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Author's Note: Hello there. Sorry for the delay. School and real life hate me. Enjoy.

“Right then, mates. I have called you all together in order to, erm, fix some things. We’ve only been back at school for a week, and yet I already find myself attempting to plan too many operations. So, I’ve enlisted your help.” I pulled out a piece of chalk and gestured towards the small blackboard on the wall with flourish.

“First, and most importantly, we need to slaughter Malfoy.” I paused and wrote on the blackboard:

1. Kill the "Slytherin King" (The quotes give the words a mocking tone)

Eddie raised his hand and spoke without waiting for me to call on him. “We have to figure out how to get Rose and Al to make up.”

I sighed. “If we must.”

2. Force Al and Rose to stop fighting

“Third, we have to break up Schaffer and DeAndra,” Luke added.

But, unlike I would have suspected, Eddie shook his head. “What kind of guy would I be if I tried to break them up? As much as I like her, she’s obviously happy with him and I’d feel bad ruining that, even if they’re already mad at each other.”

I hate gentlemen. “Fine.” I crossed that off our group list and added it to my personal mental one. If Eddie didn’t want to help, I would do it myself.

“Go to Hogsmeade!” Alex piped up.

“Um, Alex, we don’t need a plan for that. We just sort of go.”


I paused and wondered what other plans we needed to form. I wanted to try and figure out why Kat hated me, but I didn’t feel like explaining that all right now when I could just ask Ed for help later. “Well, I guess that’s it,” I announced.

“You made it sound a lot more dramatic than just those two problems, Jamesie,” Luke pointed out.

I sighed. “That is not the point. The point is that we have no idea what we're going to do about Malfoy?”

“Do you really have to kill him?” Eddie inquired.

I gave him my best ‘are you mental’ look. “It’s only my civic and familial duty. So, yes.”

“Well fine then. But what can you do to him? If you try to get back into the Slytherin Common Room, Minnie’ll be sure to find out, and then we’re all done for,” Alex observed.

It was true; the Slytherin Common Room was off-limits, at least until the aftermath of the prank blew over. But if I couldn’t break into their Common Room, what could I do? And suddenly, it hit me: I was mad at him for dating my cousin, so all I had to do was break the two of them up.

If I was the sneaky tattle-tale type, I would have gone straight to Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione, because Merlin knows if they found out about it, Rose would never see Scorpius again for the rest of her life. However, although I was many things, I wasn’t a tattle-tale. So that wasn’t an option. I must admit that it was quite tempting at the moment.

“Alright, here’s what I’m thinking,” I began, voicing my thoughts to the three seated on the beds around me. “What he wants is Rose, right? So to make him mad, all I need to do is, in essence, take her away.”

“That’s probably the brightest thing you’ve ever said, Jamesie.” The look on Luke’s face was too surprised to satisfy my ego.

“Well you don’t need to sound as if it’s never happened! I do tend to have bright ideas once in a while,” I pouted.

“But how do we take her away from him? They see each other every day!” Eddie inquired. He was, as usual, the annoying voice of reason.

“We could blackmail him,” Alex suggested, always one for the most intriguing method.

“With what?”

“We could threaten to tell Minnie that we found him out of his Common Room after curfew, snogging Rose in the corridor.” Luke shrugged helplessly.

“But then we’d have to say how we know that, which would lead to us admitting we were out of our own Common Room after curfew, which would lead to her being closer to being able to prove it was us who pulled the prank. Plus, as much as Rose deserves it, I don’t really want to get her in trouble.”

“Well how else are we supposed to accomplish the deed then?”

“All we have to do is figure out how to make him stop fancying her, it’s as simple as that,” I replied.

“So, make her less likeable, you mean? That doesn’t feel right.” Eddie’s bed creaked a little as he shifted around nervously.

“Well my little cousin dating a Malfoy doesn’t feel right either!” I stopped my random pacing to and fro in front of the blackboard and stalked over to my bed. “Here.” I pulled out a little paper bag from underneath it. “This is where I keep all my Wizarding Wheeze articles. My Uncle George promised to send me anything I needed if I ran out.”

“How are those going to help? We can’t pull another prank, Junior. Minnie would kill us!”

“We’re not setting off fireworks or anything. We’re just going to make Rose a little… less likeable.”

Alex’s evil little face lit up. “Puking Pastilles?” he inquired.

“No, although I suppose that wouldn’t hurt. What I have here, gentlemen, are the newest brand of Boil Bubble Gum!”

