The rain thundered and the wind howled as a hooded figure ran through the cobbled street filled with the dark of night. The footsteps hitting the floor sent an echo trembling towards shop windows and alley ways. All that could be heard was the heavy breathing of the hooded stranger and the water from the puddles as they crashed like a wave around the stomping feet. The figure had a petite form and, in the moonlight, wisps of curly brown hair could be seen that had slipped out from the hood of the stranger. Footsteps were following but could only be noticed at the quietist times. The small running figure was obviously aware that someone was following them, as they looked back several times to grab a glance at whom they were running from. Although looking back, they never once lost their speed from fear of being caught.

The footsteps grew steadily louder and as the hooded stranger looked back yet again, the moonlight caught the sharpness of the followers face. A gasp escaped the mouth of the one running from them, a gasp in a feminine voice. The girl continued to run through the treacherous rain and the gusting wind, looking for her way of escape. The follower was catching up and the girl was struggling to make her short legs run any faster. As she ran around yet another corner she saw an alley way and slid into it. Dipping behind a large box she creped around the edge just in time to see a flick, of what must have been a coat, sweep past. She didn’t move for near 20 minutes to get her breath back and to be sure she wasn’t to be seen leaving her hiding place.

The girl slowly rose from behind the box and, making as little noise as possible, walked in shadows to the street. Realising the cobbled road was now deserted, she walked out to the street. Although the whole place seemed empty, the girl was still cautious of her movements, making every step silent and keeping to the shadows. She suddenly saw her exit and all ideas of safety and caution flew from her head. She started off at a steady walk nut suddenly ran, allowing her stomping footsteps to echo around her and the surrounding streets. Unluckily, in her hast to reach freedom, she tripped over a fallen cage outside the animal store. As she turned to get up, a hand was extended to offer help. The girl looked up in horror, just staring at the face that had offered their hand.




        Light streamed through closed curtains, birds could be heard flying from branch to branch, footsteps on the pavement echoed through the window that stood ajar. All this is what made the sleeping girl return from the world her subconscious had created for her. Her eyes fluttered as she fought to keep out light. She tried to hold on to the dream although the dream hadn’t been a good one. As the last wisp of her imagination vanished as it sunk from her mind, as all dreams did, Hermione gradually tried to accustom herself to the light and opened her eyes.

        The surroundings she awoke in confused her as to where she was. The room was too grand for her to be at the burrow, it was too clean and bright to be headquarters, and Hermione didn’t recognise a single thing about the room so she couldn’t possibly be in her own home.

        This room had long wooden blinds that were behind translucent cream curtains. There were cream walls, and wooden flooring with a chocolate brown sheep skin rug spread across at the foot of the bed. The bed was a king sized four-poster with a canopy of golden material scattered with sparkling gems. Either side of the bed was a table that matched the modern headboard of the bed. All the furniture in the room was a chocolate brown colour that matched very well with the cream walls. The bed spread was a light cream, much like the curtains, and was covered with white rose petals, on which Hermione lay. A painting of the French Riviera hung without meaning on a blank wall.

        Realising she was still on the petal covered bed of a stranger, Hermione bounced up and started circling the room, taking in the details. The translucent curtains had the same shimmering gems as the canopy, and the gems were placed in the shape of roses. This tiny little detail made Hermione smile. It reminded her of her mother’s style. On the window sill there was many different wooden statues, and owl, a cat, a crocodile and what looked like some sort wild jungle bird.

As Hermione turned round the drawers caught her eye and a thought occurred to her. She walked over and pulled out the top draw in the set. To her surprise everything she saw belonged to her. That draw was filled with her underwear. The one below it was filled with the tees and at the bottom all her electric appliances. She ran to the wardrobe in disbelief and opened it to see all her trousers, jeans, shirts, jackets and at the bottom, every pair of shoes she owned. She ran over to the make-up table and pulled out draw after draw, only to find more of her things.

Panic started to kick in. Where was she? Why was all her stuff in this house? How did they get it? How did they get her? To stop herself from falling she decided to sit down on the bed. She hooked her arm around one of the poles and lent her head on it, trying to think logically. She had just got to thinking why someone would want to have her in their home for no apparent reason when someone knocked on the door in a very distinct tune.

“I’m not sure she’s awake yet, should we come back later?” A soft, almost musical, voice said from the opposite side.

“No, wait, please.” Hermione jumped up and ran to open the door. Who she saw on the other side made her jaw drop. How could that voice have belonged to this person looking at her? Why did this person look slightly different than before? But it most certainly was the same person as she had known for many years.

“I’m sorry, we just came to give you breakfast my dear. I do hope you’re hungry.” A woman, whom Hermione didn’t recognise and spoke with a gentle mother’s voice, gestured to the tray of food that was scattered with everything from a cereal bar to a full cooked breakfast.

With only a second’s glance at both the woman and the food then continuing to stare at the person who had completely bewildered her, Hermione replied. “Yes thank you, erm, could I have some company while I eat please?”

“Of course, I’m sure Draco would be happy to be with you. You would like an explanation as well I should think. Am I right?” The woman asked.

