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An; So, another chapter – and the answer to the cliff hanger, which actually seemed to bug people immensely. 
I own nothing, obviously, apart from my OC’s and the plot. Enjoy.


Brilliant Chapter Image by FIND! @ tda
Ellie and Kyle 


Coming to an abrupt halt, I almost knocked over Nate. Freddy, who happened to be running just in front us crashed in to Kyle’s back – who had stopped at the door – and let go of Lily, who landed on the floor with a loud grunt. 


“Fred!” Lily yelled, punching the floor as her cousin lay flat on top of her. Fred, being the largest of our group, was obviously crushing his younger cousin. 


I pulled away from Nate and was careful to try and cover up the top of the dress, which was thin and had wispy on top. As Fred shouted back at Lily, his voice raised several octaves; I could image she had kicked him rather violently where he would feel it most. But I didn’t comprehend anything they said, despite their volume. 


My senses blocked out everything that wasn’t stood directly in front of me; James stood in his jeans and favourite jumper. To his right was the Devil, her hair was volume-ized to perfection and rested lightly upon her shoulders, unmoving in the light breeze of the snow. 


A loud grunt erupted from behind me; Lily had shoved Fred off of her stomach and got up from the floor, stepping over her cousin. I could see her eyes lock on Evie and words pour from her mouth, words I was still trying to stream together as Fred took hold of her ankles and pulled her back to the floor. 


Her voice became deathly low. “Fredrick, I swear; sleep with a helmet, boy. I know where you live.”


A few of the younger students surrounding them stepped back and began to sneak away. It was a known fact that the youngens were afraid of Lily - I just didn’t realize it was that much. 


“Lily, don’t scare the littelens now. You were one of them yourself once.” James said hopelessly, stepping forward and helping up his sister, but not before visibly shaking Evie off of his arm. 


“There all incompetent little-“


“Lily you are relentless.” I giggled. 


“-bints if they think that’s a scary insult!” She finished. 


“Bloody hell.” James muttered; his mouth turning in to somewhat of a smile. If something went wrong in Lily’s life at Hogwarts, it was usually blamed on the first years. “Lily control yourself!”


“You control yourself big brother!” She emphasized. “You’re dating a home bitch from the brothel.” Lily’s suddenly decided to go ghetto. 


James’s eyes narrowed and his arms folded over his chest, “Lily, what are you talking about?”


“I’m talking about you dating Malibu Barbie!” Lily snapped stepping forward. 


As if by magic, Evie’s face lit up like Christmas lights as she laughed. “Thank you.”


“Lewis, that was an insult.” Rosie said as she licked her lips. 


“But Barbie was popular.” Evie replied instantly, a smile still tugging at her lips. 


Beside me I saw Nates jaw set in to a smile and I fought the urge to elbow him. His friends, however, didn’t even have the decency to look abashed at her views on social life and laughed until they turned red. 


“Evie, If Barbie was so popular, then why the did you have to buy all of her friends?” Lily snapped. 


“Okay – cut that out.” James scolded. “Where are you even headed?” 


I took hold of the back of Lily’s blouse and pulled her so she stood in front of me. With a plastered on grin I told him, “The Three Broomsticks.”


“Without me?” James was taken back. “Since when have you gone to the pub without, James Potter?” 


I glared at James unintentionally. “Since he began speaking in the third person?” 


He smirked the famous Potter smirk. Even Albus has one, but he wouldn’t use it. “I’m not sure if I like you spending time with my sister; her sarcasm rubs off on you. You always were a little too impressionable.”


His eyes looked to Nate and to the Ravenclaws; he brushed it off, knowing this wasn’t the right moment to inquire about their presence. Instead he tried to hold back a smile at the sight of his roommates. 


“Don’t be a twit,” Rosie told him, her hands firmly by her side yet she still stood closesly to Scorpius – who seemed a little too happy at the concept. “You abandoned Charisma to go on your little pity date. Don’t even try to take the moral high ground.”


“Excuse me?” James chuckled uneasily; he wasn’t used to Rose’s lip directed towards him, other’s frequently; him, never. “I don’t remember asking your opinion, Ro.”


I tried to ignore the happiness that erupted through me when he didn’t deny it was a pity date; yet Evie, while glaring still at Lily, hadn’t seemed to notice that the term had been thrown around in the first place.


