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Disclaimer; It all goes to JK! 
Okay; I admit that there are a lot of point of view changes in this chapter (GAH I really don't like it when authors do this, but I have become a casualty to my own demise.) So I have tried to make it as un-complicated as possible. Enjoy!


Beautiful Chapter Image by toxicity @ tda
Lois and Dan


James Potter 


One minute she was flying, the next she was falling; just falling further and further in to the storm. I don’t think that I have ever flown so fast in my entire life. But I couldn’t make it.

The bristles of my broom hit Charisma only feet away from the floor. She was falling so fast, descending like a rock. I jumped forward, releasing my broom and allowing it to go array. My hands reached her waist and I pulled her in to me, shielding her from the floor. My body hit hers so fast it hurt.  


We flipped over and rolled across the muddy green, getting acquainted with the ground a little more than I would have liked. I landed on top of her and rolled off, feeling a little embarrassed, blowing a stray hair from my eyes. I rubbed my head and slowly sat up coming face to face with two complete teams.


Teachers ran over quicker than I thought possible. Nate knelt down next to me, god I hate him. He’s like a bloody Prince, always wanting to be at her rescue. He pulled me up slowly first, making sure I was straight; I brushed him off, shoving him side ways a little and grabbing my best friend’s hand.


Charisma’s body was sprawled across the floor next to me. With a cry of terror Elle wet straight on to her knees next to me, smacking me continuously and angrily before turning to Wolfy.


“Chic.” Elle cried. “Chic, Chic, come on, say something?” Elle shouted desperately. The grass was soaking through to my skin, the mud covering mine and Charisma’s clothes. Ignoring it I squeezed Charisma’s hand tighter in hope of a response; nothing.

“Wolfy, Charisma, sweetie, say something.” I dry sobbed stroking her hair, not allowing tears to fall. The day I allowed Lily to see me cry was the day… well, it wouldn’t be for a very long time I could tell you that.

“James don’t move her.” Nate said from her other side, he must have travelled. “She fell a long way; she could have hurt her back.” My heart missed a beat at that and I seemed unable to breathe. “And her arm’s broken still, through mid play.”


I went instantly as white as a sheet and had to block everything out and train myself to breathe again.


“Arm?” I asked, looking down. Her arms was twisted behind her in a position that defiantly ISN’T NATURAL! How could I have not known about that?


Madam Brandon came running out on to the pitch accompanied by Scorpius, I think I could have kissed that little prat then.

Fred and Drew marched me up to the Hospital wing after I didn’t seem to be able to make myself move form the ground. I was in totally shock. My Charisma, she wasn’t moving.


“James, she’s gunna be ok.” Fred said to me, but it sounded like he was only trying to reassure himself. I nodded mechanically and turned up the staircase and towards the tower where the Hospital wing is situated.

Madam Brandon sat me down in an uncomfortable chair, told me to wait there and then she turned and left. I instantly stood up and paced the room. Every teacher that passed Fred or myself would ask for questions.


“Her arm.” Drew said quietly. “I’ve never heard her scream like that.” My heart skipped a beat. “I’ve never heard anyone scream like that.”


“Drew.” Fred snarled. “Shut up.”


Their progressing argument was interrupted when Lily and Rose came running in.


“James.” Lily greeted sadly wrapping her arms around my neck. I held my baby sister tight as she cried. I felt empty; I stood there not being able to say any comforting words. That was Charisma’s ability. When I looked to my right, Rose was not crying, nor was she talking. Fred had his arm wrapped around her, neither of them moving at all.


I can’t explain it, I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t get there fast enough, and if I had, what would have been the difference?


I wanted to cry, show some emotion, but my body wouldn’t seem to let me. I just stood there, empty … like a statue.



Charisma Price

There is a serious amount of head rush in play here. The first thing I remembered was falling, the next I am here, lying down in a bed, staring at the ceiling. I don’t remember hitting the ground, or landing in any particular fashion, – I hope it was somewhat graceful - so I must have fainted mid fall, or just had a really bad dream. Yep that was it a bad dream.


Nope according to the screeching pain in my lower back and thighs, this was not a bad dream. I opened my eyes, revealing a hazy white blur, I let things slowly focus in to place, the Hospital Wing. Fab.


