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A/N: Hey guys! I am so so so sorry it's taken me so long to post. I've been so caught up with my Childcare course, its unbelievable. I'm trying to update as quick as possible, i hope you haven't forgotten about my story! Don't forget to review and tell me what you think, thanks heaps for your patients guys.
All my love,
Nicki. xxx

Chapter Four


Draco didn’t want to read the letter the owl was holding… he saw her reaction in the Quidditch pitch, she was shocked, but about what stumped him.


Draco got changed into his dark green silk pajamas and flopped down onto his bed with the intention of falling asleep and answering the letter tomorrow morning. But just as he closed his eyes, the owl swooped over to his bed and started hooting. Extremely agitated Draco snatched the letter and threw the owl out the window and shut it so it couldn’t get back in. He then sat down on his bed and opened the letter.


I can’t believe you kissed Potter, you should have told me you where gay Draco, then I wouldn’t have bothered talking to you!

That Granger girl and the Weasley boy didn’t seem too pleased about it, but Potter looked like he was happy. Are you two a couple now? I can’t believe you would do that to me! I thought you loved me too Draco, I don’t want to stop loving you even though you broke my heart! Can we meet up somewhere and I’ll change your mind, I promise! I'm just asking for one chance, and if you really are gay then… we can sort out an agreement.




Draco just threw the letter onto the floor not bothering to re-read it or reply, he was thankful she thought he was gay, now she won’t bother him. Thinking about it now, Draco realized it probably did look like they were kissing! He definitely didn’t want to have to meet up with her; how she would change his mind was beyond him. Draco had a slim idea what she meant by it, but wasn’t too sure if his mind was getting out of control and thinking crazy, so he changed the thoughts to something more interesting… Potter.


Draco thought about Harry for a while, and what it would be like to kiss his soft lips, he was too worried earlier to think of their texture… he then wondered what Hermione's would be like… her lips always looked so smooth and kissable. He often found himself thinking of what it would be like to kiss them. He knew they were a couple… but he couldn’t help himself, and seeing as he had been thinking about it so often, he had forgotten he shouldn’t be thinking about them at all.


When Draco woke up the next morning he had a massive headache and started rolling around like a 5 year old having a temper tantrum because their parent wouldn’t buy them candy. He then got up slowly, making sure he wasn’t going to make it worse. He peeked around the room; the fat lumps in the blankets told him that Crabbe and Goyle were still dead to the world in their beds. Crabbe and Goyle were so massive that their beds looked more like baby cots. Draco hurried down to the bathrooms with a pair of clean robes and his special towel that had a silver “D” sewn into the green fabric, he turned on the water and adjusted it to be hot, but not so it burned, just right to make it relaxing and hopefully make his headache disappear.


After Draco showered and dressed he examined himself in the mirror. He didn’t get the same confidence he used to when he stared at himself, although he was happy that the scars were fading, still very purple and visible, but faded. He touched the scar under his left eye, and watched the colour drain out of it as he applied pressure, you could barely see it when it blended back into his normal pale tone, he lifted his finger and the purple colour came rushing back. Draco then went downstairs; through the common room full of chatting students already awaken. It seemed these days, every time Draco walked into a room; everything went quiet, like they were talking about him. It was either that, or they didn’t want him listening to what they were saying… or maybe both. He ignored the usual silence and went straight to the Great Hall for breakfast.


‘Come on mate, just for a little while!’ Harry begged Draco at lunch.


‘Mate, I’m not feeling up for it.’ Draco replied.


‘Please Draco!’ Hermione chimed in.


‘Alright One game and that’s it!’ Draco surrendered.


The three of them headed out to the Quidditch pitch where Ron was already waiting and in his Quidditch robes. Draco went and into the Slytherin change-rooms and started to undress, he stared into the mirror at his deranged face again, it looked almost fake. Draco stared into the mirror, he had being doing it a lot lately, trying to think of ways to make himself not look so scary.


