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Lily was sitting in her herbology class; she was a few minutes early because James had walked her to class and he had class at the other end of the school. She was reading her notes that had been from the last class.

A girl with brown hair that went half way down her back, she took a seat next to Lily in the empty classroom. She started taking out her supplies of the lesson. “Lily, my name is Alice Prewett, we met on the Hogwarts Express. I know that we really haven’t talked much since you started school here. I am sorry that I haven’t taken the time to get to know you. There is nothing to excuse my behavior. I have been long time friends with James, and I should have been the first one in line to welcome you to school.” Alice said. “The way that you were treated when you started school should never have happened. Lily I am sorry that I have not come to you before today. Especially after learning how hard this transition was for you, I felt bad. I want you to know that I have nothing against you.

“I have known James for many years before we came to school here, he has been like a big brother to me since we were kids. I have never been interested in James as anything other than a friend, so I should have come up to you, but I let other people make that decision for me, and I am really sorry.” Alice said. “I can see the change in James and it is a change for the better and I know in my heart that you are the reason for that change.”

“Thank you Alice, that means a lot. I knew before coming here that I wasn’t going to be a popular person because of my relationship to James, the fact that I have took one of the most wanted guy was just one of the reasons. I didn’t realize how bad it was going to be until after talking to Sirius when we were in America.” Lily said as she put her notes away. “I understood that before starting school here, considering the stories that James, Sirius and Remus were telling me this summer, I knew I would have a lot of students against me. The hard part is I don’t really have any friends besides the boys and some things you just don’t want to talk about with the boys.”

“That I understand, Lily, I have very few female friends because I am not the kind of girl who likes to gossip or talk about hair and make-up. I would rather be on the pitch with the wind in my hair.” Alice said.

“Alice, I think you’ll find that we have a lot in common. Back in the States, I am well known for my skills at Quidditch.”

“So why didn’t you join the team here at Hogwarts.” Alice asked.

“I was scared. I didn’t want students here to think that I got on the team because I am married to the captain of the team. I love the game, but I won’t tarnish my reputation because of what other people think. I won’t put myself in that position again. If I was in a different house things might be different, I might have gone out for the team.” Lily said.

“Wow, I can’t imagine not playing all the time, it must be hard to sit on the sidelines knowing how good you are and not being able to play.” Alice said. “By the way what are you doing tonight?

“Um…studying.” Lily said.

“Well I think that you should come to the Room of Requirements, we are having a small gathering tonight. Usually the girls gossip while the boys watch the girls.” Alice said. “It would be good for you and James to come and spend time out of that dorm of yours. We know that you are still newlyweds but some of us would like to get to know you.”

“I will talk to him about it; he is very protective since the attack.” Lily said.

“So any idea as to who attacked you?” Alice asked.

“All we know is that they were from Gryffindor house because the uniforms can’t be altered in the school, even when polyjuice potion is used. That is the only clue that we have.” Lily said. “So until it is discovered who attacked me, I have an escort to and from every class.”

“Which from the look on your face, it really doesn’t bother you too much.” Alice said with a grin on her face.

“It isn’t bad, usually it is James that picks me up from class which makes me feel protected. He just has that way, but sometimes you just need some personal time. I love James, but being in a room with three boys for 6 hours a day. I am needing some girl time.” Lily said.

“Talk to James he would understand.” Alice said. “I know that he can be very protective of his loved ones, but he is also an understanding guy. Besides as long as you are within sight he should have no problem with you coming to the gathering.”

“Ariel isn’t going to be there is she?” Lily asked, not really wanting another run in with the vial girl.

“Are you kidding that would mean that I had to spend time with her? She drives me up the wall.”

“See, we really do have a lot in common. I think your right.” Lily said. “I will talk to him about it when he comes to pick me up from class.”

James had to gotten out of class a few minute early, because he had finished his potion early and had been released from class. He was waiting across from the classroom, he was leaning against the wall, and had one leg propped against the wall. His book bag was sitting on the ground beside him. “Hey sexy can I take you home with me?”

“Anytime.” Lily said as she walked over to her husband. He wrapped his arms around her waist and she leaned into his embrace. She rested her head against his chest.

“Has your day been that bad?” James asked with concern.

“No, my day has been good, I am still recovering, so there are times that I need your strength.” Lily said. “Plus I like to feel you against me.”

