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A/N hey people. The last chapter of this tale. Sorry for the delay, I have not been in the mood to do this chapter for a while, but I have eventually finished it J

I may do a sequel or a few one shots to this story but I am unsure yet.

Enough of my blabbing here is chapter 16


Well then, Jamie its time for bed. You can say goodbye to Jasper and Hermione tomorrow. Are you two running or taking the train?” Antonio asks lifting Jamie up

“We are going to run, that way we can hunt on the way up. Therefore, we properly will not leave until about two. Alice, took most of our clothes with her so we only have a single bag to carry each,” said Hermione before kissing Jamie on the head, “night night Jamie”

“Ni…ght” yawed Jamie as his father turned and went up the stairs.

Chapter 16

*************Hogwarts train

“Why are we sitting on a bright red train, going to the place where we have been staying?” asked Jacob black whom had turned up at Hogwarts two weeks ago, when Alice Bella and Ginny turned up

“Because Dumbledore whets us all to experience the train ride like the other students,” replied Leah. Who was also going to attend Hogwarts along with her brother Seth and fellow wolf Embry.

“Will you just shut up?” cried Rosalie whom had all ready had enough of the wolfs.

“No-one asked your opinion Blondie.” barked back Jacob, whom was in a bad mood (yet again)

“You four still haven’t said why you attending too?” pointed out Edward whom had just stepped into the carriage.

“You will have to wait and see?” grinned Alice

The others in the compartment: Emmett, Bella and Ginny just carried on playing card games ignoring the ongoing conversation.

******* Zabini manor (Spain)

“Bye Jamie” said Hermione giving hr little cousin a hug, “I miss you lots!”

“I don’t want you to go!” cried little Jamie holding Hermione before running to Jasper, “I miss you too much”

“Jamie we will write to you all the time, and we will send you pictures,” promised Jasper now hugging Jamie.

“Bye bye” said Jamie moving to stand beside his father and mother

“So you both know where you are going?” said Serena to the two vampires

Yes, we are going to run through Spain then through France, before swimming the channel. Once in the UK we will find a forest to hunt. Then run to Edinburgh where Maya wants to look for a car, and clean clothes. “Said Jasper

“Then we will follow the direction sent by Albus to Hogwarts” smiled Hermione hugging hr aunt and uncle, “we’ll write lots I promise”

And with that, the two vampires took off.

****** Hogwarts train

“How long now?” asked Jacob, “I’m hungry?”

“How should I know?” replied Edward

“Your always hungry!” stated rose

The compartment door open to reveal two male students. One with blonde hair, the other with black.

“Who are all of you? I have never seen any of you hear before!” stated the blonde-haired person

“Dray don’t mess with them!” they heard the other whisper, “look at their eyes!”

Edward cranked his head to the right slightly trying to read both boys minds. But had no success.

“I’m sorry for my friends rudeness, I’m Blaise Zabini”said the black haired boy

Alice and Bella gasped before look at each other, thinking the same thing. Maya’s cousin.

“And he’s….”

“Draco Malfoy?” asked Alice curiously

“Yes, how do you know my name?” asked the Draco

“A little birdie told me it!” said Alice before returning to play with the card she had out on the table.

“You still haven’t told me who you all are?” asked Draco now becoming irritated

“People you wish not to mess with, and the new teacher and new Doctors kids plus extra!” said rose, not looking away from the magazine in her hand.

“Hey” shouted the wolf at the same time

Rose just smirked at them.

“Five minutes to Hogwarts” a speaker somewhere on the train announced, with that the two boys left.

*********************** A car shop somewhere in Edinburgh

“Miss Caius, I am afraid that this car does not come in that shade of green, at the moment it is only in red, or black,” said the sales assistant

Hermione now dressed in clothes for school, this consisted of a black pleated skirt, tight white shirt and a black platform sandals. 

Jasper, stood a few feet away, he too clothes for school, his being black trousers, black shoes and a black shirt.

Their robes and other shopping had been shrunk down and placed into Hermione Prada bag.

“Fine I’ll just take it in the red!” said Hermione

“I can easily get rose to paint it,” said Hermione in vamperic speed to Jasper

“You could just do that” Jasper replied

Within the next half an hour Hermione filled her details that she needed for the car.

By half five on September 1 Hermione was the proud owner of a red Ferrari 458 Italia.

The drive to Hogwarts did not take long. Hermione had music blearing through her speakers as the drove.

