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Sunday morning was one of the worst in Harry’s entire Hogwarts career. Early in the morning, his sleepiness prevented the massive wave of fear from hitting Harry. Once he had breakfast, it was in full effect. He felt sick, and a large lump had appeared in his throat, stopping him from speaking. He had felt this nervous once before. Only seconds before his first Quidditch match, the same nausea and lump had appeared. However, it had gone away after the adrenaline of flying had kicked in. Harry doubted that would happen with the dragon. He changed into a comfortable sweatshirt and jeans, and as he was leaving the common room, someone called his name.

“Harry!” It was Seamus. Harry looked at him. He took a deep breath and continued “I’ve only just heard. About the dragons. I reckon you didn’t want to sign up for that. So…I guess I’m saying I’m sorry I didn’t believe you” Harry nodded, and then left. On the way to the Entrance Hall, Harry heard a mix of “Good luck Harry!” and “You know, third-degree burns prevent acne. At least something good’ll come from that dragon roasting you alive”. He ignored all comments, keeping his head down. He met Ron and Hermione downstairs. Ron tried to encourage him by telling him that his brother Charlie worked with dragons every day. Harry had seen Charlie recently and he had looked alright, which lightened his spirits. Hermione pointed out that Charlie was trained to work with dragons, which made harry feel a lot worse, since the only experience he had with dragons was when Hagrid owned a baby dragon in his first year. Hermione tried to give him bits and pieces of advice about dragons and his plan. They arrived at the Quidditch pitch, which had been turned into a dragon holding cell. Ron patted Harry on the shoulder and wished him luck. Hermione stared at Harry for a moment, and then threw her arms around his neck.

“Remember to concentrate. And be careful” she said before releasing him and going to join Ron. Harry made his way down to a tent near the stadium. Inside were the Ministry wizards running the tournament and the other champions. Cedric was pacing around the tent, looking extremely nervous. Fleur was a nasty shade of green, and Krum was staring blankly at his wand.

“Ah Mr. Potter” said one of the wizards as Harry entered the tent. “We had begun to wonder where you had gotten off to. I have already explained to the other champions the purpose of this task. You must collect the golden egg, alright. By any means necessary. Oh, we have already selected dragons and you are stuck with the Hungarian Horntail. You will be going last” He looked rather anxious as he said the name of Harry’s dragon. “Mr. Diggory, you are up first.” Cedric nodded curtly, took a long breath, and exited the tent.

Harry did not like waiting for his turn to face the dragon to arrive. He ran every possible situation in his head, making himself more nervous by the second. The commentary of each champions attempt of to collect the golden egg. Vivid and disturbing pictures were painted in Harry’s mind as dragon and wizard went at it in a seesaw battle. He tried to distract himself by thinking about his plan. So much could go wrong. And he the Horntail was one of the nastiest beasts on the planet. His nerves increased dramatically. Finally, Harry’s name was called. Scattered cheers came from the stands. Harry grinned weakly as he heard Hermione shout “Go Harry!” He stepped out into the sunlight.

The pitch has been filled with rocks to look like the dragons habitat. Thousands of pairs of eyes were fixed on harry as he drew his wand. To his left, a loud grunt came. He turned and saw a large, black, scaly dragon. Its claws were the size of Harry himself. It’s tail was covered in thick black spikes. Smoke emitted from it’s nostrils. Its beady eyes saw Harry. Apparently threatened Harry's presence, (Harry wasn’t sure how threatening a 14 year old boy who was so scared he was on the verge of crapping himself could be) it roared and took a swipe at Harry’s head with one of it’s gigantic claws. He ducked, and began running. The Horntails claws missed him a by inches, getting closer each time. Finally it connected, sending Harry flying across the pitch. He heard screams before crashing into the wall. The Horntail roared in triumph. Harry, fighting to remain conscious, raised his wand and cried “Accio Firebolt!” He kept his arm outstretched, praying with every fiber of his being that the charm worked. The Horntail sensed he was still alive, and turned. It raised it’s tail preparing to crush Harry. At the last possible second, a sleek, speeding broomstick raced towards Harry. He leapt onto it as the Horntail’s tail came crashing down. Shocked that it missed, the Horntail looked wildly around for Harry. Harry was speeding along the wall of the pitch. He felt white-hot flames burning behind him, getting closer. He saw a glint of gold between the dragon’s legs. He turned sharply, the dragon’s flame barely missing him. She shot out towards the egg, and scooped it up with both arms. It was lighter than he expected, almost hollow. He rolled out from behind the Horntail into the air. He had done it. He had successfully completed the first task of the Triwizard Tournament. He had proved everyone wrong. Cheers rang out as the emcee announced Harry had the fastest time, putting him in first place. Harry felt a swooping sensation he had felt when he won the Quidditch Cup last year. He raised the golden egg above his head, relived, in high spirits and exhausted.

AN: I know this chapter was wicked short sorry :(. the coming ones are a bit longer. BIG STUFF on the way, so stay tuned.

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