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Disclaimer; I own nothing, unfortunately; apart from the OC’s and the plot, the rest goes to JK. Enjoy!


Brilliant Chapter Image by RyleeAnn @ tda
Nate Harper


The next week or so passed without judgement. James was still dating the tramp and I was still crushing on my best friend. 


Luckily no one from Hogsmeade had reported the incident, even the nurse had chosen to overlook it, which is slightly strange. I’m sure I saw Professor Flitwick around too; I hadn’t looked for a teacher before I smacked her. It was probably something that I should have done. 


James had forgiven us both, saying that we were all in the wrong; he threw Lily in on that one. Evie had been quite evil to me the few days after the fight, however once James told her off, she had actually attempted to be nicer. But mostly, avoidance was the key. 


I stay out of her way, she stays out of mine. 


It’s a done deal. 


After dinner in the Great Hall she apologized to Lily, saying that ‘the heat of the moment’ excuse was a bad one, but it was also the one that got us in to this entire mess. I offered to start over and she took it – she has actually been reasonably civil. Lily doesn’t think that it will last long. I on the other hand am attempting to give her a second chance. James shows no signs of dumping her, so she’ll probably be sticking around a lot more in the near future. Joy


I can be nice to her face; but I’m not stopping with the names. She deserves every one. Childish but fun. 


“Oh, I can’t believe it.” Elle said spinning around the room. It was the night of the Halloween Ball. Lily and I were already in our costumes and sitting on my bed surrounded by an array of bertie botts every flavour beans and the wrappers from many chocolate frogs. 


“Calm down Elle.” Dixie said, twisting her hair in to lots of messy curls. Kyle had finally plucked up the courage to ask Elle to the ball, and Freddy with Dixie, for what he claimed was ‘for shits and giggles’, yet I don’t think that Dixie liked to look upon it that way. Lily and I were still going together, but James had promised me a dance, when he wasn’t dancing with the street whore. 


“But I’m so excited; finally after a year of fancying the pants off of him, he has actually made a move.”


“You know that you could have made the first move right?” Lily questioned, shoving a handful of beans in to her mouth. Elle threw a hairbrush at Lily, missing by an inch and then summoned it again with the Accio charm after claiming that she was ‘an old fashioned girl’. 


Half an hour later we left for the common room, me and Lily jumping down the stairs hand in hand, I shoved chocolate frog in to my mouth as came closer to the common room and shook more glitter off of the headband. 


“Ah, always the lady.” Drew said laughing as we reached the bottom. I jumped and he caught me. “You’re a bouncy thing tonight aren’t you?” he said to me like I was five. If I didn’t have my mouth full of chocolate I would have came back at him with a sarcastic remark. I chewed and smiled like a child as he placed me on to the floor. 


Instead everyone just laughed or smiled, apart from Evie who was standing next to a smiling James. Evie was dressed as a bunny – a tiny puff of fluff was stuck to her butt. Fred wouldn’t leave it alone. Every time you saw him he was prodding or grabbing it and going ‘beep, beep’. James was of course dressed as a rapper – and shockingly, it didn’t look bad. 


“She’s my date you lonely pleb, get your own.” Lily said jokingly, taking my hand. 


“What about that Zac guy, that you were so in love with?” Drew retaliated. 


“Sod off Andrew.” Lily groaned, elongating this last name, only because he hates it. “I actually told him to go away today I’m rather proud of myself.” She turned to me and looked me in the eyes. 


“Go away? Are you sure that’s all that you said?” 


She shrugged and was obviously holding back a laugh. “Shall we go my love?” 


“Off to the ball.” I answered in a Cinderella type voice. 


“And I was so looking forward to a nice and simple evening.” Fred said, taking Dixie’s hand and running off with her at an alarming speed, but not before shoving Evie backwards and going ‘honk, honk’. 


I laughed and ran off with Lily, chasing them down to The Great Hall. Once again, like every other holiday, the decorations looked amazing, draped in spooky ornaments for this times theme, bats and ghosts roaming the ceiling. I giggled and pulled Lily back for a moment. 


“Hello, Sir Nicholas.” I chimed, stopping to say hello to the ghost of Gryffindor house.


“Charisma, how are you this fine and spooky evening?” He asked politely. 


Grinning I nodded and put my hands behind my back. “I’m very well thank you. How are you?”


“Oh, I am wonderful. Why, what are you girls up to?” His gaze cast between Lily and me. 


“I’m going to the ball with Lily.”  I stated obviously. 