Rose narrowed her eyes. “You didn’t have to ask for it. You’re being a shitty friend. I thought that someone needed to let you know.”


Evie grabbed at his hand as James took a step forward. “Her mother should have taught her that it’s not nice to snatch,” I muttered to Lily, who replied with a belting laugh. 


I looked down at the bag that contained his Halloween costume and suddenly felt guilty; he was my friend and I had acted childishly by allowing Lily to go so far in getting her brother an embarrassing costume. I would probably just throw it on to his bed and leave it there until he found it – opting for the cowards’ way out. 


I didn’t notice as Lily made a remark towards her brother and was smacked with his shopping bags as a result, but Nate seemed to have, laughing quietly behind me. I took a step back and stood side by side with him, suddenly feeling a little uncomfortable with standing in the group. 


“Why in Circe’s name are the three of you dressed as wankers in wigs?” James asked his friends, his tone returning to its normal deep amusement as he threw his arm over Evie’s shoulder. 


From beside me I saw Lois nudge Dan with her elbow, realising that James was in fact actually dating Evie, and not just out of pity. She raised her brows towards me and I rolled my eyes. 


“It’s a fashion statement,” Fred tried hurriedly, his tone suddenly rising again – this time he sounded similar to a squeaky toy. 


His hurried movement wasn’t exactly inconspicuous as he moved to stand in front of Rose and Scorpius. I noticed that they had turned to leave, Scorpius taking her hand in his; I could see Rosie’s blush and for a moment I felt slight envy. 


James caught sight of his departing cousin and peered around the space where Freddy stood. “Are you bloody joking? Get the fuck away from her, Malfoy!”


I barged forward and placed a hand on to his shoulder, almost knocking Lily over in my wake. “James, it’s not your concern. Calm down.”


“It will be my concern when Rose is disowned.” He shouted. “Rosie! Stop!”


As if James had some sort of hold on her she stopped, much to Scorpius’ surprise and turned to face her cousin. “What?!”


“What do you mean, ‘what?’.” James sneered. “Rose he’s a Malfoy.”


“And you’re a Potter,” Rose retorted. “What difference does it make?”


James was fuming, his face turning slowly red as he looked at the way his cousin’s hand entwined with Scorpius’. 


“Be careful what you say here, Potter.” Scorpius snapped. 


Sighing I stood in front of James, “Leave them be, if Scorpius break’s Rose’s heart then I am sure that he will allow you to hex him, until then, you leave them be; they’re happy.”


“How would you feel if someone started messing on your relationship with Evie?” Drew tried to reason. “You wouldn’t like it; but you wouldn’t get to feel that way; we’re all too nicer people to even think about ruining your relationship with her – not matter how much we all don’t like her.”


As Evie tried to step forward and defend herself I couldn’t help the feeling of wanting to cry overcome me. I was the bad friend; I was the one thinking of meddling in their relationship; if James if happy, then I should leave him be.


I only pulled my gaze away from the floor to notice Nate stride over to Evie and stand in front of her. Drew had taken James aside and they seemed to be having a ‘heated discussion’. The odd finger was pointed to a rather infuriated Rosie before she marched over and joined them. 


Evie had pulled her wand on Fred and Kyle, who had stood in front of her and blocked her view of James and Drew. 


“I am a prefect, little girl.” Nate said with authority. “If you hex me there will be serious consequences. There will be no fighting.”


Noticing the dwindling crowd I began to feel slightly angered. Evie loved opportunities like this, no one to see her be the evil cow that I knew her to be. Blaise had taken hold of Scorpius’ arm and pulled him away, down the street and back towards the castle – knowing that he would say something stupid and make the situation worse for Rosie. Dan and Lois seemed to have gone too. 


Something in my mind made me walk towards Nate and stand by him. “Fucking brilliant,” Evie said snidely. “Your back up comes in the worm of a wet blanket.”


“Ouch; that really cut me deep,” I said in a voice I didn’t know that I possessed, nor knowing where the sarcasm came from. 


She snorted. “Whatever; I still have the upper hand.”




“Being that James came out with me today, not you. He left you.” 


I raised a brow and felt Nate shuffle in awkwardness; petty arguing girls were obviously not his forte. “A little desperate, don’t you think. Are you running out of insults to throw my way?”


