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Kristen threw yet another book to the floor in frustration in the Potter library, always quick to pick them and repair any damages as they were most likely some old family heirloom.

She scowled at the wall, wondering if this was the life Lily and Remus lead. If so, it was no wonder they were both in foul moods half the time, she’d only been searching two weeks and she was already set to burn down the whole Potter library.

She checked the clock again. There was going to be a meeting in Knockturn Alley at 10:30 p.m. She would need to apparate (courtesy of her shiny new apparition license) at around 10:15 to get to Borgin and Burkes from the Leaky Cauldron in time.

It was nearing ten. Sirius and James thought she was getting ready, but she had stolen away from her room to the library once more. She knew that if they found out that’s was where she’d been running off to they would ask an innumerable amount of questions.

It was just so damn frustrating! Ever since Winston had brought up, the question had been plaguing her incessantly. Just how did Voldermort plan on living forever when it was supposed to be impossible? Dumbledore said he was taking the threat seriously, but so far he had put no effort into it. He didn’t seem to think it was possible, just like every other normal wizard and witch.

So far, she had found very little to work with. Anytime one of the many tombs in the library even hinted at something dark and powerful to keep a man alive forever, they would immediately declare the evilness of it and completely veer of track. It was infuriating.

She knew what she needed was a book that would talk about that kind of thing without reserve: a book that reveled in the Dark Arts instead of shy away from them. She needed a book that Voldermort would read…

She snorted at the very idea. If anyone saw her with that it would be all over. She wouldn’t be the golden child anymore, she would be the stupid girl that got caught up in Voldermort’s power. She would be a real Death Eater.

She shivered at the thought and stood reluctantly, deciding that she might as well go now. No point in waiting around for Sirius or James to find her. By the sounds of it, they were already screaming through the house to pin point her location. She seriously needed to talk to them about not breaking into her room.

She carefully situated herself quite a few meters from the library before shouting, “I’m right here morons! You can stop searching.”

She heard a great clatter as she came running down the stairs. “Where have you been?” James demanded to know, looking around suspiciously.

Kristen rolled her eyes heavily. “I was in the bathroom, give me a break.”

“For twenty minutes?” Sirius asked unbelievingly.

Kristen always hated to pull this card, but quickly found it necessary as James and Sirius seemed keen on being completely informed. “Sirius, when a girl has her time of the month –”

“Shut up!” James yelled, clapping his hands over his ears.

She grinned in triumph. Ah, the perks of being a girl.

“Don’t you have to go or something?” Sirius asked irritably, not nearly as affected by the reference as most boys were.

“In a minute. I can just apparate there, so I don’t need to leave too early,” She smirked at him, having used every chance possible recently to rub it in his face that he had failed his own test.

Sirius scowled at her, having been in a sour mood ever since that disastrous afternoon. “I figured you’d be getting all dressed up to see your stupid boyfriend.”

“You promised to be civil Sirius,” Kristen reminded him.

“That is civil!” Sirius fought. “I used to call him much worse than ‘stupid’.”

“Speaking of Stupid, my parents want to meet him. I heard them talking about it.” James told her, still a little bitter about the embarrassment she had had inflicted upon moments earlier.

The color drained from Kristen’s face. “What? Why?”

James shrugged. “They feel all protective of you I guess. They take this whole guardianship thing pretty seriously. That’s the only reason they agreed to the guards.”

Kristen sighed heavily, pushing her fingers back through her hair in frustration. There was no reason for James to bring that up, again. She was perfectly aware that the only reason the Order members were there was to keep her and her sisters safe. It had taken a great deal of swallowed pride on her guardians part, though one would never have known that by simply watching. The Potters had readily agreed to the extra measures. She supposed they just saw it as part of their duty now to keep an eye on whom Kristen dated.

“Which one of you ratted me out?” Kristen demanded with her hands on her hips threateningly.

James immediately pointed at Sirius, knowing that avoiding her wrath was well worth having Sirius’s.

“Why am I not surprised?” Kristen muttered, briskly walking past him, hoping that he would know to stay out of her way. Almost every other time she had done this though; he had invariably done or said something stupid. Tonight, however, he stayed silent.

She had no idea why that irked her.

She was still angry as she applied the glamour charms, which resulted in a rather odd shade of brown. Mostly, she was angry that she was angry. This indifference was driving her insane! Ever since that stupid pact, he really had been civil. The only time he had brought up Winston, at least in front of her, had been the whole Beatles incident.

