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Welcome to the Circus by ChassidySmiles
Chapter 10 : I'm Sorry, What? !
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‘I’m sorry, what!?!’

"Element control. It’s actually never been physically dated down in history by officials, which is why there are no textbooks on it. Overall there are about 6 wizards and witches who have ever publicly been known to have it in history" he explained quite casually, as if it was the weather they were discussing. Hermione threw him a furtive look, and he read her like a book.

"The ministry would be too backward to even contemplate something of this kind. So no, registration isn’t an option. You realise in the entire magical history only a select few have even thought about it, let alone had hard evidence to prove their theory. It’s been kept a secret, otherwise they would be outcasts. And those few who have openly displayed their powers were either locked up or hunted down".

"So you went through this all on your own?". Sadness filled her heart as she thought of how angry and scared he must have felt. With no one there to help you, only the Dark Lord prepared to use you.

"At first yes, according to my mother there have been signs throughout my childhood, but she had never heard of it either and justified it as wandless magic. So even before Voldemort arose, I was bound to have changed anyway, it just so happens he was looking for something like it to use for himself. Of course, he didn’t realise it had to be inherited, you can’t just acquire it". He laughed then, the loud boom shaking Hermione and brightening the nature around them.

"In my family, that’s including from all dating back to the start of time, there have only been three that control an element"

"So that element is Earth?"

"Yes, you can only control one element though, and that element ties in with your family history, so its inherited. You can’t change what element you control".

She let out a sigh. All at once she wanted to ask thousands of questions but at the same time she couldn’t think of any. The silence was golden, each left to there own thoughts and unanswered questions. There was only so much Blaise could tell her, as he was still learning himself.

"Wait". His head snapped to her, it had taken her quite some time to realise. "You said at first. At first you went through this on your own. Who else?". He eyed her warily, waiting for her to catch on, and when she did, it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Hermione’s hand shot to her mouth, smothering the sharp breath she had drawn. Momentarily she had snatched her hand away from Blaises, but softly his crawled back to her. Neither of them said his name, but they both were thinking of the same stuck up platinum Blonde.

She moved her hand from her mouth, rubbing her temples instead, all the while shaking her head helplessly. He knew he shouldn’t press the matter, but she needed to understand.

"He, was tested on more than me". Hermione’s eyes remained closed, all that time he was telling her that Malfoy was unstable, she never thought. "Luckily for me, I was already gaining my power by the time Voldemort found out, so there wasn’t much that he could do to manipulate me. But Draco, I don’t even think he knows what type of tests went on".

"Tests?" she breathed. Pinching back any sorry tears that dared to defy her.

"Well, when I said Voldemort was recruiting, I meant all old magic. Giants, werewolves, vampyres, Banshees, Dowlers, Incubus, all sorts".

Hermione went blank. Giants and werewolves she’d heard of. But Incubus and Vampyres? They were used in stores to scare muggle children ‘This magic thing must be going to his head’.
"Yes Hermione, which is why you must stay away from him for now. Even he doesn’t know what exactly he is. For all we know he could just be some concoction Voldemort decided to brew"

"McGonagall said…..oh god" her head fell into her hands. Gently rubbing her hairline for comfort.

"He’s not a Banshee, Vampyre or Werewolf, or giant for that matter" he chuckled humourlessly. "But sometimes…he has tendencies. For example if there’s a full moon" his gaze locked to the sky, the almost full moon boasting the best of its mercury shine. "He gets…you know"

"You know?"

"Well, a bit...raunchy". With this Hermione’s mouth fell open, and Blaise blushed. His dark skin sporting the slightest pink tinge.

"Well that would explain so much!". Hermione’s tears of anger spilled over, and Blaise rushed to her side, wrapping a long arm around her shoulders. "You know who I caught him with earlier?" she was laughing through her hysteria, tears falling freely. "That Professor!". She spat the association out, disgusted with such treachery. But beside her, Blaise had frozen.

He moved swiftly, cupping a laughing Hermione’s face in his large hands. The warmth pooled onto her streaky cheeks, forcing her to look at him. "Which Professor? Hermione this is very important".

"The new one!" she exclaimed, expressing the hideousy with her eyes. "The new Defence one, my my, I bet her slate isn’t very clean at all anyway!". She continued to laugh, but as she laughed harder, the tears fell with Increasing ferocity.

"Hermione, she was placed in the school to look after Draco. And our new Potions master, Professor Cannis was also placed purposefully to watch him. They’re…"

Hermione looked doubtfully into his eyes. She hated how the saying ‘It can‘t get any worse’ was always wrong. "Finish it"

Their was a thick silence, Blaises hands shaking every so slightly.

