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The Unravelling Chapter six:

The Happy News

"There's been an attack on Hogsmeade!" Remus shouted, and suddenly everyone got organized. Moody began barking orders, as Dumbledore - Chloe saw him for the first time that night - was performing his own Patronus, while Chloe managed to grab hold of Ryan who had been sitting in the corner with his new friend - the boy he had been chasing earlier. At the same time, Molly Weasley, a red-haired woman who looked to be pregnant waddled over and took hold of the boy.

"Come along Percy, time to go home." Molly said, not even glancing at Chloe.

"Chloe, take Ryan and Lily back home," Sirius said, stopping her from moving any further.

"What's going-"

"I have to go to Hogsmeade. Lily isn't allowed to come because of the baby." Sirius explained quickly.

"Will you come back tonight?" Chloe asked, worried.

"Don’t wait up, please." Sirius told her, kissing her deeply, and kissed Ryan on the head. "I love you," he told them, moving with the others to the front door.

"Come on, let's get out of here." Lily had appeared at Chloe's side, and together they joined the other families who had all been taking turns using the Fireplace. Chloe clambered inside with Ryan and Lily, deciding it would be okay if they went together as they were small. Chloe and Lily hugged Ryan between them, and said the address to Chloe's flat together.

When they arrived in the flat, Ryan was crying, upset and overwhelmed by everything that had happened. Lily collapsed on to the couch her hands holding her stomach, looking exhausted and a little put out. Chloe excused herself, and carried Ryan to his room. Sitting on the bed, she tried to clear her head and focus on calming Ryan down and changing him. But she couldn't get rid of the worry and images of something very bad happening to Sirius. This was the first time Chloe had been there to see what the Order did. It surprised her how well the other families reacted, moving in an orderly fashion to the fireplace, kissing their loved ones goodbye and going to their respective homes. Chloe had been saved of this by Sirius many times, she knew, and she guessed it was for the best. Sirius had told her it was important for her and Ryan's safety that the Death Eaters couldn't link them together. Of course that wouldn't work on all Death Eaters - his cousins knew about Chloe, as well as Severus Snape. But for the other Death Eaters who were much older wouldn't know without being told.

"Mommy," Ryan whimpered when Chloe went to leave. Chloe frowned, and went to sit next to his bed. Tucking his sheets around him, she smoothed his hair from his face. Tears were still streaming down his face, but he had calmed down.

"I will be in the living room with Aunt Lily if you need me," Chloe told him, wiping the tears from his face. She felt like crying herself, but she knew that it wouldn't help the situation.

"Where's daddy?" Ryan asked.

"Daddy's..." Chloe trailed off. What was she to say? "Daddy will be back tomorrow. He had something to do with Uncle James."

"Why?" Ryan asked, starting to cry again. He looked scared, and Chloe knew that he understood something bad as happening, but what he didn't know. Chloe quickly hushed him, smoothing his tears away. She couldn't bear to leave him alone in his room, not when he was this scared; she was just as scared herself.

"Do you want to sit with me and Aunty?" Chloe asked, and Ryan nodded, looking tired. Picking him up again, Chloe struggled to hold his weight, he was so big now. Moving back to the living room, Lily had two cups of hot tea steaming on the table, and a warm fire was blazing in the fireplace. Sitting next to her, Ryan curled into a ball and moved as close as possible to Chloe. Knowing he was cold, Chloe pulled an afghan that hung on the sofa and pulled it around her.

Lily smiled faintly, handing Chloe her tea. "He's tired," she spoke softly.
"You’re tired," Chloe said with a slim smile.

Lily tucked her feet under her, and leaned on Chloe pulling the afghan over her. "I feel useless; being pregnant sucks."

Chloe fought the urge to laugh. "You're not useless, you're keeping me sane."

"Thanks for trying," Lily murmured. The fire danced in front of them, and Chloe felt warmer than ever sitting between Ryan and Lily.

After a few minutes of silence Chloe asked, "Are you worried?"

Lily didn't look at her, and took her time to answer. "Worried? Yes, always. Even when I'm there with them I worry what will happen to James or any of them. Nobody has died yet, but that only makes it a matter of time. But I try not to think about it, I can't think about it."