“Oh well, have fun.” Sir Nicholas said, floating away muttering something about how unfair it all was and how times have changed. 


“You know, I swear that that ghost has always had a crush on you.” Lily said to me laughing. 


James had caught up and was hand in hand with Evie. “Flirting with the ghosts again Wolfy?”


“Actually yes, I am practicing my skills for when I knock all of the guys dead tonight.” I said smiling. I was sure that I heard Evie mutter something, but I ignored it. She forced a smile. 


“Well, don’t be too rash, I don’t want to have to fight the boys off you.” James added.


“My night in shining armour,” I said sarcastically. “Oh and by the way, if I am berried under a pile of boys or surrounded by them or something, please leave me be.” 


He looked annoyed and then slapped me lightly laughing. The entire banter, I was somehow enjoying the look of jealousy hidden within Evie’s eyes, and the thing that surprised me was that I didn’t feel bad about it. 


Lily and I danced together, turning the slow dance in to a muggle rave. Fred bought some sort of glowing liquid that he dipped his hands in to and drew all over people when they weren’t looking. I’m sure it was partially toxic. But when the lights went down or flickered, everybody glowed. 


Someone had let off a dung bomb in the Slytherin dungeons just before the dance, causing half of the girls from their Common Room to refuse to come out due to the smell. I’m sure that Scorpius did it actually – considering he and Blaize were the only two Slytherins at the ball … and they didn’t smell. 


James and Evie were dancing together over the other side of the hall. He would spin her around, dipping her like he used to me – laughing when ever she did. It actually looked like he was attempting to put up with her at one point. 


When I looked, I felt a small part of me die. Every time she laughed, he would smile. Every time she giggled, I wanted to vomit. Every time he twirled her, I wanted to rip them apart and smack him for dating such a tart.  


Lily placed a hand on my shoulder lovingly and dragged me over to the drinks. 


“Look who’s over there, Wolfy.” She said pointing towards the doors discreetly. I turned around and notice my favourite Ravenclaw’s walking in. 


I gave her a look and pouted, gesturing at Evie who looked like she was about to jump James right there and then. “Look, Chic, have fun with him, you two clearly get on well, and you know that it drives my brother crazy when your with Nate.” She said, giving me a hint. 


“Are you telling me to make you brother jealous?” I asked. “You know that I can’t do that.”


“You can, and you will.” She said in a faux American accent. I laughed at her. 


“No, I’m gunna go and say hi. I won’t use him, its evil.” Lily rolled her eyes. “Hey, Nathan.” I said skipping up to him. 


“Hey Chic, what’s up?” he rubbed his neck nervously. “I haven’t seen you since, well you know.” I hadn’t really had a chance to talk to him after the whole sucker punching Evie in the face thing. 


I coughed awkwardly. “Oh I’m fine, a bit rough, how about you?”


“I’ll live.” He looked around the hall briefly. “You fancy a dance?” he asked holding out his hand. I took it and he led me to the dance floor. 


My body shook with laugher as he tickled me on the dance floor during a slow song amongst the other students; we danced until the sun went down. Once I remembered about leaving Lily all on her own, I turned around to find her making out with a boy that I recognised from her year; I wouldn’t be able to put a name to him though. 


“So, how did Potter take to you punching his girlfriend?”


I laughed. “Well he actually commented on my brilliant aim and then gave me a sugar quill.”


“I’ve been hanging around you too long. Is that sarcasm?”


I shook my head. “It’s not, but I’m surprised that you’re still talking to me, I was pretty violent.”


“You don’t really know Lois yet.” He shook his head teasingly. “She’s hell.” He whispered, receiving a rather hard punch from the lady herself who was only a foot away. “That’s going to bruise.” He joked, spinning me on the dance floor. 


Dan took my hand and pulled me away from Nate. “Well now you have Charisma to look after you.”


“No I don’t.” He stated simply. “As you took her away.” Nate began to dance with Lois before throwing her over his shoulder and bowing. “Now I will steal your girlfriend.”


“This means war!” Dan teased before throwing me over his shoulder and running from the room in the footsteps of Nate and Lois. 


“HARPER!” Lois yelled from only a few feet ahead. “Put me down you SOD!”


“I think Nate is now a sod.” I said quietly to Dan. 


“Yeah.” He agreed. “So what am I?”


I laughed. “An extremely strong and tolerative person.”


Dan placed me back on to the ground and wrapped his arms around me from behind. I looked up to see Nate groaning and walking back down the corridor towards us with Lois striding towards Dan, a little infront of Nate.