Hermione looked more closely at the woman now. She had the same colour hair as Malfoy so Hermione guessed it could be his mother. She was incredibly beautiful although she looked a little tired and worn down. Her smile was well worn and it brightened her face. Her eyes were different from Malfoy’s but only just. Her eyes were blue, a very light blue.

Malfoy took the tray and offered the room to Hermione to suggest she enter first. She followed the direction. She heard the door shut behind her and she took that as her queue to get the explanation.

“Alright, what’s going on Malfoy? Why am I here?” she snapped.

“You don’t remember?” he questioned, his voice still soft. He looked genuinely puzzled by her question, and also a little hurt by her tone of voice but he hid that part fairly well.

“No but I can guess that you’re keeping me here for some dark despicable reason! So what is it? Butter me up to let Voldemort kill me later? Or is it to get Harry to come find me so Voldemort can get him? That’s more probable seeing as I’m just a filthy mudblood, I don’t mean anything to…”

“Please don’t try to guess. And I can’t see you believing the truth, so you might as well just eat something. It has been a while.” Malfoy said, placing the tray on the bed and walking over to the set of draws and sitting on it.

Hermione sat down on the bed and picked at a piece of toast in silence, glancing at the boy she had hated for 5 years. After a while she decided to ask a question.

“Was that you’re mother you was with?”

“Yes.” He looked over to look at Hermione, “You can call her Narcissa during you stay here.” And he looked away again.

“Oh, thanks.”

Hermione was starting to think that talking wasn’t a good idea. Malfoy seemed polite but still keeping his distance, as though he couldn’t get to know her or form a connection. She started thinking the air around her was getting thicker, and the atmosphere tenser. Malfoy got up silently and walked around to the left hand side of the bed. He pulled a draw out from the bed and lift out what looked like a cd case. He went to the wardrobe and put the cd somewhere out of view and the next thing Hermione heard was peaceful music drifting around the room. After that Malfoy resumed his position on the set of draws.

Once Hermione was finished picking at the food on the tray, she got up and walked around the bed, noticing how many of the petals had fallen. She picked each one up and placed then in a small box she had noticed on the side table by her bed. It was empty so she assumed she could use it. She then gathered the rest of the petals from the bed.

“Why are you doing that?”

The voice made Hermione jump and the feathery petals flew out of her hands.

“Holy Merlin, Malfoy, you scared the life out of me you idiot!” Hermione yelled a little louder than necessary. “I am aloud to move these aren’t I? I am sleeping in this room, right?” she said a bit calmer.

“Well I’m sorry, and yes, I was just wondering.” He replied. He stood up and took the tray from the bed and in one swift movement, was out the door.

Hermione just stared at the door wondering why he’d suddenly walked out. Without realising what she was doing, she followed him out the room and into the corridor, which seemed to be too big for any house. She couldn’t tell which way he had gone so she just waited for a few minuets to see if he would come back. He didn’t. Curiosity got the best of Hermione and she wondered where he had gotten to. Pacing herself, she wandered right from her room and looked through cracks of doors and listened intently for any noises she might recognise. After wandering for what must have been an hour, Hermione walked down yet another set of stairs and saw a bright light. Wanting to find out who else was here and where she was, Hermione opened the door slightly to peek.

“Draco, if the girl waned to know you should have told her. She’s going to learn sooner or later that Potter asked for her to be brought here…” Hermione’s eyes opened wide in shock, “…so you might as well tell her.” Narcissa said.

“Yeah, because that girl would believe a word I said. She’d most likely hex me to high heaven if I tried to tell her that her precious Potter had anything to do with this. The only way she would believe anything I told her would be if it had something to do with the dark kiss-my-ass lord. Hermione Granger hates me and she thinks I hate her. That’s the worst part of it all. For the last 2 years I’ve had to pretend so I can keep up this stupid charade and I can’t anymore! I’m tired of her slagging me off when she doesn’t know the real me!” Malfoy suddenly made for the door, opening it to Hermione’s unsuspecting face.

He just sighed, looked at his mother, then turned and rushed up the stairs Hermione had just come down. Throwing an apologetic look to Narcissa she ran up after him, making sure she could see him.

“Malfoy! Malfoy, wait! Please stop!” Hermione was yelling in a voice that sounded almost pleading. “Can we talk? I need to say something.”

With that he stopped and turned to look at her. “What?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realise that this was all fake, the past years, I’m sorry I’ve been vile and cruel sometimes and I’m most definitely sorry about listening in on that conversation. I clearly wasn’t meant to.” Hermione finished with an ashamed look that was half serious half comical.

“Yes, you shouldn’t have listened but you don’t need to apologise for what you heard. You didn’t know so don’t try to change it. As for the whole ‘why you’re here’ thing, yes Potter did request for you to be here and my guess is Weasley didn’t know. Now excuse me.” Malfoy turned and walked off into a room a little further down to the left. Hermione just left it at that and tried to find her room again.

AN: I hope this is alright. I'm a bit worried incase it's totally rubbish and everyone hates it, but it is the first chapter so please be nice :)

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