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Janine sighed as she let the letter slip past her fingertips and fall delicately to the floor. She wasn't expecting this at all.

She was going to Hogwarts.

She was going to Hogwarts!

She was going to, Hogwarts?

Ugh! Either way she said it, it didn't fit. What the hell! She was 15! You're supposed to start when you are 11! Not 15! She tried to balance out her breathing. Not hyperventilating.

"Mom might call the doctor!"

"Dad wont let her."

She chuckled to herself slightly. Wow, she was slightly crazy. She fell onto her bed and fell backwards. She wouldn't fit in that school. Everyone was so bright, happy, jumpy, perky. Everything she, wasn't. Fuck! The only people that every understood her were the people she was starting a band with; Sienna, Chad and Kale.

And now she was being moved away from them too. God must be conspiring against her. She sighed again as she started packing her clothing. Her parents obviously were overly happy for her, so they went out of their way and got her all her books.

All she needed was her iPod and her guitar and she was set to go. She was really hoping her mom would stick up for her and not make her go, but no such luck. She was going and it was settled. The train was set for tomorrow at 11. Platform 9 and 3/4. What the fuck? That wasn't even a damn platform! Maybe she read it wrong? Nope, she read it over and over and over! But it didn't bloody well change! She was going to Hogwarts and there was no way around it.

"I can't believe you're actually going through with this Janny! It’s so bloody random!" Chad said shaking his already shaken friend.

Janine shrugged, "I know, but I can't do anything about it. I don't know why their wanting me to come now though?" Sienna came and sat in front of her, "Where are you going anyway?"

Janine looked at the ground, what the hell was she going to say!? "This school I applied to like a while ago. I guess they finally want me now." Sienna snorted, "I don't even know why you're going now. You're leaving us behind dude!" Janine knew what she was doing. They didn't need to tell her. She was already dying inside. She knew who went there. She knew some of them at least. Her dad talked a lot about it. She just hoped she wasn't in Slytherin. She never heard good things about that house.

"Look guys, I don't want to go either but my parents want me to, so I have to. I'll be here for Christmas!" The three rolled their eyes and Janine sighed. She wasn't too thrilled either. This was going to be a sad band practice.

Well, the last one, for a while.

Janine trudged down the stairs in her black, ripped skinnies and Blessthefall T-shirt. She came and sat down on the kitchen table. Her mother had prepared pancakes and her favorite, black coffee. She laid her head down on the table as her bangs completely covered her face. She was even surprised her parents were ok with the way she looked and acted. Most would freak out.

"What's wrong dear?" she looked up at her mothers concerned face. Janine sighed, "Nothing, just tired I guess." Her mother gave her a knowing look, "Maybe you'll like it Janny. Its not the end of the world honey." Janine shrugged and started eating. Her dad came in, with a big smile.

"Ready for the big day!?" Janine groaned and her head fell back down on the kitchen table. Fuck! Wrong move! Her eye brow and lip ring collided hard with the table. John Callawell looked confused as he turned to his wife. Meredith gave him the what’s-wrong-with-you look? John sighed, "Janny, it’s not going to be that bad. You'll make more friends and you may even like the subjects." John really hoped that his daughter would enjoy Hogwarts like he did.

"It’s a school for witches and wizards dad, what's to enjoy?" Janine bit back, eyes narrowed slightly. Janine's parents gave her a shocked look, "Janine, at least give it a try." John said. He didn't know she hated it that much. Janine rolled her eyes, "Yeah, whatever, guess I have too."

She grabbed her suitcases and guitar case as she walked outside to be greeted by her friends. "Look, she had time to tease her hair guys." Kale said jokingly as she hugged all of them, laughing. "Yeah, I do try." They helped her get her things in the trunk.

"So, this is it, eh?" Sienna asked. Janine bit her lip. She didn't want it to be it. She wanted to stay her with her friends, play music and act crazy! But no, she was being sent away from all this. From everything that made her feel at home and at peace. She didn’t know why she hated it so much herself; maybe it was just the thought of leaving her friends behind. She closed her eyes and nodded.

