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    A sea of darkness filtered my eyes when I awoke from my rest. I could not see a single thing, not even the slightest luster of an object. The last memory I had before falling asleep was in the library in...Harrison's arms. Sodding fag, Harrison had dropped me on to the couch in the common room and didn't let me just go back on my own. I grumbled and rose myself from the velvety cushions and dragged my feet to the east of the common room where my dorm was. Uggh, this was taking forever; usually I could get to my dorm within a minute or two, but it seemed as if it was taking a longer time to get to bed.


    My foot had caused a pile of something to noisily collide and crash to the cold, cobble stone floor.  Well, my roommates would be peppered up with anger about the accident and how it had halted their REM, but hey, I needed to go get some rest. I ignored it, and took a step into the corner of a wall.

    Where the fucking hell was I?

    I pulled my wand out of my skirt pocket and quickly whispered ,"Lumos"

    The cherry-wood stick lighted up to a white hot fire at the tip. I waved it around to see that I wasn't in the Gryffindor living quarters, but  deep into the depths of an untidy apartment that had books and laundry sprawled all over the floor. I was definitely not in my own room with Sam and Roz because every single aspect of the room was kept up neat and tidy, even the used tissues were folded in the trashcan.It hit me, I was in the Head boy loft.

    That bastard, I was going to make his life a living Hades. He kissed me with those unbelievably stupendous lips, carried me to his apartment, and now I was trapped in his place until morning (if that is he'd get up by then). Oh, I'd give that boy the ol' "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" regime. My feet stomped up the stairs and to his dormitory. I whapped my toes down on the ice cold floor to disturb him and waved my wand around the hallway for a wooden sheet with a golden knob in it. For a few moments, my eyes scanned grouchily for the door; I found nothing but more stone, until I reached a Mahogany board. I whipped the door open and my eyes fell on Harrison. My attitude flipped upside down from the fury I'd been building up since a few seconds ago.

     He was...so...cute. His legs were hunched into his stomach while his arms hugged his shins.  His long eyelashes fluttered as he wandered in another realm and his face looked so peaceful that I could've sworn that my stomach dropped.

    Even though almost every aspect of my boyfriend's best mate symbolized the poster boy for Utopia, he didn't have a blanket over him to shield him from the fierce cold blizzard roaring outside. I knew that I should somehow re-tuck him in without waking him up. I did not want to interrupt this beautiful sight. I tip-toed over to his bed and lifted the duvet with the pads of my fingers. I lifted the light afghan on to him and was about to tuck the blanket over him, when a hand grasped my forearm.

    I froze at the touch of his grasp on me. It was that wonderful sensation that I'd felt in the library just a few hours ago.

    "Gahh, you woke me up! Have you ever thought about knocking?"

    "No, not since you imprisoned me in this dungeon of yours!" I hissed.

    "I guess that you wouldn't use that brain of yours for once in a while for manners, you mindless git."

    I winced at the comment; that insult had been thrown at me every single moment I was with my parents and they were screeching about how poor my grades were. Shriek upon shriek about how O's in every subject couldn't meet the standards in their household. I'd learnt to build a brick wall against my emotions and was easily able to block the rapid of tears from invading. However, at this time, that seawall had collapsed.

    My eyes overflowed with salty-droplets that poured down on to my cheeks. The discharge stung like acid on my skin to commemorate on a moment when I spelled one word wrong on my Astronomy essay and even more unbearable moments.

    I wailed for another few seconds until the feeling of palm weighed down on my shoulder.
    "Heather....are you okay?"

    I retorted, while sniffling, "Do I resemble a happy person?"

    "Listen, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that you were very sensitive; I should think more often about what I blurt out."

    "No, no," I shook my head,” it’s not you, Harrison. My life is just.... well, extremely difficult right now..."
    I summarized in a few sentences of what was going on in my world.
    Harrison didn't seem surprised, "You need to get some rest. You're pretty tired if you're sobbing constantly."

    "Where am I going to sleep?"

    "I dunno...probably, we'll have to share the same bed. It's too far from the living room downstairs and I don't think you'd want to be alone down there. Sirius Black might be lurking downstairs for all we know."

