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thanx 2 weasleys_rule!

“Okay, I say we head up and get something to eat,” Sirius said rubbing his stomach. 

It was the next day since Sirius and James had arrived on the ship and they still hadn’t found the energy to get up and tour the overly large thing. Finally though, after waking up and dressing themselves Sirius had decided that they should leave their room and do something. 

“Come on James,” He stood and fixed the straps of his suspenders. He picked up his hat and placed it on his head of long, dark hair. 

James stood and stretched his arms above his head. All they had done this morning was sit on the couch and look at each other contently. That was the thing about the male species. They didn’t need to have a load of small talk to feel content. 

“Alright, mate! You coming, Ran? Smalls?” Randon and Smalls glanced at each other before shrugging and standing up.

“Sure,” Randon said before adjusting the straps of his own suspenders. “Let’s go Smalls.” Jobe stood up and pulled on his ragged brown jacket. 

“Gee, I wonder what the food in America is like.” Jobe wondered aloud as he closed their door.

“Probably delicious,” Sirius stated, licking his lips. He led the way to an elevator. Pressing the up button, he waited patiently. “I mean, not that our food isn’t delicious. England has great food. I’m just saying new culture, new food. And I love new food.”

“Can’t argue with that logic.” Randon grinned. A man in a red suit with a matching red hat and white gloves pulled the door to the elevator open 

“Hello and welcome to the Titanic,” The man smiled stepping aside to let them in. They followed his gesture and walked inside admiring the red-carpeted floor with the golden design and the lighting. “Which floor can I take you to?”

“Top floor.” James answered politely. “Say, how long have you been working on this ship?” James asked as the man pressed a button and begin lifting them up to the third floor.

“Well it’s a new ship so not very long. But since it came around I’ve been working on it.” 

“Right,” James said. “And you would say that you saw the whole ship by now?” The man nodded civilly. “Oh, so how nice is it?”

“And how are the women?” Sirius put in eagerly.

Laughing the man responded, “The ship is absolutely amazing. And the women,” The man added glancing in Sirius’ direction. “are splendid. I saw one just yesterday getting on the ship with Mister John Phillips on her arm. I believe she was his fiancée, but she was indeed gorgeous. Red hair, stunning emerald eyes…” The man nodded appreciatively before the elevator dinged announcing their arrival to the deck level.

“Well, thanks a lot, mate.” James said smiling as he stepped off of the elevator. 

He began leading the way around people, all different. There were people dressed in expensive gourmets such as mink coats and sparkly dresses, men in suites were talking to other important looking men, some like themselves were clad in suspenders and simple sun-dresses. 

“This place is all right.” Randon smiled.  

“Yeah, it is!” Sirius said eagerly. 

He opened the door to the breakfast room and practically sprinted inside. As he was running he bumped into a small figure and sent both of them sprawling to the floor. Sirius groaned as he realized his hair was now completely all over his head again. He had just spent ten minutes primping his mane of dark hair, making sure it was in tiptop condition. He took pride in his hair being neat unlike his best mate James and now…well now it was so not neat. He didn’t even spare a glance at the person he had collided with.

“Hey mate, watch where you’re going next time, ey?” Sirius grumbled as he attempted to flatten his hair with his hands.

“Sirius, is that anyway to speak to a young lady?” Randon said into his ear.

“Wha…?” Sirius looked up only to notice that it hadn’t been some annoying man he had run into but a pretty young lady. 

Her long brown hair was still in tight curls down her back and in perfect order despite the collision. The next thing he noticed were the giant violet eyes that stared at him and the creamy complexion of her skin. She was something great to look at according to Sirius who set his standards pretty high when it came to the attractiveness of any young female.

“I am so sorry for my rude behavior! What can you possibly be thinking of me?” Sirius eagerly bent down to help the lady off of the floor and picked up the fan she had been caring in her white-gloved hand. 

He gave her his most dazzling smile and it seemed to work to his satisfaction for she looked at him with awe struck eyes for a moment and then cleared her throat after having gained her composure.

“Thank you for your help and I’m sorry for the accident, indeed I was not paying much attention to my whereabouts.” She gave a little curtsy and tried to walk past but Sirius grabbed her hand. 

“I’m Sirius Black.” He smiled at her. When she only looked at him he persisted, “And you are…?”

“Oh! Pardon me. I’m Violet. Violet Darings.”  

“What a pretty name! It fits you so perfectly seeing as you’re as lovely as a violet. Not to mention your eyes! I was just thinking moments ago how they were such a beautiful violet color.” Sirius had turned on his charm to the highest and was only waiting for the girl to throw herself at him like all the others. He could make the most polite ladies act most unbecoming when trying to capture his stormy gray eyes.

