accepted. Lily, able to read my mind, looked up at me from her plate.


“No, you are not backing out.” She hissed. “If I have to suffer the wrath of the devil so do you.” I frowned and she placed her hand on my shoulder. “Wolfy, come on.” She took my hand and we walked out of the great hall, leaving my cup of tea behind. “You need some sleep.”


I shook my head. “I’m fine.”


“You look so unhappy.”


“I’m sorry; I know that I’m dragging everyone down with me.” I apologised, licking my lips.


“Don’t apologise, numpty.” Lily snapped, slapping me on the side of the head. “You haven’t been unhappy in nearly 7 years, you’re allowed so time to grovel.”


“And you deserve it.” A voice said, approaching.


Lois’ kind smile graced me on the cold morning. Her dark hair was tied in a loose knot at the base of her neck, and her large eyes framed with dark colour.


“Hiya.” I said quietly shrugging.


“Honey, come here.” She cooed, taking hold of my shoulders and pulling me in to a tight hug. “Nate’s being such an arse; you obviously don’t need this right now.”


Unintentionally, I shot a frustrated look at Lily. The red head could never keep her mouth shut indefinitely. I wondered for a moment just quite how much Lois knew.  


“She was part of the club, she should know.” Lily said innocently.


In that moment I realised that Lois knew only of the dealing of Evie Louis. If Lois had been told of the Wolfism, I was sure she would be running in the opposite direction; that’s the usual reaction.


“I’m sorry he did that to you, he’s acting like a five year old.” She said, apologising on his behalf.  


I sighed, wanting to laugh. “I just wish that he would talk to me, lately he seemed to be the only one that I could talk too and feel normal around.”


“Ignore him; he’ll come around eventually. He’s not used to not getting what he wants’.” Lois resumed.


There was a comfortable pause where we pitifully smiled at one another.


“So how’s Daniel?” I asked, attempting to change the subject.


She looked to the floor. “Ancient History.”


“Lois.” I sighed sadly, this time it was my turn to comfort the depressed student.


“I’m just gunna … go.” Lily said quietly before walked off back towards the great hall.


“He wouldn’t hear reason; he refused to talk to me unless I agreed with Nate and wouldn’t talk to you.” She shrugged. “Childish prick.”


“Oh no.” I groaned. “You didn’t?”


“Didn’t what?”


“You … Dan, you didn’t?”


“Chic, you really have to stop talking in fragments.”


“You didn’t break up because of me did you?” I said a slight state of hysteria rising to my voice.


Thankfully, she shook her head, her large, sad eyes looking straight in to mine. “No; it had been along time coming. It just wasn’t the same anymore.” she admittedly sadly. “But I made sure that I did the breaking up; I wasn’t going to be one of those clingy girls.”


“That is the best part of a relationship.” I said sarcastically. “Boys suck.”


“One hundred percent.” She agreed, pointing to a set of staircases that I could only assume lead to the Ravenclaw Tower, she stopped, “This is my stop.”


I pulled lightly on the end of my scarf, running my worn fingers through the woolly tassels “Have fun Lois.”


“Cheer up, Chic.” She said with a teasing wink.


I watched her disappear up the staircase and felt a small bubble beat in my chest. Turning around to leave, I collided with a rather confused looking James.



“James.” I sighed, a slight frustration hammering away in my head. “Do you realise how inconvenient this is?”


Only moments after taking in my confused expression, he had grabbed hold of my wrist and practically dragged me through the corridors of the school, threatening that he would kidnap me if that was what it took. We reached a statue, of which he muttered a password and pulled me in to passages which lead to a cellar.


“Inconvenient?” He echoed.


With a slight tinge to my tone I wanted to cry. “When you want to start replying to me with more than one word, let me know. Because I have Charms homework that needs completing; actually, so do you.”


He didn’t catch on to the shortness of my tone, nor my fuse which I thought was going to blow. Instead he stopped and let go of my wrist. Ignoring the fact that I wanted to simply return to my bed, curl up under the duvet and die, I felt intrigued to know where James was taking me.


“You know that I love you, right?” He said lowly, placing a light hand on to my cheek. I couldn’t help but feel like a child as my senses tingled.


“Only because you have to.” I replied.


In a moment, he had broken in to laugher. True laughter, the kind that belongs to James Potter, and only he alone. It was a rare sound, a beautiful sound – one that shouldn’t go unappreciated. It’s the sound that makes me what to jump with utter glee when I hear it (yes, I said ‘glee’, move on).


“Can you see?” He laced his hands together and blocked my sight, pressing his hands to my face.


I knew that he was taking me further in to the decrepit cellar, but James Potter had just touched my cheek, I trusted this boy with my life, I would follow him in to hell if he asked me to.


“What do you think?”


He laughed again, a gentle one. “Two more steps,” he said, as he pushed me further up what I thought was a ladder.


I felt his hands pull away from my face, and my skin felt suddenly cold. I kept my eyes tightly knitted shut. “Can I open them yet?”


“I would love it if you would.”


For a moment I considered what would be in front of me, an animal, a person, Teddy? But I realised that James didn’t think that small, where I liked the little things in life, James only saw the big picture. I saw a country where he saw a continent.


Fluttering my eyes open, I adjusted to the light change, only to stub my toe on a box. Biting down on my lower lip, I was forced to keep the whimper within me for I saw the most wonderful thing in the world; Honeydukes Cellar.


“It’s yours.” James said casually, with a slight shrug, he sat down on to a closed box. “Well, not yours to keep, you know; the owner owes Dad a favour and as long as we don’t take anything from the boxes over there,” he pointed to a selection of crates with a red dot in the corner of each one and a padlock fixing the lid to the sides. His voice dropped to a whisper. “We can eat what we like.”


If I had moved, I would have looked like less of a loser; yet I stayed stock still. “But, why?”


“You’ve been upset lately,” he said sadly, taking hold of my arm, he pulled me back a step, so I sat on a crate one lower than his. “I know that it’s partially my fault; I keep abandoning you to spend time with my girlfriend – we’ve never really been in this situation before.”


I was trying my hardest not to cry, weep for everything; the gratitude, the sweetness, the aching feeling of loneliness that I seemed to be undergoing.


James noticed and laughed again. “Wolfy, are you mentally stable at the moment? Don’t cry, just eat!” he bit down on to his lip and I knew that there was more to come. “I realise that things haven’t been easy lately, with the moon and all, and you’re more upset than usual. I should be there for you, not leaving you when you need me most. So I’m going to cheer you up, whether it takes and hour, or a day.”


Reaching forward I took hold of a handful of chocolate bars, “With chocolate?”


“Is there any other way?” he asked dramatically, unwrapping one for himself and throwing the wrapper at me. “Are we going to waste more precious time by meaningless chatting or are we going to eat?!”


“Can we take them back to Hogwarts?” I asked, unsure.


He furrowed a brow. “Why? Other people are going to be there; is my company not good enough for you?”


I reached forward and stuffed an ice mice selection in to his mouth, biting back a grin at his startled expression. “Your company is wonderful. It’s just, don’t you have a date with Evie in an hour or two? She’s been talking about it all week.” And it’s doing poor Rose’s head in, let alone mine.


“I did,” he admitted. “But you’re more important.”




An; I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter! I hope that you enjoy the next one!

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