I groaned in pain as I attempted to sit up, probably a bad idea. I rolled my shoulders back, regretting it instantly. I whimpered. This was worse than waking up after the full moon and that isn’t exactly a walk in the park. My left shoulder protested every movement. My arm was in a sling, but I could move it basically, so at least it hadn’t been amputated.


I swung my legs over the side and stood up all in one fast swift movement, I gritted my teeth as I did so, airing a case of head rush. I pulled back the certain surrounding my bed and noticed that it was dark. I took another step and felt the cold tiles on the floor under my feet; I wasn’t wearing any shoes, or my own clothes for that matter. I was in a hospital gown and my hair was knotted and messy.

I groaned as I took another step, my legs felt fine, weak maybe but that’s it, it was my right arm that hurt, and my lower back. I gritted my teeth and carried on walking, placing my left hand on my lower back, not that it helped. I walked out in to the pitch black, regretting it instantly and walking in to another bed, stubbing my toe on a bucket or something.


“Miss Price.” What are you doing out of bed? A voice echoed throughout the room, momentarily the lights flickered on before going out again. I heard a mutter before someone whispered Lumos and a bright light came from a direction to my right. It was only then when the bright light flashed I realized how much my head hurt.


“Those bloody lights, they never work.” It was Madame Brandon. “I repeat, what are you doing out of bed?”


“I’m sorry miss, I don’t really know.” I answered truthfully. My voice came out as a struggled whine, it was hard to speak.


She sighed and strolled over to me, the light becoming unhelpfully brighter by the second.


“Sorry love, I forgot about the light.” She said; waving her wand and setting alight a candle in an old oil lamp that was by my bedside. She put her wand back inside her robe and took my arm.


“You were lucky, you could have died.” She helped me walk a little. “You have broken you arm in two places. They’re fixed but it will hurt for a few days. You also hurt your back rather extensively, however nothing that a few days rest and a little magic can’t fix.” I smiled and she returned my grin.


“Thank you.” I answered. She just sighed and carried on.


“You have suffered quite a fall Miss Price. You are lucky that Mr. Potter was there to save you. Haven’t quite seen a fall like that one in quite a while.” She admitted.


A sudden rush of bliss ran through my body as I realized that it was James who had saved me. Then that bliss was overtaken with panic at the worry that I knew he must have been feeling.


“James, is he ok?” I croaked out.


“He’s fine, sleeping.” She said looking flustered and pointing to a gathering of chairs where Lily, Kyle, Fred and Drew were all sitting; for once there was no sign Queen of Mean. “He’s very worried. He wouldn’t stop asking questions, wanting to see you all the time.” I smiled, bless him. He would do all of that.


“Can I?” I asked, gesturing to the group.


“Of course, but don’t stay up too late now.” She said kindly. She took her hand politely off of my shoulder and smiled kindly before handing me the lamp and walking away. I sighed and looked towards James. Seeing him sleep there, his black hair messily over his face, my pain was no longer a problem, it all washed away.


I walked over slowly, letting the cold envelop my feet. I ran my right hand through my messy hair. Stepping between the chairs and slowly sitting down on to the sofa next to James, the only seat left. I watched him as he slept for a second or two; he seemed uncomfortable in his dream. I jabbed him hard in the shoulder. I knew that I shouldn’t wake him up, but I did for the selfish reason that I wanted to, that I needed him.


His lids opened slowly and he turned his head in a tired way, when he saw it was me his mood instantly changed. He didn’t say anything; his eyes widened, he just pulled me towards him and held me tight. There wasn’t need for words, not for a while. We stayed like that, him just holding me tightly, for a while. I held back the cry of pain that his strength wanted me to scream. It hurt so much, yet it was the best feeling that I had ever felt.


I was with James, my James; we were together, something we hadn’t been for ages.


“I’m so glad you’re okay.” He whispered in to my hair, still holding tight.


“I’m dandy.” I said quietly, failing to hide the pain in my voice. He let go instantly and looked in to my eyes with his face a picture of worry. “Seriously, I’m alright.” Even I knew that that wasn’t going to be enough to calm him down. 