Surprisingly though, Violet only slipped her hand from inside of his and gave a polite smile. Not a flirtatious smile, not an I-Hope-I-See-You-Soon smile, no but a polite smile. Sirius was so astonished that he could only just barely manage to not gape like a fish.

“It was a pleasure meeting you Mr. Black but if you will excuse me, I have to find my—”

“Violet!” A tall man with sandy hair and blue eyes said as he approached the lady. 

“Ah. There he is.” Violet smiled happily.

“I’m terribly sorry, I’m afraid I lost sight of you and I couldn’t find you anywhere. Are you all right? I saw you fall but I couldn’t get to you with all the bloody people in here. Do you forgive me?” The man said hurriedly, out of breath.

 The guy bended down to grab her purse which lay forgotten on the floor.

“Of course I do Remus. It’s not your fault, I wasn’t much paying any attention to where I was before we lost each other and I still wasn’t very attentive while I was looking for you. I guess that’s the reason this gentleman here and I collided.” Violet made a gesture at Sirius.

“Oh yes,” The man called Remus turned to face Sirius with a polite but stern look on his face. “Excuse me but I do hope you decide to pay more attention to where you are going in the future. Wouldn’t want any harm to come to any other decent young ladies you pass, see?”

“Oh of course sire,” Sirius said sarcastically bowing at the man. “I do intend to be more careful don’t you worry.” He shifted his gaze to Violet. “I’d hate to see any young lady as beautiful as yours have harm come to her…” He flashed Violet a most charming smile.

“Listen, Mr. ah…?” The man began again.

“Black. Sirius Black, actually.” Sirius reached a hand out toward the blue-eyed man. “And you are…?”

"Lupin. Remus Lupin.” He answered shaking his hand with a nice smile. “And forgive me for saying, but you would have to be the lowest form of scum to flirt with a man’s lady right before said man’s eyes. So if you wouldn’t mind, I’d appreciate if you kept all of your flirtatious comments and meaningful looks to yourself. Do we have an understanding, Mr. Black?” 

Sirius stared at the man with such frostiness emanating from him, that his stormy eyes seemed to freeze over. 

“Sorry to burst your little bubble Mr. Lupin, but I was not in any way, shape, or form being overly friendly to your…ah your lady. Sorry if I come off a little strong, you see, that’s just the way I am and I don’t intend to change my personality for anyone. Sorry if I upset you. I’d just hate to have a fellow man think lowly of me.” Sarcasm dripped from his voice.

“Yes, well, as I said before,” Remus smiled and shook Sirius’s hand once again, not seeming the least bit phased by Sirius’ remark. “Forgive me. I suspect we won’t ever have to have this conversation again then, shall we? It was very nice meeting you and thank you for helping my darling, Violet. Sometimes she can be most inattentive…” 

He looked at Violet with such a loving look that Sirius couldn’t fully understand it.

“Oh, Remus! You and your teasing nature…” Violet laughed in her tinkling voice. 

She grabbed hold of Remus’ arm and smiled up at him with the same love struck look that just previously occupied Remus’ face. Sirius felt slightly deflated as he watched them.

“Well, come dear. Lunch awaits us.” Remus grinned as he seized his girlfriend’s arm and began guiding her away to a table. He looked over his shoulder at the staring guys and called out, “It was a pleasure meeting you!”

Sirius simply stared after them, feeling a bit annoyed with the man for reasons he couldn’t quite come up with. He folded his thick arms across his broad chest. “I don’t like him.” 

James laughed and clutched unto his best friend’s shoulder as they walked about looking for a place to sit. “Why ever not, mate? He was very kind, actually.”

“Did you see the look he gave me?” Sirius fumed. “He basically told me off simply for helping his gorgeous lady up and being friendly!”

“Actually, Sirius,” Randon began thoughtfully. “He was actually pretty alright. If you had flirted with my gal right before my eyes…well who’s to say where your body’d be mate?” 

“Quite the classy gentleman, he was!” Smalls called in his thick Australian accent, which was very much alike to Randon’s.

Sirius rolled his eyes at them. Finally they settled into a long table with a spotless white cloth covering the fine wood. James examined the bouquet placement that graced the center of the table before gazing intently at the sterling silver eating utensils that sat before him, wrapped in a thick scarlet napkin. 

“This place is truly something, isn’t it?” James asked as he checked his reflection in the back of the shiny silver spoon. Noticing a few pieces of his hair sticking straight up on the top of his head, James flattened it, only to have the wayward strand pop right back into place once his hand had left it.

