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By love_jillmarie at TDA

Problem eleven: Livi’s collapsed. 

I hold my breath, tip-toeing towards her. 

Please, please don’t let this be a relapse. 

She snores softly, and I breathe again. 

On closer inspection, she's soundly asleep, so I take pity on her and place a blanket over her, quietly having a shower and washing my hair. 

For crying out loud, we just slept fourteen hours. You’d think she’d have the decency to stay awake for roughly half that time while we shopped. 

Hearing a muffled thwack, I assume Livi is awake and blundering around my room. I bounce back in, and sure enough she's sitting on the floor rubbing her eyes, jeans half way up her legs. She looks so comical I have to snap a picture, and then stop and laugh, a lot. She’s tripped over my guitar. 

“Shuddup, Flower,” she complains, standing up and grabbing a t-shirt from her trunk. “At least I won’t be itching all day.” 

I pout, feeling the tell-tale itch of pubic hair reroofing, like some fuzzy straw hut. Livi laughs. 

“You knew this would happen? You evil cow! I only made you put your pants on a tree!”
“So? Let’s shop, Flower.” 

We jump back down the stairs, now spritely and ready to shop. I already was, but now Livi had joined the realms of the living everyone seemed to be alive. 

Hugo was poking his wand at a pancake, practising his swishing and flicking. He stands up when we walk in, raising an eyebrow. 

“Rose, you’re showing your legs.” My brother: the thinker. 

“Well done, genius! I figured, if that muggle stuff worked, then I might as well show it off.” 

I'm wearing a dress – big shock – with denim shorts. I adore the dress, which is soft emerald green silk and mid-thigh, with a scoop neck that makes my head look almost normal sized. The shorts are just protection against perverts, because until I turn seventeen I still have to just walk away. 

Damn it. Couldn’t I punch them? Probably not. 

“Let’s just go, before Rose gets stuck admiring her legs all day,” Livi says smarmily, and I shoot her a glare. 

“I swear to Merlin, Livi, if you weren’t my friend you’d be my worst enemy!” 

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, Flower. Where’s the floo powder?” 

I point to the mantelpiece, grabbing myself a glass of pumpkin juice as Hugo chucks a handful of the glittering powder into the fire, stepping in and yelling; 
“Diagon Alley!” 

He disappears quickly, and Livi follows him. Putting the glass on the table, I make sure I’ve got the lists Livi forgot, my key for Gringott’s and some spare change before stepping into the flames myself. 
I’ve never liked travelling by floo; it’s horrible, especially when you see glimpses of other people’s houses. When I was little, I had to travel slowly so I didn’t die or something, and I caught some middle-aged people *ahem* doing the sideways tango, and so I got the sex talk age five. Whoop-di-doo. I think my view on sex was effected by that; I’ve never quite gotten over it. 

Bursting out on the other side, Livi is waiting for me, while Hugo has disappeared. 

“Oh, thank Minerva,” she cries, seeing the lists clutched in my hand. 

“Merlin’s sake Livi, you’d forget your head if you were Nearly Headless Nick!” 

“What, that sex-pot? Never, my head would be too good to leave behind!” We both laugh, a lot. It’s a running joke now hot Nick is; despite the fact he’s cold. Dead cold. 

“Alrighty then, to Flourish and Blotts!” I cry, like some strange warrior. Livi mimes pulling out her sword and waving it at me, and we laugh some more. 

“What’s on the list this year, oh Rose with the lists?” 

I look down and groan. They all look excruciating. “All awful. Thank heavens this is the final year of this purgatory, I think if I had to do another year—“ 

“Then perhaps you’d even shag a Slytherin for answers! Maybe this year you’ll get lucky, and someone will take pity on you. Is that a dress, Weasel?” 

I turn around slowly, knowing that voice well. 

“Hello, Scorpius,” I say politely, “How’s the anal disorder coming along?” 

Scorpius scowls, letting me drink in his features for a moment before he leaves. If he does leave. He's wearing jeans and a faded tee that fit to his muscled body very nicely, and resting on his bared neck, his perfect head is hung with icy blonde hair, that looks soft and is begging me to run my fingers through it.