As Draco slid off his pants he noticed a face in the mirror other than his own. He jumped and spun around.


‘Who’s there?’ The blond boy demanded.


No body answered so he quickly finished dressing. After Draco fixed his hair he scrunched up his face and let out a deep sigh.


‘No better today…’ he whispered and walked out into the light.


Harry and Ron where on their broomsticks zooming around the pitch when Draco emerged from his change room. Harry had the quaffle in his hands, and threw it to the zooming red haired blob that caught it and almost fell off his broom.


‘Hurry up Draco! We thought we might just practice,’ Ron yelled. Even though Draco knew Ron was still angry about having him in their little group, he was happy that Ron was warming to him, even though it’s taken so long.


Hermione sat watching while the three boys zoomed around throwing the quaffle and hitting bludgers. Harry and Draco were talking about something then Draco suddenly zoomed down to Hermione and jumped off his broom right in front of her. ‘Ta-Da!’ Draco yelled as he put his hands in the air. ‘Impressive’ Hermione said smiling. ‘Hermione?’ Draco asked as he sat next to her on the bench. ‘Yes?’ she said looking at Draco suspiciously. ‘Want to have a ride of my broom?’ Draco offered. Hermione looked shocked. ‘Pardon…?’ she glanced at Draco's broom then at Draco nervously. ‘Have a ride, its fun… really. It’s not that hard.’ Hermione was quiet for a few moments ‘can you ride it with me?’ she asked nervously. ‘Sure!’


Draco stood up and put his left leg over the broom, moved back so Hermione could get on the front if it and then tapped his broom for her to come over. ‘Jump on!’ Draco exclaimed. Hermione put her book down and walked to Draco, hesitantly she got on the front of the broom. ‘What now?’ she asked nervously. ‘Okay, first we push off, and you’re at the front, which means your controlling the broom okay? Once we are in the air, you lean forward to go, but only a little bit or we will go straight back down, and not gracefully… then once your moving, you just tilt the broom ever so slightly to the way you want to go. Got all that?’ Draco said confidently. Hermione was shaking, ‘yeah… got it, don’t let go of me though okay?’ she said as she grabbed Draco’s arms and put them on her waist. ‘I promise.’ Draco said sweetly.


‘One, two… three… push!’ Draco counted. Hermione pushed off at the right time and they flew up into the air. ‘Oh my god Draco, we are too high, go down, go down! You didn’t tell me how to go back down. Draco please don’t let me go!’ Hermione squealed. ‘Hermione! RELAX!’ Draco yelled over the top of her. Hermione was almost hyperventilating she was that scared. ‘Relax Hermione, I’ve got you… I’m not letting you go, I promised didn’t I?’ Draco whispered. ‘Okay… I trust you Draco.’ After Hermione was breathing a normal pace, Draco started instructing her.


‘Okay, lean forward, only a tiny bit.’ Draco was holding her waist tightly and was pushed against her back. Hermione slightly moved forward and they started moving. ‘Good, you’re doing fine.’ Draco encouraged. ‘Turn right,’ Draco moved his hands from her waist to the front of the broom so she was locked in between his arms. Hermione tilted the broom right and they gracefully moved around, they were now facing Ron and Harry who were watching in amazement, they had been trying to get Hermione on a broom for years, and Draco did it in seconds.


‘Okay, lean forward a bit more and we will go a bit faster.’ Draco whispered, trying to keep her calm. After a while Hermione was flying it all by herself, but every time Draco tried to move his hands away Hermione would yell for him to put them back. Draco enjoyed being pressed against Hermione… she was so slim; her hair brushing against his face was so soft and smooth. Over the years her hair had been tamed and was in soft curls and a lot longer. Not her old fuzzy sheep-like hair.


‘I'm going to move my hands away now okay? You can do this Hermione’ Draco slowly moved his hands away from in front of her and put then behind himself to keep himself balanced. Hermione wasn’t screaming just yet so Draco didn’t put his arms back. ‘Go a little faster Hermione, you can do it.’ Hermione was starting to get a lot of confidence and picked up the pace, in no time they were flying around the pitch with Harry and Ron now down on the bench watching in awe.


