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A/N well here it is one of the last few chapters.


“Of course. I’m sorry for the way my son…”

“He never did, he was always kind to me. Maybe deep down we both knew. We just could not figure out what brought us together.” She replied quickly,

“Maybe so.” I agreed

“What is wrong with Jamie? I cannot think of anything. He is a wonderful little boy.” I looked at the young woman in front of me; I knew she already loved her little cousin

“We do not know. Saint Mungos and muggle hospitals cannot figure it out. We can only hope his body will heal. I was wondering…” I started before she cut me off

“I would love too… I can read minds,” she laughed


Chapter 15

****** Hermione’s pov

“We do not know. Saint Mungos and muggle hospitals cannot figure it out. We can only hope his body will heal. I was wondering…” starts Antonio

I all ready knew what he was going to ask. I red it in his mind. He wants me to spend a few days with him. To get to know me. To tell me of my past. My parents.

“I would love too… I can read minds,” I laugh, looking at his shocked face.

*** Next day

Hermione sat in her hotel room, Ginny was with her.

“Maya, we all miss you. It was so scary watching you in pain,” said Ginny looking to her friends face. That where yet again covered by sunglasses. She had been wearing then from the first moment gin had saw her the day before.

“You screamed in pain, mum was so scared as your temperature kept getting higher. Then after we return home, you where gone. I knew mum was lying when she said you had family problems. She knows doesn’t she!” stated Ginny

“Yeah, she knows the truth. She knows of me being an orphan, she knows about the fall, and the Cullen’s’ looking after me. Albus knows now too. Uncle C had to tell them everything.”

“Albus never knew?” replied Ginny in surprise

“No. I never told anyone but you,” said Hermione looking at her friend.

“Hermione?” asked Ginny sweetly.

“What do you want now?” laughter Hermione knowing that her friend was wanting something

“Well apart from hotty down the hall. Could I see your eyes? Please. You have had them covered since you got here.”

Hermione took in an unnecessarily deep breath. Just as she was going to pull of her glasses, Bella and Alice came running into the room.

“We want to see too. Jasper told us about them?” said Alice jumping on the spot.

Hermione lighted and took the glasses off.

There they were glowing in the light of the room. Hermione golden red flames. Her eyes of golden fire.

Ginny gasped, “They’re magical”

“How are they not red?” whispered Bella

“Carlisle thinks its to do with the magic that I have within my body. When I was first turned they where a more red flames, than the golden flames they are now.”

“Wow, they’re cool,” said Ginny her eyes not leaving Hermione’s.

“Gin, me, you and Alice will be leaving tomorrow to go back to Hogwarts. The dogs are coming with us. Carlisle and Esme will be joining us in a week. For the last of the holidays, jasper and Bella will be staying with Hermione’s aunt and uncle. Their oldest son will also be sent to Hogwarts early,” said Bella

“Oh ok.” said Ginny looking at her hands. She did not want to leave her friend so soon.

“So that means that today we are going SHOPPING!” shouted Alice jumping in the air.

The others laughed at Alice before tackling her down to the ground.


Before long, it was the day before Hermione and Jasper where to return to Hogwarts. The summer had went well. Hermione’s eyes seem to stay the same, golden flames of fire.

Jamie was happy that to find out that Hermione was his cousin. Blaise still did not know.

***** Hermione’s pov

“Maya, I don’t want you to go away tomorrow” cried Jamie, climbing onto my lap.

“I have to Jamie. I need to go to school to learn tings.” I say holding him close to me.

Jasper was somewhere in the house talking to my uncle. The two of them had got on well.

“Maya, you know how you eat blood?” asked Jamie curiously

“Yes Jamie, but we drink it not eat it.” I correct him

“Does that mean you can eat blood pops?” he asks

I sit back to think about what he had said. I had near thought of that.

“I don’t know Jamie, lets go and ask your Daddy if my Daddy at them.” I say stand up off the seat I was on, Talking Jamie b the had we both walk thorough the Zabini manor, looking for my uncle Antonio

Before long, we had found both Jasper and my uncle. Therefore, I asked the question Jamie asked me.

“Uncle?” I ask

“Yes princess?” he says smiling at me

“Jamie asked me something down stairs, can we vampires at blood pops?” I ask him

“What in the world are blood pops?” asked Jasper looking stunned

“Yes you can, your father was always eating them, you used to eat them when you where younger, they always made you hyper.” laughed Antonio, thinking about the fond memories of his niece when she was a young child.

“What are blood pops?” asked Jasper again

“They are a wizard sweet bro. made from blood,” I say jumping up and down with the thought of being able to eat a sweet.

“I think I have some in the kitchen if you want to try one,” said Antonio walking to the door

Jasper raised an eyebrow at Antonio.

“My darling brother somehow also managed to get my eldest addicted to them,” he laughed walking out the door.

The others followed

****** Jaspers pov

I stare at the red lolly in my hand. It was blood. Sweet, yet not as sweet as normal blood. It defiantly was not human blood; the lolly was too red to be human blood. I unwrap the lolly, before placing in my mouth.

I look over to Hermione she was grinning like a mad man. Her emotions where hyped up over the lolly

Once the lolly was in my mouth, the burning that was starting to built up seems to subside. Maybe these lollies where useful.

“Mmmm, these taste like the real thing!” said Hermione removing the lolly from her mouth to speak, “thank you uncle”

“My pleasure, I have a few boxes of them upstairs, take them with you. And share them among the family.”

“We will,” I replay.

“Well then, Jamie its time for bed. You can say goodbye to Jasper and Hermione tomorrow. Are you two running or taking the train?” Antonio asks lifting Jamie up

“We are going to run, that way we can hunt on the way up. Therefore, we properly will not leave until about two. Alice, took most of our clothes with her so we only have a single bag to carry each,” said Hermione before kissing Jamie on the head, “night night Jamie”

“Ni…ght” yawed Jamie as his father turned and went up the stairs.

A/N hope you enjoyed reading chapter 15, the next chapter will be the last. I hope to have it up and finished by the end of next week, please review and tell me what you though.


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