Chloe let the words sink in before she spoke again. It was true, thinking about it wouldn't help. How many times had Sirius told her not to worry about him? That she and Ryan was what important. It didn't matter what happened to him, as long as it kept Chloe and Ryan safe. Chloe, of course, didn't like this at all, but understood. There was no better sacrifice than the die for her family, her loved ones, if it meant keeping them safe.

"Do you think I will be a good mother?" Lily asked, suddenly.

"Of course you will, no one better I think," Chloe answered honestly.

"Don't just say that to make me feel better," Lily mumbled, her face partially buried in Chloe side. "James says it to me all the time but I can't help but wonder. Raising a child these days seems to be about the dumbest thing a person could do." Lily said.

"Oh, I don't know..." Chloe started, unable to answer. Looking to Ryan, who was sleeping, breathing deeply.

"Not that I'm calling you dumb," Lily said quickly, "You didn't plan on having a child, well, not that I did, but if James and I had been more careful-"

"Lily if you are dumb for having a child right now than so is Mrs. Weasley, and probably many more people. Just because there is a war going on doesn't mean that you have to put your life on a stand-still. And you'll be a wonderful mother! There isn't another person besides Sirius that I would trust my child with than you and James. Think of it that way, you're already a partial mother."

"It doesn't work that way..." Lily grumbled.

"Oh yes it does," Chloe argued. "You're good with children, your stubborn so the kid won't ever become spoiled, you have a big heart - I mean you were friends with Snape all those years - and not to mention you're already the mother of four children named James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. You've been preparing for this baby your entire life."

Lily was quiet for a long time, and Chloe wondered what she was thinking. Finally, Lily pulled her head away from Chloe and looked at her, tears in her eyes. "Thank you," Lily said softly.

Chloe smiled, and pulled her friend back under her arm. She knew what Lily was feeling. It wasn't until she was four months pregnant that she realized she actually had a baby inside of her. Of course this was at the time when she and her mother were debating what they were going to do with the baby, if they were keeping it or putting up for adoption. The more Chloe thought about it, she couldn't bare with the idea of giving it away. She knew it was crazy, that she was barely sixteen and had no chance of getting a proper job if she didn't go to school. But a baby, something all her own, something that was her own creatation, she couldn't part with it. When she was pregnant she had always wondered if the baby would look like her or if it would look like Sirius. She couldn't decide either if she want the baby to look like her or Sirius. It was a battle for her every day because she still loved Sirius, but after everything that had happened, she doubted she could handle ever seeing him again. By time she gave birth her decision was that the only thing Sirius had given her that was good was this baby, her little Ryan.

"They're all in here," a soft, deep voice said. There were footsteps coming from everywhere, and three people joined the man who had spoken.

Chloe became aware that there were people in her flat. Lily shifted next to her, and Chloe opened her eyes. Everything was dark, the fire having gone out hours earlier, and the four figures that now stood in the living room were outlined by the half-moonlight streaming in through the open window. A shiver ran down Chloe's spine There was a flash of light and the fire blared in the fireplace again. Chloe frowned, as Sirius kneeled in front of her. There was a cut above his eye, blood streaming down his face. Dust and dirt covered his dress robes; they were ruined.

"What happened?" Lily asked before Chloe could. She was standing, looking from James to Remus. Peter was leaning against the fireplace, looking exhausted and shaky.

"Have you been here all night?" Sirius asked, his voice rough.

"What time is it?" Chloe asked, rubbing her eyes. Ryan was still sleep in her lap, still not disturbed by the commotion.

"Four in the morning, the sun should be coming up soon." Sirius told her.

"What happened?" Lily repeated, her eyes settling on James.

"The Death Eaters ransacked Hogsmeade, attacking anyone that came there way," James began. "Madame Rosemerta is in St. Mungo's suffering from minor burns after her apartment above the Three Broomsticks was set fire-"

"-my darling cousins doing," Sirius interrupted.

"There was only one death, a shop owner who had fought them head on so his wife and daughter could escape." Remus told them, glancing at Sirius.

"That's terrible," Chloe's mouth ran dry, and she noticed Remus' look.