“I’m sorry, really. I probably won’t find friends like you anywhere, even if I tried. The only good thing is, is that I only have to stay there till I’m 17; it only goes till grade 11. Then I guess I’m back here.” I grinned, hoping to remove the gloomy weather set upon them.
Her friend’s shrugged and nodded. “At least promise to stay in touch. Ya know, phone, msn.” Chad replied looking at her at a loss of words. She nodded, “Definitely, I wouldn’t—couldn’t ever cut you guys off.” They nodded.

She hugged them all one last time when her parents came out, smiling. She waved goodbye and got in her car. She sighed plugging into her music and drowning out the rest of the world.

Janine was softly singing along to Meg and Dia's Monster when the car stopped.

Her heartbeat sped up about 2/3 the normal speed it should be going. She bit her lip as she looked at King's Cross Station. This was it; she was actually going to do this. She was going to go through with this and completely forget about the promises she made herself. She wasn’t even planning to go to University or College after high school. She wanted to work on the band and go places with them.

Not come to a damn wizarding school.

“Now Janny, do you know how to get to the platform?” her mother asked, walking briskly through the “muggles”. Janny gave her a weird look and shook her head. How would she know? They never told her. When they got to platform 9 and 10 her dad turned around, “Ok, you walk straight at the wall between platforms 9 and 10. Best do it with a run since it’s your first time kiddo.” He gave her an encouraging smile as did her mother. She huffed and turned around.

She faced parallel to the wall and sighed before running through the wall. The impact of bouncing off or slamming against the cold bricks never came. Instead she stood in the chitter chatter of kids waving goodbye to parents and friends meeting up with each other. Her eyes widened a bit and she nearly tripped over her own to feet. Smooth.

Her head tilted to the side as she heard her mom and dad come and stand beside her, “Welcome to the Hogwarts Express Janny.” Her mother smiled at her. Janine raised her eye brows as she turned to them, “So, I go and sit in there?” Her parents nodded to her.

Oh this will be a fun year, really. She couldn’t wait to meet everyone and start new friendships! Note the pure sarcasm. She sighed as she kissed both her parents goodbye and started to weave through the crowds. Nine Days, Story of a Girl started playing as she gave the train person her luggage. She only carried a small tote with a book, laptop and her cell phone.

She got weird looks from passing kids. Some gasped others gave her disapproving looks. Some smiled at her and some really didn’t need to be around her if they knew what was good for them. She started humming to the song as she climbed unto the train. This was going to completely a disaster. No one would actually understand her. They’d think she was some sad, depressed child. She rolled her eyes at that. She wasn’t depressed, rarely. You couldn’t shut her up if you wanted at times. She saw an empty compartment and attacked it. Boyah! Privacy was her sole companion. She started moving her foot to the music now as she sat down.

“Your clothes never wear as well the next day, and your hair never falls in quite the same way-But you never seem to run out of things to say.” She sang quietly to herself as she took out her laptop and booted it up. Time to harass her friends about how she was going to dread this new school. Her laptop background came up of all four of them jumping into the lake. Courtesy of Riley Benson, Sienna’s brother.

“This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world, and while she looked so sad in photographs. I absolutely love her when she smiles.” That was one of her favorite parts of the song. John Hampson had an amazing voice. She brought msn up and was pleased to see that at least Chad was one. Maybe they all were there.

JannyMotherEffingGeddon says:
Chad’s Pissed At Ms. Callawell says:
Go away! No one likes you!
JannyMotherEffingGeddon says:
Awww! Don’t be rude, I miss you guys already! I is on a train as we speak!
Chad’s Pissed At Ms. Callawell says:
Lol, oh this will not end well! You better alert the Doc’s! Take out the Dayquil!
JannyMotherEffingGeddon: says:
Stfu! I’m not a mental patient Chad! I just don’t like train rides! Nothing new to that!
Chad’s Pissed At Ms. Callawell says:
Mhmmm! Suuuuure! By the way, Sienna says that she isn’t gonna talk to you and Kale’s being emo.
JannyMotherEffingGeddon says:
Lmao!! Serious! Tell Sienna that she can say that all she wants but she knows she wants me ;) and tell Kale to get a life and a Happy Meal.
Chad’s Pissed At Ms. Callawell says:
LMFAAOOO! Oh wow! You’re too much Callawell! So, make any new friends?