“Bloody hell!” Nate cursed, still with a small smile on his face. “I want my girl back, yours is violent – ow, okay Lois; point taken.” 


We found ourselves back in the hall eventually … after dancing in the corridors and attempting to get in to the Slytherin’s smelly common room. We’ll be in trouble for that later if anyone saw us. 


By the time that we officially registered ourselves to be in the great Hall once more, it was rather empty, half of the decorations were taken down and most of the students had returned and decided to call it a night. Nate hugged me goodbye before walking back to his tower with Lois and Dan. Lilly grabbed my hand, doing a small happy dance for me and constantly asking me where the four of us disappeared to. 


I was tucked up in bed having said goodnight to everyone before realising that James didn’t give me the promised dance. I pouted for a second and then shrugged it off. I’d had a good time without him. Maybe Nate was what I needed.  


Next morning breakfast was a nightmare. I was so glad that it was the half term holidays; otherwise I don’t think that I would have been able to get up. 


James clicked his fingers infront of my face. “Where did you go last night?” He asked quietly. “I saved a dance for you?”


“Oh.” I exclaimed quietly, my head pounding a little. “I was with Nate.” 




“Nate.” I repeated quietly. “We went off to the Slytherin dungeons, ran around a little.” 


He shook his head slowly. “I don’t like him.”


“Of course.” I muttered. “You have no reason too James.” He looked up and pouted like a child. “It’s just because I spent my evening with another man and you are jealous.”


“I am not jealous.” I raised my brow at his denial. “Fine, I’m a little jealous, but what of it?” I shook my head and fiddled with my fingers on the table. He took my hand. “You’re always my number one girl, you know that right?” My smile couldn’t have been more obvious. 


Elle tapped my shoulder lightly, pulling herself away from Kyle. She glanced to James, who was nonchalantly looking away, and whispered. “You realise the dance he saved was the last one?” 




She smiled. “It wasn’t a slow one. But he made Evie go to bed so that he could have the last few dances of the night with you. Bless his cotton socks, Evie tore up the dormitory in frustration and all too.” 


My head bowed to my plate. 


I was drinking a glass of pumpkin juice - horrible stuff - when the post came. Finally a reply from Victoire, it only took her a bleeding month. 




I am sure that sorry doesn’t even begin to cover it; everything here has been so hectic. Teddy hadn’t mentioned that he’d told you about the wedding; trust him. But I am glad that you know. I’m sure that he’s told you this anyway, but we’re telling the family at the Christmas gathering. I am sure that he appreciates your moral support; you’re his prodigy, sweet. 

I’ve been trying to think of the right thing to say to you, but I just can’t. I was in a similar position when I was your age, but the only thing that I can advise you is to simply let nature run its course. Think of Teddy and myself, he was a few years older than I, but our story is similar to yours, and now I’m marring him. I am sure that you still don’t understand what I’m hinting at, but you’ll get there. 

When you realise everything, and snog James, I want to be the first to know.


I laughed at Victoire, but yet stared at the parchment in amazement, I guess that I jest needed someone to tell it to me, or write it to me, before it actually sunk in. 


See you at Christmas, I hope that I helped, but you probably would have figured most of that out by now, take care of Louis. And make sure that you give him a big, embarrassing kiss on the head in front of all of his friends from me. 


Love Victoire. X


I sat still at the table, staring at the letter. I still couldn’t decide whether or not I fancied him. He was still my best friend. Victoire always knows best, she never gets anything wrong. Worry took over me and I considered passing the letter to Lily, but realised that it contained information about the wedding. She looked concerned from across the table but I just shook my head and smiled at her. 


“A letter.” James mused, trying to whip it from my grip. 


I held it away from him. “It’s private.” 


“Since when have you ever had anything private from me, Wolfy?” He questioned with a smile.


“Since now.” I replied standing up. I felt the letter get ripped from my grasp. As I turned it was in the hands of Fred Weasley. 


“What’s all this then?” he asked in a police type voice. 


“Wolfy’s keeping secrets.” James said pathetically. 


“People keep on stealing my private letter from Victoire. She has asked personally that no one else reads it, so has Teddy.”


“Oh, well in that case then.” Fred said opening the letter and began to read. I tried to grab it back but he held it above his head. I thought that I was about to cry, if anyone found out about the contents of that letter, I don’t even want to know what would happen. He probably only got through the first line before I jumped on his back and tried to grab it that way. 