The mirror suddenly cracked. That jolted Kristen from her reverie. She hadn’t realized just how angry she had become. She quickly repaired it before shoving a few sickles and knuts in her pocket and grabbing a dark cloak, standard attire for Knockturn Alley even in the middle of summer.

As usual, the place was creepy as Hell. Even Diagon Alley had been slightly frightening to walk through in the pitch black. At least no one had been there to add to the shadows though. Knockturn Alley was full of sick thieves and murderers to leer at her in the dark.

She nearly sprinted the rest of the way to Borgin and Burkes. On the way back, she could simply apparate outside the store. The only reason she didn’t apparate there was due to the fact that she had learned the hard way that you should never, ever, apparate into a hoard of Death Eaters. Very bad idea. That resulted in several entertaining stories for dear Bella.

She nodded absently to the shop keeper, who knew not to say a word to them. The poor man was absolutely terrified of the Death Eaters, one of the reasons Dumbledore didn’t find it necessary to turn him in.

“Hello Kristen!” Lucius greeted her jovially, one of the few to call her by her real name. It was hard to forget that night on the grounds with him, but ever since Winston had come along, Lucius had been considerably upbeat around her. “How’s summer been?”

“Super,” She answered, trying to keep the sarcasm in check. She scanned the room filling with people, not seeing her favorite head of blonde hair upon first inspection with heart break. He was always one of the first ones there.

“He’s on an errand,” Lucius told her, recognizing her usual searching.

Kristen turned to him, knowing that she probably shouldn’t reveal just how unaware of this she was, but unable to stop herself. “Errand? What do you mean, ‘errand’?”

Lucius seemed completely nonplussed about her curiosity. “I don’t know the specifics. Stuff for the Dark Lord, he does them all the time. Usually not during a meeting though, it’s a little strange.”

Breathe Kristen, it’s not going to help anything if you have a panic attack.

“What kind of stuff?” Kristen pressed.

Lucius was beginning to pick up on her off behavior, but he answered nonetheless. “He never elaborates on it. I know he makes visits to people, enemies of the Dark Lord. I don’t know how many of them he’s killed, quite a few I’d imagine, but some of the others he just delivers messages to I believe.”

Breathe woman! You must breathe!!!

“Of course. I’d never heard him refer to it as ‘errands’.” A pitiful excuse for the appearance of unease, but Lucius wasn’t what you would call incredibly bright.

Her informant nodded absently, surveying the multitude of people. The Death Eaters were growing at an astounding pace in recent months. When she had been instated, there had been perhaps fifteen that were intricately involved, with a quite a few more on the outskirts. The number had since then tripled, with nearly fifty on every raid and involved in the plannings. It seemed like a huge risk on Voldermort’s part to involve to so many, but apparently that was a risk he was willing to take.

She shakily sat down, putting her head between her knees as was custom for panic attacks. This could not be happening. Winston could not be the freaking personal assistant to the most evil being in the history of magic. She should have seen this! How had she never caught wind of this in the months he’d been a full fledged member.

Because you didn’t want to hear it’ she answered herself. ‘You didn’t want to admit that you could be wrong and that this really was a death wish.’

“Alaracia, are you okay?” A concerned girl laid a hand on her back.

This was the very thing she hated most. The way Death Eaters could be people. Just like Winston was. Only they murdered on the side.

“I think I’m sick,” Kristen answered quite honestly.

“I don’t think we’re discussing anything important tonight, you can probably go,” the girl, Leah, said too kindly for what she was. “If anything is said that you should know, I can always find you and relay it back.”

Kristen shook her head weakly. She couldn’t miss a meeting for something as silly as a homicidal boyfriend. Moody would skin her alive. “I’ll be fine,” She told Leah half heartedly. “I just… Knockturn Alley gives me the creeps, you know? I always get a bit funny when I come down here.”

To her intense relief, Leah laughed. “I get that, it gives me the creeps too.”

Oxymoronic Death Eaters were really starting to give Kristen whiplash. It was getting ridiculous.

Leah walked away after a few moments of silence to let Kristen fall to pieces in relative privacy. She barely listened to the meeting. A string of rather foul words were running through her mind and it seemed to cloud every other coherent thought. They were talking more about the infiltration at the ministry, she got that. It was all about private donors, or bribers as they were better known among the Order. Many of the Death Eaters were wealthy, the product of old, pureblood money.