She was already smiling and laughing. She looked up and saw the compartment door open and saw 4 boys. She raised an eye brow as they looked at her. Two boys, one with curly black hair and one with brownish/black hair gave her a shocked and amused look, all the while trying to hold their laughter. The sandy blond haired boy just smiled in apology for his friends. And the little plump boy just stared at her with wide eyes. Well, it was bound to happen. If not them then some other assholes.

“What?” she snapped. The two boys ended up laughing. She rolled her eyes and directed her eyes back to her laptop.

Chad’s Pissed At Ms. Callawell says:
JannyMotherEffingGeddon says:
Sorry! Some douche bags decided to sit in the same compartment as me. Two are laughing their ass off. 3 guesses. One seems alright and one is just staring at me. Which I am not gonna lie, is kinda scary.
Chad’s Pissed At Ms. Callawell says:
Punch the two assholes out. And tell the creeper to take a picture.
JannyMotherEffingGeddon says:
Lmaoo, I know eh, but I don’t wanna start shit the first day. Maybe later ;).

Janine looked up and saw that the boy with messy hair and glasses was invading her personal space. She moved more back in her seat and gave him a get-the-fuck-away-from-me look. “What is that?” He was giving her laptop a weird look as he poked it. She snatched it away.

“None of your business. What do you want?” Janine didn’t have as thick an English accent as the boy did but a rather slighter version. The boy gave her a surrender look as he backed off with his hands in the air, “No other compartments are free, can we share yours?” the sandy blonde haired boy politely asked.

Janine looked at them and back at her laptop, sighing and nodding. “Sure, whatever.” The boys bustled in as they erupted into laughter and talk. Janine took her iPod out as she scrolled down to Marilyn Manson and put on Leave a Scar.

Chad’s Pissed At Ms. Callawell says:
Oi, you remember Martin? Martin Kelp? He said that he may have a spot for us to play during Christmas. Said that it’s going to be small gigs but said it’s worth a try. Wanna?
JannyMotherEffingGeddon says:
Fuck ya! That would be so fucking cool man! Totally, say yes to him!
Chad’s Pissed At Ms. Callawell says:
Sweet! Si and Kale said yeah to it too and are now going on a food hunt. Save me?
JannyMotherEffingGeddon says:
LMAO! Sure, I’ll come save the damsel in distress in 3-4 months, k?
Chad’s Pissed At Ms. Callawell says:
-_- shut up bitch, I ain’t no chick! But I is hungry, so I’ll bug you later!
JannyMotherEffingGeddon says:
Loll! Ok! Byeeee! Tell hungry and hungrier I say I love you and I’ll talk soon!
Chad’s Pissed At Ms. Callawell says:
Alrighty! Will do! Byee babe!

Janine was laughing to herself as a smile was evident on her face. She closed her laptop and put it back in her tote. This apparently caught the eyes of the boys as they looked at her. She looked at them quickly and away and took out something to read.

“Are you new here?” the boy asked again. Really, did it seem like she wanted to be bothered at the moment? She really wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone but none the less answered him, “Yeah.” She stole a glance at him and grinned, “That obvious?” He chuckled and shrugged, “No, but I never saw you before. I’m Remus Lupin.” He extended his hand and Janine shook it smiling a bit bigger now, “Janine Callawell.”

The boys gave her a surprised look, “You’re John Callawell’s daughter?” the boy with curly black hair asked. Now that she looked at him, the prick was rather good looking. She narrowed her eyes slightly and nodded, “Why?” the boy shrugged quickly, “Nothing.” Janine gave him a curious look but discarded it. She didn’t really care about the boy’s knowledge of her family. Not a lot of people knew about the Callawell’s and the ones that did never really liked them. She never understood why but they were always so tense and uncomfortable when they were near them.

Did they possibly know what she dreaded? And if so, how did they find out. She could tell already that these boys were most likely not going to like her. And the now open and friendly Remus Lupin was sitting away from her, giving her rather suspicious looks. She closed her eyes and went back to reading.

She didn’t care about these blokes’s. They could go and fuck themselves. She switched her music to BlesstheFall now; one of her all time favourite bands. The train finally stopped to its station. The boys literally ran out of the train. Bastards. Whatever, she didn’t care. She walked out and really had no clue where to go. She wasn’t sorted so she didn’t know it worked. She looked around until a red headed girl came in front of her, “Janine Callawell?” She turned and nodded to the girl. She smiled brightly and told her to follow her.

