February fourteenth, the most romantic day of the year.


    I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s so twee. What is the point of this day, anyway? There isn’t anything to do except spend time with your beau (if you have one, that is) and eat chocolate. However, my best friend Rachel thinks different.

    “Oh, Victoire, cheer up!” she squeals, rubbing a bouquet of flowers in my face. “Look! They’re from Teddy!” At her last sentence, I growl and shove the flowers away. They drop to the carpet and wilt. Rachel pouts.

    “What’s wrong with Teddy?” she wheedles. I grit my teeth and dot an “i” so furiously I rip a hole through the page.

    “What’s wrong with Teddy?” I repeat. “What is WRONG with TED REMUS LUPIN? Don’t make me answer that.” Rachel huffs.

    “Come on, just give him a chance!” she exclaims, filling out a question. She’s taking a quiz in the new Witch Weekly. Typical. I roll up my finished essay and stuff it into my bag.

    “Um – no,” I reply, and head down to the Common Room. It’s almost empty – James and Freddie, two of my many cousins, have their heads together and are plotting something sinister. I give them noogies as I pass, and they glare at me.

    “Vicky!” they moan, rubbing their heads in unison. I grin.

    “That’s me,” I chirp, settling into the couch by the fire. They give me wary looks and scoot away. Strange. I’m a Prefect, but I’m not going to rat them out – they’re cousins! They continue conversing in hushed voices, so I sulk back up to the dorm. Rachel is now painting her toenails alternating scarlet and gold. I roll my eyes. “Gryffindor pride, huh?” I say, and she beams at me.

    “Yup,” she replies, screwing the cap back on the nail polish bottle. “You done with homework?” I nod and change into my pajamas to go to sleep. Rachel knits her eyebrows together. “It’s only nine, Vic.” I shrug.

    “Want to get up early,” I say, flopping onto my bed and pulling the covers over my head.

    “Suit yourself,” shrugs Rachel, and goes back to her quiz. I sigh and roll over, burrowing my face into the pillow. Random things pass through my mind as I drift off to sleep.

    When I wake up, I’m blissfully unaware of my surroundings. Then, I look around.

    Oh. My. Sodding. Merlin.

    Lupin, you are going to die.

    “TED REMUS LUPIN!” I scream. I hear scuffling and yelps, and in a moment Teddy is standing right by me, grinning.

    “Something wrong, pumpkin?” he says. I glare at him.

    “Yes, Teddy,” I spit. “There is something wrong.” Teddy looks at me with wide eyes,
and his hair turns light blue.

    “You don’t like the gifts?” he asks in a pitiful voice. I growl.

    “Gifts? GIFTS?” I shriek. “No, I do not like your bloody gifts! Get them out of here!” Rachel wakes up and looks around.

    “Ooh, how sweet!” she squeals, smelling a rose on the floor. “Did you do this all by yourself, Teddy?” He nods proudly. I squint at him.

    “Get. Out,” I snarl. “Now.” He may be annoying, but he’s not daft. When he’s out of my dorm, I pick one of the many bouquets of red roses on the floor. Rachel looks at me exasperatedly.

    “Oh, Vic,” she says, shaking her head and reminding me of my Nana. “Can’t you see he’s in love with you?” I laugh derisively.

    “He’s not IN LOVE with anyone,” I say, and stand up. Rachel shrugs and mutters something under her breath. I change and wash in record time and zoom down to breakfast. I’m in a fairly bad mood, and I smell like roses. I really do hate that Lupin sometimes.

    “Bye, Rachel!” I called as I departed for Arithmancy. It had been three days since the Rose Bouquet Incident, so I was hoping Teddy might have given up on chasing me around the school. He can’t go a day without finding some way to pronounce his love for me in at least one mortifying way, that boy. As I turn the corner, I bump into James and Freddie. They jump and blush crimson, which is something to worry about. They only act like this when they’re about to perform a prank. I look at them strangely and put my hands on my hips.

    “All right, what are you two planning?” I ask, perhaps a bit waspishly. Hey, I don’t like it when people don’t tell me what they’re up to.

    “N – nothing,” Fred stammers, backing away. James nods.