    I gaped at him. How could an idiot head boy be such an airhead to what could happen in a bed?

    He sensed my expression in a faint moonlight of the windowsill, "Good Merlin, no! I'm not going to do that!"

     I shrugged,” It’s a pretty weird idea if you'd ask me."

    He rolled his eyes to the streak of moonlight that was creamed out on to the celing,"Just get into bed. We're not having sex. Trust me, it I love you, then I wouldn't do that."

    I reluctantly scurried over to the mattress and somehow managed to pull on a pair of pajamas from my book bag before Harrison could get a glance. The flickering glow of Harrison's caramel colored skin slid beneath the warm quilts beside me.

    "Night, " he mumbled, "I'll wake you up at 6:30."

    I could sense that he had closed his eyes and shriveled into a ball again, like he was in before I accidentally woken him. I unclipped the barrette in my hair and dug my head into the pillow. Right now at 3 'o' clock in the morning, my life was pretty messed up and it wasn't going to get any better from this point on. I was just going to have to be flexible. Within five hours, I'd be up and ready to go and erase this from my memory. Maybe the situation would get better, I didn't know...I shook my head nevertheless and let the temptation of sleep cloud over me.


    An orange hue burnt into my pupils when I woke. I crinkled my nose at the sight of it, and opened my eyes. The sun had shaken me awake and poured the memory right on to me.
    The kisses, the embrace, and me crawling in to bed with Harrison. I was in the head boy's apartment, and still luckily- a virgin. His arms were wrapped around my stomach. How did that happen? Harrison was snoozing away like a narcoleptic puppy, unaware of the awkward embrace we were in.

    I suddenly wondered what the time was, so I glanced at the red digital clock. Reality broke upon me-

    "Harrison," I tried to coo him (reluctantly against my feminist will), and slightly turned around, "we've got forty minutes until the Potions exam. Snape would kill us if he found out we came in late."

    That didn't work, he groaned in his realm (or if he really was still dreaming) and I pinched him to see if he'd react. No sign yet, or he was just ignoring me.

    I slapped his face, "And Chris would wonder why we were coming in late...together."

    He popped his pupils immediately open and unhooked his arms around me, leaving me frigid in the ice-cold temperature of the room. I sighed, now it was actually reality and I had...EXAMS!!!!!!

    "Oh my Merlin! I didn't realize we overslept! I just woke up when you, gave me that painful hit! Why'd you have to do that?" Harrison said, hopping out of the bed. He was wearing nothing but boxers and a wife beater that clung tightly to his skin. It's a miracle that I wasn't able to see that. I'd have thrown my Chastity ring right out the window if I'd spotted him in that.

    "You needed to wake up, that was all."

    He rolled his eyes and swung the wife beater off of his torso. I glanced quickly at the stone wall and took sudden interest in it.

    He slammed the door quickly while I changed into my day-old garb: a black skirt accompanied by a pair of knee-high stockings. I pulled off my shirt, and was situated in just my bra. I was just about ready to snatch up my ivory button down when the door flew open.

    "Could you give me......oh? Wrong time!"

    He slammed the door shut, while his skin turned as red as. I erupted into a fit of laughter and continued to get dressed

    I began to perform a few spells on my hair to make it look like it wasn't a disaster. My hair didn't need much, of course. I had long blonde hair that often didn't need much. . My blonde locks always looked fairly half-reasonable, if not to mention fantastic. I got a compliment or two every week or so. 

    I sighed, waiting for Chris's best friend to come leaping out of that bathroom.

     Meanwhile Harrison was in the shower, desperately trying to ooze my scent off of him in all of three minutes, so Chris wasn't wondering why my apple-cherry scented perfume was smothered from head-to-toe on him. I cringed of idea of Chris asking him why Harrison smelled "relatively familiar."
    Harrison came back into the bedroom just as I finished tying the laces of my shoes. He gazed at me and asked, "Are you ready?"

    I nodded and walked out of the bedroom with him.

    A world of complex lies were to come. I couldn't think of how I'd explain to my friends about me wearing the same exact outfit as yesterday.




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