“I’m Lily Evans. You can just sit with me at the moment and then go in with the first years to be sorted, alright?” Janine didn’t know what to say so she just nodded, smiling small. Lilly smiled back. Janine guessed that she figured she wasn’t much a talker so she didn’t force her into conversation which Janine was thankful for. Oh well this was just bloody brilliant. She had to go with 11-year-olds and be sorted. This couldn’t get worse.

Her breathe got caught in her throat as she saw the castle come into view. It was beautiful. So old and ancient, it gave off the 19-century vibe. It was almost haunting but in a good way. She could tell that was aged but she didn’t mind. It had elaborate windows and fantastic finishing’s to it. It really did look surreal. She couldn’t but smile a bit. Was this really a school? It looked more like an abandoned kingdom to her. Yes, que in her neediness for old artifacts and there history.

Everyone got off of the carriages pulling them and started to file into the castle. Her luggage was set with everyone else’s. “Alright, just follow Hagrid.” She pointed to a rather large man. Janine could tell was going to get along well with him. She nodded to her and walked over to the man. “I’m-”

“Janine? Yes, Dumbeldore told me ‘bout you. Ello, I’m Hagrid.” He smiled big and warm at her. She smiled back and shook his hand, “Nice to meet you Hagrid.” He nodded as he directed her to follow the first years.

Then, big oak doors opened and she really wasn’t ready for this. There were 4 long tables adorning chattering kids and a table at the front with the teachers. Oh god! She hated big school crowds. Especially since she was alone and didn’t know anyone here. A woman who looked rude and strict called them to follow her. Janine exhaled deeply and walked down with the short kids. Oh man, she probably stood out so much. She bit her lip as people turned and faced her.

Once again there was gasping and disapproving faces. Then there were some smiling ones and some which she wanted to punch out. Mostly people looked at her and looked away. She really was used to it so she shrugged it off. She had Knives and Pens playing so she really couldn’t hear the “gossip” going around. She smirked mentally to herself as she thought of the possibilities. “When I call your name, please come and sit while I place the Hat on your head to be sorted into your houses.” The woman Janine learned to be McGonagall said. She watched as the bunch she was with got smaller and smaller until there were only two kids left including her.

Just as McGonagall was going to call her, a man with long white hair and beard started speaking, “We are welcome to announce Ms. Janine Callawell will be joining us for her remaining school years here at Hogwarts.” Janine closed her eyes as she walked to the stool with pursed lips. Shot me now.

The hat didn’t even tell her to pull off her ear phones which shocked her. “Ah, another tough one. Where to place you? I see much courage and loyalty towards friends but yet I see a sort of isolation and cunning. Yes, much of that. A sense to prove yourself that you are more then meets the eye. I see a sense of mischief and trouble in you too. There is intelligence too. My, my, aren’t we a tough one. Hmm, well let’s see how you do in Slytherin!” Janine’s eyes widened. No. No, this wasn’t happening. She wasn’t supposed to be in Slytherin. She wasn’t going to be a Death Eater! She wasn’t even planning to stay in the wizarding world! With teeth clenched and much cheering from the last row of tables, Janine walked over and sat beside a boy with brown shaggy hair and beautiful green/hazel eyes. Her own purple eyes clouding over. A storm was brewing and she was just caught dead center in it.

Dumbeldore said a couple of more words and the feast began. She wasn’t hungry, well at least not for anything there. “Hey, I’m Sam Winchester.” The kid besides her all of a sudden began. She turned to be faced with a puppy dog face and big dimples. Her angry mood disappeared as fast as it came and was replaced with a genuine smile, “Hey, Janine Callawell.” The boy smiled and damn those dimples were going to kill her. “Don’t worry, I know Slytherin isn’t exactly an ace house but it’s more of what you make of it. My brothers in Gryffindor and I got placed here. I’d just steer clear of them.” He pointed to far end of the table where a group of boys and girls were laughing cruelly. She could already tell she wasn’t going to like them. She grinned back at him, “Thanks, they anyways seem like wankers.” The boy named Sam smiled and continued eating. Janine grabbed her goblet and just drank the pumpkin juice.

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