"At least there was only one," James sighed, settling himself in a chair by the fire. "It won't be as easy next time. They are getting bolder, and Voldemort is recruiting constantly. Dumbledore thinks he may be creating masses of Inferi." James swallowed hard. Lily stood behind him, and put her hand on his shoulder and gave a light squeeze.

"We should get Ryan into his bed," said Sirius, moving over to Chloe and picking him out of her lap. Ryan mumbled something, but buried his head into Sirius' neck upon realizing it was his father. Chloe noted how long his hair was getting, and followed, pausing to put her hand on Remus' arm before going down the hall. Sirius was in Ryan's bedroom putting him to bed, pulling the covers tight around him. Kissing him the forehead, Chloe watched as Sirius pushed the hair from Ryan's face and straightened himself. Sirius crossed his arms, his one hand covering his mouth. Chloe realized he was shaking.

Moving behind Sirius, she wrapped her arms around him as tight as she could. "What's wrong?"

Sirius didn't answer for a long time, but he held Chloe's arms around him, kissing her hand. "None of them know, but... I saw Regulus."

"You did," Chloe pulled Sirius to face her. There were tears in his eyes, and she held his face. "What happened? Tell me," she almost ordered.

"He killed the man, the man that died protecting his family. I watched him do it, laughing. He saw me, I was hiding, but he didn't say anything. He just left with his friends. He killed someone Chloe! I never... I tried-"

"Sirius, you and I both know you did everything you could for your brother. It isn't your fault. He made his decision, and you made yours." Chloe told him, her hands clasping his face so tight that his skin began to turn red. She let go, wiping with the cuff of her sleeve the dry blood on his face, and stood in front of him breathing hard. He pulled Chloe into his chest, and she buried her head into his chest. It was all too much.

"I can't let the same thing happen to us," Sirius whispered. The room was dark - they had never turned the lights on.

"It won't, we are safe." Chloe assured him, pulling away.

"I don't think we are. You would be better off without me. You and Ryan could live with your mum and Aunt, and you would be safe." Sirius told her with his most serious face.

Chloe frowned, backing away from him. "What are you saying? That Ryan and I are safer without you? Because that is such crap, Sirius. What happens if they attack while I'm at work? My mother is old she can't protect Ryan like you can when I'm not around. And what about you? I won't let you set yourself up like that. They know about Ryan and me - it doesn't matter where we go they will find us. So would you rather us die because you weren't able to protect us Sirius? You're talking rubbish." Chloe pushed him away, feeling sick to her stomach. She left the room, and went into living room.

Lily had made tea, and was pouring it out in mugs for everyone. Peter hadn't moved from his spot in front of the fire while James and Remus were both tending to their wounds with the various healing products from Chloe’s cabinet. They all looked at Chloe when she entered, the looks of concern crossing all their faces. "What's wrong?" Lily asked, putting the teapot down and moving over to Chloe.

"Sirius thinks that Ryan and I are safer without him," Chloe choked out. There were tears running down her eyes - she hated that everyone could see her crying.

"He what?" James jumped up. There was fire in his eyes, that Chloe had never seen before.

Sirius came into the room at this moment, looking sorry and a little irritated that Chloe had just walked off.

"What the bloody hell do you think you are doing saying that it would be safer for you to leave Chloe and Ryan?" James almost bellowed. Chloe couldn't ever remember seeing James this angry with Sirius before, and neither did Sirius.

"Oh sod off James," Sirius barked, "You’ve told me yourself that you were foolish to get Lily pregnant in these times! You know just as well as I do that it isn’t safe to raise a family."

“Damn right I know that. But I will take care of them no matter the risk. Abandoning your family to keep them safe – that is ridiculous! I’ve never heard such a contradictory idea in my life! Do you hear, Remus? Sirius thinks leaving his family will keep them safer?”

“James,” Remus spoke evenly, trying to defuse the situation before it got out of hand.

“Don’t Remus, he needs to understand how much of a prat he is being right now. To be honest, Sirius, I never thought you were much of a coward until now. Leaving your family – I guess I was wrong. You are a Black through and-”

Sirius’s fist collided with James’ jaw before Chloe could even blink. Lily shouted, as James lunged at Sirius and they collided into the wall, knocking a picture of Chloe’s family off the mantle. Sirius was pinned long enough for James to hit him square in the eye. Sirius shouted, managing to push James off him.