‘Draco! Watch this!’ Hermione said confidently, she pushed forward on the broom and they shot off going way too fast. Hermione was screaming in confidence not fear. Draco held on tighter than he had before, he was scared that Hermione would crash into something.


‘Hermione! Slow down!’ Harry yelled from the benches. He had jumped onto his broom and was flying to catch up. ‘Stop Hermione you’re going to crash!’ he screamed over the wind. Draco looked at Harry, he looked fearful for his girlfriend… Harry looked so loveable when he was scared… Draco then heard several things at once, Ron screaming, Harry falling to the ground and a loud thud, then felt the worst pain in his right leg he had ever felt.


Draco looked up, Hermione was crying and holding her arm, Harry was screaming in pain and Ron was running over to them. ‘What the hell where you thinking Hermione? Going that fast! Where you trying to kill yourself, and Draco? You stupid, stupid girl!’ Ron bellowed at Hermione. ‘Oh shut the hell up Ronald, you stupid prat! Can’t you see we are all hurt? Go get Madam Pomfrey before I hex you to look like a troll!’ She screamed. Ron didn’t need telling twice, he jumped on his broom and flew away towards the castle.


‘Hermione, Harry, are you okay?’ Draco sat up… way too quickly, his leg burned with pain and he started to cry.


‘I think I broke my arm!’ Hermione cried.


‘I think it’s my ribs that are broken!’ Harry screamed in pain.


‘I think my leg is broken!’ Draco cried.


The three of them looked around and started to laugh, not and entertained kind of laugh. But a stupid situation where everyone ends up getting hurt kind of laugh. They were all laughing and crying when Madam Pomfrey turned up with Ron.


‘I find nothing amusing about this situation you three!’ Madam Pomfrey snapped. The three stopped laughing at once, and cringed in pain instead. Madam Pomfrey tended to Hermione first, fixed her arm quickly… then to Harry where she fixed his ribs, apparently he had broken four of them, she then tended to Draco, who had broken his lower right leg, which she fixed in a jiffy.


‘You three better get up to Headmaster Dumbledore’s office right away. He wants to know how this happened!’ she then stalked back off to the castle.


Draco, Hermione and Harry looked at each other for a moment, and then started laughing uncontrollably. ‘Have I missed something?’ Ron said confused. The three just looked at him and laughed harder. ‘No Ron, you haven’t’ Draco laughed. After they finished having their laughing fits, they giggled their way to Dumbledore’s office.


‘So you three are saying, Miss. Granger and yourself  where riding your broom, when you two went out of control, Mr. Potter then tried telling Miss. Granger to slow down, you weren’t looking where you where going, and crashed into the stands?’ Dumbledore looked at the three like they were crazy.


‘Yes sir, that’s the story.’ Hermione giggled. ‘Okay… well, be more careful next time, you three should know better than to fly around so fast.’ With that Dumbledore dismissed the three from his office. Ron was waiting for them in the Great Hall, seeing as they were all in Dumbledore’s office they had missed morning classes, so they went to the great hall to start eating lunch.


On the way to the Great Hall Hermione and Draco were wrapped in conversation about how fun it was riding together like that.


‘Draco, we so have to do it again, it was so much fun!’ Hermione grabbed Draco’s arm and was hanging off him. ‘I know we will do it on the weekend, tomorrow. Maybe we could stay here instead of going to Hogsmeade!’ Draco offered.


‘Yeah! Instead of hanging in the hogshead all day maybe we could go there for a while then come back and fly around the Quidditch pitch?’ Hermione exclaimed as she grabbed Draco’s hand and started walking casually to the Great Hall with Harry dragging behind extremely annoyed.