Despite Fred’s dim-witted charm, I was sure that even he could piece together all the contents of that letter.


People were cheering us on, chanting our names. If I wasn’t so scared about the letter, it would have been fun. 


I leaned forward trying once again to grab it, and failed. I covered his eyes so that he couldn’t read and then attempted once again. 


This time, Lily got involved; she grabbed hold of the letter and ran off in the direction of the huge double doors. I jumped off of Fred’s back and ran after Lily, pushing past and group of students. 


The small crowd of students followed us; still cheering (I’m sure that a teacher was in there too). I turned a corner and burst through the front doors to the school. I finally reached Lily, she was still running. A lot of people underestimate my speed and agility because of my nature. They don’t expect me to be able to run as fast as I can. I can run faster than James. 


We had just slid down the sloping ground of the school and reached the wide murky lake when I literally jumped and landed on Lily. We rolled a little before I got the letter and ripped it up in to hundreds of tiny little pieces. I jumped on it a few times just to make sure that no one could read it before throwing the tiny remains into the lake where they were officially destroyed by a large splash of a tentacle – gratitude to the giant squid. I then fell on to the ground and lay there, laughing with Lily; my laugh however was mainly with relief. 


I didn’t have a problem with Lily reading it so per say, however it did mention Victorie’s and Teddy’s wedding. 


“Price, Weasley, Potter.” It was Professor McGonagall. 


Lily and I looked up from the floor, to see and angry faced Professor, holding Fred by the collar. We got up from the ground and straightened our selves up. 


“I am not even going to ask for an explanation, detention, the three of you, report to me tonight, 7pm.” We nodded obediently, attempting to hide our smiles.


James wouldn’t stop pestering me about the contents of the letter. He asked me all the way through lunch, all the way through the day and all the way in to the changing rooms for Quidditch. 


It was the big game today, the one against Ravenclaw. I was smiling wide, one for the relief of the letter and then for the excitement. I was really excited about playing against Nate and Dan. I hadn’t really acknowledged them in Quidditch until now. I was jumping up and down, buzzing with excitement for ages until James grabbed my shoulders and held me on to the floor, like old times. He gave me a big tight hug and wished me good luck. 


A few minutes past, where James was going over last minute team adjustments in tactics and then we were called out on to the field. We were gathered in a circle and were told to mount our brooms; Nate flashed me a quick wink. Drew whistled, interrupting Madame Hooch’s speech. 


“OI, BACK OFF HARPER!” He shouted across the field and then broke down in to a fit of laughter. I blushed and James looked annoyed, actually kicking Drew a little with his foot.


Nate and I were flying against each other, both being chasers. James threw me the ball and the adrenaline rushed through me. Polly was flying around the hoops, nervous about her first match, but she was doing an amazing job.


James being one of my fellow chasers threw the ball my way, only to have it snatched away from me by Dan. I flew after him, neck and neck for the hoops, a flash of panic overtook Polly’s face, but she blocked the Quaffle as it came towards the hoop. I flew up to her and patted her on the shoulder.


Dan gave me a jokingly horrible glare, but I smiled back and caught the Quaffle as it was once again thrown my way but this time by Kyle. I flew towards the hoops at a top speed, only hanging on to my broom with one hand. 


I threw the Quaffle with as much strength as I could muster and scored. 


“Another ten points for Gryffindor!” The voice of Lee Jordan Jr echoed through the stadium. “Now if only that little second year from Ravenclaw could keep his eyes off of Price’s bum, they could score.”


I turned around embarrassed, only to notice the flushing cheeks of a second year, I smiled at him and carried on flying. I laughed as Lee carried on making fun of the game, “But Potter can’t refrain himself from glaring at Harper, I mean honestly. Do you think if we locked them both in a cupboard some hot gay sex would occu-“




“-No Professor, please don’t take the mi-“


“Let, go.” McGonagall screeched. “And Potter has the Quaffle.”


I looked to my left and noticed James zoom past me, leaning back and throwing the ball. I caught it and raced towards the hoop, diving downwards a little. With the Ravenclaw’s on my tail I dived further, performing the move that usually belonged to seekers. Unsurprisingly - they didn’t expect it. I let my feet skim the tips of the grass; the crowd’s eye’s boring in to my back. I mirrored the determination on James’s face before sharply pulling upwards after performing a sideways roll that I always forget the name of. 


In my third year James wrote it down and stuck it to my bed with the wonderful muggle invention of sticky tape. You gotta love that stuff. After allowing the dirt and myself to become aquatinted as my back hit the floor, covering my shimmering red and gold robes with wet mud that reminded me of something I would rather not mention. 