“Stop it!” Chloe shouted, stamping her foot like a two year old.
James was on the floor, and just as he tried to get up to hit Sirius again, there was a burst of red light, and a bang, and both Sirius and James were frozen. Both Lily and Remus stood, their wands pointed at the two men, Peter sniffling behind them.

“Are we finished?” Remus said, sounding more like a scolding father than a friend.

Chloe stood frozen, still stunned by what had happened. Sirius was looking at her, and she could see he was sorry in his eyes. His face was frozen in a grimace, and Chloe couldn’t help but let the tears well in her eyes. People were dying, and they were fighting. They hadn’t fought like this since... ever. Chloe couldn’t remember a time that James had looked at Sirius with such anger. She felt guilty; she had just used James against Sirius. But she would apologise for that later...

“Lift the spell,” Chloe looked to Lily and Remus. They both nodded, and did as they were asked.

Sirius and James both took their time getting to their feet. It was a wonder that neither of them had broken bones or bleeding. Chloe could see the slow beginnings of bruises on their faces, but that seemed to be it so far. But she had to be thankful that they hadn’t used their wands, or there would have been more severe damage and she would have had to employ her skills as a Healer. It was just like James and Sirius to use ‘Muggle’ fighting.

Sirius had difficulty looking at anyone, and slowly moved towards. Behind him, Lily was looking over James’ chin, while Remus and Peter were watching Chloe and Sirius closely.

“Why?” Chloe’s voice shook as the tears threatened to fall.

“I’m sorry. I just...”

She shook her head. “You shouldn’t apologise to me. I know you’re sorry.”

Sirius nodded, and turned to James. Taking a breath, he stepped towards his best friend. Lily moved away, eyeing Sirius carefully. Her eyes were fiery with anger, and Remus had to put a hand on her shoulder to remind her that this wasn’t her fight or her decision. Chests rising and following the two men, practically brothers stared at each other. Chloe seemed to be breathing along with Sirius, waiting.

Finally James extended his hand, and Sirius grasped it tightly in his own and pulled James into a quick one armed hug that boys like to do. “I’m sorry; I was being a right arse. I should have listened to you.”

James shook his head, his hand still on Sirius’s shoulder. “We all muck up sometimes.”

“Right,” Sirius muttered, and moved away, looking back at Chloe. “It just seems I screw up more than others.”

Chloe rolled up. “Let’s just put it behind us.”

“Agreed,” Lily piped up, giving Sirius a tired smile when he looked at her.

“Agreed,” Sirius repeated.

Later, once James’s and Sirius’s bruises had been attended to, Lily and James left for home. Peter left with them, mumbling something about his mother probably worrying about him. Remus, looking worse for wear, went to leave for his apartment in South London, and Chloe quickly stopped him.

“You’re welcome to stay on the pull-out bed? I know it’s more comfortable than your bed in your flat.” Chloe told him knowingly.
Remus argued at first but once Sirius ordered that he stay with them until morning, Remus agreed. Her best friend and son safely asleep, she pulled Sirius into their bedroom and undressed him slowly. He stood still as she took off his soiled robes, and helped him change into his pyjamas. She noted the cuts on his skin, and cleaned each one, placing a kiss on every one when she was finished. Too tired to stand anymore, Sirius almost fell into the bed, pulling the duvet over him, and pulling Chloe tight to his bare chest once she crawled in next to him.

“I’m sorry,” Chloe murmured against the darkness after some time of silence.

“For what?”

“For turning on you. I shouldn’t have told everyone what you had said. It wasn’t their business and I had no right.” Chloe explained.

Sirius chuckled against her neck. “You’re being silly, I don’t care. If anything, you helped James knock some sense into me.”

“Yeah, not before you knocked some into him.” Chloe grinned at his pun.

“Yes, well, he certainly knows what to say.” Sirius smirked.

“Go to sleep,” Chloe mumbled against her pillow.

“Whatever my mistress demands.” Sirius teased.

“Shut up.”

“Healer Roberts, please report to the maternity ward!”

The loud voice of Peabody seemed to echo around the break room. All the Healers of St. Mungo’s had lockers here where they kept their spare robes. Chloe had since earned herself a locker in the room, and her uniforms had been accordingly moved. Glancing at Albert who was smirking at her, she decided that maybe this was a good thing.
“What are you smirking at?”