“I’m only just getting started,” she sneered, tossing her hair over her shoulder – yet it still seemed to stay in place. “What I said to you in the Common Room the other day,Wolfy; it wasn’t a joke.”


Wolfy.” Lily echoed with distance as she ran in to my side. “What the hell did she say to you Chic, I swear if it was anything but hello and how are you today; I’ll have her head!”


James turned to hear Lillers shouting and pulled away from Drew, who was obviously attempting to calm him down. Evie stepped forward and came face to face with me; she was a little shorter, even with her heels on. 


“Everyone thinks that you’re so sweet, so perfect. But I see the truth. You’re a bitch.” She spat.


“Excuse me?” I couldn’t contain my shock, and apparently neither could Lily – Fred saw fit to throw her over his shoulder, kicking and screaming … again.


Never in my life has anyone ever called me a bitch. Never has anyone ever called me a cruel name before – until I met her. My heart was in my throat. I take the name bitch as a more personal offence than most, due to the fact that in a way, I am actually part female wolf, therefore a lady-dog. 


“You heard, you’re a stupid, little, clingy bitch.” She said the words slowly, each one piercing my heart more. I was expressionless, my face simple. Lily was still kicking behind me; I could hear Fred’s groans of struggle. Why couldn’t I be more like her in times like these?


Nate’s frustrated gaze turned to me. “And his is your best friend’s girlfriend?”


“What can I say?” I tried to reply. “James only chooses the best.”


No one seemed to move as James appeared between us. “What has gotten in to you Evie?” 


“What’s gotten in to me?” she repeated in a whiny voice. “Are you blind? She has been winding me up all month; you should see what she says about me?” 


James turned to me, his brain taking a little longer to process everything that it should. “Charisma?”


“Do you seriously believe that I would say something bad about her?” 


“Jamesy,” Evie pleaded. “Her and her horrible roommates he been following me around for weeks – there was even this one time that the mean one tripped me up. I didn’t even do anything.”


Making a mental note to thank Dixie for that one; she was the only one with the guts. I shook my head and raised my eyebrows towards James. It was a very crucial moment in his life – the friend, or the girlfriend.


“Well, that wasn’t Charisma that did that to you. But you called her a bitch. We’re leaving come on.” He demanded, striding past her without a single look back. Evie looked like she was about to protest, but James interrupted. “I don’t want to hear another word. Form any of you.” 


I couldn’t ignore the way that his gaze cast to Lily and me. 


“That’s it?” Drew shouted, stepping forward. “That’s all you’re going to say?” He was fuming. “Move over boyo it’s my turn.” Lewis actually looked terrified.  


“No Drew, it over.” I said as calmly and sweetly as I could. But even I knew that I heard the shake in my voice. “Don’t sink to her level.” She snarled at me, actually snarled, like a tiger. “Congratulations Lewis.” I said slyly. “Finally you have created a scene so mortifying that you’ve not only embarrassed yourself, but also everyone else around you.”


“Is that supposed to make me shudder?” She taunted. “Is it supposed to make me feel all sad and alone? Am I supposed to sit alone in my room of solitude and cry over what you think?”


“No.” I answered simply. “Because you don’t give a damn what I think, you don’t give a damn what anyone thinks because you have no soul.” I didn’t stop to take in the angry expression that was appearing on James’s face. “You are pretty much a dementor– you suck the life out of what ever you want to. If you honestly have nothing better to do then insult me and my friends, then go back to Hogwarts.” 




“Don’t you dare, James.” I snapped for what was possibly the first time in my life, I felt genuine anger towards him. “You know how horrid she has been to me, through all of my years at this school. You don’t get a say in how I treat her because you obviously don’t care how she treats me. And Evie, I have out up with you because you are James’ girlfriend, but I’m done. Say whatever you want to me because I’m through with taking your crap.”


Lily whooped loudly as I turned, taking hold of Nate’s arm and pulling him away from the scene. Releasing a breath that I didn’t know I was holding, I hadn’t heard Evie chase after me in the snow. 


She took hold of my arm and pulled me back. “Don’t you walk away from me; you don’t get to just say that to me and leave. You’re pathetic, you’re lonely and childish and a loser. Heck, you’re almost as bad as that whore he calls a sister.”


I felt Nate stiffen next to me; I never got in to arguments and I hated it when others did. Yet, everyone living in peace would never happen, and I didn’t fully understand why until I met this girl. I am a calm girl, a gentle girl. But the moment you insult my family …


You’re mine. 



