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May Death Be Proud
(…the rain is parading today)

It falls and falls and falls.

There’s a rhythm that unsettles me. I shiver, and wrap my arms around me – hold me together, hold me. The water falls, it falls, it falls. My hair is wet. It sticks to my skin, irritates me slightly; I ignore it – just ignore it.

My eyes are closed, unseeing the rain, but I feel it; I feel the cold, soft drops of rain and it makes me feel…it just makes me feel.

A deep breath. It hurts, really hurts. But I have to keep breathing.

“I have to keep breathing.”

A whisper.

The water keeps falling.

How much time has passed? Time is limited; there’s not much time.

The rhythm isn’t ending; it’s going and going and going. Sing in my ear. It does, it does. It’s alluring, keeping me standing here – the water keeps falling. I want to leave, want to do something. What’s to do? There’s no time left, I know there isn’t.

I think I’m moving – my feet are moving; I must be moving.

Where do I think I’m going? There’s no where to go, no place to be.

But I move, and I cannot fight the need to move. My arms are tighter – hold me together, hold me. It’s been a while since I’ve been outside. A long time, a very long time. The war had since taken its toll. I’m broken, your broken – we are all broken.

The water is still falling.

I’m wet and cold, but I can’t stay still, can’t just wither.

I only just realize that people are around me. They walk around me, they see me; oh God, they see me. What do they see? Never mind, it does not matter.

I want to walk with my eyes closed – do I risk it? Time, time, time again. How much time left? Eyes closed, feet still moving. A bump there; “Watch it.” I think I walked into someone; “Honestly!”

Just keep walking – don’t you dare stop walking. I’ll be dead within the hour. Steps, steps, steps.

I walk into a deep puddle, I’m soaked. Eyes open, I stand still in this puddle.

The water keeps falling, falling, falling.

I feel the tears, they well in my eyes, and before I know it, hot streams flow down my face. Hot, hot, hot – far better than the cold. I close my eyes.

I’m dying – dying, dying, dying. No more time, no more time. I have to wonder who did it – who would hate me enough to poison me.

No, that’s not right…no one has poisoned me – I poisoned myself. Did I? I don’t know.

It’s cold, though. Cold, cold, cold.

Open my eyes.

He’s there. He’s standing, watching me, right there in front of me. If I reached far enough I could touch him – touch him, just reach out.

I open my mouth; speak, speak, speak. Speak while you can.

His eyes watch you, they’re soft, vulnerable. I know I make him this way.

Weak. I’m weak. My arms are open now, I’m breaking apart – my arms no longer hold me together. But before I fall, arms are around me. Hold me together, together, together.

The rhythm is loud now, the beat is against my ears.


The water keeps falling.

I’m falling now. No strength – I’m weak. But I’ll do one thing. Just one thing before I leave. His cheek is close to mine as he hugs my body to his. He’s saying hello; I’m saying goodbye. My cold lips brush his cheek. “Draco.”

Falling, falling, falling.

The rain is parading today.

Author's Note: This was sort of different for me. But I sort of like it? What do you think? Leave a review ^__^ This was for the Kiss in the Rain Challenge at TGS & the Staff Challenge #4

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