“Nothing of course,” Albert replied, slamming his locker shut and laughing.

“I’ll be seeing you later,” Chloe promised, hoping that the next four hours pass quickly. She was already wanting lunch.

The maternity ward is located, not-so surprisingly, on the ground floor (known to be the place to go for Artifact Accidents). Away from any possible health threats of the other floors, and being conveniently closest to the entrance it was the best possible place to put it. Thankfully Chloe didn’t have to go far as the break room was on the same floor. She had never been to the area before, not even when she gave birth to Ryan. To avoid questions (well less questions) Chloe and her mother decided that it was just as good to go to a regular Muggle hospital to give birth. Walking past various wards, she came to the end and found her supervisor Peabody looking very unhappy.

“You’re assigned to Petrie today, but it seems he hasn’t showed up yet. You can wait here until he does.” Peabody instructed stiffly.
“Okay,” Chloe nodded, and without another word Peabody handed her a stack of charts and left.

Knowing it would probably be awhile before ‘Petrie’ arrived, she took a seat at the desk next to the receptionist, Miranda. Looking over the charts Chloe quickly realized what she would be doing that day. All of the charts contained the results of pregnancy potions. The results concluded which patient was pregnant and not pregnant. Chloe didn’t recognize any names, but her eyes caught on the names Alice and Frank Longbottom, who were listed as expecting.

“Roberts,” a deep voice called.

Chloe jumped in her seat, and her head snapped up to look at Healer Petrie. He was young, probably in his early thirties with thick black hair cut short. He was unshaven, and looked as though he had had very little sleep. It was a few minutes before he said anything more, grabbing the charts that she had been previously reading, and flipping through them quickly before handing them back to her.

“Nothing too difficult, I hope?” he asked plainly.

“Sorry?” Chloe was confused, holding the charts in her hands now.

How did they get there?

“Make the rounds, I have more important stuff to do.” Petrie explained lazily, and finally turned in a circle and disappeared in the same direction he had come.

“How the hell am I supposed to know what to do?” Chloe grumbled to herself, staring at the charts in her hands.
“Chloe Roberts?”

Chloe turned around to see a tall woman with blond hair. She looked to be only a few years older than her, and by the look of her uniform she was a first-year Healer. Chloe was still a second year intern, and had another year before she would reach the same status.

“Yes?” Chloe moved towards this woman, still holding the charts.
Smiling, the woman folded her arms. “Did Martin leave you to do his job?”

“Who – oh Healer Petrie... yes, he did. Could you actually help? I haven’t exactly ever told people whether they were pregnant or not.” Chloe admitted, annoyed that she had to ask a complete stranger. Never mind that this stranger knew her name.

The woman smiled. “I’m Olivia Fisher – trust your not the first. His way of dealing with interns in by giving them the crap jobs that keep them ‘out of his way’.” She explained, extending a hand which Chloe briefly shook.

“So, how do I do this?” Chloe asked.

Olivia smile again. “Trust me, it’s an easy job. You only have to owl the patients whether they are pregnant or not. As you know, they simple take a potion, owl us what happens, and we owl them back to tell them whether they are pregnant or not. Use this template –” Olivia reached behind the receptionist desk and handed Chloe a piece of parchment “- and you’ll be finished in no time. The only difficult part is if the patient is in the hospital. Some people who weren’t planning on having a child usually visit the hospital and perform the tests here. Hopefully you paid attention in your training because you’re going to have a lot of questions if that happens. Just call me if you need help.”

“Okay,” Chloe managed to say before Olivia disappeared. Staring down at the charts, Chloe quickly decided that it was probably best to get the people who were waiting for results in the hospital finished first. Finding the first chart belonging to a person in the hospital, Chloe was surprised to read Alice Longbottom, Room 1A. Before doing anything else Chloe scanned the results and read quickly, “Pregnant; due date August fifth; 57% chance male; 95% chance magical; low risk for disease or other ailments.” This should be fun, Chloe thought to herself. I wish there were pregnancy tests in the Muggle world that worked this well Chloe thought to herself before pushing away from the desk and making her way to the check-up room. Taking a moment to fix her uniform, she knocked lightly before entering.