Now that she had gotten something, she was free to go to pieces once more.

“I really think you should go home,” Leah was once again beside her, kneeling down with a gentle hand on Kristen’s knee.

She only nodded in response, not even sure she could walk in this condition. She had always had the faint suspicion that this would end badly and that Winston would turn and become just like the rest of them.

Suddenly, she was being lifted. Leah had one arm around her, helping her out of the chair. “Alaracia, you look ready to pass out. You can miss one meeting, the Dark Lord won’t hear of it.”

Kristen allowed herself to be led from the dank room and out onto the, if rather foul smelling, airy walkway outside Borgin and Burkes. “You’ll be alright getting home, yeah?” Leah asked with concern.

“I’ll be fine,” she answered, hoping it was true. “Thank you Leah.” She added.

Leah smiled brightly, the very same one she probably used when a mudblood was killed. “Anytime. Feel better.”

“Unlikely,” Kristen muttered, taking deep breaths as she leaned against the shop front, hardly noticing the grime that covered it. She at least had the mental capabilities left to know that she needed to get out of there, and fast. Men in dark cloaks were already beginning to swarm her. It probably wasn’t the best idea to apparate when her mind was in this sort of disarray, but she really had no choice.

“Concentrate,” She whispered to herself, shutting her eyes tightly against the nightmares that were creeping closer. She felt the pressure begin, her lungs being squeezed of any air and all of her muscles contracting painfully. Every apparition, no matter how many times she did it, felt as if it lasted eternity.

She opened her eyes, ready for the comfort of the Potter manor. There would be a roaring fire, there would be James and Sirius there to plan Winston’s death, and there would be Mrs. Potter to hold her hand when it was done.

Instead, she saw a very cold looking house. It was also incredibly bright, as if midday instead of nearly midnight. She looked around wearily, taking in the incredibly green grass as well as the cliff that was close to the house, bordering a deep fjord.

Immediately she went to the door and began pounding incessantly at it. If her subconscious was going to take her Winston’s house, then she might as well get it over with.

* * *

Winston held back the bile that threatened to come up, instead turning away and trying to think of anything that would distract him.

Instantly, his favorite distraction came up. Her face was radiant, so full of truth and love. No matter that she refused to say it, he knew she was in love with him. It was just harder for some people to say than for others. For Winston, it came naturally. He was in love with her, and so he told her. He knew from the beginning that Kristen was not comfortable at all with saying how she felt. That was just who she was though, and he could never condemn her for being herself.

“Finished here,” his brute comrade said, dragging their newest charge to the back of the alley so that it would stay undiscovered for at least a few hours.

“That’s it for tonight then. We’ve done our job.” Winston said curtly, always sure to keep it as business like as possible. He was not going to form a personal relationship with these mercenaries if he could help it.

The brute nodded to him, Winston was fairly sure his name was Goyle, though he couldn’t be sure. After awhile, all the Death Eaters began to look the same, he could hardly distinguish one from the other.

He sighed to himself for what must have been the hundredth time that night. He did not enjoy this job. It weighed heavily on his conscience at every hour of the day, it was hard to smile anymore. True, the people he had to deal usually deserved what was coming to them. They were most likely murders already who had simply angered the Dark Lord and were now paying the price. Watching Goyle finish them off was never easy though.

He apparated home, ready to lay in his bed and try to forget the day, a frequent occurrence over the past few months. The only good days he could pin point out of those months were the days with Kristen, which were few and far between.

He looked in confusion at the ajar door. His mother should already be in bed. His father regularly stayed up until the wee hours of the morning working on business, but he was in Oslo at the moment. He rarely came to their northern cabin.

“I don’t care if you hate me! I want to see Ranulf this instant!”

“He is not here you stupid girl, as I have told you!”

“Where is he then? You’re the bitch that got him wrapped up in this, surely you keep tabs on your precious wizard son!”

“You are speaking to royal blood! Hold your tongue you foul British girl!”

What the Hell was Kristen doing in his house?

Winston rushed inside to see his mother, clad in her robe, and Kristen staring each other down. Kristen looked furious, which he could have guessed from her tone. His mother did too, but that happened whenever she was forced to speak English.

“There he is!” His mother yelled, gesturing angrily to her son. She then turned to Winston and said, “Du skall ikke ser hun igjen! Her du meg?”