    “Yeah, nothing,” he echoes, and pulls Fred away. They sprint away from me, and some people in the hall snigger. I roll my eyes, keeping my dignity, but I’m secretly worried. Am I not wearing a skirt or something? Nope. Skirt on, shirt on, shoes on. So what could it be?

    “TEDDY!” James hollers, and I stiffen. Teddy prances out of nowhere and flashes them a grin. The git.

    “What, James?” he asks goofily. Fred clears his throat.

    “Can you, er, help us?” he asks, glancing at me. Teddy follows his gaze and stares at me. His face breaks into a smile.

    “Okay, after this,” chirps Teddy, and he prances over to me. I look at him warily.

    “What?” I snap. I’ve really had enough.

    “I want to apologize,” he said promptly. I staggered from the surprise.

    “Wh-what?” I stutter. Teddy grins.

    “I want to apologize,” he repeats. “For being a git and embarrassing you and all that. Sorry.” I look around wildly, and after seeing there is no camera and/or Ashton Kutcher, conclude this is not the Muggle show Punk’d.

    “Are you bloody serious?” I manage, and Teddy grins.

    “Yup,” he says. “Totally completely serious.” I squint at him and when I realize he’s not going to stop smiling, I give up.

    “Fine,” I huff. “Bye.” Teddy is still wearing that maniacal smile, the lunatic.

    “Bye, Vic,” he says, watching me stomp down the hall.

    “VICVICVICVICVICVICVICVICVICVIC!” James hollers, barreling full-speed towards me. I shriek and leap to the side so I don’t become Potter roadkill. “VICVICVIC! GUESS WHAT!”

    “Wha-what?” I say shakily. I’m a bit distressed from my close encounter with death.

    “GRYFFINDOR WON THE MATCH! GRYFFINDOR WON!” James yells, and hugs me so tightly I swear I hear something crack. I pry the pint-sized Potter off of me and grin half-heartedly.

    “That’s great!” I say robotically. James nods excitedly, not noticing my utter lack of enthusiasm.

    “PARTY IN THE COMMON ROOM!” he screams, and runs back off. I sigh and roll up my completed essay. There’s no getting around this one – when there’s a Gryffindor house party, I am required to come. I drag my tired body up the dormitory stairs. Rachel is already getting ready – there are numerous shirts laid out on her bed and the table is stocked with various lip glosses and eyeliner. She pokes her head out the bathroom, half her head covered in plastic pink curlers.

    “Vic!” she says gleefully. “Can I do your makeup?” I shake my head frantically. Merlin forbid Rachel get near my face with mascara - I shudder to think the horrible things she would do.

    “No!” I say firmly. Rachel rolls her eyes, pops out the curlers, and prances over to the makeup table. She starts piling eyeliner on her eyelids as I walk into the bathroom. I quickly run a brush through my hair, splash water on my tired eyes, and head back out. As I’m about to step downstairs, Rachel grabs me by the collar of my shirt.

    “No! At least put some lip gloss on,” she begs. I roll my eyes and smack on some Chapstick.

    “Happy?” I say exasperatedly. Apparently she’s not, because she drags me into a chair and starts to smear stuff on my eyes and lips. When she lets go I look like I’ve been trapped inside a makeup store during an earthquake. “Ew!” I squeal, and Rachel looks hurt.

    “Fine, you can take some off,” she says grudgingly, and I rub most of the makeup off gladly. “But put some different clothes on.” I scoff.

    “What’s wrong with my outfit?” I ask indignantly. I’m wearing a holey t-shirt and a pair of old jeans.

    On second thought, I think I’ll change.

    “VIC!” Freddie hollers up the stairs. “COME DOWN! NOW!” I groan. I’ve been delaying this for as long as possible. I duck my head and quickly step down the stairs into the raving common room. Freddie gives me a weird look. “Why are you staring at your feet?” he asks. I mumble something indistinct and duck into the crowd. I grab a bottle of butterbeer and take a cautious sip, not revealing my face. Teddy, grinning like the freak he is, comes up to me and bumps my shoulder.

    “Hey, Vic!” he roars over the noise. “Enjoying the party?” I lower my head even further. “What’s wrong?” I try to glare at him while keeping my head down. It fails. “Vic, you can’t keep your head down for the whole party.” I grudgingly accept this fact and look up. Teddy’s eyes widen slightly.