“When did you wake up…are you okay, I mean the fall, it was my fault I didn’t get to you in time, if I had gotten to yo-“


“Then we wouldn’t be sharing this wonderful moment right here now would we.” I said smiling. He let out a breath that I didn’t know he was holding and smiled.


“I thought for a while that I wasn’t going to be able to see that smile again.” He admitted quietly.


“What the one that you see every day.” I asked poking him annoyingly.

“Yep, that one.” He whispered so quietly it was barely audible.

I pretended that I wasn’t in pain and smiled for another half an hour, nevertheless after that, I couldn’t pretend that I wasn’t tired. I laid my head back on to the sofa while James was still talking to me and absentmindedly shut my eyes.


“Hey, Wolfy, you shouldn’t sleep, you hit your head its bad for you.” He said nervously.


“James if you give me one more direction on what to do, damn it I will tell your mother, now stop acting like her.” I said grinning with my eyes still shut. He was quiet after that, but he only took my hand. “Not that I don’t appreciate it, but really, stop.”


“Fine, fine, go ahead … but I am not taking any responsibility if something bad happens.”


“Ok, but by saying that you jinxed it.” I replied playfully, pulling my knees up to my chest and placing my head on his shoulder.


Without thinking of the consequences of his girlfriend, descended from Hitler, he wrapped his arms around me and I cuddled in to the crook of his arm.



Lily Potter 


Ok, waking up at like 4am in the morning and seeing, what I did, isn’t that great. My eyes flickered open, battling with the sun that was streaming through the windows. From the colour of the sky, it couldn’t be any later than 4:30 in the morning. 


I attempted to steady my heart beat from the worry and then blinked to revive my tired eyes, red and swollen from crying. I woke up and found Fred draped over me, so much for brotherly love. Each of the freckles on his face stan for a creative way to kill the bugger.


I attempted moving him gently but he was too heavy, I ended up just shoving him off of the sofa. He rolled on to the floor with a clatter, stayed still and then let out a rather disturbing snore. I smiled to myself and then remembered the reason of why we were all here.


I looked up and instantly noticed Charisma and James. “Thank fuck; she’s alright.” I muttered to myself before pulling my legs in to a cross legged position. It only took me a second to actually twig what was wrong with the bloody picture. 


Charisma was asleep on James. Not Evie, Charisma. GO WOLFY! 


They were wrapped up in each other, fast asleep and for the first time in months they both looked peaceful. 


Charisma; she had cuts on her face from the fall, not long till the next full moon so they’ll probably be added to. She had a serious case of sex hair and she was cuddled in to James’s chest. He had his arm around her and his head was resting on the back of the sofa, they both looked really tired. His feet were up of a foot stool in front of them both; they looked like young lovers, not best friends. 


To be perfectly honest, if I didn't love Chic so much I would rip them apart, murder them both and complete my act by river dancing on both of their graves. James is a blind twat and Charisma is too sweet to notice.


I smiled and got up slowly, sighing with relief that she wasn’t hurt. I walked down to the other end of the hospital wing, trying not to wake anyone up. I was too worried to sleep now. Instead I walked past the empty beds, until I reached Charisma’s. I took a swig out of the glass of water on her nightstand. Stretching I decided to run back to Chic’s dorm and grab her some clothes and chocolate frogs, she’s going to want a whole lot of them.


After walking through the silent halls, dodging peeves and entering the common room I ran straight in to Al and Rose, who were asleep on the couch. 


I shook them awake and sat down next to them. I knew that being away from the hospital wing for a while wouldn’t hurt, I was beginning to smell of disinfectant and Chic was in safe hands, or arms I should say.


“Lily.” Rosie said groggily. “Is Wolfy okay?” She asked suddenly, startling Albus awake by grabbing him on the arm. 


“She’s fine, she’s sleeping with James.”


“Sorry?” Albus said, immediately sitting upright.


“Okay; I have just figured out the other meaning of that sentence, I mean - my dirty minded big brother - that she is asleep on the sofa, with James next to her.” I covered with confusion.


“Good.” Rosie summarized. “At least she’s okay; we were so worried. I don’t think that Elle and Dixie are getting a wink of sleep; you should have seen Kyle and I don’t think that that Polly girl is going to want to play Quidditch again. Those Ravenclaw boys, you know the nice ones, Dan and Nate, Wolfy’s friends, they hit the roof after you guys left. I thought that they were going to explode on that second year.”