Entering the room, Chloe came face to face with Alice Longbottom, who had a nervous twitchy look to her.

“What took so lon - Chloe? I was expecting the Heal-” Alice began.

“I am the Healer.” Chloe smiled, and gently pushed Alice to a seat. “How are you?” Chloe asked, immediately feeling dumb for doing so. Chloe knew exactly how Alice felt.

“Are you seriously asking me that question right now? Just give me the results – am I pregnant?” Alice snapped, and right then Chloe new for sure she was pregnant; she didn’t need a chart to see that.

“Where’s Frank?” Chloe asked, but she knew as soon as the words escaped her lips, it didn’t matter. Alice froze, and stared at Chloe un-blinking.

“I’m pregnant?” Alice asked, in just above a whisper.

“I’m sorry; I only thought it would probably be best if Frank could be here.” Chloe tried to repair, but Alice wasn’t listening.

Putting her head in her hands. “I can’t have a baby, not now. Frank and I decided that we would wait until this war was over... Merlin, I’m too young. I’m only nineteen! I can barely take care of myself! If it weren’t for Frank... where’s Frank?” Alice looked at me, her eyes glazed over.

“Oh, um, er... I don’t know. You don’t know?” Chloe was flustered. She didn’t know Alice well enough to do this. They had gone to school together, Alice a year younger. Frank had been in a year ahead, but had gotten along with James. They also were in the Order, and had been at Chloe’s for Christmas. But still, she wasn’t the right person to be dealing with this. “Hold on,” Chloe managed to say before decking it out of the room.

Going straight to the owl room, Chloe scribbled a note to Lily asking if she knew where Frank Longbottom was, and if so to tell him to come to St. Mungo’s – no emergency. Taking a deep breath, Chloe decided to Floo Sirius for extra measure. Rushing to the nearest fireplace, Chloe threw the Floo power in the fireplace before sticking her head in.


“Crikey!” Sirius jumped awake from the couch. In the background Chloe could see Ryan playing with one of his toys. “What’s wrong Chloe?” Sirius knelt in front of the flames, not that it really mattered.

“Alice Longbottom is pregnant, and I have no bloody clue where Frank is. He should be here – I don’t know how stable Alice in right now.” Chloe explained quickly.

“Pregnant?” Sirius repeated, continuing without answer. “I’ll go to the ministry and find him, and hopefully get him to the hospital before Alice has one of her world-class freak outs.”

“Thank you,” Chloe forced a smile, “I should get back – take Ryan with you.” She didn’t wait for a response, and pulled her head out of the fireplace. Rushing back to Alice’s room she found her in the same position she had left her in, except there were tears in hers.

“I’ve got people looking for Frank, he should be here soon, I promise.” Chloe assured Alice.

“What am I going to say to Frank? I mean, we talked about having kids, but we were going to wait until after the war.” Alice asked. Chloe couldn’t remember someone looking so helpless before. Sighing heavily, she knew she had to do something. It would be awhile before Frank would get here.

Taking a seat next to Alice, Chloe put her hand on her arm. “Alice, listen to me for a moment.” She waited patiently for Alice to remove her hands from her face and to look at her. When she had done so, Chloe took a deep breath before continuing. “Now, I completely understand how you feel right now. Having a baby can be completely terrifying, especially in the current situation of the wizarding world. But are you really going to let a war stop you from having a family? You can’t let it stop you, or you’re never going to live. I’m sure Dumbledore would agree.”

Alice made a sniffling noise and looked to Chloe, starting to look a little more hopeful. “I suppose you’re right.” Alice decided.

Chloe said nothing more, as a light knock came to the door and Frank Longbottom entered the room. “Alice?” he said, looking to her. “What’s going on?” he sounded concerned.

Chloe looked to Alice, and hoped she wouldn’t have to supply any information. “I’ll leave you two alone,” Chloe said, going to move on the table, but Alice stopped her.

“No, stay here a moment.” Alice said meaningfully, and looked to Frank who was standing in front of her. Taking a deep breath, Chloe could see that she was trying to collect her thoughts. “Frank, I’m pregnant.”
Frank was silent for a second, but a smile spread across his face. “You’re serious?”