"Professor AnimaSiccus is a Vampyre, and Professor Cannis is a werewolf. At first Lupin was looking out for him, but after last year it was made impossible. Dumbledore was looking into element control for me when he found out, and Headmistress McGonagall is now continuing his work. Everyone’s trying to see if there’s anything new about it, ‘cause we know so little. It dates so far back learning is near impossible. Unless of course you a first hand controller. He is so unstable right now Hermione, everyone is watching him. Members of the Order-

"You know about-

"Yes! They are who helped me! They patrol the grounds at night. Why do you think they’re ‘redecorating’ Hogwarts right now? Or even locking up Hogsmeade at a certain time? Everything is being taken into consideration! It has to be, for everyone’s safety, we don’t know what will happen. You heard what happened when I caught you two, he can’t control his element! He nearly torched us all-

"Fire?! He controls Fire?!".

At this, Blaises hands finally dropped from her face, falling helplessly into his own lap. He had just said too much. Using the pads of his thumb to wipe away her tears, he helped her to her feet. "Come on, lets go back" he half smiled, an awry look on his troubled face.

They began to walk in silence, Blaise gently towing Hermione as he held her hand. It was such a small gesture that offered the greatest comfort. It was odd that he was from Slytherin she thought in all her confusion.

* * * *


Blaise politely made sure Hermione made it safely upstairs. She didn’t want to go into her room, so muttered her swift goodnight and made her way to Ginny’s dorm. Ignoring the fact that Blaise plodded downstairs, obviously waiting up for Malfoy.

She nudged the door quietly, a sleeping Ginny coming into view. Stripping to her undergarments, she climbed underneath the crumpled sheets of the bed opposite, her mind plagued with writhing thoughts. ‘Should I tell Ginny?’
The problem was it wasn’t even her secret to tell, and she had promised Blaise to keep it between just the two of them. She needed to stay mad at Malfoy despite the circumstances, she decided, whilst mulling over what Blaise had said. Despite all the ‘tests’, she needed to keep her feet firmly on the ground. Their was no excuse for his behaviour. Blaise had managed to control himself. Why not he?

She would just have to fight fire with fire. ‘How Bloody Ironic’ her own voice droned in her spinning head.

* * * *

Hermione woke to a humming Ginny. Sitting up, popping her joints and muscles, she was greeted with a whip in the face, from a red mane of hair. "Gin!" she mumbled, her own mood rebelliously brightening.

"Gooood Morning Hermione". Her smile sparkled, graciously dancing in her honey eyes.

"Oh great here come the icky details!"

"Hermione!" the redhead mocked horror, haughtily puffing out her chest and straightening her shoulders. "There not icky! The other night was really special!" she practically squealed, disturbing Hermione’s calm composure.

"Special? Gin, you’ve done it like a bazillion times before, In all sorts of places!" Ginny playfully slapped Hermione shoulder, taking the jibe right.

"Yes well, the other night was the anniversary of when we first did it. Exactly a year-

"God it didn’t take him long to get into your pants!" Her joke was cut short as Ginny shoved her out of bed, before she herself sat on the floor laughing.

"Well, he went really slow, he said he wanted me to remember every slight detail, because it was so special for him too. He wanted it to be more than lust, which honestly it usually always it but we were practically at it the whole night! God the foreplay took nearly and hour an a half!-

"Ewwww Gin!!!". Hermione face contorted as disgusting images filled her mind. Of course she had suspected Ginny to go all graphic on her, she always did. And on purpose as well.

Ginny held her stomach as the hysteric laughter seemed unable to stop. Further contradicting Hermione’s thought of the whole conversation.

She wiped the tears from her eyes as the last bouts of laughter ceased. "It was special though". The redhead murmured quietly, more to herself than to Hermione. A secret knowing smile firmly placed on her lips.

"Gin" Hermione started hesitantly. "Don’t you know...Don’t you get embarrassed at all when you next see him? Knowing what you’ve done together? I mean, he’s seen you naked". Ginny smiled gently in reply.

"I thought I’d never live it down before the first time. I was so worried that he’d think my body ugly, or even fat!" Hermione threw her a disbelieving look, and received a genuine nod in reply. "Honestly, it’s normal for girls to feel that way Herms. But when it’s with the right person, it’s just something that you two share, that only you two can share with each other. And pluss there’s no time for embarrassment. You’re generally too lost in a climax". She finished extremely bluntly, knowing how it would make Hermione pull a face.

She rolled her eyes loudly, leaving Ginny on the floor as she made her bed. It was also a good distraction, knowing what she would next ask. "So how did you two first, you know. Did you ever talk about it?".

Ginny paused, thinking to herself as she watched Hermione.

"It just happened, there was no pressure, no big ‘talk’ I just knew that we were both ready, and it just happened". She watched Hermione, observing how her movements were extra slow. "I knew I was ready, and that was it".

The brunette returned her gaze to Ginny’s, smiling bashfully, before they both made their way to the bathroom. ‘It just happened’ she repeated sadly.

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Welcome to the Circus : I'm Sorry, What? !


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