“No use in trying to tidy that mess, James.” Sirius laughed in his boisterous bark-like manner. “You’ve never had success before and I don’t think you’ll win the hair war now!”

“Say, how long have you two chaps known each other?” Randon asked the two curiously, as a waiter signaled to him that he would be with them shortly. 

James’ face formed into a thoughtful expression as he mused over Randon’s question. “Hmm…I’d say…eleven, wasn’t it? Met back in grade school.”

Sirius nodded in agreement. “Yeah, sure did. I was getting bullied by my older cousins for being a tad bit nicer to chaps than they were, when old Jamsie here decided to step in and have my back. Took the lot of them out, didn’t we, mate?”

James let a proud grin form on his face. “Sure did. Never bothered us when we together since…now apart that was a whole different story.”

Sirius and James shared a fond laugh at the memories. Sobering up, Sirius turned to Smalls. “And what of you lads? Been friends for how long now?”

Randon and Smalls shared a look, identical wide grins creeping up their faces. “Well…it all started with Fiona.” Smalls began, shaking his head with a smile teetering somewhere between amusement and slight annoyance.

Randon let out a loud laugh just as James lowered his eyebrows questionably. “And who’s Fiona?”

“She was my soon to be fiancé, had this whacker, kept his fat hands to himself!” Smalls let out, sending a playful glare in Randon’s direction. Sirius and James had a feeling this story wasn’t as funny when they experienced it.

“What!?” Sirius shrieked. A few people glanced at him, the rich ones pulled disgusted faces, but Sirius paid none of them mind. “You took his babe!?”

“Couldn’t help myself. The gal was just so…edible.” Randon laughed. Sirius snorted, nodding his head to show he knew exactly what Randon meant. “’Sides, she came over to me first.”

“Pig’s arse!” Smalls said disbelievingly, as he smacked his best friend round the head. “You walked right up to her and gave her a pash!” James raised his eyebrows at the Australian slang. Smalls rephrased, “A pash, a long passionate kiss, he did!”

“No!” James laughed, shocked.

“Well, it’s not exactly like she told me to rack off is it?” Randon said in a lazy attempt to justify his actions. “Anyway, it was hardly my fault, blokes! I was so off my face; I was liquid laughing three minutes later.”

Sirius made a face. Randon rolled his eyes before simplifying, “I was so bloody drunk I was vomiting three minutes later. Blimey, you two really need to head over to Aussie some time, pick up some new vocab.” 

“Well, first stop’s America then we can start talking about our next trip.” Sirius said, waving his hand unconcernedly. 

“Anyways,” James said, trying to get back to the story. “None of this sounds like the kind of best mates forever sort of meeting, now does it? Either you two were off your bloody rockers when you became friends or there’s more to the story.”

Smalls shrugged his shoulders. “Not really. Broke up with her, I did. I knew she was an ocker when I met her—unsophisticated and a bit annoying—” Smalls added before James or Sirius could inquire about his Australian slang words. “—but I didn’t know she was as insane until I broke it off with her. I mean completely barking!”

“She was a nutter, alright.” Randon agreed.

“So really, I was just so relieved that I was rid of the girl, I actually went out to have a drink with this arse! That was the beginning of a long friendship.” Smalls grinned.

“Ah, six years in counting. Turning twenty-five on the day we land on America, I am.” Randon grinned proudly.

“And what a day to, celebrate that’ll be!” Sirius cheered. “I say we buy the first American beer we can get our hands on when we land!”

“Ah, speaking of a coldie…where’s that waiter?” Smalls asked, glancing about him.

“He said he’d be a sec—ah here he comes now!” James grinned.

A slender man wearing a white button-up shirt and black uniform vest and slacks, approached them. “Hello, gentlemen. My name is Charles and I will be your waiter for the morning.”

Sirius squinted his eyes at the man. There was something off about him. His voice was a deep base but something about it sounded forced and he definitely was a slight man…very slight. Before he could think much more on the subject, however, James and Randon had already begun looking over the menu and spouting things off at random, talking over one another at a furious pace. The slim man was trying to catch it all but seemed to be struggling a bit. Sirius felt bad for the poor guy but he knew there was no stopping James’ when he was going on about food and Random seemed to be the same way (just like there was no stopping Sirius when he got to talking about girls).

“Um…will—” His voice came out a little higher and softer then when he first began. He cleared his throat roughly and the forced sounding deep bass of his voice returned. “—will that be all for you gentlemen?” 

Nodding, the men handed the waiter back their menus and he was off. Sirius stared after him suspiciously for a moment, not sure why but something was definitely odd about that bloke. 