“It’s so wonderful that it wants to kill you,” he replies, making no sense what so ever. “Are you going to finally admit you love Zabini this year?” 

I scowl. This is the root of all my problems. I love Malfoy. Zabini loves me. Malfoy has made it his mission, since Second year, to unite me and Zabini. 

“Never,” I vow, silently telling him in my mind that I love him, not Zabini, however gorgeous he is. 

Scorpius smirks, catching me off guard. I hold my breath for a second, then huff, frustrated. 

So this year will be like all the others – I’ll watch him go through half the school he’s probably been out with, and he’ll still try to get me together with Zabini, although I’ve never given a sign of liking him. Not once. Maybe once. But that was so long ago! Four whole years ago, and he’s still pursuing me, damn it! 

“Unless...” Scorpius starts and my heart skips a beat. Please say you like me, and to hell with Zabini. “You’re persuaded. I’ve heard he’s grown up a bit, over the summer.” 

Oh, beeping beep beep. That’s muggle censorship for what I was thinking. 

Sometimes, a beep works best. 

Scorpius saunters off, and I watch him with sad eyes. Livi, who has heard pretty much everything I’ve ever thought on this subject, wraps an arm around my waist and leads me towards the familiar bookshop. 

“C’mon, Rose, don’t freak out, wait until we’re in the silenced part of the shop—“ 

“I’m freaking out.” 

Quickly, Livi expertly steers me into the silenced part of the store, where some enchanted books are fighting it out, loudly. It’s silenced so the rest of the shop can’t hear, and I love it. I’ve had some spectacular breakdowns in here, and no-one has ever cared. 

I concentrate on taking deep breaths. 

“It’s okay, Rose, it’s fine, think of Quidditch—“ 

Wrong thing to say. Scorpius plays Quidditch excellently. I swell, taking another huge breath. 

“—I didn’t mean it! Think of—“ 

It’s too late. I let out a scream that could’ve killed someone from a mile, making Livi clap her hands over her ears and wince in pain. 

When I’m done, I sit down, pouting as I take out my booklist, which is identical to Livi’s minus the name, and start shredding it violently. 

“What happened here?” I hear Cousin James ask. 

“Another spectacular fit of the Scorpius inflammation,” Livi replies, pulling me to my feet. 

“Well, I’m glad I didn’t catch that scream. That was one hell of a face you pulled, Rose.” 

I glare at James, who nonchalantly pulls me in for a hug. 

What is it with me and my inability to stay mad at people? 

“So, Rosie, sweetie, are we going to get books or stay here a moment more?” asks Livi, testing the waters. 

I sigh like a martyr. “Let’s go out-nerd ourselves, Livster.” 

“Don’t call me that!” 

I laugh, and James looks relieved. I might not be able to stay mad, but I can sulk for England. 

“What’s the list, Flower?” 

“Transfiguration – Oh God, I can’t believe I passed that – Divination, dada—“ 


“Defence Against the Dark Arts. Dada, like daddy? Anyway, there’s pretty much every subject known to man and more.” 

“Alright, James, you get that half and we’ll get the rest!” Livi commands. James can’t resist Livi – he has one hell of a crush on her, but he’d never admit it. 

She tears a huge part of the list off, and hands it to James. He’d protest if I did that, even though he’ll probably just use his wand. The wooden one, you pervert. Oh no, that sounds even worse! The one in his hand. Oh, I give up. Whatever I think sounds perverted. 

James happily toddles off, and Livi hands me the rest of the list. 

“Check it out, Flower – he gets them all!” she laughs, and I look at the list. We have a signature from Mrs Chang as our booklist. I laugh and high-five her. 

“Do you think we could get him to pay for them?” Livi wonders out loud. 

“Already done!” James announces from behind us, looking smug. He looks smugger as Livi throws her arms around his neck and plonks a kiss on his cheek – in fact, he looks euphoric. 

I snigger at his flushed face and he sticks his tongue out at me, almost licking Livi in the process. I almost wet myself at this, laughing so hard I'm bent over at the waist. 

