The next morning Dom sat at the counter in the kitchen alone, eating cereal and staring out of the open window as the elegant and ornately embroidered ivory curtains fluttered in the breeze. There was virtually nothing to do at an hour such as this, since Apolline refused to put any televisions in her home, claiming that they did nothing but rot your brain and result in adult obesity and laziness.

But even though all of that was true, she was entirely willing to risk those things right now.

Dom would’ve given anything to watch some cartoons and distract herself from thoughts of last night. She could still feel Teddy’s arm around her, still feel the cool evening wind on her face, and still hear the sea crashing in the distance.

It was driving her insane.

The sound of laughter floated in through the window at that moment, and Dom watched as her brother stumbled in through the back door with his arm slung around another boy she’d never seen before. She set her spoon down on the counter beside her bowl and folded her arms as he finally stopped laughing long enough to look up.

He quickly retracted his arm and his blue eyes widened in shock. “Dom,” Louis said, running a hand through his hair. “I- I didn’t think anyone would be awake so early.”

“Clearly,” She replied, raising an eyebrow and pointing her chin at his friend. “Who’s this?”

Louis opened his mouth to speak but the boy next to him spoke first. “I’m Giles,” He said, flashing a perfectly tanned smile and reeling her in with his silky French accent. “Louis’ –”

“– Friend.” Louis finished so hastily he practically yelled it. Dom blinked, feeling suddenly confused. He elbowed Giles in the side and shot him a look. “We, uh, met at a party last night, right?”

“Er, right,” Giles agreed uncertainly, looking as confused as Dom felt as he pulled himself up onto the counter to sit.

Her eyes flickered between the two boys before she shook her head and sighed. “Well you missed Gran’s dinner party.” Dom told him. “And yet another attempt at fishing with Dad.”

Louis picked a grape from the fruit bowl on the island and popped it in his mouth, his brows shooting up. “Oh yeah, how did that go?” He laughed, but Dominique shook her head again, walking over to deposit her bowl in the sink.

“Dad ended up hooking himself and Teddy fell out of the boat.” She smirked.

“Well, someone’s got to do it.” Louis smiled, remembering the last time he had gone fishing with his father.

A moment later Teddy entered the kitchen with their cat on his heels, walking right over to where Dom stood over the sink and poking her in the side, making her jump.

“I’ll have you know that I don’t like you telling people embarrassing things about me when I’m not around.” Dom laughed and hit him with the dishtowel as he walked over to ruffle Louis’ hair. “Nice to see that you’ve finally decided to make an appearance.” Teddy teased.

“Yeah, Mum would not have been very happy with me if I didn’t show up at some point.” He pointed out with a half-smile.

Teddy opened his mouth to reply with a grin, but the voice that spoke was not his.

“I’m sorry to interrupt this little reunion, but we have important wedding arrangements to attend to.” Everyone looked up to see Victoire sauntering into the kitchen, with a big white binder open in her hands.

Once she’d finished reading whatever it was that was written inside, she shut the binder and looked up with a smile. Giles exchanged a look with Louis as he slid down off the counter, who just shrugged and steered him out of the room with Dom, Teddy, and Victoire close in tow.


Like the dress shop two days before, the flower boutique had been closed to the public so that Victoire could do her wedding shopping in peace. If she’d felt anything the night before, when she saw Teddy and Dom playing around, it didn’t show on her face today. Today, she was all about flowers.

“Oh, these are lovely, don’t you think Victoire?” Fleur cooed over a row of assorted roses, and Victoire’s nose scrunched up in disapproval.

“Mother those are the kind of flowers people put on graves.” She snapped, before turning and continuing up the aisle. Fleur glanced at Dom next to her, who just shrugged. “We want our guests to be cheerful on the day of the wedding, not depressed.”

Fleur sighed, following her oldest daughter. “Yes, I suppose you do have a point.”

Once she was gone, Dom looked over at Teddy in the next aisle, hovering awkwardly by the tall sunflowers, running a hand over his tired face. Dom leaned across the bed of roses and whispered, “How are you holding up over there?” She laughed as he groaned, before giving her an annoyed look.

“Honestly, I’d rather be fishing with Bill again.” Teddy whispered back. “Even that wasn’t as much torture as this.” They looked up to find Vicky arguing with Fleur about the importance of color choice. Teddy sighed with exasperation.

“I know exactly how you feel.” Louis put in, sidling up next to Dom out of nowhere.

Dominique laughed and shook her head, putting her arm around her brother and kissing the top of his head as the three of them joined her mum and sister between the tulips and lilies.

“Let’s ask Teddy.” Victoire said, noticing their approach. “My mother seems to think that having white flowers would make it all look white-washed and plain, but I think they would make the wedding look simple and classic. What do you think?” Judging by the look in her eyes, it didn’t seem as though he had much of a choice.

“Well, I –”

Dom stepped in before he could form a complete sentence. “Personally, I think a little color wouldn’t kill you, Vicky.” She suggested, raising her eyebrows and shrugging, eyeing a bed of pink tulips on her right.

“Well I don’t recall anyone asking what you thought, Dominique.” Victoire snapped, pressing her lips together and narrowing her eyes, turning to further examine the pretty white lilies that had interested her before they had even decided to come over.

Louis put his hand on her arm. “Victoire, she was only trying to help you –”

“I don’t need her help!” She shouted, spinning around. “This is my wedding, not hers!” She turned on her heel and stalked off down the aisle, shoving the unsuspecting shop owner out of the way.

“I should go and make sure she doesn’t do something she’ll regret later.” Fleur told them with a sigh. “You should start getting ready for the party tonight, Dominique.” And with that, she turned and hurried off after her daughter.

Once they were alone, Louis looked up at Dominique in surprise. “Party? What party?” Louis demanded.

“Victoire’s bachelorette party.” Dom replied simply.

It took him fifteen minutes and three blocks to finally say something in response. His mouth twitched a bit at the corners. “Wait, are we talking about the same girl that just told us she wanted a simple and classic wedding twenty minutes ago?” Louis asked.

“I know what you’re thinking, Lou, but despite our sister’s goody-two-shoes demeanor, I do think this party will be really fun.” She said, brushing her hair out of her face with a smile.

“Why on earth would you think something like that?” Louis was incredulous. Dom stopped walking with a laugh, her hair blowing in the wind.

Because I’m the one that planned it!” She shouted, punching his arm playfully. “If you had been here earlier you would have known that already.”

Louis rolled his eyes but smiled with her anyway. “Alright, I’ll take your word for it, but I’m meeting Giles for lunch in an hour so I’ve got to go. Tell Gran I said I’m sorry I missed her.”

“Okay!” Dom called, waving as Louis hurried across the street. Once he’d gone, she turned to Teddy. “I don’t know about you, but I am suddenly craving ice cream.”

He looked down at her, smiling his goofy smile and his now chocolate brown eyes glinting with a mischief that never showed whenever Victoire was around. “I’ll race you. Count of three?”

“One,” She smiled.

“Two,” Dom took off running down the street instead of saying three, her hair blowing out behind her and the wind whipping at her cheeks. “Cheater!” Teddy shouted as he tore after her, their laughter filling the late-morning, summer air.

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Author's Note Thanks so much to everyone that has read and reviewed this story, I can't tell you how happy I am to see that so many people like this story already. This story is really fun for me to write, so I'm glad that you all are enjoying it as well :D Oh, and sorry about the lame chapter titles... I'm not very creative haha

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