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A/N: Alright, my first first-person fanfic! Lemme know what you think. 


I was curled up on the couch of our small family room with Teddy Lupin --or Teddy Bear, as Harry fondly called him-- with a bowl of Bertie Botts and the double-edition Daily Prophet.

The newspaper was unbelievably thick, and sporting a fourteen page spread on my Harry Potter. The remainder of the pages were covered in testimonials of those who fought at Hogwarts, a handsome article titled ‘Avenging the Longbottoms’, and the status of Death Eater trials.

Teddy cooed and I cuddled closer, pulling his dozing body against mine. He was an adorable fellow, and perfectly content in my arms. I loved him like a son, although I flushed pink when anyone mentioned it.

The room I was sitting in, with the threadbare sofas and worn armchairs, was abandoned by most of my family for one reason: Mum’s clock. No one would ever dare throw it out, but it was a painful reminder that a Weasley was ‘Deceased’. However, I felt drawn to it, as though I could relinquish the solemn days of funerals and tears. George was in a right state, arguably worse than Mum. Fred was just gone.


I looked up in a start. Harry was standing in the doorway, and I couldn’t help but sigh. When the man of my dreams is standing half-dressed, with a tray of tea, and only has eyes for me, I sigh romantically; most girls do, I suspect.

“And Teddy Bear!” He said with his lopsided grin as he studied his slumbering godson.

I quickly flipped the newspaper shut. Harry didn’t need to know I had been staring at his picture of twenty minutes. Well, that was an estimate -- I couldn’t be exactly sure of the time; the only clock in the room brought tears to my eyes.

Harry maneuvered into the room, closing the sitting room door shut with his feet.

“Hey, Harry,” I said, as though butterflies were not caged in my stomach. “Thanks for bringing me some tea.”

I knew it was silly to hope for anything from him; as the latest celebrity, he was constantly surrounded by females -- some part veela, too. I loathed veelas. Those creatures were going to be the doom for every male in my life.

Rumors in Witch Weekly, not that I read that magazine or anything, said he had even hooked back up with Cho Chang, his first Hogwarts romance.

If so, Cho was a player. And consequently, I would hate her for the remainder of the time she dated Harry…But only if she really was dating my Harry.

Harry sat hesitantly across from me, smiling shyly. I guess I had never really appreciated how beautiful he was. I could stare at him all day. “Can I ask you something, Ginny?” He nursed a cup of tea in his blocky hands, the steam billowing up towards his chest.

I looked at him in surprise. “Sure, Harry.” I licked my lips nervously. “What is it?”

“Are you-? Ach, I mean…Can I hold Teddy?” He looked nervous.

I felt my brows furrow in confusion, and my face must have looked equally as baffled. “Of course, Harry! He’s your godson!”

I looked at Teddy. The baby in my arms was so gentle and peaceful looking, that a smile sprung to my lips. I glanced up to see the same on Harry’s face, too.

I watched as the guarded man I saw in the newspapers turned into the carefree boy I fell in love with. His eyes lit up, and a grin broke out on his face. Sometimes I think Harry got up everyday just to be in Teddy’s life. Harry seemed determined to give Teddy the love Sirius never got to fully give.

Harry’s arms eagerly reached across the coffee table, and he cuddled the sleeping baby to his chest, discarding his untouched tea. I took it, hoping he wouldn’t notice. I only wanted it to hold, because he had held it. In summary, I was pathetic.

I waited patiently as Harry cooed lovingly. That was one thing I had learned about Harry; he would tell what was on his mind if you gave him time. He had to work up the courage first.

Finally, he spoke, but without looking at me, “Ginny?”

“Yes, Harry?” I leaned back into the sofa, waiting. I suddenly became conscious of my shabby flannel PJs, and my hand-knitted maroon sweater with a golden ‘G’ on the front. My hair was half-heartedly pulled up, and I wore no makeup.

Harry and I had hardly spoken in a year; the first time we spoke, or even saw each other, was during the Battle of Hogwarts. He had talked to me over meals, and had cried with me at the Lupins’ and Fred’s funerals. But in general, he avoided me. We hadn’t hugged, or touched, or brushed hands, or even sat on the same sofa. It was almost as though he was afraid of me.

Harry shifted, once again avoiding eye contact. He swallowed. “Are you seeing anyone?”

My eyebrows raised. I though the lack of boyfriends in my life seemed pretty obvious. After all, I had been going to an effort to ensure Harry knew I was very single, and available whenever. Obviously dropping hints had not been enough. He needed it spelt out.

“No, Harry. I’m not seeing anyone. I haven’t seen anyone in a year.”

At last, Harry looked up into my eyes. “A year?” He repeated. He almost seemed….delighted?

“Uh...yes. 12 months, Harry.”

He started to speak again, but no words came out. Harry swallowed, and tried again. “Would you wantobemgirlfrinagain?”

I gaped at him, wondering if I was losing my hearing. “What, Harry? Sorry, but I honestly didn’t catch that.”

I watched as the eighteen year old shifted. He made me smile; I loved watching him when he was nervous or happy or upset or frustrated or energetic or tired or eager or… Ok. I simply loved watching him. I sighed because of my creepiness.

His Adam’s apple bobbed. “Will you be my girlfriend, again…Ginny?"

A huge grin burst to my face, and I couldn’t help but vault over the coffee table and seize his hand. I laughed as he reluctantly moved it away from Teddy.

“Yes, Harry Potter.” I said, feeling the butterflies disappear from my stomach. “I would love to be your girlfriend again.”

This time, it was his turn to beam at me. I don’t know what made him happier; holding Teddy to his chest, or holding my hand for the first time in a year.

I leaned across the slumbering form of Teddy and lightly kissed my Harry. He smiled against my lips, and for a moment, I forgot I was in the sitting room; instead, I was dancing in the clouds, in a world entirely separate from pain and loss.

When we pulled apart, he grinned impishly. “You haven't lost your touch,” he said, appraisingly.

“I practice with my pillow every night,” I teased.

He laughed, stealing another kiss quickly. “For some reason, I believe it. Sure you haven’t been getting practice with anything with a face?”

I laughed over his jealous boyfriend antics. “Just the gnomes in the gardens, Harry. Although…” I winked at him before continuing, “they really know what they’re doing.”

He chuckled, before a serious look crossed his face. “Maybe once- ah. Never mind. Getting ahead of myself.”

I smiled, knowing what he was thinking, and I gripped his hand tightly. “What, Harry?”

He blushed, and glanced away frantically. “Er, noth-nothing, Gin.”
I giggled and whispered shrewdly, “Sounds like a great idea, Harry.”

His jaw dropped.

I flicked my red hair in his face and giggled. He was wonderful in every way. “But not until I’ve graduated.”


“Yes, Harry?” He was still staring at me with his eyes bugging out of his head. He had no idea how predictable he was.

“I love you in every way.” He laughed as the words tumbled from his mouth, as though a huge burden had been lifted.

I responded by kissing him awkwardly around the sleeping Teddy once more. Harry was with the two loves of his life, in one of his favorite places in the world. The war was over, life was growing, and love was blooming.

Life was good. Again. 

A/N: Tada! Please review. Sorry for the fluff, but it's Ginny.

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