“Of course I’m serious,” Alice confirmed, looking slightly annoyed.

“That’s what you were freaking out about, weren’t you?” Frank asked, his eyebrows raised.

“No, well, yes, but I thought you would be upset or something. We can’t have a child now, not in the state of things.” Alice explained, concerned.

Frank chuckled, “You’re being ridiculous Alice.” He looked to Chloe for help. “Please tell her she’s being ridiculous.”

“You’re being ridiculous,” Chloe obliged, afraid to say anything more.

“See, there you haven’t; we’re all in agreement.” Frank decided, looking back at Alice. “Now will you stop being such a ninny, and join me in my happiness – in our happiness. We’re going to have a baby!”

Chloe looked at Alice, and prayed that she would stop being so worried. She could already see that Alice was breaking down, a grin slowly making it on her face. “I’m going to be a mother.” She said ever so quietly.

Frank laughed loudly, and pulled Alice into his arms. “I’m going to be a father!” he shouted with glee.

Taking this as her cue, Chloe made sure to leave the results on the seat next to Alice, and slipped out the door. “Thanks Chloe!” Alice called behind her as she left.

With the door shut behind her, Chloe leaned against the wall, and stared at the ceiling. If the rest of her shift was going to be like that, she might shoot herself. Never before had she been running around so much so independently. Though she had learned quickly to take care of people in bad situations, what was she supposed to do in situations that were supposed to be happy? She shouldn’t have to worry about it, she told herself, and all she had to do was give people their results and leave them alone to live in their own bliss or sadness. That isn’t too hard, is it?

Deciding that she had better get a move on with her rounds, she quickly picked the next chart up and entered the next room. Thankfully, this time both father and mother were there, waiting on pins and needles for their results.

“Hello, I’m Chloe Roberts,” Chloe introduced herself, sitting down on the stool and facing them. Taking a deep breath, she began this time with a little more confidence than before and told the couple that they were expecting, what the results showed, and when their first check-up would be. This time round it was much easier, and the couple were happy to receive their news. This time, upon leaving the room Chloe felt much better, and did the next three couples with incredible ease before returning to her desk to write all the people who were eagerly waiting at home for their results.

It was twelve o’clock when Olivia returned. “Hi there, how was your first day in the maternity ward?” she asked brightly.

Chloe frowned, looking back at her. “The beginning’s not so great, but by the end of today I think I will have learned how to tell people they are pregnant and somehow control the situation.”

Olivia smiled. “I heard about the Longbottom’s – Petrie told me to congratulate for that one, he says he probably could not have handled it any better.”

Chloe rolled her eyes. “I wouldn’t doubt it, when was the last time he actually did any of that kind of work?”

“Probably not since he was an intern,” Olivia admitted with a smile. “Still, good work. I just got back from my lunch, if you want you can go for yours now.”

Chloe smiled at the idea. “Sounds great, I’ll see you in an hour?”

Olivia nodded. “See you,” she said taking a seat at the desk next to Chloe.

Not needing to be told twice, Chloe stood up and rushed to the break room to get her bag, and to change out of her uniform. Once having done so, she decided she needed to get out of the hospital, and planned to go to her favourite Muggle sandwich shop around the corner from St. Mungo’s. As she walked out into the main entrance, she stopped in her tracks when she saw Remus sitting in one of the chairs.

“Remus?” Chloe asked, going over to him.

He stood up, and smiled when he saw her. He was wearing a heavy traveling cloak, and carrying a rucksack. “Hello Chloe, I was waiting for you to go on your lunch break. Do you mind if I join you?”

“No, of course not.” Chloe answered, a little surprised by his formal tone. “What’s going on, Remus?”

Remus shook his head. “I’ll explain some place else, nothing to be worried about.”

“Alright, I was just going to Sorrento’s Sandwich shop,” Chloe explained as they headed out the door. The pair walked to the sandwich shop side by side, and Chloe explained to Remus all about her day, and how Alice and Frank would be expecting their first child.

“That means James and Lily's baby will have a playmate, then?” Remus said happily as they took their seats in the crowded shop.

“I know, they will go to school together and everything.” Chloe mused, before biting into her sandwich.

“Of course they will have Ryan to watch over them.” Remus added.