“Rose is once again, overreacting; Scorpius calmed her down earlier, seriously that boy is a life saver with Little-Miss Drama Queen here.” Albus said pointing his finger at our shocked cousin.

A lot of people think of Albus as quiet and the complete opposite of me and James, but he is actually the mastermind behind all of the pranks, the evil plans, he is the loudest and most outspoken of us all, but unless you know him really well, you would never see that side of him.


“So, what did the little shit get then?” I asked Albus.


“Lily.” Rose said shaking her head, she was like Charisma in the kindness department, always eaten away by her conscience and never likes to be mean to people. “That ‘little shit’ as you call him got two months detention and was kicked off of the team.”


“The second of the two was Nate and Dan’s idea.”


I smiled and sighed. That boy had no reason or right to get angry like that. I guess it was all in the heat of the moment. A lot of that seems to be happening lately. 


After saying goodbye to my family I half jogged up to her room and opened the door silently, crept in, not waking Dix and Elle, and grabbed her pajamas. (And Elle’s camera, I want pictures of them sleeping together, Evie would hit the roof!) Since she was twelve they have always included an item that used to belong to James. When he joined the Quidditch team in his second year, he bulked up a lot, thus causing most of his clothes to become too small. He handed most of them down to Albus, bless him, but Chic and I grabbed the hoodies.


By the time that I got back to the hospital wing, I happened to notice that James was awake. He was stroking Charisma’s hair and whispering something too her, I couldn’t understand it, he was talking too quietly. He gently kissed the top of her head in a brotherly way and then sighed.


I quietly walked over and snapped a picture. I caught the frame and the loving sigh. I raised my eye brows in innocence and he just rolled his eyes.


“Good picture this one.” I said handing it to him. He took it silently and laughed.


“Yeah it is, it looks like you love her.” Fred said from his chair.


“You’re awake?” James said confused, not answering Fred former announcement, he acted like he didn’t hear it, not even a blink.


“Yeah; the bloody camera flash woke me up, so thanks for that.” He said grudgingly.


James shushed our cousin. “Don’t wake Wolfy.


Fred mocked him, “Looks like you two are pretty chummy.” 


“Is Drew still out of it?” I asked stepping forwards and placing Chic’s pajamas on the coffee table that James once had his feet on.


Fred looked to his side and kicked his friend hard in the shin. Drew let out a groan of frustration. James looked annoyed that he had nearly woken up Chic.


“What are you doing with my girl?” Drew asked James smiling. James sent him a look that said he wasn’t in the mood for his usual games. “Okay, okay, backing off.” After the familiar ceremony of ‘is she ok?’ Fred asked James a question that I would never have had the guts to ask at that moment, or even thought about brining up.


“Do you love Evie?”


“Excuse me?” James asked confused and annoyed.


“You heard.” Fred insisted. I took a seat, this could get interesting.


James took a while to think of the answer; not the response that Fred was expecting, I’m sure. “I don’t know.”


“Well, that’s helpful.”


“Look, I thought that I did, in some form, at a point, but then I saw what she said to you lot, and now, well, I just don’t know.”


“Well how about Cha-“He was cut off at that point by groan of Wolfy, although we all knew that question that he was going to ask, the question he was aiming for.


Charisma Price

The next two weeks passed quickly full of predicted and anticipated thoughts and sayings. The next morning after waking up in James arms surrounded by my friends, who are also known as the school idiots, I was released from the hospital wing.


The three of us didn’t have to do the detention with McGonagall, she believed that my injuries covered enough punishment for Fred, Lily and I.


It was a rather interesting position we found ourselves in that morning. Well good for me but bad for James. Only because of Evie; otherwise it was amazing. He had his arms wrapped around me; it was basically the position that we fell asleep in.


It was another 4 hours before the girlfriend from hell found James, she was very needy, it was horrible. When she kissed him I thought that I was going to throw up, my insides churned and I wanted to faint, but that might have been the medication and magic talking.


He pushed her away. He actually told her to, I quote, get off!