“That was brilliant!” James exclaimed tossing down his napkin and exhaling. “Best breakfast I ever remember eating in my life!”

“Aye!” Sirius and Randon said at the same time.

James threw down the remainder of his cold orange juice and rose from his spot at the table. “Well, I’ll be off mates. I’m going out on the deck for a bit of fresh air and a fag.”

“Alright then, mate, save me a cigarette.” Sirius said standing too, along with Smalls and Randon. “Ran and I…well, plenty of beautiful women and plenty of dark corners on this ship, if you know what I mean.” He winked suggestively at James who laughed and rolled his eyes at his mates’ humor.

Randon and Sirius waved merrily before disappearing out of large double doors and down a long elaborate hall. Smalls waved cheerily at James and walked off, saying something about “asking around about where they hold the good parties on this ship” over his shoulder. James was just fine with being left on his own for a few. Actually he wanted to spend some quiet time, really.

Lazily, James loped toward the large doors that lead to the wide deck in the very front of the ship. Some of the rich snooty folks dressed in what looked to James like evening wear on a Saturday morning, made faces at him as he passed by, scowling at his worn down trousers and shabby suspenders. This was not new to James though, so he merely threw them a big grin and waved happily at them. The women scoffed and turned their noses in the air while the men glared at him and shook their heads in disgust. Grinning, James continued on his way until he reached his destination. 

Pushing open the huge, elaborately carved wooden doors, James gasped as he looked around. The sun hit the deck just right, setting everything off in a blaze of perfection. Slowly he walked over to one of the long deck chairs that were positioned just right, so that it was a perfect view of the moving ocean. 

Sighing contentedly, James pulled out a large cigarette and lit it up. Exhaling a ring of smoke, James sighed again, watching the ship inch its way forward toward America.
“Smoking’s bad for your health, you know.” A women’s voice said from somewhere beside him.

Noticing the large shadow that was now looming over his head, James sighed, annoyed. “Can I help you, ma’am?” He said without sparing this anonymous lady a second’s glance. “You’re kind of in my sun.”

“Oh, pardon.” The lady said quietly before stepping to the side.


When James did not hear the sound of departing footsteps, he decided to look up. His mouth fell open in a soundless gasp at the woman that stood next to him. Feeling his eyes on her, the lady tilted her head slightly so that she could face him, gracing the sun with her emerald eyes, which only increased their glimmer. Her vibrant red curls blew gently over her face as she watched him. None of these things helped the dazed young man to regain his sudden lost composure.

“Pardon, sir, but is there something erroneous about my appearance?” The lady said, confused as to why he was looking at her so oddly. Then suddenly she rolled her green orbs. “Of course, you wouldn’t be the first to inform me that something was ill about me.”

Suddenly James’ senses came flooding back into his brain and he shook his head in an effort to put them all back into the right order. He cleared his throat before giving a light smile. “No, of course not. It’s just…you look too grand for words.” 

The lady smiled. “Thank you. That’s the best pleasantry I’ve received all day.”

James grinned. “I find that hard to believe.” Placing his cigarette into his mouth, James brushed both of his hands on the sides of his pants before holding one out for her to shake. “James Potter.”

Smiling at his lack of suitable manners when greeting a lady, the woman took his hand and shook it. “Lily Evans.”

“Nice meeting ya, Lily.” James grinned, his cigarette rolling to the corner of his mouth.

“Charmed,” Lily smiled. 

“So, what’s with the face like a wet day?” James said, settling back into his seat. He crossed his ankles comfortably, one hand behind his head while the other lazily held his cigarette in front of his face.

Lily groaned quietly, attempting to hide her frustration but James saw right past her act and raised one eyebrow inquiringly at her. Sighing, she tightened her expensive wrap and took a seat on the long chair right next to James’. James chuckled quietly at the sight of her so properly perched on the end of the chair as opposed to him, who was idly splayed across his, dragging from a cigarette.

“It’s just my…my fiancé, John, well his family doesn’t approve of me much. They’re a very high class family, old money, you see.” Lily explained. “My family’s a bit lower than theirs and they’d much rather John be with someone a little more in his league, if you will. My parents keep forcing me onto his parents in an effort to win them over but I fear all it’s doing is making them hate me more.”

Lily sighed dejectedly. James slowly pulled his cigarette from his lips, gazing at her in slight disappointment.

“You’re engaged, are you?” He asked, tilting his head to look at her.

“Yes,” Lily said, but she didn’t seem as thrilled about it as James thought people were supposed to be when engaged. 