James Potter


When I was thirteen, I jumped from the top of Hagrid’s hut and in to the pumpkin patch below. Landing wrongly, I broke two bones in my right leg and dislocated my left shoulder. Madame Brandon was literally seconds away, fixing my broken bones before I could even finish the first cry. 


Charisma had fetched her after I had first mentioned jumping off of it for a laugh. When I asked her how she knew I would do it, she answered ‘Because I know you’. Until today, I thought it was a visa-versa deal. 


You see, Charisma has been the friend that I can pride myself on the fact that I know everything about her, the way she laughs, the way she dresses and even the way she cries every time while watching this muggle films with munchkins in. Yet, today she showed a side that I didn’t know she had. 


She stood up for herself, and I was proud. I was proud that finally she showed some emotion other than happiness and faith towards someone who tried to put her down. Yet, I didn’t expect her to resort to violence. 


One moment Evie and I were walking to The Three Broomsticks, where I considered the gang would be, the next; Charisma’s fist is plunging in to Evie’s face. 


I knew that Evie had probably deserved it; after years and years of pent up anger Charisma was finally ready to let it all go, but in no way do I think that she did it in the correct manner. She’s delicate, Charisma, kind and gentle, never violent. 


As the doting boyfriend that I pride myself on being I escorted Evie back to school, blood running from her nose, down her chin and seeping in to her shirt. I listened intently as she raged about my ‘insane friend’ and ‘awful sister’ and even held her tight as she began to cry; no one deserves to be treated that way. 


Understandably, Wolfy’s been through a lot recently, but she’s not the type to get jealous, which is what Evie had told me it was all about. I know that Evie has a negative side to her, but that’s all in the past; she’s been so lovely to people in recent times, she’s turned over a new leaf and grown as a person. 


I tried to push the image from my head; Charisma’s eyes had darkened, her iris’ turning a shade that I always considered coffee with specks of honey; this only happened to her during the times of the moon, when the wolf takes over. 


It’s only been a short few days since the last moon; she still finds some emotions hard to control, which is why I try to stay calm around her when I can – but today, for a split second, she let her guard slip. She had used her werewolf strength to hit my girlfriend; she hadn’t even reached for her wand; she wanted to feel it. And that isn’t Charisma. 


“It hurt’s James!” Evie whined. “It really, really hurts!”


I rubbed her back and helped her up the stairs to the hospital wing. “I know, love. I don’t know what came over her, she’s usually so-“


“She’s a nutcase! She always has been!”


“She’s my best friend,” I said firmly. “She may have acted out of horribly and out of character, but she’s still my best friend; so be careful.”


“Careful?” she echoed astonished, her eyes narrowing. “She punched me. I am allowed a little bit of leeway.”


I snorted. “Like you haven’t done worse to her in the past, and besides, I heard what you said about my sister.”


She stopped walking, “It was in the heat of the moment, I didn’t mean it. I am so sor-“


I waved it off and pulled her up to the top of the stairs. “There’s the Hospital Wing,” I pointed forward. “I will talk to you later.”


I’m clueless, I have never seen either of them act like that before, neither one so childish. I walked back up to the portrait hole, climbed through and walked up to my empty dorm. I sat down at the desk and wrote a confused letter to Teddy; if I didn’t know what was going on with Charisma, I was sure that he would. 


I rolled up the letter and called Hedwig to my window. I tied it to her leg and let her go. She really is a beautiful bird. I sighed and sat on my bed. Hopefully I can sleep this off. I knew that I probably wouldn’t get a reply at all from Teddy; he wasn’t very good with remembering things. 


I woke up later in the day only for Fred, Drew and Kyle to walk in to our dorm. 


“Dude, today was amazing. Elle and Dixie are kicking themselves that they missed that.” Fred said in his loud voice. Kyle smiled at me and Drew ignored me completely. 


“I really don’t want to talk about it.” I snapped. 


“Someone’s a little touchy.” Fred carried on. “Maybe he needs a little of Honeydukes fudge.” He finished prodding me with a fudge stick from Honeydukes. 


“Bugger off!”


He backed off immediately and went to sit on Kyle’s bed. It was a rare feat if he actually remembered which was his. 


“You know, I just thought that I would let you know that Charisma’s really messed up over the entire thing.” He said caringly. 