Winston waved her off, more concerned as to why Kristen would be in his house in the middle of the night. “What is going on?” He asked quickly.

“Hun komte her og sert –

“Shut up!” Kristen screeched. “I don’t speak Norwegian you fucking moron! I don’t want you to talk about me right in front of me so just shut up!”

Winston was rather startled to here Kristen call his mother such a profane name. “Calm down! Just tell me what’s wrong!”

He very quickly wished he hadn’t drawn attention back to himself. Kristen’s gaze was fiery, and it shocked him so much that he was not even able to throw up his hands to stop her from punching him square in the jaw.

“You want to know what’s wrong? What’s wrong is that you are the fucking personal assistant to my father! You’re doing his assassinations or something! How much have you told him about me?” She demanded to know, now holding her wand for a better attack.

Winston held up his hands in what he hoped she would see as surrender so that he could at least explain himself before she cursed him. “I’ve told him nothing Kristen! How could you think I would do that to you?”

“Well, when Lucius tells me that you’re doing the Dark Lord’s killings it’s not really that hard to imagine you as one of them!” Kristen seethed, breathing heavily with anger, but also looking near tears.

“Let me explain,” Winston pleaded. “It’s not exactly what you think.”

“So you’re not his errand boy?”

Winston was silent for a moment, contemplating if it was better to lie in the beginning to get her to calm down. “No, I’m not. What you heard from Lucius is probably a gross misconception.”

Just as he had hoped, her wand lowered ever so slightly. That was a good sign. She was eager to be disproved. That would make this slightly easier. “I still want an explanation. Why weren’t you at the meeting tonight?”

“Hun kan ikke snakker til deg liker det! Hun er ikke velkommen her!” His mother interjected.

“Jeg kan ikke snakker til deg nå.” Winston told in her exasperation.

His mother huffed and stormed out of the room in the true Duchess Miriam Thorbjørnsen manner. He rolled his eyes at her theatrics, quite thankful he hadn’t inherited that gene.

“Sit down,” Winston said, gesturing to wooden chair while sitting heavily into one himself, grateful to be off his feet.

Kristen looked suspiciously at the chair, as if expecting it to be booby trapped. Instead of heeding his words, she crossed her arms tightly across her chest. “I’m waiting.” She reminded him stoically.

Winston took a deep breath, resting his arms on the table as he thought carefully about what to say. He was fluent on most levels in her language, but he could not find the right words, though he doubted he would know what to say even in his native tongue. “I wasn’t at the meeting tonight because I was doing something else on the Dark Lord’s orders. I was delivering a message, so to speak.”

These words did not make Kristen relax in the slightest. If anything she became tenser.

“Lucius was right,” Winston said slowly, and then quickly added, “In a sense, that is. I do not kill, but I let them know that that’s what is coming for them.”

“So you let people die,” Kristen breathed, looking heartbroken.

“I have no choice!” Winston fought readily, standing up to be near her. “I do not kill, I have never taken a life Kristen! The people I speak with deserve death! They are the worst of criminals! They are one’s who have promised the Dark Lord something and not followed through! Be it a murder of their own or ministry information, they are traitors!”

“And since when have you been God? You do not have the authority to pick and choose who deserves to die!” Kristen shouted at him.

“What do you suggest I do Kristen? Tell the Dark Lord ‘no’?”

“What will you tell him when he asks about me then?” Kristen demanded to know, getting dangerously close to him and jabbing him in the side with her wand menacingly.

“That is different,” Winston sighed, knowing he could not blame her for being angry now. She had every right to be worried, though it seriously wounded him that she did. He had told her he loved her on multiple occasions, yet she seemed incapable of grasping that he was being honest.

“No it is not! You constantly underestimate him Winston! He will torture you until you have no choice!”

“I would die rather than give you up!” Winston suddenly declared, surprising even himself by the resolution behind it.

Kristen shook her head sadly. “No, you won’t. You won’t even tell me what Voldermort is making you do. That was the deal from the beginning, that you must tell me everything.”

He grabbed her arm, knowing that look too well. “I was ashamed! I didn’t want you to know what I was doing! Can you blame me for wanting to remain pure in your eyes?”

He watched her carefully as she stared at the floor. Then, so slowly it was almost painful, she put a gentle hand upon the one he was using to hold on to her. “No, I cannot blame you for that.”