Chloe grinned. “He’ll be like the older brother to them. It’s so exciting, our kids will all go to school together.”

“Well, your kids will.” Remus remarked.

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Don’t say that Remus, if you would stop being so silly, you would find a girl and start a family.”

“Chloe, I can’t risk that.” Remus replied tersely.

“You’ll never learn, Remus. You have to start trusting people more.” Chloe warned him.

“It’s a little difficult doing that in the given times.” Remus countered.
Chloe shook her head. “It doesn’t matter, this isn’t why we’re here talking, now is it? What did you need to tell me?”

“Right,” Remus said, taking a moment to collect his thoughts. Chloe chewed slowly on her food, unsure of why Remus was being so cautious about what he said. “I really wanted to see you because I’m leaving tomorrow to do something for Dumbledore.”

“What?” Chloe asked, curious.

“I can’t tell you Chloe, it’s for the Order.” Remus explained.

“Fine, but when will you be back?”

“I’m not too sure, Dumbledore doesn’t know how long it will take. I assumed a month at the least.” Remus estimated.

“A month!” Chloe exclaimed loudly, earning a few stares. “Remus, I barely get to see you as it is, you just can’t just disappear for a month. You’d better write me every day.”

“I don’t know if I will be able to. I’ll try, but it depends on a lot of things.” Remus explained.

“That isn’t fair.” Chloe said, crossing her arms grumpily. “What about your job? Are they really going to give you that much time off?”

Remus looked at the table. “Chloe, they fired me three weeks ago.”

“What?” Chloe once again said this loudly. “Why didn’t you tell me? Why all of the sudden are you hiding so many things from me?”

“I’m not hiding anything from you, I haven’t even got the nerve to tell anyone about losing my job, and you’re the first. And I just found out about Dumbledore’s mission yesterday.” Remus amended.

“Why did you lose your job than? You said your boss seemed to love having you as an editor.” Chloe asked, confused. Remus had been receiving quite a lot of success in the publishing business as a fantastic editor. It didn’t make sense that his company would want to fire one of their top money-makers.

“One of their major clients found out about the er... my problem.” Remus decided, glancing around the room. It was too crowded. “He had just finished writing a book on how to defend oneself against my kind, and felt that he could not publish anymore of his books with a company that supported my kind. So I was laid off.” Remus finished passively.

“Remus, I would have quit and made a case at the ministry. There are many people out there who would argue your case. It wasn’t like you were hiding it from your boss.” Chloe argued.

“It doesn’t matter Chloe, I would have gotten fired anyway. If they had kept me on they would have lost one of their biggest accounts, and I would be to blame. You believe its discrimination because you’re my friend, and have been before I was bitten. Not everyone sees it that way.” Remus reasoned.

“Remus that is a poor argument. You make it sound like it is okay that people judge you without knowing you.” Chloe frowned.

“Can we please not debate about this anymore? In the end I’m still without a job – and maybe it is for the best anyway, now I can dedicate myself more to the Order and our cause.” Remus decided.

“Fine, but do not think I’ve forgotten about this.” Chloe sighed. “So, when do you leave?”

“Tomorrow, unfortunately. Dumbledore wants to get me started as soon as possible.”

“I wish I could know what you were doing.” Chloe grumbled.

“You sound like a whining child.” Remus laughed.

Chloe couldn’t echo the sound, and looked at her friend sadly. “Just promise me, that whatever it is that you are doing, you will be safe, and take care of yourself. You can promise me that, right?”

Remus gave her a serious look. “I promise, Chloe. You’ll see me alive again.”

“Don’t say it like that!” Chloe whined, crossing her arms. “Just promise me that you won’t be gone for long.”

“Fine,” Remus started, “I promise I won’t be gone for long, and I will return safely.”

“Thank you,” Chloe smiled, and stood up. “Now hug me before I start to cry.”

A/N: To be completely honest I'm not really sure why this chapter took so long to write. I mean, besides the series of computer failures it should have taken me a day. But yet, here I am, a few months behind deadline. Well, I hope you enjoyed the chapter. I'm trying to move the plot a little now. As always, feel free to review and send your critisim. Once again there was very little editing done, so if you find a mistake let me know :) Thanks!

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