“Hey Maya, not long till you see the others again” said Jasper over the music

“I know, do you think they will still like me asked Hermione

“Maya, they will still love you, you have a mix of us all in you. Moreover, by that I do not mean your powers. You dress like Alice, you have rose’s car sense, and Edwards love for music, Emmett’s enthusiasm and my strength. Of course they will love you,” replied Jaspers

After the small conversation, the rest of the ride was left in silence. (Well except from the music lol)

************ Great hall

Albus Dumbledore stood us to look and the new crowd of students entering Hogwarts.

“Welcome all. Many of our older students will notice that along with our first years we have a number of students coming here for their last year of schooling. Most of these students have moved here because their parents are now working here, the other are here for other reasons. I would now like to introduce our Doctor Carlisle Cullen; he will be helping in the hospital wing. And the beauty next to him is Professor Esme Cullen she will be going from one class to another helping the teachers.”

Whispering could be heard around the room.

****** Among the crowd waiting to be sorted

“They think the all stand a chance with us!” laughed Alice

“It’s the same with every school,” added Emmett

“Alice where Jasper, thought you said he was coming today?” asked Edward

“He is going to be a little late, car trouble,” grinned Alice, whom had already seen why Jasper was late.

“Car trouble?” asked Jacob raising an eyebrow

“Yep the shop doesn’t have the right colour,” grinned Alice, as Alice said that Jacob clicked onto what she meant.

“Right” said Professor McGonagall now moving onto the older group of children

“Black, Jacob” shouted McGonagall

Jacob went and sat on the stool

“Right” whispered the hat into Jacobs’s ear, “you are a young man with plenty of courage. You have fought of vampires for a woman hat you once loved, yet now you are with another. With the courage you have, there is only one house for you. … GRYFFINDOR”

“Clearwater, Leah” shouted McGonagall

Leah walked up to the stool.
“Hurt fills you my dear, heartache to be precise. With a mind as cunning as yours, there is only one house for you. SLYTHERIN”

“Clearwater, Seth” shouted McGonagall as Leah made her way to the table

One at the stool the hat had not even touched Seth’s head before it shouts out,” GRYFFINDOR”

“Cullen, Mary Alice Brandon” shouted McGonagall

Alice danced her was to the stool

“Ah” said the hat, “it has been a while since I sat on one like you Alice, where to put you. You have a strong love for your family, and will do anything for them. I think I will put you among the HUFFLEPUFF”

“Cullen, Edward Mason” shouted McGonagall

As Edward made his way to the stool every girls head in the hall turned to him. Edward shook his head as he sat down

“A bright young student we have hear” said the hat, “no you are not a monster Edward, some of you ancestors once sat under me. Yes, I am very old. And just like them you shall go into, RAVENCLAW”

“Cullen, Emmett McCarty”

Emmett walked up to the stool with a goofy grin on his face.

“Bravery is strong in you my son. I think you shale go to the house that seems to hold all jokesters. GRYFFINDOR”

“Hale, Jasper Whitlock” shouted McGonagall

“I am afraid that Jasper has not yet arrived. He is have a little car trouble,” Carlisle informed McGonagall

“Ok. Hale, Rosalie” shouted McGonagall

“Good luck,” whispered Bella as Rose moved to go to sit down. This time every male was looking at her.

The hat had just been placing o her head when it shouted out the house she would belong too. “SLYTHERIN”

“Swan, Isabella”

Bella concentrated on walking to the stool without falling, even though she was a vampire now she still had a tendency to trip over nothing.

“Ah, with a mind like yours, the only way for you to go is to follow ones love,” whispered the hat into her ear, “RAVENCLAW

****** A wee while later

Edward whispered quickly to his siblings

“Hey, do you lot hear that music?” he asks

“Yes, it’s getting loader,” replied rose

“Hey where’s that music coming firm?” shouted a fifth year girl in ravenclaw

“I don’t know?” replied the boy next to her

“Outside I think” shouted Ginny from the Gryffindor table.

Professor Dumbledore stood up. “Students years four and over may investigate the sound if the wish, younger students please sty in the hall.” grinned the head master.

The Cullen’s and the dogs where first to get the entrance of hall and out of the school.

There just meters from the school sat a red muggle car. Music blaring from it.

(Animals by nickel back)

Sinning could be heard from within the car.

