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    Hiya! I'm PinwheelGoddess and I've finally gotten my first fanfic written..EVER! Today, in the spark of my second period, an idea of a story developed into my head as I stared a the back of one of my significant other's friends. The idea sprouted roots, then a stem, and finally popped up from the ground to create a short piece (or maybe even longer.) Remember to read this through and if you're a beta reader, I would really like it if you'd give me a message sometime soon.

    My eyes clung wearily to the tiny ink words of the paper. The transfiguration review was pushing me, pushing me up against a wall and about to crush me to my own fate. I had been studying for hour upon hour every text, note, and letter that Professor McGonagall instructed my class to study. I was slowly burning up from the painful torture that was igniting my stress to get the perfect grade on the NEWTS, and I needed something to relieve my tension. Something. Something I just didn't know what. Suddenly, the movement of a smooth hand brushed against my skin.

    The silky palm had glided against my skin, causing me to prick up at the reaction. A cool feeling spread over my overheated skin and made me tingle with wonder. Who was this person who had distracted me from Transfiguration review? I had to know. I turned my head around to see my flirt's best mate looking at me.

    This was odd, out of all people, why was this fellow here? He would never be the type of person to stay within a library at this hour. After all, he never seemed to care much for school, only for his guitar and friends.

    "Heather," he said softly, "you are aware that you are beyond curfew?"

    I grouchily retorted back at his face, "Well,if I'm out of curfew, then why are you also here?"

    He answered cooly, "Head duty, it's patrol night for me."

    I rolled my eyes, stupid bloke was interrupting my cram time and had practical answers. I grumbled back at him, "And how come you're in the library?"

    He replied again, "I would've predicted that a nerd like you would be in here; you weren't at any of the usual places you and Chris usually hang out together. I needed to pester someone anyways."

    I rolled my eyes up to the ceiling, which was blocked at the moment by the tower of books threatening to fall over me.
    "And why did you come?"

    He softly whispered, he did not want to disturb the bushy-haired girl in the next row over, who was snoring insanely loud a the moment,"You're frightening everyone Heather. You've been studying like crazy and spending most of your time at the quidditch pitch."

    i snapped, "Well, I can't! I need to cram and get the perfect score on this exam. Good bye!"

    I expected him to trot off and let my brain burn into the Transfiguration notes, but his body stayed stationed in the same place.

    "You will."

    "I won't."

    "You will."

    "I certainly will not."

    He replied the third time with the same answer, "You will."

    "I refuse and the only way you'll get me out of my chair is to lift me out."

    He ignored me, "On my watch, you'll go to bed."

    "You don't have a watch, so I'm not going."

    He lifted his black sweater slightly, and revealed a golden Rolex resting on his wrist.

    "Bastard," I hissed under my breath.

    "I heard that," he replied.

    "You were supposed to."

    I fumed at him for a few seconds, glaring into his brown eyes. I suddenly blurted out,"Why do you even care, Harrison? You never even acknowledge my existence whenever you're talking to Chris and I'm with him."

    A pause smacked right into the argument. Had I gone too far?

    "Heather," He put that silk, smooth hand of his to rest on my pale, measly hand, "it was too late before I realized that....i was falling for you."

    Those words pierced through my heart. I was now frustrated and angry. Tears poured with rage out of my eyes, "WHY THE HELL DID YOU HAVE TO TELL ME THAT NOW? I"VE GOt TO STUDY FOR THE HARDEST TRANSFIG TEST OF THE YEAR! YOU MAKE ME SICK YOU SON OF A-"

    "What on earth is going on here? Whose screaming?," The bushy haired whim had remarked, rubbing her eyes as she peeped into our row.

    I glared at her in response, and she shivered at my look. The second year girl shot out of the library at a surprisingly faster than Hermes himself.

    I whipped my head around to see Harrison still there, shocked at how upset I had gotten. His face had gone white, from his usual light hispanic brown and he looked nervous. He deserved it too.


    I began again as I started to wrench my hands around to put on my hips, "YOU ARE SOO STUPID YOU BRAINLESS PRAT. I HOPE YOU-"

    "Heather, you're about to-"







    "SHUT UP!"


    My hand whacked the tower of books, and they crashed to the floor. I sighed frustratingly, and dropped to the ground to pick them up. Why was the world getting so flustery?

    "Here, let me help you, Heather," he kneeled down to the ground near me.

    "No, no," I told him in a hoarse voice,"it's okay. You need to go to patrol duty anyways."

    "Let me help. It's one in the morning, and you need a little assistance once in a while. You push you self so hard. That's why I love you so much."

    My cheeks burnt crimson at his last few words. Nevertheless, I ignored the comment and for a few moments,our eyes darted elsewhere besides our countenances. It was becoming too awkward to talk to him anyways; after all, I'd really frightened the crikeys out of him. He needn't deal with that much more. The pile of texts were almost stacked, except for one more book. It was the shiny, rose-colored one, my favorite.

    My hands touched the cover of the book, so did Harrison's.

    "Harrison-," I gazed into his brown eyes.

    "Heather-" He gazed right back into mine. Our hands still were on top of one another; warmth blazing in between them.

    My face was an inch or two away from his. The entire library was empty of people and spirits, except for us that is.

    Harrison leaned in and kissed me. His lips were like the wings of a swan, they glided smoothly on to mine with their silky exterior. He drew me in with his seducing intrigue and made me feel like I'd never felt like around Chris. I ran my hands through his dark, curly hair, while he comfortably nestled his hands on to my lower waist.

    We slowly explored each other's mouths for what seemed like days, hours, minutes, or maybe for just a few seconds.

    Suddenly,I jerked away from his mouth, "This isn't right. I'm betraying my flirt, and destroying your friendship. We've got to-"

    My next words would never come; they were halted by his lips crashing down upon his.

    "Heather, shut up. It doesn't even count anyways since he hasn't asked you out yet."

    I looked serenely into his auburn eyes with trust and a feeling of stability for once in my life i could just stay here forever in his warm embrace.........

    This felt so right. To be in his arms was unbelievable. I never was so safe and shielded from the ice cold that invaded the castle. My eyelids were too heavy to resist, I fluttered off to sleep right in his embrace.


    Tell me what you think will happen next you guys and don't be afraid to review (I don't bite!) On top of that, i hope that you'll be just as satisfied with this chapter as you hopefully will be with the next!


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