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Piper Weasley


Trusting a Snake

“Don’t dare talk to my mother like that!” he yelled at the group standing a few feet away.

The girl next to him quickly grabbed his arm, she was his age. And at this moment they were standing in Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions, the boy was getting new dark green dress robes; Madam Malkin was kneeling at his feet, pining up the bottom hem.

“Draco, stop,” the girl whispered to him as she pulled on his arm.

The boy, Draco, pulled his hand from her grip, “get your hands off me, April.”

Draco pulled the robes off over his head, throwing them at Madam Malkin as he walked past her.

“I don’t want these,” he said to his mother, “see you on the train,” he added to the girl, April.

Draco followed his mother out of the shop quickly disappearing from view of the window. The three who had just entered the shop turned to look at April.

“What was he talking about before we came in?” the boy in front asked.

“Harry,” April looked at him, “he just doesn’t understand why he can’t do his shopping on his own. That’s all. He doesn’t like having to be watched by his mother all the time.”

Harry gave her a look that told her that he didn’t believe her.

“I’m not lying,” she told him, “that is all that he was saying. I swear,” she looked at the other two standing with him, “Hermione, Ron, how have your summer been?”

“All right,” Hermione gave a weak smile.

“Did you get my letter?” Harry asked April realizing he wasn’t going to get any other answer from her.

“Sorry I didn’t reply,” she told him, “I only got it last night.”

“I didn’t know we were coming till yesterday,” Harry told her, “otherwise-”

“I understand.”

No one talked while Harry and Ron got their robes fitted. After a while they were glad to be leaving the shop.

“Shall we go to Fred and George’s shop?” Ron said pointing down the alley.

She had just stepped into the door and she had already been run into by several kids running to their friends to tell them what they saw. One boy was carrying an armful of stuff that went crashing to the floor when he ran straight into her. There were people everywhere. And although it was very chaotic, it was amazing.

This was Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes the shop the Weasley twins had opened. The shop was very bright compared to the rest of Diagon Alley, and not just because the lights were brighter than most of the shops, but because the whole shop was painted in bright yellows, oranges, and reds. It was truly beautiful.

“Get your Fainting Fancies here,” she heard from somewhere higher up in the shop, “And just in time for school!”

She walked over to the stairs on her left. She looked up at the levels above. There were so many people crowding every level.

“How has your summer been, April,” one of the twins yelled down to her.

“Pretty good, yours?”

“Well,” he said waving his hands around his head, “chaotic!”

After a few minutes of looking at the shelves filled from floor to ceiling Harry yelled over the crowd, “Let’s go outside, it is so crazy in here.”

The four of them make their way out of the crowded shop and onto the much less crowed alleyway. There were only a few people outside, and most were heading into the Weasley shop.

“Hey,” Harry pointed toward Knockturn Alley, “looks like Malfoy doesn’t want to be followed.”

“Harry,” April said pulling his hand down, “what are you doing?”

He started to walk down the alley. Ron, Hermione, and April ran to catch up.

“Harry,” April said once she was walking next to him, “you shouldn’t go following him.”

“You could save me the trouble and tell me what he is doing.”

“I can’t tell you,” Harry looked at her; he knew she wouldn’t say, but he didn’t expect the next answer, “because I don’t know.”

“Would you have told me?”

“I don’t know,” she told him, “I can’t just go blabbing all of his secrets if he told me. He is my best friend, just like you are.”

“Look,” Harry said turning to her, “if you know anything and don’t tell me, I will find out on my own. If he tells you something, you can save me the trouble of following him.”

“I won’t tell you what he tells me, just like I won’t tell him what you tell me.”

“Fine, then I am following him,” Harry said, “you can come if you want to.”

April watched him take a few steps, Ron and Hermione close behind him. April continued down the alley after them. They followed Draco down the alley that lead to Knockturn Alley, the side street dedicated to the Dark Arts. He disappeared into a shop called Borgin and Burkes.

“Can you fix it?” they could hear Draco’s voice say loudly.

“I could,” said a man, “if I could see it-”

“It goes nowhere,” Draco said quickly.


“Perhaps this will change your opinion on the subject,” Draco paused, but April, Harry, Hermione and Ron couldn’t see what was happening in the shop, “someone will come to check on your progress."

Draco put emphasis on your progress, and there was no doubt in April's mind that he was keeping a secret from her.

Draco’s footsteps could be heard near the door of the shop, “Tell no one.”

Harry, Ron and Hermione quickly ran back to Diagon Alley. Not daring to look over their shoulder. April stayed back walking slowly to Diagon Alley.


She turned to see Draco standing outside the show he just came out of.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I was just wondering where you ran off to.”

“I didn’t run,” he said, “did you follow me?”

“I just don’t like when you keep secrets from me.”

“Well, I can’t be sure you won’t go telling Potter what I say.”

“Draco,” she stepped toward him, “I would never tell him what you tell me. Why don’t you trust me? I have known you for seven years, and you still don’t trust me! Why do you think I came down here after you?”