“Maybe after class, and before dinner you should nap?” James suggested.

“Yeah I will. By the way I had a nice chat today with one of your friends.” Lily said.

“Which one?” James asked with caution.

“Don’t be so worried. It was a good chat in fact I think I like her, Alice Prewett. She was very courteous; she apologized profusely for not coming up to me before and introducing herself. She basically wants to wipe the slate clean, and I think I could get along with her, especially since she is not a big fan of Ariel either.” Lily said. “She also invited us to go to a gathering tonight in the Room of Requirement. She said it was going to be a small gathering.”

“Is it something that you want to do tonight?” James asked.

“Yeah. I can’t hide out in our dorm room for the rest of the school year and I think that it would let me to get to know some of the students in the school. It will also give some of the students a chance to know me, not as the wife of James Potter, but as Lily Potter.” Lily said. “It sounds like it could be fun, and if it isn’t we can always go back to the dorm.”

“Sure we can go.” James said.

“Thank you James.” Lily said.

“Did you have doubts that I would say yes?” James asked as they walked into the Great Hall for lunch.

“A small one, I just know that you worry about me a lot.” Lily said.

“You know that I only worry because you are so important to me.” James said. “I really do love you Lillian Rose Potter.”

“And I love you too James Harold Potter.” Lily said as they took their usually spots at the lunch table. “So what is Hogsmeade, I have been hearing people talk about it all week, they are so excited since the last trip was cancelled?”

“It is a small village that is right outside the grounds of Hogwarts. It was magical village that has shops and restaurants. Students who are in their third year or higher are allowed to go their on special allotted weekends, if they have their parent’s permission.” James said. “For many students it is a time to ask a girl on date, since there is much around here that you could do for a date.”

“Yeah, I have ask Morgan to go with me.” Sirius said as he took next to Lily.

“And Remus who are you taking on this weekend’s trip?” Lily asked.

“Actually I am going with Amanda, she asked me to go.” Remus said.

“So, James will you go to Hogsmeade with me on Saturday?” Lily asked.

“I don’t know Lily, I was thinking about asking…” James said with a smile.

“Finish that sentence and you will be sleeping on the couch for a week.” Lily said.

“I was going to say my wife.” James said in his defense. “Of course I will go with you, especially since I need to buy a birthday gift for my wife, who has a birthday coming up next week.”

“Wow, James I am impressed that you actually remember when her birthday is, it took you a year to actually remember when mine was.” Remus said. “And it took you even longer to remember when Sirius’s was.”

“I told him if he forgot my birthday, I would conveniently forget his.” Lily said.

“See that wouldn’t have worked for us.” Sirius said. “But than again, we weren’t the ones that could make him sleep on the couch either.”

“True.” James said.

“So Lily, how long until you start showing?” Ariel asked.

“Showing what?” Lily asked confused.

“Well, we figured that you would have to be pregnant for James to marry you?” Ariel said with a smile on her face.

“Well, obviously someone needs to redo math classes, because you evidently can’t count. James and I have been married for almost five months, and usually people don’t know for a month. So IF I was pregnant I would be six months along and as you can clearly tell I am not pregnant since you are bigger than I am.” Lily said while not moving from her chair. “Now I would suggest that you go and talk to people who actually are interested in hearing what you have to say.”

“Why you little…”

“I wouldn’t finish that sentence if I were you, unless you would like to spend time with Professor McGonagall for detention.” Lily said calmly.

Lily could see a movement behind her, where Ariel was moving towards her wand. “I would also warn you not to pull that wand out and use it, that will definitely be cause for having detention considering that there are four professors already seated at the head table. You really are a slow, considering that you have shown up to class with the side effects of trying to put a hex on me.” Lily said. “Just walk away before you make yourself look even denser that you do right now.”

Ariel turned on her heel to head in the opposite direction. “By the way Ariel, if I hear that rumor repeated by anyone else, I am coming after you. And believe me when I tell you that you don’t want to see me mad.”

She walked away from the group that was sitting at the table. They all had smiles on their face. “What?”

“I bow to you, I have never seen anyone stand up for themselves while sitting down and not even paying full attention.” Sirius said. “I think you are the first person to actually stand up to her.”

“How did you know that she was going for her wand?” Remus asked.

“Remember I used to play seeker for my old school. I have great perception, even when it is to the side. If I can find an object as small as the snitch, I can definitely spot a wand that is ten inches long.” 

