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Its really JKRs


Chapter 34


Terese and Sirius jumped up. 


“You want Harry?” Terese repeated.


“One boy for another.  It seems fair, I think.”


“You’ll have to kill me if you want to lay a hand on either of them” Terese said, standing in front of both Harry and AJ.


“Very noble.”  Voldemort said.  “Almost like your dear mudblood friend when she stood in front of him.  His father however, was different.  He thought he could fight me.  Foolish.  He fell to the floor like a marionette.”  Terese tried not to show the effect that statement had on her.


“I mean it.  I’m not going to stand aside.”


“Terese…” Harry said softly.


“Harry. Don’t!”  Terese snapped at him.


“I grow tired of the procrastination!” Voldemort exclaimed, a cruel smile twisting his mouth. 


“So we’re just supposed to just choose?”  Sirius scoffed incredulously.  He moved next to his wife, helping her block Harry and AJ even more.


“How many people are you prepared to let suffer for you, Potter?” Voldemort said softly, tormenting him.  He raised his wand again, pointing it at AJ.  “Crucio” he said softly.  Terese threw herself in front of the cot and caught the spell, falling to the ground as it hit.  She whimpered.  Voldemort shot the curse at AJ again.  It didn’t touch him, but the wood of the cot shattered.  AJ clambered down on to his mother as Voldemort seethed with controlled rage and raised his wand again.  This time Harry was ready with his own wand standing in front of his family.  Terese managed to take AJ in her arms and began to comfort him, whilst using her body to shield him.  Sirius pulled his own wand out again and moved next to his godson.


“Sirius” Harry said quietly.  “Don’t.”


“You’re not alone Harry.”  He said, not moving.


“No.  He’s not.” Said a calm voice from the door.


“Dumbledore!”  Voldemort exclaimed.  Terese, her body still curled around her son, felt a rush of relief.  She saw a way out.


“Tom” Dumbledore stated calmly.  “Do you think you will gain by making them choose?  They would sacrifice themselves first.”


“It is of little consequence”


“After all this time, Tom.  You fail to understand.”  They were circling each other now.


“I understand Potter’s weakness for playing the hero.  And the loss of blood-traitors is of no matter to me”


“Did you not wonder Tom, why your curse didn’t hit AJ, and only made his mother whimper?” 


“You’re favourite solution, Dumbledore.” Voldemort sneered.  “But will it save you now?”  He shot a spell at Dumbledore just as there was a commotion in the hall way.  The Weasleys, Kingsley and Mad-Eye reappeared, battling Death Eaters.  Sirius raced out to join them, not before telling Terese to get AJ and Harry out.  Kingsley threw a hairbrush at Terese, which she caught as it began to glow.


“Harry, quickly!” she said, as he stood watching Sirius and Dumbledore with mounting horror.  “HARRY” she screamed, silently praying the Sirius would be safe.  Harry touched the brush just in time to feel the pulling sensation behind his navel, he heard Voldemort’s distant cry of rage.



Remus was drifting in and out of consciousness.  He was vaguely aware he was on the sofa in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place.  Someone was stroking his hair with a featherlight touch, and he seemed to have his head on their lap.  He had lain like this many a time after a full moon.  But this time it felt different, the scent was…wrong? No. That was the wrong word.  It was different.  He liked it.  He peeled his eyes open.


“Hey. How are you feeling?” a voice above him asked.  Now he knew for definite that it wasn’t Terese.






“How long have I been unconscious?”


“A few hours.”  He remembered what had happened.


“Have they got back yet?”


“No.  There’s been no word.”  He sat up. 


“Is there any point in going after them?” he pondered.  He couldn’t bare the thought of his best friends being in such danger when he couldn’t do anything.


“No.  Dumbledore’s there.”


“If anything happens to any of them.  AJ, Harry…”


“Don’t, Remus” Tonks said. 


“You didn’t have to look stay and look after me you know.  I know you’d want to be joining in…”


“Remus.  I couldn’t leave you on your own like this.”


“Why?”  She laughed softly, with little humour.


“Haven’t you worked it out yet?” 


Before he could answer, there was a flash in the middle of the room and some crouched figures appeared.  Terese was holding AJ tightly to her with one arm, and pulled Harry toward her; she was sobbing uncontrollably as she rocked them back and fourth.  Harry had his arms around her shoulders.  AJ was clinging to her, hiding in her hair, which was hanging around her face.


“Sirius…” Remus said under his breath.  Surely he hadn’t…


“Tess!  Harry!” A voice called from the hall.  They heard Molly Weasley shriek at the arrival of her sons.  Sirius ran in and, seeing his family in the middle of the kitchen, threw himself on the floor next to them and wrapped his arms around them all.


“I’m sorry.”  Terese said between sobs.  “This is all my fault, I’m sorry”


“Hey, we’re all here, and we’re ok.  We’ll take AJ to Madam Pomfrey but we’re fine!” Sirius whispered to her.  He looked up and saw his best friend and his cousin on the sofa.


“Moony, are you alright?”  Terese looked up, having completely forgotten he was there.


“Oh God, Remus…” she said.


“I’ll be fine, sweetheart” he said.  She slowly relinquished her grip on Sirius and Harry, handing AJ to his father.  She walked over to the sofa, shakily and knelt on the floor next to him.


“I’m sorry…” she began.


“It’s done, Terese” he said softly.  “Besides, it’s nice to be fussed over for a change” he said, with a grin at Tonks.


“Mummy” AJ said, holding his arms out.  She turned at looked at her son, guilt washing over her in waves.  Not only had she insisted they go to Godric’s Hollow, but she hadn’t been able to protect her son; she had been unable to stop Lucius Malfoy taking him.  Sirius read her thoughts immediately.


“Stop it Tess.  They would have gotten to us one way or another.”


“Terese, if he hadn’t been worried about reinforcing my mother’s protection when you stood in front of AJ and me, he would have killed us both straight away.”  Harry said.


“It was my fault you were both there in the first place.” She said, resting her hand on his face.


“And you helped get us out” 


Suddenly, she was too tired to argue, as AJ curled himself up on her lap.  She hadn’t been so scared for years, and now she was just relieved everyone was here and safe.  And she knew she would do her best to make sure nothing like that happened again. 

I know its taken me a while to post this and to be honest, I'm not overly happy with it, but its the best I could do.

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