Of course, this meant nothing to her. She kept on rubbing his bicep and clinging on to him, not once asking how I was and pushing me out of the way to talk to him. I fell backwards and was caught by Kyle. James gave me an apologetic smile before pushing away his girlfriend in another pathetic attempt before storming off in the other direction. He looked reluctant but she on the other hand looked determent.


Nate was really apologetic, especially when he saw the state that I looked like. I just laughed it off, but I could tell that he and Dan still felt bad. Even the kid himself came and apologised. Bless him. But the boys weren’t so quick to forgive him.


It was early November, the skies were blue, the clouds were white, James was still dating the girl from the brothel and I think I died during Herbology. We were handling mandrakes, seeing as the Ministry have stopped anyone below their third year from doing them, we had to repeat the action in our 6th year as well. Joy.


I smiled and skipped out of the classroom, only having had one of the students faint, I think overall that it went pretty well. I still had little scrapes from the fall but they were hardly noticeable. The last full moon went without any trouble. James looked after me again and apparently I went right to sleep, but that’s what he tells me every time.


I went from Herbology to the common room, expecting to meet Lily so we could go down to dinner together. Since Rose and Scorp have been seeing each other, she hasn’t hung around with us as much. Leaving Blaize on his own a lot and Lily alone too with Albus, so Lily and Blaize have become rather close, it’s more of a love hate relationship.


I smiled as I entered and found the common room empty. I shrugged thinking that Lily wasn’t here yet and skipped off up to James room, if he wasn’t in there then at least one of his room mates would be. I could hang out with one of them until Lily arrives. I knocked on the door and no one answered. Remembering what happened last time I turned around, shrugged it off and began to walk away.


I skipped down to Hagrid, thinking that I haven’t seen him in a while, only to find that he wasn’t opening his door. I knocked once more and then pushed down on the large door handle and watched the door swing open; Hagrid never left his door open.


“Hello?” I asked slightly afraid, this was incredibly unlike Hagrid.


“Hello?” I repeated once more. There was no answer and the kettle was still boiled on the hob. I stupidly touched the side of the kettle, not seeing the steam that it was radiating. I winced and removed the tip of my index finger from the side of the kettle and placed it in my mouth.


“Hagrid?” I shouted, once again, there was no answer. I always remembered James telling me that when his parents were at school, Hagrid had a dog called Fang, which would follow him everywhere. I loved animals; shame Fang wasn’t with us anymore; his new dog was a beast.


I stepped outside the cabin and closed the door behind me. I shrugged it off, knowing that Hagrid would come back anytime soon. I skipped off in to the forest and saw a group of Thestrals feeding near the edge of the woods. I smiled and walked over to them. James thought that I was insane at first, able to see these things that weren’t there.


It wasn’t until Fred explained that you have to have seen death before you can see them.


I walked over and stroked the head of a young Thestral. They were an animal that you have to consider texture over substance; they were quiet and misunderstood. I smiled and sat on the ground.


“Do you know the insect content in that grass?” A voice said from behind me. “You are probably sitting somewhere where thousands of little creatures have done their business.”


It was Nate.


I turned and grinned. “Care to join me on the excrement infested floor?”


“Obviously.” He said like it was a silly question. Nate joined me in the dirt before brushing his palms together. “Thestrals, interesting choice of animal.”


“You can see them?” I asked in shock.


“My mum, I was 9. She fell in the kitchen when she hit her head.” His eyes filled with sadness, but no tears threatened to spill over.


“I’m sorry. I saw my grandmother.” I said, placing my hand on his. He smiled up at me, an apologetic grin.


“Were quite a pair aren’t we?” He asked no body in particular.


I answered with a smile.


A few minutes passed, where we simply sat and watched the sky darken and the Thestrals run, before he asked, “Are you feeling better?”


“I can actually feel my limbs now.” I teased.


“Circe, don’t joke about that. You should have seen how Dan tore Jenkins apart after the game. It would have actually been funny if there wasn’t a consequence.”


“Is he ok?” I asked Nate.




I snorted. “No, Jenkins? He didn’t mean for it to happen, it was an over reaction, he was all torn up, I could see it.”