If there had been crickets in our room, they would have been chirping louder than Alex when we go to Honeyduke’s.

“Come on! Isn’t it a great idea?” I prodded.

More blank stares.

“Is that the best you’ve got, Junior?”

Before I could stick up for my semi-lame idea, there was a sharp knock on our bedroom door. “Come in,” Luke called, and the door swung open to reveal my little brother.

“Hey,” he greeted us all, picking his way through the mess and taking a seat on my vacated bed.

“Hiya, Al. It just so happens we’re in need of your help,” Ed began, giving me a dirty look. “We’ve heard you want to help us with getting Malfoy back, right?”

Al nodded. “Yeah, that’s why I came by.”

We all stared at him hopefully.

“I think I’ve got an idea,” he continued.

“Well just about anything would be better than your brother’s wise plan!” Luke exclaimed.

Al just rolled his eyes and shook his head. “I can only imagine. Look, so I was thinking. What Malfoy wants is Rose and what Rose wants is Malfoy. So all we need to do is find a way to separate them.”

“That’s what I was thinking!” I yelled, jumping up in excitement. Everyone stared at me in astonishment, so I calmed down a tad before continuing. “That’s why I wanted to give Rose Boil Bubble Gum.”

Again, Al shook his head and ignored me. “I was thinking more along the lines of a love potion.”

My mates stared at him in admiration. I just berated myself for not thinking of it first.

“But that can only last so long, right?” Alex asked, once the initial amazement had worn off.

“True, but we don’t need it to last forever, just long enough for our traitor of a cousin to realize Malfoy’s not worth it. She never has to know it was a love potion that made him infatuated with some random girl, right?” Al replied.

“Brilliant, Al, absolutely brilliant. But when we make the potion, we’re going to have to make him fall in love with someone in particular, right? Or else then he might fall in love with one of us.” Eddie made a disgusted face.

Al sighed at his incompetence. “Yes, we’ll have to make it a certain way. I suppose I’ll have to do that too."

“No, no, no!” I exclaimed. “I’ll do it!” I was extremely eager to do anything, so long as it would further our little plan.

My little brother raised an eyebrow skeptically. “You?”

“Yes, me!”

“Fine. But I wash my hands of the results.”

“Would you two stop bickering!” Luke yelled. “Seriously.”

I glared at him. “Alright then, but who are we trying to make him fall in love with?”

Luke narrowed his eyes evilly. “How about Edwina Bleazle?”


It was unanimous: the Slytherin King would be made to fall in love with perhaps the ugliest girl in the school. Nothing had ever sounded more delightful.

The Gryffindor Common Room takes on a lovely atmosphere in the evenings, less so on nights when I haven’t yet done my homework. But those nights are still lovely in their own way. It was on one of these nights that a massive problem began to brew among us Gryffindors. Namely me and one of those Gryffindors.

As a faithful member of Procrastinators United – which, now that you ask, doesn’t really exist – I was sitting on a fluffy couch with my Herbology book in my lap and my trusty little Spell-Check Quill in hand. Glancing up from the practically illegible words on the page, I noticed that Eddie had somehow wrangled a little 2nd year into playing Exploding Snap with him, and the two were intent over their game by the bookcase wall.

Luke was in the ‘Quidditch Corner,’ which was the little cluster of chairs and couches in the far corner that had been dubbed that of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Although Merlin knows we haven’t deserved it for years, bloody tossers that we are. He had a few girls on each arm for good measure and I could tell from the half-astonished, half-disgusted looks on their faces that he was telling them about his planned date with Gloria Flyaway that weekend.

Alex was nowhere in sight, and I figured that he was most likely in the kitchen, concocting some new biscuit recipe, or whatnot. He was best mates with all the house elves, because he was constantly getting them in on his ridiculous experiments.

It seemed I was on my own with the Herbology rubbish. I stared back down at the page and let my eyes roll in their sockets until the words blurred before my face. Not that they made much sense to start out with anyways. As I continued my odd antics, I was provided with another most welcome distraction in the form of two most lovely legs before my line of vision.

I let my gaze travel up the lean stems to see a plaid red-gold Gryffindor skirt, a white blouse, and House tie, all topped by a most attractive head. Those bright blue eyes and chestnut hair could hardly be anyone but-

“Potter, would you please stop staring at me like that? It’s making me nervous.”

It was, without a doubt, Kat.