Not like that couple he and the guys came across earlier.  Lupin, he said his name was, and Violet. They were in love…you could see it in their eyes when they looked at each other, hear it in their voice when they spoke. James thought he could practically feel it when they were just standing next to each other. This girl though…she didn’t have that it, that glow that that other couple had had.

“Are you in love with him?” James asked abruptly. He wanted to know so bad and he had no clue why.

Lily looked up at him, shocked. “I beg your pardon sir, but my feelings for my fiancé are none of your concern.”

“So you’re not in love with him?” James deciphered, nodding understandingly and looking up at the sky as he took another drag from his cigarette.

“I said nothing of the sort!” Lily stood up now, her gaze on him incredulous. “How rude of you to inquire something that personal of a person you only just met!”

James smirked up at her, his cigarette rolling to the corner of his mouth once again. “Well, I figured if we’re good enough friends for you to block my sun and then proceed to tell me your troubles, than we’re good enough friends that I can ask you if you love the person you’re swearing your life to.”

Lily looked quite at a lost for what to say. She clenched her fist together as she struggled to come up with a word that suited him. “You—you’re being—I can’t—you’re absolutely intolerable, do you know that?”  

“It’s a simple question, darling: Do you or don’t you love your fiancé.” James stressed, trying to hide his grin. He couldn’t help admiring the way her eyes flashed in anger and how the sun caught it just right.

Sighing and unclenching her fists, Lily watched him through narrowed eyes for a moment. Gradually she nodded her head. “Yes, yes I do love John. I love him a lot. He’s good to me.”

James stared into her eyes for a long moment, Lily stared back unblinkingly. Nodding his head slowly, James’ smile began to fade. His expression was quite intense as he spoke, “Yeah, you do love him. I can see it in your eyes.”

Lily let loose a small smile, her chin lifted slightly in what could have been a proud or relieved sort of way.

“But you’re unhappy.” James continued, his hazel eyes locked onto her emerald ones intensely. “You love him but he loves you for someone you’re truly not. He fell in love with the snobby prude your parents are trying to make you out to be but really, deep inside you’re actually a wild woman just waiting to be released from her bonds. All you really want is to free from all the high noses looking down on you…but you know no one—not even sweet little Johnny—will approve of you then. …But I think…deep down you don’t mind being a rebel.” 

Lily stared at him with her mouth hanging open slightly, unnerved by how hard his words struck her. She had never thought of her life in such a perspective and to have this man whom she just met tell her how she felt before she even knew it was amazing…and absolutely infuriating

“How dare you?” Lily shrieked at him. “You don’t know me, you don’t know what I feel, you’ve only just seen me for the first time in your life! How could you possibly have any idea about me? You’re just an annoying lounge-about who has nothing better to do than cast ridiculous fortunes on unsuspecting victims!”

“Aw, but I’m right, obviously.” James said unconcernedly. “Otherwise, I don’t think you’d be quite so angered, dearest.”  

“Why you insufferable—!”

“Lily! Darling.” A tall brunette man with dark brown eyes came striding through the giant double doors and onto the deck. He walked swiftly to stand by Lily’s side, seizing her hand in his. “Are you well? Is this irksome man troubling you?” 

The man turned to glare at James, his expression everything but warm and inviting. James grinned. He stood and pulled his cigarette from his mouth, tossed it on the ground, and stomped it out with bottom of his worn black loafers. 

“Hello, Johnny was it?” James grinned, sticking out his hand for the man to shake.

John looked down at it in contempt. “John Phillips.”

“Aw, well, James Potter, and it was a pleasure meeting you. You really are a friendly chap, you are.” James said, letting his hand drop and slip into the pockets of his trousers. “Lily was just telling me how in love she was with you, isn’t that right, Lily?”

James turned and gave a meaningful wink at Lily who scowled. 

“I would appreciate it if you refrained from speaking to my fiancé directly from here on out, sir.”  John said with great authority, as though used to having his commands followed.

James tried hard not to laugh at him. “Well, I’d appreciate a nice beer, so if you'd so kindly excuse me, sir.” James walked in between both John and Lily on his way to the door. “Goodbye Johnny, pleasure chatting with you, Lily.”

A/N: Thanks so much guys for reading! You may have noticed the improvement from this chapter from the previous two (I wrote those two a few years ago and like to think I’ve much improved since then lol). Anyway if liked this story PLEASE LEAVE ME A REVIEW TELLING ME HOW MUCH!!! Yay! I absolutely adore reviews. Ahhh, they make my day!!! Please check out my other stories as well too, As Told by a Marauder Fan Girl, Trapped and leave a what…review! Yay you got it ;) until next time: bye bye!

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