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How to Disappoint Your Parents: How I Disappointed My Parents

‘Don’t forget to smile,’ I remind myself. I reach toward the door and am saved the effort of pushing it open. Saved by the figure now in my way of entering the house- I refuse to call it my home because that would mean that I am living near the rest of my family, not in the middle of no where.

“Rose! So, how was your walk? Did you meet anyone? How are our new neighbors? I hope you didn’t get lost, this neighborhood is fairly large.” And my mother has begun her interrogation. She must have some sort of inkling that this is the last thing I want to be discussing at this precise moment in time.

“It was fine Mum, there are lots of Muggles, ” I respond grudgingly, disregarding the fact that no one spoke to me. Of course we had to move away from all of the Weasleys and Potters. I understand Grandma is sick and mum wants to be close by but come on, a completely Muggle town? I still cannot figure out why Dad suggested it in the first place. “Can I at least get through the door before you bombard me with questions?”

"Sorry honey, I am just so excited for us to be here,” she says with real sincerity. How exciting does she think it is? I’m fifteen, starting over in a new town, and on top of that the only person I have to talk to is Hugo, who cannot hold a remotely intelligent conversation.

After throwing my bag down, and storming into the kitchen, or what should be our kitchen. The boxes everywhere hide the distinguishing features, like the stove and sink. Once four cabinet doors have been slammed I realize that there is not a glass in sight. Of course our parents believe it is best for us to unpack everything ourselves, and since Hugo and I aren’t of age yet that means our part hast be done without magic. I know that was definitely all Mum. Instead of a drink I just grab an apple.

“Now that you have something to eat will you come sit and answer my questions?” I hear from the living room.

“Well, you always say school is most important, maybe I should start my homework first,” because I know you are going to talk to me for hours! “You do know that summer is almost over, right? We go back to Hogwarts in just a week.”

“Rose Weasley! Do not start with the excuses! I just need to know what is going on with you.” She needs to know? “Tell me anything, I don’t care what we talk about.”

“Coming, coming,” I call as I drag myself toward the equally stark living room and its single piece of furniture.

“So, are you excited for school this year? How do you feel about being a prefect and what about Quidditch? Tell me everything!” Seriously, my mother sounds like a gossiping first-year.

“Mum, there isn’t all that much to tell. I am excited for classes to start, yes and I think being a prefect will be very cool,” I dreaded having this back to school conversation so much, what will she say when she finds out I am not exactly the perfect angel she and Dad thought? Deep breath.

“Oh, that’s great! I was a prefect and so was your father, it’s a big responsibility, but I am sure you can handle it. I keep meaning to ask, have you had time to talk to someone about tryouts for Quidditch?” She asks with genuine curiosity.

And there it is. I thought, no hoped, I would have a few more minutes to figure out how I was going to get around this one. See, I really do not like to lie- of course I am a teenager so the occasional white lie would slip out now and again- yet this circumstance left me no other option. “I haven’t had the time, Mum. And our owl is always out with something of yours for work and I just don’t trust Pig to do it. Honestly, it slipped my mind,” I reply apprehensively. When in the reality that is my life, I did not forget, it continuously nagged at me all day, in my mother’s hopeful and proud voice of course. I do not care how good I am at it, which does not change the fact that it is not for me and I would rather spend my time doing something else. Doing what else? I have yet to decide, which is exactly the reason I have yet to tell my parents. I think that if I give them an alternative it won't be quite so bad. Who am I kidding; all they can talk about is how proud they are my house won the Quidditch cup last year. Who knows what kind of animosity I would create by not trying-out for the team.

"Well, hopefully tomorrow you will remember. I swear you would forget your head if that was possible," she shakes her head as she says this.

"I will cross my fingers," I say and get up to leave when I realize I have possibly escaped anymore hard questions and I am free to go.

"Wait, you haven't told me about your classes for next year yet!" Never mind.

"Honestly Mum, they aren't anything all that different from last year." I fruitlessly attempt to get out of there and up to my room.

“Well then, I expect a lengthy letter after the first week of classes.”

"Fine whatever you want," and with that said I finally manage to escape my mother's grip that had been holding me down on the couch next to her. "I will be up in my room if you need me." Walking toward the stairs, I commend myself for how few questions I just answered. I swear I'm genius!

I collapse onto my bed and fall back into the throw pillows that scatter my bed. My room is the only room that is completely unpacked. My parents thought it would help me and Hugo feel more comfortable if our rooms had everything where we were used to it being back home. They also hope I will stop sighing every time I look out a window.