“Oi! Are you in there, Potter?”

I blinked. “Yes, somewhere, I believe.”

She rolled her eyes and muttered something unintelligible.

“Excuse me?”

The same, half-hearted mumble.

“Kat, darling, I really can’t hear you. You’re going to have to speak up,” I informed her, with a kind smile.

“I need your help.” The words were so soft that, for a moment, I was certain I had imagined it.

I cleared my throat. “Perhaps I didn’t hear you correctly.”

She threw her hands up in exasperation. “You bloody heard me correctly, Potter! Now will you help me, or not?”

“Of course,” I offered hastily, patting the couch beside me, lest she change her mind and seek help elsewhere.

Somewhat stiffly, she settled herself down and handed me a book. “It’s Defense. I’m taking NEWT level.”

“Auror then?”

“No, Healer. Well, I’m hoping.”

It was the most cordial conversation we’d shared since the first day on the train. I told myself harshly to be on my best behavior so we could keep it that way. “That’s… nice. High goals, at least. But why are you asking me for help?”

She gave a soft laugh, and I loved the way it lit up her eyes. It was a side of her I never saw, and made me fancy her all the more. “Because it’s about your dad.”

That made sense. “Ah. Well, what is it you would like to know?”

Back to business, and looking relieved that she had something besides herself to focus on, she pulled the book back away from me and flipped open to the second chapter. “Right here,” she pointed to illustrate, “It says that he was the true possessor of the Elder Wand. But how is that? Didn’t the wand belong to Professor Dumbledore?”

Why did she have to ask me the one question I myself didn’t quite understand? It was one of those things I had never quite wrapped my mind around. “Erm,” I stuttered. “Well, you see.” I pondered it for a moment. “What it is, is that when Dumble- I mean, Professor Dumbledore died that night in the Astronomy Tower, he meant for Snape to end up with the wand. But because Malfoy – er, Draco Malfoy – disarmed him, the Elder Wand technically became Draco’s. When my father – Harry, of course – disarmed Draco, the possession of the Elder Wand turned over to him. So when he was battling Voldemort here at Hogwarts, the Wand actually did belong to him.”

I smiled, satisfied with the explanation.

She looked thoughtful. “That makes sense.” Tugging a piece of parchment out of the back of her textbook, she chewed on the end of her quill for a moment before scribbling something down. Glancing back up, she gave me the ghostly flash of a smile. “Thanks.” Pause. “James.”

I almost died of shock. Kat and I were getting along! She called me by my given birth name! It was too good to be true! “No problem.” In the interest of making conversation, I leaned back and cocked my head to the side. “So, you looking forward to Quidditch trials?”

Suddenly, a dark cloud of doom flew over her face. “Why are you so sure I’m trying out?"

I furrowed my brows. “Well, only because you’ve been on the team for the past four years straight, that’s all.”

She shook her head. “Look, I know you think you’re brilliant and all, but the Gryffindor team is bloody bad.”

Well, we’d be even bloody worse without you! No, I didn’t really say that. But I wanted to. Bloody pride.

“Seriously,” she continued, “if you win the House Cup this year, I’ll give you fifteen Galleons!”

My mouth fell open. She had crossed the line. The invisible line, mind you. I drew that line. How dare she cross it! “It’s a bet!” The words were out of my mouth before I could think them over, like most things I ever say.

I stuck out my hand and she took it, looking more disgusted at the act of shaking my appendage than at the prospect of losing fifteen Galleons.

“I wouldn’t try out for your Quidditch team if my life depended on it. Potter,” she spat. So, we were back to last name basis. I groaned. “Nothing you could say would make me change my mind.”

“Not if I want you to.” Again, the words just popped out.

She raised a thin eyebrow. “Are implying you’re more stubborn than me?”

“Implying? Hell no! I’m stating a fact!” I crossed my arms stubbornly in true Potter fashion and, with a most adorable yet irritating eye roll, she began to flounce away.

James! Don’t let her go! You need her on the team! a desperate little voice screamed in my head.

I bloody well know that! You think I’m going to hit my knees and grovel? Fat chance!

It appeared that the Gryffindor Quidditch team was about to lose their eighth House Cup in a row.

Author's Note: Sorry this one was so much shorter than usual. I haven't had a lot of time recently, so I wasn't able to write more. Plus, I really wanted to post something, even if it was short. Please don't hesitate to leave a review, it would make me terribly happy! Favorite quotes, please? They make me smile...

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