Winston felt air rush back to his lungs and a smile spread wide across his face. They were going to get through this. He had never known when he approached her at Bella’s wedding that it would turn into this. That he would fall in love with a girl that would stick with him through Hell.

“But Dumbledore can,” She continued, taking his hand from her arm and holding it tightly. “I can’t…I can’t put the Order at risk Winston. I’m so sorry.”

As she walked out the door, Winston felt everything inside of him fall to pieces. All for her.

* * *

“The Bloody Hell?” Sirius grumbled, sitting up groggily. He looked to the clock on the wall. It was two in the morning. He’d only been in bed an hour or so, having waited with everyone else, save Belle and Bridget, for Kristen to get back. Ever since that one catastrophic meeting, it had become habit for most in the know to wait for her.

She hadn’t said much that night, just that it had been a long, tiring meeting. The tears were apparently courtesy of Bella, though Kristen had been able to hide them until she got back. Once inside the house she had burst into tears, not coherent enough to explain further. Mrs. Potter had convinced him to let her simply get it out in privacy, as that was usually easiest for a girl. Sirius felt like he knew a great deal about girls, and that was most certainly not what he would have done with Kristen. However, he had to concede that Mrs. Potter might know a bit more.

Now though, someone was pounding on the door in the middle of the night. It was a wonder the aurors hadn’t stopped whoever the person was and simply alerted Mr. and Mrs. Potter. There was supposed to be at least one at night, though some nights there were none to spare. Sirius could only assume tonight was one of those nights.

He walked out into the hallway to see James scratching his head blearily. He looked quite put out by whoever was being rude enough to wake them in the middle of the night.

“Maybe it’s Remus or Pete. God knows none of you ever show up at a proper hour,” James grumbled, holding his wand at the ready.

His parents were already at the door. Mr. Potter gallantly approached it first, calling out, “Who is it?”

“It’s Winston Thorbjørnsen! I need to talk to Kristen immediately, it’s very important! Please let me in!” He shouted through the door.

Mr. and Mrs. Potter looked at each other wearily. Sirius stared at the door with heady loathing from his spot at the top of the staircase. “I know her secret. I know she is the daughter of the Dark Lord! And I know -”

Mr. Potter yanked open the door and gave him a vicious glare. “That is not something to shout boy.”

“Whatever.” Winston stepped in quickly, not even seeming to notice their presence. “Where is she? It’s urgent!”

“I do not want to see him,” Sirius suddenly heard Kristen behind him. She stayed hidden in the shadows, careful to stay out of his view. “Make him leave Sirius.”

Sirius grinned brightly. He had suddenly got permission to finally make this boy pay. Right now, he didn’t even care why.

“You’re going down pretty boy,” Sirius advanced on him giddily.

Winston rolled his eyes. “Look, normally, I thoroughly enjoy our flirtatious banter, but now’s not the time.”

Despite the situation, James burst out laughing, mostly because of the utterly affronted look on Sirius’s face. “What’s so important that you need to tell her? I can relay it,” James told him, having become seriously more at ease with him since Sirius lost the need to beat him up upon contact.

“I need to tell her that I am not going to let it end like this. I once told her this would end well, and I intend to uphold my word,” Winston said.

James frowned a little. “I thought it was going to be something exciting about Voldermort. That’s a shame.”

“What’s going on?” Belle asked, yawning loudly with Bridget right by her side.

“Get back,” Kristen told them harshly, pulling them into her cover.

Winston was instantly alerted by her voice, simultaneously relieved and hurt. “You seriously think I’m going to try and kidnap your sisters? I’m sorry I kept something from you Kristen, but that does not mean I’m evil!”

“I do not know what to think anymore!” Kristen fought, her depression having turned into anger at the turn of events.

“I made a mistake!” Winston said, holding his wand out against Sirius, who was creeping closer by the second.

“Sirius, stop,” Mrs. Potter told him sternly. “Winston is very valuable to the Order. He is under our protection.”

Winston looked at her, clearly startled. “I have the Order’s protection? You mean…I have an out?”

“He. Is. A. Death Eater.” Sirius told them roughly, really getting rather tired of having to tell people this over and over again.

“Exactly,” Mr. Potter said. “He passes information that is not readily available to Kristen to her.”

“Though I’m not sure you want to use us as an out,” Mrs. Potter told him gently. “You can’t really run. Any life you have will have to be in hiding.”