    “Whoa,” he says. “You look…really different.” I moan and launch myself into a nearby couch.  “Hey! It looks good!” I give him my evil eye and he’s smart enough to shut up. “Well, play Spin the Bottle! Come on!” I shake my head. “Vi – ic,” he begs. “Please?” He’s giving me those puppy-dog eyes. Not fair. NOT FAIR, I TELL YOU, NOT FAIR. I sulk to the circle of tipsy teenagers and sink down next to Rachel. She grins at me.

    “Going to play, eh, Vic?” she says. I shrug.

    “Meh,” I say quietly. Rachel rolls her eyes and spins the bottle. It lands on Derek MacMillian and she grins. Giving me a girly wave, she steps into the closet with him and slams the door shut.

    After what seems like forever, they tumble out of the closet and it’s my turn. I have half a mind to back out, but I decide to give it a go.

    The bottle is spinning – it slows down, passes Teddy and lands on Landon Fletcher, a shy guy from my Arithmancy class. He blushes crimson and stands up hesitantly. I follow him into the closet – after all, I could have done worse.

    “So…” he says shyly. I close the door and shrug.

    “Um?” I ask. I know. We’re quite the literate couple.

    “Err, yeah…” Landon coughs, and steps forward a little. The awkwardness is killing me, so I just step forward a little.

    This has to be the most awkward situation in the history of Spin the Bottle.

    Landon seems to think so too, because he steps back and gives me an apologetically-sheepish grin. “Um, this isn’t working.”

    “No kidding,” I say, relieved. “Friends?” Landon smiles.

    “Friends,” he confirms. We step out of the closet and return to our business. James and Freddie are urgently talking in a corner. I sneak over to eavesdrop.

    “ – supposed to work! We need to think of Plan B,” James hisses. Freddie huffs.

    “Plan E, actually,” he corrects. “You were supposed to charm the bottle!”

    “I did! It must have worn off, though, it passed Teddy – “

    “I know, genius! That’s the problem! It was supposed to have stopped on Teddy!” My heart stops. James and Freddie tampered with the bottle so it would land on Teddy Remus Lupin?

    Thank god James isn’t top of his class at Charms.

    I sneak away and sprint up the stairs to the dormitory. I’ve had enough of this party.

    I’m eating a waffle when Teddy comes and sits next to me. He’s smiling like he’s constipated and trying to enjoy it. “So, how did you like kissing Landon?” he asks, stabbing a strip of bacon with unnecessary force. I shrug.

    “We didn’t,” I say through a mouthful of blueberry waffle. Teddy’s mouth hangs open.

    “You – you didn’t?” he stammers. I nod. 

    “We agreed we were just friends,” I recount. “No kissing whatsoever.” Teddy regains composure and nods his head.

    “So…you don’t have a boyfriend?” he asks, a bit of hope in his voice. I shake my head.

    “Nope,” I say cheerfully.

    “So you wouldn’t be mad if I did…this?” he asks softly, touching my elbow. Before I can respond, he’s kissing me.

    It’s not awkward at all. He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear and nips my lower lip gently. I can’t breathe. I'm going to die. His lips are buttery velvet against mine, and I wrap my arms around his neck too lean into the kiss. Suddenly, Teddy pulls away. After a moment or two, his lips break into a wicked smile. “I DID IT!” he crows, jumping up. “I KISSED VICTOIRE WEASLEY!” He runs down the aisle and people stare after him weirdly. Suddenly, I realize what he just did.

    “TED REMUS LUPIN!” I roar, tripping out of my seat and chasing after him. “YOU TAKE THAT BLOODY KISS BACK, YOU ABSOLUTE WANKER!” Out of the corner of my eye, I see Freddie and James cheering us on.

A/N: Meh, that wasn't really an ending. But I like it! Did Teddy and Vic get together? You choose. Although I like to think they did. (FYI, this was before the Epilogue of DH, when Teddy was in his last year and Victoire was in her 5th. So they have plenty of time to start liking each other!)
I know I've been 100% 2nd generation, so I'm thinking about starting a Marauders era story...what do you think? Should I give it a go?
Also, I've started a quite serious short-story, not fluffy at all. That'll be up once I finish it also. (Aagh, so many WIPs going on! It's killing me!)
Alright, so read and review!
xoxo, Puffskein

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