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I walked up to the wooden door and paused, suddenly fearful. What if he didn’t like me? What if this was a big mistake? I wasn’t cut out for this…

Acting courageous, rather than a timid four year old being reprimanded for eating cookies before dinner, I lifted the brass knocker and let it strike the panel three times. I stood back to wait, my hands clammy and shaking out of nervousness. Oh Merlin, help me…

There was a bustling behind the door, muffled chatter-like noise, before it was wrenched open, revealing a beaming young man with messy jet black hair and round specs. His face lit up as he recognised his visitor.

“Padfoot! Mate, you’re here!” he said, grabbing me into a manly hug which I reciprocated – happy to see my best mate after such a horrific task. “How did it go?”

“Don’t even go there mate, it was horrible. I’m never doing a task for the Order like that again!” I winced, recalling the ominous pubs and grimy flat I’d lived in for a month just to find out if Rosier was actually a Death Eater. Funnily enough, he was.

“But you got the information, right?” James asked apprehensively, leaning against the shoe rack as I put my coat on the banister.

“Most of it, but those Death Eaters are sketchy; I think they suspected something…” I replied, casually movingover the fact that I’d nearly been cursed on my final night due to the idiots finally realising I wasn’t into Muggle killings and snake tattoos.

“Thanks for taking it, though. Lily would have killed me if I’d have missed-” he broke off as a voice called out, “James?

“Out here!” he called back, rolling his eyes at me.

There was a bang as the door at the other end of the hall flung open and a red-headed woman danced down the corridor. Then, realising that she had a visitor, she ran right into my arms, flinging her arms around my neck and squeezing me tightly. I hugged her back, her familiar smell mademe feel at home at long last.

“Sirius! You’re home! I, well, we, have been so worried!” she cried, her eyes full of tears.

“Lily – he’s fine, look.” James said happily, flicking me on the side of my head. It bloody hurt. But I smiled through the pain.

“Yes, James, I’m sure he’s even more fine after that little stunt…”

“C’mon Lily, I haven’t been able to abuse him for weeks!”

“Keep it out here though,” she warned, her eyes narrowed at him. Oh yes, that glare never failed to impress.

“Lily, do you mind? I’ve only just got back…” I interrupted, saving James from 
inevitable death by stare.

“Well, dinner’s on the stove, that’ll be ready soon and I’ll get you a cup of tea,” she huffed, pointing her finger at James and walking away. “Lily – you’re still awesome.” I called to her, picking up my bags as she turned around.

“Thought I would change?” she asked, hands on her hips.

“Nah,” I said, back pedalling. “But you’re even more awesome now.”

“Nice save,” she said, smiling brightly and walking back into the country kitchen, 
running the tap to fill the kettle. Yes, this was definitely home.

“Let’s not talk about the mission around Lily – she’s been so worried about you,” James whispered.

“Really? I couldn’t tell,” I said, winking.

“What did you expect? She’s a mother now. She’s been clucking around this bloody cottage worrying about you for weeks. Your letter nearly sent her into early labour!” James chuckled, punching me playfully.

“I did hear. I’m sorry I couldn’t be here…”

“No need to apologise – I think the Wizarding World will benefit more from the information you retrieved than the birth of our little son!” James laughed.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” I guess Dumbledore still hadn’t told him about the prophecy. They’d have to know soon – they were all in so much danger.

“So, you wanna meet him?” James asked excitedly, opening the door to the living room.

“Who?” I asked curiously.

“Harry, you idiot,” James said, raising his eyebrows at me.

“Oh, yeah, sure.” I managed, suddenly worried again. My own godson was going to hate me and I was to live under the same roof as him as he became Damien and did everything he could to push me out of the family. Little bastard. I could see it happening…

“Come on in then,” James said, watching me stand in the doorway of the cosy room. 

In the corner was a Moses basket. James was bent over it, cooing sweetly and placing his hands inside to…


Oh, no, wait, James was just picking him up. My mistake.

“Sirius, meet Harry,” he whispered quietly, cradling the swaddled child in his arms and turning him to face me. And, instead of seeing the devil incarnate, I was surprised to see a small baby. A real baby.

He opened his eyes slowly, taking in the light, before his eyes locked onto mine. They were a piercing green. Exactly like…

“Yes, we know – he has Lily’s eyes.” James said, replying to my stunned expression easily.

“You get that a lot?”

“Everyone has said it,” he sighed, nuzzling Harry’s nose. Baby Harry giggled quietly.

But it wasn’t just Lily expressed in the baby. He had his dad’s messy ebony hair already; it stuck up in odd angles from his fitful slumber. His little clenched fists looked strong and, I’m sure, mischievous.

“Here you go,” James said, plopping the kid into my own half open arms. “Keep his head up.” James smiled proudly at the sight of Harry in my arms. I looked at him nervously. “I’ll be right back.”

Harry looked stunned for a moment, his face the identical expression of mine. He’d left me with a baby! Was he that stupid?

Harry’s face contorted and his little lips began to quiver.

“Oh, no, don’t cry,” I whispered, rocking him slowly. Harry didn’t seem to like this, because his hands flew up to his face in agitation. I rocked him faster. His eyes lit up, looking at nothing in particular. He then caught sight of his own fingers and put them into his mouth. Weird kid.

Then, Harry’s eyes flew up to meet mine. And I couldn’t describe it. All of the worry and fear of meeting him and waiting for him was gone. My legs felt numb and my mouth turned into a lop-sided grin. Harry smiled back and gurgled happily, his arms outstretched and pawing at my chest.

“Mate, that’s my necklace. You can’t have that…” I said, pulling the chain away from him. The ring was still there ever since the funeral, dangling from the chain. I would keep it here on my chest forever so I could keep the promise I had made to her. Although she was far from me, she would always be close to my heart.

My eyes began to spill tears at the thought. No, I can’t think about the end, I’m looking at the beginning.

Harry grabbed my finger and wrapped his tiny hand around it, pulling lightly.

“You trying to start a fight, mate?” I said, laughing at him. “C’mon then!” I pulled his little fist into a roundhouse, right into the palm of my hand. Harry laughed again, his hands excitedly patting my own open palms.

“You know what, kid, you’re not too bad.” Harry kept laughing and gurgling. I rocked him again and twisted around on the spot. He squealed in delight, and I was lost in this moment. I hardly noticed Lily and James return and perch on their couch, looking up at us affectionately.

I grasped Harry under the arms and brought him right up to my face – we were looking at each other with confusion. Then he sneezed delicately, his nose crinkling up and his emerald eyes hiding behind his furrowed brow. “Nice,” I said, wrinkling my own nose in fake disgust.

“You know what, James…” I said, still watching Harry as his lips turned into a funny little smile. I went to complete my own sentence, but Harry beat me to it. His body twitched in discomfort and a small rumbling came from inside him. Then, with an almighty burp, the contents of his last feed spewed out of him and onto my dusty robes. I looked at his innocent expression and laughed. What a kid. Such a Marauder.

“I think we’re gonna get on just fine.”

I winked at Harry and he gurgled happily. Yes, we were gonna get on just fine.

A/N1: I hope you enjoyed this. I had a random moment that I wanted to write about. It has no link to Lost and Found, it's just generally how I would imagine Sirius to have met Harry by JK's standards! (",) Leave me a review, I have a million ideas for more one-shots!

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