“He is no longer under our protection,” Kristen told them, giving harsh orders for her sisters to stay back before going down the stairs to meet him. She was careful to keep her gaze cool and emotionless. “He must go.”

“Kristen, we cannot turn him away, not with what he knows,” Mr. Potter warned her.

“He won’t betray me,” she said quietly. “But we can no longer rely on him. He does not pass along everything.”

“Stop talking to me like I’m just part of your job!” Winston demanded, taking one step closer but smart enough to stop at that. Sirius had not lowered his wand. “Talk to me like the man that loves you! For once I want you to forget work!”

“I can’t! How many times must I tell you that?” Kristen yelled. She vaguely noticed Mrs. Potter look around her living room in worry at what was about to be broken. “You are work Winston! That’s all you’ve ever been!”

“Don’t piss him off idiot,” James told her, whapping her on the back of the head and relishing in the horrified looks he received from Sirius and Winston. “He’s kind of in a better bargaining position than you.”

“I’m not bargaining anything. No matter what happens, I will not betray her!” Winston shouted in exasperation. “I want that off the table.”

“Well then, I can curse you with no qualms about it,” Sirius said happily, ready to have another go at him.

Winston was not one to lose his temper, but it seemed that anytime Sirius was involved, it invariably happened. “Just because you’re in love with her does not mean you can bar me from trying to talk to her! It’s your own damn fault you haven’t done anything about it!”

“I’m not in love with her!” Sirius shouted back reflexively.

Winston harshly laughed at that. “That letter did more than list off every time you’ve let your guard down around her. Even a moron could see what was going on! You should just be glad I haven’t felt the need to show Kristen.”

“Leave Sirius out of this,” Kristen brought the attention back to her, knowing that the only thing that could come out of their conversation was several broken bones. “Sirius is not in love with me. He loves me, yes, and I love him, but not like that. He’s protective.”

Winston was happy to let her keep on believing that, so didn’t push it. “Kristen, I love you more than anything in the world! I wish I would have told you sooner, really, I do, but I was ashamed! I promise to tell you everything from now on! I swear by everything that is good and holy to me.”

There was silence. Sirius looked quickly between them. Winston really did look sorry, he would give him that, but then he supposed most Death Eaters had to be really good actors. The more troubling face was Kristen. As she stared at him, it softened. There was no more anger, only longing.

Once, Sirius had not only allowed her to be with Winston, but pushed for it. Back when it was ‘safe’. Right now, her happiness was second, her safety first.



Only it was not Winston that threw up the shield. Kristen had been the one to shield him from danger. So many times, she had stepped in front of him. In front of Dumbledore and the Order, in front of the Death Eaters, and in front of her friends: she had been there every time.

“You have every right Sirius, I know,” Kristen told him, standing in front of Winston protectively. “Believe me, I know right now you should be saying ‘I told you so’. But…even though, rationally, I should say ‘no’ to him, I can’t. There’s nothing rational in what we have.”

“So you’re just going to go back to him?” Sirius shouted, looking nearly wild. It simply didn’t make sense. How could she feel anything for him when he put her even closer to death every moment?

Sirius hated himself at that moment when Kristen’s tears began to run down her face. “I can’t choose! Stop making me do it Sirius, I beg you!”

No one could honestly expect him to deny something to the girl he loved.

He could say nothing in fear of a resounding ‘no’ escaping him. Instead he took a deep breath and turned to go back to bed and try to forget this.

James stopped him with a worried expression. “Now mate, you need to do it now. Rip the band-aid.”

Sirius gruffly pushed his arm away. He didn’t need distractions right. It was taking every ounce of brain power he possessed to make his feet go away from her and that thing.

Kristen stared after him. Not so sure that what she was doing was right. On the one hand, she loved Winston, she could admit that to herself now. On the other hand, she loved Sirius. But they were two totally different loves, and she didn’t know which to serve.

*    *    *

So, originally, it wasn't that long. The plan was to break after she left the house, but I learned my lesson the last time you thought they broke up. I though it best not to get your hopes up only to dash them next week.

I sincerly hope you're not angry at the turn of events, though I'm pretty sure most of you are. Just think, that magical moment will now seem all the sweeter. ; )

So here's your quote for the next chapter. I will try and get it up next week. Now that I know you are all capable of leaving ten reviews though, I feel a little better about the story, and am just about as eager as you to get into 7th year.

“Come on Jamesy, I just want to have fun!” - Lily Evans

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