“Her?” I said annoyed. “She was the one who punched my girlfriend.” 


“She had an effin good reason.” Drew mumbled. 


I sat up in my bed and pushed the covers back, narrowing my eyes. “You got something to say over there, Andrew?” 


“Yeah, actually I do.” He said getting up from his bed and walking over. Kyle stepped in front and pushed him back on to the bed. 


“Stop, you guys, this arrogance isn’t going to get anyone anywhere.” Kyle said intelligently. “Charisma came to see you the other night I think. But she was walking back from out dorm when she broke down in to tears. I think that she’s needed you lately James and you let her down. You haven’t heard half the stuff that Evie has said to her when you’re not around. If I was a girl, that punch would compare to nothing to the stuff that I would do to your pathetic excuse for a girlfriend.” 


“She was crying?” My voice suddenly softened, nothing seemed to matter anymore. All of her bad actions today seemed to fade away and mean nothing. Kyle’s protective tone didn’t register in my head, only as why it wasn’t mine.  


Kyle nodded. “Like I said, I don’t know why, but I think it-” 


With an arrogant edge to his tone, Freddy laughed. “I do.”


“Well spit it out then, Fred.” I said in slight desperation. 


Charisma was the talker, she had the words and knew the things to say, but I was the doer. I would show emotion through actions, it why we made such a good pair. If she were upset, I would be able to offer no comforting words and would most likely make the situation worse, but I can simply hug her until she stops – the was the norm.


“I can’t,” he explained. “Lily told me today in Hogsmeade, but there’s a room full of guys here that would flip if they found out. Well maybe not Kyle, but you two certainly would.” He said, pointing to Drew and me. 


He smiled to himself as I turned over in my bed and shut my eyes. 


I had to make a decision on who to forgive in this situation. It was an easy choice. 



Charisma Price



“You know, when I said that she deserved to be punched a few weeks ago, I didn’t actually mean literally, I just can’t believe that I missed it.” Dixie lectured. “I have been waiting 6 years for you to smack that bitch and when you finally do, I’m not there to see it. Couldn’t you have waited?”


“Or better yet, do it again?” Elle added. 


“Oh yes, please do that one?” Lily added laughing. 


I watched as Dixie walked from either side of the room, she spoke as she walked for what I was sure her attempt at creating an atmosphere; Dixie always liked a show. 


Shaking my head I tried to hold back a short wave of tears. “It’s not funny; I feel so guilty. Besides, Nate said ‘No fighting’, so what do I do? I … punch someone in the face?”


I was sure that they all noticed how hard it was for me to say, the way that my voice seemed to fumble over the action. 


“No, Charisma.” Lily said slowly. “I believe what he said was no duelling, and it was aimed at Evie. He never said no to any physical violence.” 


“Chic.” Elle said wrapping her arms around me caringly. I was sat on the windowsill, she joined me and I placed my head on her shoulder. “Things like this will happen. You love James; he’s the closest thing that you have to a brother. He will forgive you.” She said smiling. She always knew how to make me feel better. 


“Yeah, we don’t give a toss about the tramp that he drags around.” Rose said comfortingly, standing up from the edge of my bed. She was spending her precious time away from Scorpius. It’s very rare to see one of the without the other surgically attached to the others hip on this day. 


Pulling away from the windowsill, I grabbed my jumper from the end of my bed. “I’m going to apologise.”


Trying to ignore their protests was harder that I had first imagined, yet they knew that I was adamant about making amends. I walked down through the common room and up in to the boys dorm. 


I knocked on the door to James’s room and Kyle opened it. He gave me a hopeful smile and then hugged me tightly for a second before stepping back in to the room, letting me pass and then walking down in to the common room, I guess it was to give us privacy; Drew and Fred weren’t in there either. 


James was tucked up in bed, his gaze firmly on the ceiling. He didn’t look up as I walked in and pulled up the other end of the covers to his bed. I sat down and pulled them over my knees and tried to ignore the pounding of my heart as I noticed his lack of clothing.  


“You’ve got aim, I’ll give you that.” James said after a long pause of silence. 


I furrowed my brows. “Sorry?”


“There is no way in hell that I should be saying this but you have got bloody fantastic aim.” He smiled and sat up, resting his head on the wall behind him. “Maybe you don’t need us guys to protect you anymore.” 