‘Sounds like a date!’ Draco said happily, at that moment Harry cleared his throat and the two swung around. ‘Not literally…’ Draco said awkwardly as Harry glared at him ‘Oh Harry we are just mucking around, settle down.’ Hermione said as she kissed Harry on the cheek. Draco’s insides burned when he saw this.


‘Well I’m quite hungry, I’ll leave you two alone.’ Draco said as he stalked off to the Gryffindor table and sat with Ron. When Harry and Hermione arrived Draco was halfway through his meal, he tried eating as fast as he could. When all four of them finished eating they slowly walked to class, for Draco the rest of the day was a giant blur of frustration and jealousy, he wasn’t too sure which one he was jealous of, Hermione for having Harry… or Harry for having Hermione. He was one messed up teenager.


That night, once in the safe surroundings of his bed, he cast a silencing charm and a barrier charm so no one could hear him or get inside the drapes of his green silk bed. ‘What the hell was that about? Flirting with Hermione, she’s Harry’s girlfriend Draco! You don’t even like her!’ he screamed at the top of his lungs. He was breathing heavily when he heard an owl hoot he undid the spells and open the drapery. There sat that stupid, ugly, annoying orange brown owl! He groaned in frustration. ‘What this time?’ he snatched the letter from the owl and read;



I’m confused, I thought you were with Golden Boy… now you’re flying around with that Hermione girl, and is your leg okay? I'm sure Madam Pomfrey did a good job; I tried talking to you earlier but you got scared… I was hiding in your change room, cause I over heard Hermione and Harry asking you to play Quidditch with them. Draco, I’m truly sorry if I seem to be obsessing over you, I know I’ve been unreasonable, but I believe in love at first sight, and when I first ever looked into your eyes, I was in love, can you just give me a chance to see if you can love me back?




Draco looked at the letter with awe, so she knew she was being unreasonable. Maybe Draco could spend a little bit of time with Tamika to distance himself from Hermione for a while… give time for Harry to cool off… but he does look awfully sexy when he’s angry…


‘I’m only here because I need a little bit of time away from Harry and Hermione, so don’t think I’m here because I love you or anything okay?’ Draco stated rudely. Draco and Tamika where sitting on the grass by the black lake.


‘Okay, okay, I got it. Geez,’ Tam huffed.


They were sitting out by the lake, it was Saturday, the day Draco and Hermione were meant to go into Hogsmeade then come back and go flying. Draco was looking forward to it, but seeing as Harry got angry about it they decided to put it off for a little while.


‘So what’s all this stuff about you being able to change my mind Tam?’ Draco asked.


‘Well, I know your gay and well-’


‘I'm not-’


‘Don’t interrupt me, I know your gay and well, I think I can change your mind.’ Tam concluded.


‘What on earth gives you the impression that I’m gay?’ Draco said calmly.


‘Well kissing the Potter boy for one… you love your hair, you put so much product in it, you obviously use some kind of face cream seeing as your skin is flawless and you wear the sweetest cologne. That, to any girl is gay.’ Tamika stated counting the reasons on her fingers.


‘Are you serious? Just because I like to look my best and smell good does not mean that I am gay.’ Draco huffed as he crossed his arms across his chest.


Tamika took her chance and stepped forward and kissed Draco, Draco didn’t push away this time which is a good sign, for Tamika at least…


When they broke apart Draco stared at Tamika for a moment in awe, she had the most stupid grin on her face, and to Draco it looked like triumph. Draco then snapped out of his delirious state.


‘I have to go.’ With that Draco did a runner, he ran all the way to the Slytherin common room ran up the stairs and into his dorm he jumped onto his four poster bed, ignoring the giggling from the other students and shut his drapes cast the usual blocking charms and screamed at the top of his lungs… Draco had just figured out his sexuality.

A/N: Sorry about the cliff hanger... i had to have some sort of excitment to keep you guys reading. I tried to make this chapter nice and long to make up for the waiting. (: Chapter 5 should be up a.s.a.p. Don't forget to review.

Love you all.
Nicki. xxx

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