Lily was in the dorm getting ready for the party. She was dressed in her favorite pair of jeans, which were dark blue. She had a black camisole that had lace on the on the top and on the hem of the tank top. She was wearing a pair of black boots that had a three inch heel, which put her eye level with James. She had on a little bit of eye make-up to high light her eyes. Her hair was down, she decided not to straighten it, so she had soft curls that went midway down her back.

James watched into the bathroom. He was in a pair of light jeans, with a black button down shirt that had a white shirt underneath that was slightly visible, where his top two buttons were undone.

“So is my sexy wife ready to go to a party?” James asked as he snaked his arms around her waist from behind. He rested his head on her shoulder. She leaned back against him.

“Yes I am, as long as you are ready to go.” Lily said with a smile on her face. “By the way where is the Room of Requirement?”

“It is on the third floor close to the entrance of the Gryffindor House dorms. It is a room that constructs itself when a student is in need of it. It shapes itself into whatever kind of room that the person needs.” James said. “Every once in a while we would use it to plan pranks.”

James had his arm around Lily’s waist as they walked into the Room of Requirement. There were quite a few people that were there in the room, many of them Lily recognized. She had never talked to most of them, but there were some she had. Remus and Sirius were there with a few girls, and Alice was sitting with them, with a guy that she knew to be Frank Longbottom.

“Look who has finally shown up.” Remus said. “Come on over here, we are about to start a game, in which you are going to need drinks.”

“Why don’t you go and sit down and I will get drinks.” James said. He gave her a short kiss on the lips before walking to the other side of the room to get two butterbeers. Lily took a seat next to Alice, that way there was room for James when he came back to the seat.

“Lily, I am Frank Longbottom, I share Alice in my apologies that I didn’t get to know you right away. You should never have been treated the way that you were, and while I may never had said anything about you or joined in the malice acts towards you, I also never said anything in your defense.” Frank said.

“Thank you Frank.” Lily said as she shook hands with Frank.

James took a seat next to Lily and placed her drink in front of her. He put his arm on her thigh.

“Alright everyone we are going to play a game of ‘Never Have I’, in which we go around the circle and say something that we have never done, if someone has done that then they have to take a drink. Before you start to panic on me, Lily, nothing is allowed to leave the room, not just by the rules, but by a spell put on the entrance.” Alice said. “I’ll go first, never have I been married. Sorry, but it was an easy one.”

James and Lily both took a drink.

“Alright, never have I lied to someone to get them in bed.” Lily said with a smile towards Sirius, but to her surprise James also took a drink. “Shame on you, Potter.”

“I am a guy.” James said. “Never have I…no I have done that…Never have I said I love you and not meant it.”

Sirius was the only one to take a drink.

“Okay, never have I tried to go drink to drink with Sirius.” James took another drink.

“This is not target James.” James claimed.

“But it is so easy.”

“My turn, never have I played Quidditch.” The girl with Remus said. Alice, Frank, James, Remus and Lily took a drink.

“Never have I…can we skip me, I seem to have done everything?” Sirius asked. “Wait I have one, never have I gotten anyone pregnant.” No one took a drink.

“Never have I been love.” The girl with Sirius said. Alice, Frank, Lily and James all took a drink.

“Never have I cheated on someone.” Frank said, and no one took a drink.

“Alright my turn again, never have I caught the golden snitch to win the game.” Alice said. Both James and Lily took a drink.

“Never have I failed a test.” James, Sirius and Frank took a drink.

“Never have I worn heels.” All the girls took a drink from their cups along with Sirius.

“It was dare, I made a quid.” Sirius said.

“Never have betrayed a secret.” No one took a drink.

“Never have I gone to bed with someone that I never less than a week.” Lily, James and Sirius took a drink.

“Man me again. Okay never have I betrayed a friend.” Again no one took a drink.

“Never have I been hit by a family member.” Lily took a drink.

“What?” James asked.

“You met my sister, well her husband is worst. He hit me one night and learned that I have a really good right hook.” Lily said. “He ended up waking up a few hours later, and he learned that hitting me caused more damage to him than to me.”

“Never have I sang in front of a crowd.” Lily again took a drink.

“Back at my old school we had a talent show, and one year a few of my friends got up on stage and did our own rendition of a Reba McEntire song.”