“Keep laughing, Rose, and you won’t see my face again!” James threatens, and I tried to keep calm. I still snigger a bit, though. 

“So James, how’s the Quidditch going?” I ask, and James’ face lights up. 

“Excellently!” he exclaims, and I can tell this will keep him happy. Not that I don’t care – I love Quidditch just as much as him. “Did you hear? I got into The Wimborne Wasps!”
“Oh, really? I only got a freaking seven page essay on every move you made in the trials, including the sneeze you thought might change your life!” 

“That sneeze was strategic. Obviously, Rose, you’re still the endlessly non-Quidditch person you always were. Until you get on your broom, of course.” 

I open my mouth to protest, but Livi sees a fight brewing between us and steers us into Eeylops Owl Emporium. 

“We need owl treats!” she says loudly, even though I have a cat, not an owl. 

I roll my eyes, following her, but balk as I see who's in the shop. James fold his arms and raises an eyebrow. 

“You’re going to see him all year, why not now?” he taunts. 

“How come you appear every time I and Livi go somewhere?” I raise an eyebrow back. 

James looks shifty. “Uh...” 

“That’s what I thought,” I say, smiling triumphantly. 

“Rose, you’re going in!” Livi grabs me, and pulls me into the shop using brute force. James steps in hastily behind me, blocking my exit. 

“For such an irritating person, you could at least have the decency to be weak!” I poke Livi in the ribs. 

She smiles, lighting up her face. “Beater, remember!” 

“Oh, I can feel the memories affecting my mental health as we’re talking,” I mutter. Livi snorts. 

“Rose my sex kitten, is that you?” 

I send one final pleading glance at Livi. She shakes her head sadly, and mouths ‘Good luck’. 

Some friend you are. 
“Rose, my love, it’s you!” Marius Zabini: AKA ‘my lover’ is possible the most irritating person I’ve ever met in my life. “I’ve missed you so, how could you not write me all summer? Marius was quite distraught.” 

“Stop referring to yourself in third person,” I say quietly. Marius still looks pretty similar to when I last saw him: same honey hair, same olive skin, same inch taller than me.

“My love, I would do anything for you. But for me to do something for you, that would require payment. Kiss me, Rose my dear?” 

“I need to go!” I say quickly, grabbing James and running out of the shop. 
Marius follows me, but I outwit him by hiding behind James. “Gross, gross, gross! Disgusting child, can’t he leave me alone for once? And why the hell did you make me go in?” 

“I thought it would distract you, because Scorpius was on his way,” Livi whispers in my ear, surprising me. I shriek, and Marius looks around. 

“Oh help me, help me,” I whimper, and James takes pity on me. 

“A wasp! A wasp!” he cries, sneakily hustling us into Madam Malkins. 

“Thank Merlin!” I mutter, then freeze as another voice whispers in my ear. 

“So Weasel, still not cracked?” 

I sigh. “Ah, fuck.” 

“Tsk tsk Weasel, language! If you don’t behave I’ll have to set my father on you.” 

“Fuck off, Scorp.” Livi saves me from untimely death by harming a Malfoy. 

“Yeah, Malfoy. Get gone.” And of course, James backs her up. 

I turn around to face Scorpius, again, to see him smirking arrogantly, and sexily.
Damn it! 

“Sure thing. Olivia, if you ditch the boy wonder, owl me.” 

So this time it wasn’t my fault Malfoy got punched. James actually pops him one. I can’t stop laughing; I didn’t know whether it was the look on Scorpius’ face, James’ look of satisfaction or Livi’s disgusted sneer. 

“Not with blood on your face, Scorp!” she says, then walks off to track down someone to fit her some robes. 

James follows her, and I take one last look at Scorp then leave. 

Damn, he looks so fierce with blood smeared across his lips. 

I could take it off for him. 

“Rose, get your arse back here before I get you, too!” James has his arm around Livi as he’s yelling. 

“I’m here, you big plonker.” 

“That’s Mr Plonker, to you.” 

My family is mad. 

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