He grabbed her upper arm and pulled her farther down the alley. He pushed her back against the wall and stood in front of her.

“You want to know what is going on?” he asked, “the Dark Lord has given me a job to do. I needed to make sure I could fix the object I have to use.”

“Are you one of them?”

He slammed his fist against the wall next to her face, making her jump.

“What?” he said looking down at her, “don’t you trust me?”

“If I didn’t, do you think I would go through the trouble of being your friend,” she yelled.

She looked up at him, her eyes dark and questioning. He said nothing.

“Do you think that if I didn’t trust you,” she said a little quieter, “I would have stayed your friend after all these years? Harry thinks I lie to him about you.”

“Do you?”

“When you tell me something,” she looked away, “I tell him that I can’t say anything. I tell him that I trust you too much to tell him your secrets.”

“You trust me that much?” Draco placed his hands against the wall, one on each side of her.

“I do,” she looked back at him, “that is why I don’t understand why you don’t trust me.”

He leaned in close to her ear, “I do trust you, April.”

He backed away from her, his eyes on her. He took a few steps before looking at her over his shoulder.

“I’ll see you on the train,” Draco said before quickly disappearing farther down the alley.

She stared down the alley for a long time before finally turning to leave. She was quite used to this part of the alley. She had been here a few times before with Draco and his family.

She was raised away from this world, she did not know about magic or Voldemort or the famous Harry Potter. Of course, she had known Harry for a few years before she knew he was famous.

She had met Harry at the Muggle school they had been attending. She was, like Harry, left out of most activities and groups. So naturally, she and Harry had become school friends, though she never did get to see him outside of school much. He lived with a very prude family. She had, on many occasions, listened to the stories of his home life and about not knowing his parents.

That was another thing they talked about a lot. Both Harry and April never knew their parents. April didn’t do as much talking as he had; she knew that he needed someone to talk to, and she was the only one willing to listen. But two years after meeting him, her family decided to move to a different community. At the time she did not understand why. But after a few years she understood. Her foster parents had given her a letter when she turned ten. When they had adopted her they were given two letters, one to pass onto April, and the other to explain the world she had come from. She didn’t know what anything in the letter meant until she was almost eleven.

Her foster parents wanted her to know children like herself. They were not from the same world as she was, but they understood that she needed friends from her world, therefore they moved closer to a small Wizarding community.

Draco had been walking to a shop near her house when she met him. He didn’t know many children his age. His parents had been picky about the kinds of children he befriended. But they didn’t know he was meeting with her at this shop every week.

After they began to trust each other he began explaining the world he came from, the Wizarding world. She showed him the letter she had been given, explaining that she belonged to a world where she might be judged. And that she was, as the letter said, half-blood. After he read the letter he brought her to meet his family.

Other than being her being half-blood, his parents seemed to accept her, though they never truly trusted her. She began going to his house many times a week.

He taught her all about this world she now belonged to. They sent her home with books that she read eagerly. She particularly enjoyed books pertaining to potions. She studied these books. Draco’s family was impressed at how much she had learned in such a short amount of time.

It was the middle of July when she received a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After reading the letter twice she ran as fast as she could to Draco’s large manor. She had been so excited. Draco had told her that it would be coming. His family took her to get her supplies from Diagon Alley. And every year since, she has gone with the Malfoy family to get her school supplies.

She didn’t know Harry had gotten a letter until she saw him on the train ride to school.

Once at school she was sorted, to Draco’s annoyance, Gryffindor. He had been sorted into Slytherin, like he knew he would. He didn’t like the idea of being friends with a Gryffindor, but they were already friends, and separate houses could not diminish their friendship.

From that moment she was sorted into Gryffindor with Harry, her life at school had been both the best and the worst. She didn’t realize at first how difficult it would be, but as the years passed she realized that her two best friends, Draco and Harry, had no intention of becoming friends with each other. They hated each other, and April was always in the middle.

Her friendship with both boys had caused a lot of tension between everyone. Draco had seemed to pull away from her slightly, though they still talked as often as they could. Harry had taken the time she didn’t spend with Draco to strengthen his relationship with her. Each year she went to school she became closer to both boys, although neither ever completely confided information in her.

“April!” this brought her away from her thoughts, “will we see you on the train?”

“I don’t know,” she told him.

“Why did you stay behind?”

“I had to find out why he was down there,” she told him, “don’t ask Harry, he didn’t tell me anything. Just that he needed something. He didn’t tell me what it was, or what it was for.”

Harry looked away, “we have to go, lots of packing to do.”

“See you.”

She headed off to the Leaky Cauldron to Floo to the small Wizarding shop a few blocks from her house. In a few days time she would be on the train to Hogwarts to start another year, and she could tell already that this would be her most stressful year thus far.

AN: So??? What did you think??? Like I said, I pretty much live on your feedback. But next chapter will be up as soon as this one is posted.

Piper Weasley

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