“Why do you care, after what he did to you? You are a strange person, Price.” Nate pondered.  


“Thank you, I think?” I questioned. He smiled and got up, turning around to take my hands and yank me up from the ground.


“He got taken off of the team. It’s a shame really; he was a bloody good player.” Nate said, looking sore.


“I’m sorry.”


“What the hell are you sorry for, he illegally injured you with a bludger.” Nate has always been really sweet to me. Even when I know that I was being annoying and childish.


I shrugged and decided to change the topic. We were out in the grounds till way after the sun went down; we were lying down under the big tree by the lake. We were on our backs, our arms folded behind our head and watching the stars.


“Okay, well that looks like Virgo?” I asked him pointing to a consolation of stars.


“You suck at astronomy, please tell me that you didn’t take it for NEWT.” I turned to him, shocked and then slapped him on his arm. I loved being with Nate. It was just like being with James, before he got Evie, except we behaved. If I was with James, by now we would have done at least two pranks. “It’s not actually anything. It’s just a gathering of planets, thicko.” He said prodding me in my side.


“Hey.” I complained. “I am not that thick, you should see me in the subject of eating chocolate. I am best in year at that.”


“Yeah, I bet you are.” I pushed him in his side and sat up on my side.


He smiled at me with an expression of happiness. He had become a quick friend. His expression quickly turned to something that I recognized to be concern and his hand shot out and placed itself on my upper thigh.


I realized quickly that my scars were showing. The material of my school skirt had ridden up and an unknowing hole had appeared in my thick tights. His fingers gently traced the shape of my scars in a caring way. I pushed his hand away and pulled the material over them.


“How?” He asked. “What?” He was shocked. My heart began beating the fastest that I think it ever has in this form.


“Accidents happen.” I said trying to get up from the floor in a hurry.


Nate took hold of my hand and pulled me back, sitting up himself. “That wasn’t from Quidditch; that is an old one.” He took and intake of breath. “It looks like you were attacked by a bear or … or ... a wolf?”


“It’s nothing.” I said hoping that he would get the message and drop it. Luckily he did. “I have to go.” I said, standing up once more through teary eyes and a violently beating heart.  


“No, stay.” He pleaded “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done anything. I just care that you’re safe; that you’re here. Stay.” I sat back down on to the floor and bit my lip. “I didn’t mean to be rude. Or bring back the memory of an unneeded experience. I just care about you that’s all.”


He looked at me as I turned away. I don’t know what bothered me the most, the fact that he was so cool about the scars and the fact that he didn’t freak and run away like Kyle did when he first saw them or the fact that he cared so much. The only person that I know to care about me this much was James.


“Come on Charisma, say something.” He said placing his hand on mine. “I’m sorry.”


I swallowed and tried to clear my eyes. “What for Nathan; you didn’t do anything.”


“I shouldn’t have pointed it out; I should have just not mentioned anything.”


“You didn’t know.”


“But I shouldn’t have been that stupid, I should have known that there would be a back story with scars like that.” He looked at my expression. “Okay really bad choice of words.” He looked incredibly annoyed with himself. He was sat facing me now. I took his other hand and held them both tightly. I held so tight that the ring on my finger cut in to my skin. Nevertheless neither of us noticed.


“I just care is all, actually I care so much I wish that I didn’t.”


He leaned forward and placed his lips against mine. I was sure that it would have been a good kiss, if I wasn’t somewhat shocked. His lips were warm and caring. His embrace was the same, and his cheek was rough with stubble. I pulled back shamefully quickly.


He was one of my friends. Confusion overtook me as I stared at him.


“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have. I’ll just go.” He said beginning to get up.


I stumbled over words. “No, Nate, don’t.”


“Don’t?” He asked, slightly hopeful.


I looked up at him and blinked. “I don’t want you to leave, but...” I finished on silence. What was I supposed to say?


He got up and walked away, not waiting for my answer. I think that he wanted me to go after him, however instead I sat there, shocked. I swallowed and stood up, not leaving until hours after he was gone. 



An; I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter! It was certainly … eventful? Maybe?
What do you think of Nate kissing Charisma? Or Lily’s view on the world? 

Any who’s pretty please review for me, this time … any random words you can think of should do the trick. XD

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