“OH MY GOD!” squealed rose

“That’s the new Ferrari….”

“450 Italia” finished a man stepping out the passenger side of the car

“Jazz!” said Alice running to her husband, “‘bout time you showed up”

Jaspers smiled and put his hands in the air, “not my fault. Oh and I am said to be a lion if you know what that means”

Alice pouted, “your not in the same house as me!” she said before pulling Jasper to the crowed to introducing him to the others (Ron, Ginny and Harry)

All the others students had formed a circle around the car, the Cullen’s, wolfs, Ron, Ginny and Harry all stood in the centre alongside the car.

“Rose if you are so desperate to see inside just go into the passenger’s side” said Jasper as rose circled the car

“Five….four…..three… two….one….” whispered Jasper

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came a scream from the car.

The music stopped.


Rose stepped out the car. The cheesiest grin on her face. “Alice, why did you not tell us?” she asks

“I wanted it to be a surprise!” replied Alice grinning

“Well it was, my baby. She’s back” smiled Rose, “are you coming out?” shouted Rose to the car

“But am comfy here” came a soft voice



The driver side of the door opened. Out stepped two pale long legs. Followed by the torso of a model. The girl turned to shut the door, she locked the car. “With a smirk that kicked Malfoy’s of the top spot she turned around and lent on the car.

“Hello Edward, Emmet. Miss me much? Harry, Ron have fun this summer?”

Ron stood there his mouth touching the ground

“M…mione is that you?” stuttered Ron

Hermione grinned (just so you know she has sunglasses hiding her eyes), “of course it is Ronald, but a lot has changed in me, not just physically.”

“How do you know my name?” asked Edward stepping towards the girl that Ron had called ‘Mione’

“8 words.” whispered Hermione

“Help me make the music of the night” she sang

“NO!” shouted Edward


“No you cannot be” whispered Edward with venom in his voice

“Well I am Edward! By birth”

“No, who did it? I’ll kill them”

“No one”

“WHO DID IT?” screamed Edward.

“EDWARD ANTHONY MASON CULLEN. DO NOT SCREAM AT ME. No one done this. The venom was in my blood from the day I was conceived. The fall blocked my memories of childhood remember. I now remember everything. My father was one of us, a vegetarian like you!”

“We can not have ….” started Edward

“But a male can with a human female. My father loved my mother. She managed to conceive me and live through the birth. Her magical powers helped her a lot. For my mother was a woman of pure blood. She was killed by that pesky brat Jane, when I was four. My father risked his power and life to keep me safe”

“Hermione!” shouted out Emmett before running to her and spinning her around.

“Always the slow one, Em”

The group light, Edward just stood there not wanting to believe that the woman in front of him was the girl whom he looked upon as his baby sister.

“If you are how you say you are, do you still have it?” asked Edward

****** Edwards point of view

It cannot be her. However, if it were Maya would not have trashed the gifts we all gave her.

“Have what Eddie?” she grinned, “the cover. The doll. The jewellery. The music, the picture, the teddy, the soldier, the dance clothes. Or the mask. Which one?”

“All” I say

“Everything is in my trunk. In the car.” she said before looking at me in the eye

“How long have you been like this?” I ask, I needed to know. I start to walk closer. Since three days after my birthday. The pain started two days after then stopped after 24 hours.”

“Wow,” I gasp in shock, only 24 hours of transformation. I then look at her face once more then realise here eyes are covered.

“Then that should mean you eyes should be gold then like our?” I stated to asked

“Ah that’s one little problem we have…. My eyes you see….” Maya started. Straight away I think the worse. She has drunk human.

“But before you jump to conclusions Edward I only drink animal, my eyes..” she stops. Takes in a deep breath before taking her glasses off.

We all watch. The whole school. As Hermione opens her eyes.

They where magical. Orbs of gold, red and orange mixed as if they where flames.

I step up to Maya, and place my hand on her face.

“Their magical” a whisper before engulfing her in a hug, “ I have missed you so much!!”

“ and now” came the soft voice of Albus from outside the circle, I think it is time to get Mr Hale sorted then off to bed with everyone” smiled the headmaster

A/N well that’s over for now, I have a few ideas for a new story. So will hopefully, start them within the next few weeks.

Please review and tell me what you thought of this chapter and what you thought of the story as a whole.

I would also like to that those whom have stuck out with me while I wrote this story

Bye xxxx

Lady_Nite x

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