“Don’t joke James, I feel awful. I am apologising to Evie the next time that I see her.”


“Thank you, I appreciate that.” He admitted, kicking me once under the duvet. 

“You’re not completely forgiven though.” He admitted. “But I know that you will put your self under a lot more punishment than I am willing to dish out.” 


“I know, and I don’t deserve to be forgiven.” He placed his hand on my knee in a comforting way, but it made my body tingle with joy. 


With a rueful smile he said, “Yes you do, she wasn’t exactly a ball of sunshine herself.”


“You’re not going to shout at me?” 


“I thought about it,” he told me truthfully. “But would I shout at you Charisma? When have I ever shouted at you?” 


I smiled and twisted my hair; he smiled and rolled his eyes. “What?” I asked. 


He just shook his head as if to say ‘nothing’ and we went down to the great hall for dinner. 


As we walked in and sat down a few people from the Gryffindor table looked at us strangely, probably because they didn’t expect James to even look at me after what I did let alone forgive me. 


“Ignore them.” James whispered in my ear as we sat down next to Fred. 


“So, do I want to know about Rose and Scorpius?” Fred asked absentmindedly as we sat down, knowing that it would annoy James. 


“Probably not, but it’s been a long time coming.” James opened his mouth to question but shut it immediately; he knew that what ever he asked he would get an answer that he didn’t want. 


“What about you and Nathan?” James said childishly. “You two were pretty pally.” 


“Jealous are we?” I asked smiling and giggling. He prodded me in the side with his finger and laughed as I squirmed, taking a piece of French bread from its basket. 


“Not jealous, just-“


“Jealous?” Fred cut in and instantly began doing a happy dance, that I presume he will creatively name; the dance of jealousy. 


I pulled him back down to the table and accidentally bashed his leg against the wood of the bench. “Christ, I’m sorry.”


“Jeez, we’re violent today.” He teased as I glared. 


“Charisma.” James said quietly from beside me, pushing his untouched food around his plate. “If you’re with Harper, I’ll be ok with it. I mean, I won’t like it, but I’ll be fine.”


I giggled. “James, I’m not with Nate, he’s just a good friend.”


His eyes lit up. “Really? Fantastic.” 


I laughed. “You’re such a hypocrite.”


He nicked my sausage. “I’m sorry; I haven’t been there for you lately. I’ll try to be better.” I shook my head. “No, Chic; it needs to be said. It just seems like I’m apologizing a lot lately. It’s just you’re my girl. I don’t want you to forget that.”


I smiled and turned my head away, attempting to hide my blush. Normally I would have slapped him and told him off, he knows full well that Evie’s his girl. Luckily, we had the harpy herself to point that out. 


“What the hell is this?” Evie asked walking towards us at a record speed. 


“Dinner.” James pointed out obviously. “You want some? There’s a seat over there.” Fred snickered. 


“Look Evie, I’m sorry, it was all in the heat of the moment.” I said gesturing towards the mark, which was now a bruise, by her right eye.


She laughed haughtily. “Heat of the moment? That is the lamest excuse that I have ever heard in history.”


“It was also the one that you used in defence of calling my baby sister a whore.” James said looking up at her and taking a bite from my piece of bred that I had put down on my plate – he looked completely nonchalant. 


An; Bonjour. So … what did you think? Most of you guessed the cliffy, it wasn’t that exciting actually and I probably could have brought out some sort of extravagant surprise that knocks all of your socks off. But I didn’t, because I’m kinda boring and I liked I sorta liked this surprise. 
I attempted to incorporate as many ideas as possible from the awesome reviews. But I didn’t manage to get all of them in. 

I just wanted to thank all of the readers for this chapter. The amount of reviews that I received on the last one completely made my day. 

So the crack about the robbing K-fed thing - all rights go to the film 17 again that my friends made me watch - it was actually better than I expected. 

So, I apologize for the Godzilla length of the Authors note – again. But I would be eternally grateful if you leave a review. I'd worship you and everything. XD 
An; So, another chapter – and the answer to the cliff hanger, which actually seemed to bug people immensely. 
I own nothing, obviously, apart from my OC’s and the plot. Enjoy.
 An; So, another chapter – and the answer to the cliff hanger, which actually seemed to bug people immensely. 
I own nothing, obviously, apart from my OC’s and the plot. Enjoy.

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