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Everywhere I go, I hear their voices. Feel their stares. I know it would be worse if her friends hadn’t graduated last year. I don’t think I could have handled their stares or voices either.

I’m back at Hogwarts, Lily and Louis by my side everywhere I go. They are protecting me and even though I know I need it, it is annoying at the same time. There are times, when I just want to be alone. When the voices and the stares became too much and I seek refuge by myself at the lake’s edge. I don’t want them to follow, but they do.

Lily has taken it upon herself to make sure we have a schedule. My home away from home over the last few years has been Gryffindor, like my parents before me.

Each morning I am to meet Louis and Lily in the Gryffindor Common Room, before we are to head down at precisely eight o’clock to the Great Hall, where we are to eat breakfast. Breakfast will take half an hour, no longer, no shorter. Then we are to proceed back up to the Gryffindor Tower, grab what we need for class, and then attend class itself. If we are in separate classes, I am to be escorted to my class before they leave for their own. Like I said, they are protecting me.
The one thing they couldn’t protect me from was him.

He who called himself my sister’s boyfriend, but didn’t even come over to see how we are doing. He, the very man my father forbid my sister from getting too friendly with back in her first year. He that no matter what anyone says, is responsible for my sister’s death. He changed her.

And now, here he was, standing up in front of the only class I don’t have Louis and Lily with me. I never wanted to see him again. He who caused my family to be ripped apart.

But Scorpius Malfoy wasn’t the same. He leant against the table, hiding his grey eyes from the class. His shoulders were slumped low, hair falling across his face. Then, as I take in his features, he lifts his head and my eyes meet with his hollow ones. I’ve seen it before, in my mum. The way you might be alive, but your eyes show a different message.

And just as I think I have understood him, what he was silently telling me, he talks to the class. His voice is low, with no passion.

That’s when I realise that perhaps I was wrong. No matter how much I feel hatred towards Scorpius Malfoy, I can't deny that he is as bad as my parents. He didn’t lose a child, but he lost his chance at happiness. I’m not sure if he was telling me of his guilt, or of his pain. But I knew, then and there, he was sorry.

The man standing up in front of the class, teaching, knew how I felt. And he might be the only person that does. But with him standing up in front of me, being my teacher, I feel as if Rose is creeping back in. Her shadow just keeps following me.

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