“Never have I been Quidditch captain.” Alice said as both James and Lily took a drink.

“Finally I won’t have to drink for this one. Never have I walked into a room to find a stranger only in a towel.” Lily smiled over at Sirius, who was the only one to take a drink.

“Sirius came into James’s bedroom the morning after we were married. We had just gotten out of the shower, James had gone to get me some clothes from his mother. He had the audacity to stay in the room after he was told to leave. He made an inappropriate comment about me so I threatened to make it impossible for him to procreate.” Lily said. “So Sirius have you learned your lesson?”

“Yeah, don’t mess with Lily in the morning.” Sirius said with a smile.

“That is right, but also don’t mess with Lily while she is in a towel.”

“And if you do it again, it won’t be Lily that you have to deal with you. Do I make myself clear, you maybe like a brother to me, but I will flatten you?” James said as he pulled Lily close to him.

“Loud and clear.” Sirius said.

“Alright, well it looks like this game is done because Sirius has won. His glass is finished.” Remus said. “And I think that Lily is already half drunk.”

“No, it is just that you have never seen me fully relaxed Remus. I put on a good show when you guys come to the dorm, but since I have come to this school, I have had my guards up to protect me.” Lily said. “I have tried to relax, but I am always on guard. Why do you think I am tired all the time, it takes a lot of energy to keep my guard up. That is why I love weekends when I don’t have to get up for school so I can sleep in and get some of my energy back.”

“Lily, you can’t keep that up, and some point it will take more than a weekend to recoup.” Alice said.

“Well you try dealing with almost an entire school hating you and see how well you do without a shield?” Lily said. “I put on a good front, but there are some things that no amounts of mental shields can protect you from. And for that I am glad for the magical protection.”

“What kind of magical protection?” Frank asked.

“At Salem Academy, we were taught a lot of defensive spells. One of the spells that we learned was a spell that we cast on ourselves to protect us from minor spells and hexes. In fact when it is cast, not only does it protect the person, it rebounds and hits the caster.” Lily said. “Why do you think so many girls have come into class with backfired spells, the spells haven’t backfired, just that mine was stronger.”

“So Lily how strong are you?” Frank asked.

“Well you guys have kind of learned that I am a bookworm,” they all nodded their heads. “Well think of it this way, I had higher score in performance, agility, power and durability than I did on the written portion of the tests.”

“So you could blow anyone out of the water when it comes to test scores.” Alice said.

“I know that I had the highest test score that my former had seen in the last century. I don’t know how that converts over here, but Professor Dumbledore was impressed.” Lily said. She crawled into James’s lap, he wrapped his arms around her.

“Okay, I guess the smart thing would be to stay on Lily’s good side, because I have a feeling that Lily is going to blow me out of the water when it comes to the NEWTs.” Remus said.

“Sorry.” Lily said.

“Don’t apologize Lily, there is nothing wrong with you being the smartest student at this school.” Remus said. “That is a good thing.”

“That is only because you have a lot of people that would stand up for you, you have a reputation that has been established for many years. Being the smartest student, when people don’t like you, you’re not the one with less than a handful of people who will defend you.” Lily said.

“I have a feeling that that will be changing. You see, as much as Alice hates to admit that she has the power of influence, she can change the mind of many people. My girl has a gift for that, and I can tell by the way that she is acting that she has taken a liking to you Lily.” Frank said.

“Well that is good to hear, because I think she is great.” Lily said. “So do you guys want to know play Truth or Dare?”

“Truth or Dare?” James asked.

“Well you get a choice you can chose truth in which the person asks you a question and you have to tell the truth, or dare where you have to do what the person. You go around, the person that asks get to chose who they asks.”

“Okay Lily you get to be the first one to ask.” Frank said.

“Alright Sirius Truth or Dare?” Lily asked.


“I dare you to wear make-up for the rest of the game.” Lily said with a smile. “And I get to be the one that puts it on you.”

“Fine.” Sirius said. “Do your worst.”

With a flick of her wrist she had made it so that Sirius had the make up, but it did not look like what anyone of the girls in the school wore. He had on extremely dark and thick eye liner, heavy eye shadow and ruby red lipstick.

“Wow, Sirius I think that it makes you look better.” Lily said with a smile. “Okay Sirius it would be your turn to pick someone, only rule is that you can’t ask the same person who asked you, so I am safe from you this round.”

