I'm ready for the day to end. I thought to myself, bending my head down to let my hair fall in my face to hide a yawn. I'm sick of school. I want it to end. God, why am I in such a pissy mood today? There was no answer to that, so i shoved my books out of the way and layed my head down.

"Bloody hell, Strange, what's your issue today?" Albus Potteer muttered, rubbing his elbow, which I'd hit with my book.

"I've told you before, don't call me Strange." I snapped at him.

"Maybe you have, but until you stop abusing me, I won't." he shot back. I had to give the guy credit, not many people stood up to me, even on my good days. "Now are you going to tell me what your issue is or am I going to have to force you?"

"Force me?" I demanded, but sighed and said, "I'm just not getting what I want. But I will. Mark my words, Potter, I will get him."

Al raised an eybrow at me. "Him?" he asked. "Do i have a right to know who the bloody bloke is? I may need to warn him."

"Oh, you know him bloody well, Potter." I said in a calming voice. "He's one of your many cousins. But you'll have to guess."

Al tilted his head to one side then said, "Fred?"

I snorted. "Oh please, you think I would think highly of a Weasly?"

"I'm part Weasly, you know."

"Yes, but you're in Slytherin, so your worth my time."

"Alright, whatever, so it's not Fred, then it wouldn't be Gus, Hugh, or Louis--"

"It's Eric, git." I snapped impatiently, making Al jump in surprise.

"Oh." was his brilliant response. "Well, he's in Gryffindor."

"So?" I demanded.

"So, nothing, it's just weird. I mean, Gryffindor and Slytherin havn't been on good sides even before my parents came to Hogwarts. And, if you havn't noticed, you sure don't giva an arse about pretty much anyone in Gryffindor... or Hufflepuff... or--"

"I get it." He was giving me a headache. I wanted school to end. I glanced up towards the front of the class where Eric and James were sitting. They were wispering towards each other. Probably talking about Quidditch. Ugh, why did every male have to obsess over that sport? It's barbaric. Just then, Eric crumbled up a peice of paper and threw it towards a girl sitting in front of him. She turned around and he said something that made her smile. I gripped tighter to my quil. She was what was stopping me from getting Eric. I smiled to myself, thinking,  But not for long.

I knew the perfect way to get rid of Lena Wood, Eric's so-called "best friend" all I had to do was get Eric. Which wouldn't be hard, almost all the guys at Hogwarts were practically falling at my feet. This would be simple.

"Don't murder her, Strange." Al mummered.

"I'll murder you if you don't stop calling me that!" I snapped.

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