It was that moment that I felt the rain, the droplets hitting the side of my face, the wind against me. 


I flew towards the hoops only to see Drew immediately appear infront of me, blocking my line of flight and smack the bludger (that was headed my way) harder than ever before. It went straight through the wooden stands and out of the stadium. The thunder rumbled. 


He took a moment of glory, announcing his self-awesomeness as the second bludger missed his sight and caught my arm. I heard the crack before I felt it.


I screamed probably more like a girl than ever before as my broom flipped sideways. I held on with my legs and got it back to balance. 


Nate caught the Quaffle that I dropped in the process and reluctantly carried on with the game. He shot me a look of apology – what could he really do, it’s in the rules of the game. 


“Ravenclaw scores.” Lee announced, he had obviously received the microphone back from McGonagall. “Gryffindor’s still in the lead, 60:30 - thank god – we wouldn’t want those pesky, kiss arse claw’s to win now would we? - don’t give me that look Professor, I know you agree. Chrice, Price! That looks painful!” 


I looked down at my arm, holding back small tears. Considering I remember what arms are supposed to look like, I don’t think human’s arms are supposed to bend in that direction. 


“Bugger, Chic you’re arm.” Drew cried, pulling my broom down out of harms way of the flying Bludgers. “Fuck, I’m sorry.” 


“Keep Playing.” I ordered through gritted teeth, flying out of his grip and one handily catching the flying Quaffle and throwing it to Kyle. His eyes widened but luckily, he didn’t slow down. 


The first bludger had returned, Jenkins, the Second Year Ravenclaw Beater arrived. He looked at me, winked and then hit as hard as he could. All I know is that it was flying in my direction, faster than I could make my broom move with one handed control. It collided with the back end of my broom, snapping the back half. As I slipped off, grazing my inner thighs with splinters, I caught the side of the broom with right arm. My left hanging painfully and limp to one side. 


I was gripping on to the wooden handle of my broom for dear life as it slowly fell and swung out of control. The bristled end already hurdling towards the floor. My eyes were clenched shut, my knuckles white I was gripped so hard. 


I stupidly glanced down to notice a speck that I was sure was a professor. I attempted to hang on and swing one leg over my broom but I only missed because of the wet and slipped further. I wouldn’t be able to make that swing. I clenched my eyes together further, attempting to hold on for dear life. 


I was crying for help but I doubt that my cries could be hear for all of the cheering of the audience. 


I must have tried one hundred times, attempting to lower my broom towards the ground. The half that I had left was out of control, completely useless – it was slowly falling anyway. 


“JAMES!” I yelled, my voice cracked. Swinging once again, attempting to take the risk. If anyone could hear the panic in my voice. It would be him. This call came through as a sob, “JAMES!” 


That single sob was enough to grasp the attention of the rest of the stadium; most had seen the illegal hit. James, Nate and Dan all immediately forgot the game and came flying over. Drew and Fred having forgot about me and were punishing the second year; who appeared to be filled with shock.


The back half of my broom was splintered, the magic wearing off.


I was still crying out and attempting to swing my leg over when I heard the shout of James, I would recognise his voice anywhere. He looked like he had seen a ghost. My heart began to pound with panic, more than it ever has before. 


My fingers slipped a fraction, but it was enough, and I went falling down and down, I closed my eyes and it all came to an end. 


An; I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter.

What do you all think of the dance? More dancing? Less dancing? Nate? James? Evie’s attempt to change - Who else thinks that’s rubbish? 
 So, even if you don’t feel like leaving a long and boring review just the word Good or Bad or Ugly, heck, I’ll even take bloomin Cheesecake if you wish. 

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 Rose/ Scorpand a Lysander/OC. If you all like Charisma in this one, you’ll probably like Willa in‘HE’. Willa’s not as sweet, but she’s also no Lily. 

OK, so a preview of the next chapter maybe? …

“When did you wake up…are you ok, I mean the fall, it was my fault I didn’t get to you in time, if I had gotten to yo-“ 

“Then we wouldn’t be sharing this wonderful moment right here now would we.” I said smiling. He let out a breath that I didn’t know he was holding and smiled. 

“I thought for a while that I wasn’t going to be able to see that smile again.” He admitted quietly. 

“What the one that you see every day.” I asked poking him annoyingly. 

“Yep, that one.” He whispered so quietly it was barely inaudible. 

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