“Alright, Prongs truth or dare?” Sirius asked with a smile.

“I will take dare, but I remind you that I am married, so anything that is going to require a girl, it better be my wife.” James said.

“Alright, I dare you to go blonde for all of next week.” Sirius said as he changed James’s hair to platinum blonde hair.

“This will take some time to get used to.” Lily said as she raked her hand through his messy blonde hair.

“Alice, truth or dare?”

“Truth, I don’t know if you can handle your dares.”

“Okay Alice, what was your most embarrassing moment that happened while at school?” James asked.

“My most embarrassing moment, would have been in forth year when were able to Hogmeade village. I had a crush on you at the time and my roommates knew it so they dared me to corner you at one of the shops and make out with you. So I had spotted you, or who I thought was you, at Zonkos. I came behind the person and turned them around, without much thought I kissed him. It was a full minute before we broke apart. And instead of looking into James’s eye I was staring at Regulas Black, who was just as surprised as I was.” Alice said.

“You kissed my brother that is disgusting.” Sirius said.

“Yeah, but he really isn’t that bad of a kisser.” Alice said with a smile.

“That is more information that I ever needed to know about him.” Sirius said.

“Frank truth or dare.”

“I think that I will try a dare, you tend to be mild.”

“Oh not this time baby.” Alice said. “I dare you kiss Sirius.”

“That is just mean, he had lipstick on.” Frank said.

“I know that is what makes this interesting.” Alice said. “And no kissing on the cheek.”

“Come here Black, so we can get this over with.” Frank gave Sirius a kiss on the lips, very quickly.

“Remus truth or dare?”

“I will choose truth.”

“Remus tell us your darkest secret?”

The smile that had been on Remus’s face fell the second the words were out of his mouth. “Well you said that nothing leaves this room. When I was ten years old I was playing outside by the wood that were on our property. I wasn’t suppose to be outside at the time, but my parents were off, having one of the big parties. When I was outside I saw this beast that was lurking around and I was curious as to what it would be doing there, so I went close and it took a bite out of my arm. Ever since then I have been a werewolf.” Remus said as he looked over at James and Sirius. “If it weren’t for these two, I probably wouldn’t be in school anymore. Anytime there is a full moon, these two take care to make sure that I don’t do anything stupid.”

Lily got up from her spot next to James. Remus thought that she was leaving since she now knew his biggest secret. He had been used to the prejudices of people against his kind. Instead, she walked over to where Remus was sitting and hugged him from behind. “Remus, I want you to know, that learning that about you, doesn’t change how I feel about you. You are one of my husband’s best friends and you a dear friend to me. If you ever need help during a full moon I can help you.” Lily said. “Sirius, James I am so proud of you for helping your friend, and not turning your back on him when he needed you the most.” She gave Sirius a hug and than sat down on James’s lap.

“Where is my hug?”

“You get something more once we get back to our room.” Lily whispered into his ear.

“Alright Lily, it is your turn truth or dare?” Remus asked.

“Truth.” Lily said confidently.

“Alright, but I am going to have Alice ask you a question.” Remus said.

“Oh goody. Let’s see, what question do I want answered the most…how did you and James meet?” Alice asked.

“Well you see, my friend MacKayla brought a group of people through the international floo network to meet her cousin Sirius. We were celebrating being done with our WANDs which would stand for Witchcraft Abilities Nearing Developed. We had spent the last few months studying everything that we had studies, including our OWLs prep work. So we were ready to unwind. As you know Sirius and James are rarely apart so we met him at the first pub of a night of much drinking. We must of decided to do something that was out of character, because James and I thought it would be fun to get married. All which we discovered the next day when the hangover kicked in, we found the marriage certificate.” Lily said.

“So your marriage started out as drunken mistake?” Alice asked.

“Kind of, but one that I wouldn’t change for anything, I love my husband.” Lily said as she snuggled into her husband’s embrace.

“That we can see, anyone who spends just a few minutes with you can see it on your faces, and in your body language.” Alice said with a smile. 

A/N:I am not leaving this story, but I have been having issues with writer's block on this story.  I am starting to get through it, but it might take some time for the next chapter.  I will do my best to get it up for you, but I am not going to make a promise that I might not be able to make.  I have the rest of the story planned out, it is putting into words that is the hard part.

Let me know how you think the story is going so far.

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