Throwing myself face first into the pillow I begin to think about this awful situation. There is always just not telling them, it’s not like they could know. Though, knowing my family and billions of cousins, someone would tell. Frustrated that my comfortable bed is not helping me relax in the least, I go about pacing my room. I need to tell them. It will not stop bugging me. I hope it is true that getting something off your chest is a relief. At this point I think being blunt and honest would be best.

I just don’t get why it has to matter to them that much. Mum doesn’t even play Quidditch; I don’t even know how long she can stay on a broom for. Aunt Ginny was the one who played professionally with the Harpies, and she doesn’t care one bit about what her kids play. Of course both her sons play and James is currently captain and I have a feeling Al made captain too and he just hasn’t told anyone. That’s going to make for some good matches this year. Slytherin and Gryffindor have plenty of rivalry as is, but if those brothers are captaining both teams, wow. Even though I don’t like Quidditch I am so glad to be in Ravenclaw and never had to be teammates with either cousin.

It isn’t that I don’t like Quidditch; I absolutely love to watch it. I love the excitement and suspense and of course cheering on my team seems fun- at least it was last year when I was benched because of my injury. I think that's when I realized that Quidditch just isn’t for me any more. I enjoyed watching the game and not having all the pressure of possibly letting my team down. I am sure the first thing Mum and Dad will think is that I am scared of going back on a broom after what happened with the accident at the end of last year. I won’t blame them for thinking that; a bludger to the head, and then falling fifty feet to the ground did keep me away from the Quidditch pitch for a few weeks. But I did get back up in the sky and that I still love, flying for fun and just feeling the breeze. I guess I have just lost interest in the grueling practices and the matches themselves, which used to stimulate me, is far from fun now and it feels like a burden and something I have to do.

Walking down to my mom, it feels as if the stairs never end then all of a sudden I am standing in front of her and I hear the words, "Can I talk to you?" escape my lips. Now I am having second thoughts, this was a really bad idea. Like one of the worst ideas I have ever had.

"Sure, what about?" Mum answers with curiosity.

“I think we should wait for Dad.” I am just trying to postpone the inevitable. Mum will probably be more understanding. I should have just let her tell Dad, what am I thinking?

“Okay, I think Ron should be home any moment.” A few seconds pass in silence and speak of the devil, I hear a familiar pop and Dad walks down from upstairs. We are forced to Apparate directly in and out of the house now because of all the Muggles, not that I have my Apparation license or anything.

“Ronald, come sit down. Rose has something to tell us,” Mum’s voice is shaking a little as she tells Dad. I can only imagine what is running through her mind. “So, what is this all about?”

“Quidditch.” There I have said it; the hardest part is over, I think.

"Oh, are you nervous for try-outs? Don’t be, your nerves will just hold you back," yeah, thanks Dad, that helps.

“Yes, your Dad would know that for sure.”

“Hermione! Our kids do not need to know about that, or would you like me to mention a certain McLaggan?”

Great, they have no clue where I am going with this and now they are staring to fight. "No, but about try-outs, I don't think I am going to," I interrupt their bickering.

"Going to what? Make the team? Sweetie, of course you are, you did wonderfully last year so they already know how great you are, even if try-outs don’t go so well.”

"Mum, Dad! I don't want to try-out, period. I am done with Quidditch." It’s out in the open now; there is nothing I can do, just wait for their reactions.

“Very funny, Rosie,” Dad says with the shadow of a smile on his face. It is like he does believe me but hopes it is a joke. I guess he is preparing himself to laugh for when I say ‘Just joking’.

I hate to disappoint him but, “It’s not a joke, Dad. I am serious and I swear it is not nerves. I am just done.” I look to Mum and she seems to be surprised, guess I really had her going with the whole, 'I love Quidditch' thing. She's processing all this and thinking it over. Always the logical one she will refrain from saying anything until she thinks this through, which may take awhile. I then watch as Dad's expression moves from that of encouragement to something that very closely resembles disappointment. Ugh, what have I done?

Author Note: Wow, my very first fic. I really just enjoy writing and want to become better skilled at writing, it would help a lot if you left a review. Say whatever it is that you feel, I would love to know your thoughts. A HUGE thanks to PadfootProngsMoony38 and AngelEyez3954 for beta reading this. Also thanks to Celtic_Dreamer7 and PrettyGreenEyes for summary help!

:) BaletGir

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