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It all goes to JK. I am not, nor never will be the maker of Harry Potter (much to my dismay). 


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Dixie Pruitt and Fred Weasley



James pleaded for my attention and began to laugh, “I want to be with you, Charisma. How could you not know that? It’s always been you.”


Stood in the school grounds I wondered why they were virtually empty. Icicles hung from the gutters of the school, and snow decorated the tree tops. I seemed odd, out of place, stood in the courtyard with ladybugs on the ends of my slippers; my red tassled scarf hung from my neck over what I am sure was an over-sided pillowcase for clothing. 


“You never made it obvious.” I gushed, drunk with what appeared happiness.  


James took my cheeks in to his hands, “Is this obvious enough?” 


His thumb brushed over my bottom lip lightly before his lips pressed against mine. It was a pressure that sent my heart in to overdrive, shock waves pulsing in replacement of blood. My eyes seemed to weep as I held on to the front of his shirt. 


Wake up. 


I brushed my fingers over his chest and shook my head away from his. “What?”


“Wake up.” He responded. 


“Wake UP!” Dixie’s face became clear, her hand smacking my cheek lightly as she shook me awake. I blinked away the blur that I saw until it was replaced with my dark dormitory. 


Elle sat up in her bed, her hair appeared to be battling against itself. “What’s with all the bloody noise? It can’t be past four.”


“Four?” I echoed, a recognisable state of hysteria attaching itself to my tired voice. 


Elle climbed out of bed and stood next to a fed up Dixie. “Is she ok?” 


“She was having some sort of dream-fit, tossing and turning. I came over to get her to fucking stop but … Charisma, what were you dreaming about?” Dixie said with a yawn.  


I pulled my legs away from the sheets; they were tangled in amongst the mass and made a sad attempt to stand. It was pitiful; I seemed to tumble and hit the wooden floor. Elle gasped and rushed to my side, jumping over the bed and pulling me up, Dixie pushed back the bed covers as they ushered me to sit down once more. 


Whether it was from exhaustion, or from shock, I will never know. I had never once thought of James in such a way. Ever. I wasn’t going to start now. 


Later that day, after ignoring the girl’s plea to stay go to the nurse, I bumped in to Lily and dropped my books on to the floor. She took hold of my arm and pulled me in to the nearby not-so-secret corridor. 


“What’s up with you?” she demanded. “You should be recovering from the moon not getting worse.” 


Shrugging off her haughty tone, I sighed. “I need to tell you about my dream.” 


I quietly rubbed my temples and tried to stop the throbbing. Lily narrowed her eyes. “You’re acting like a ditz and you want to tell me about your bloody dream? How about you tell me why you’re so un-coordinated instead.”


My reply was a brief shake of my head. I recited the dream, how it felt so right, how I could remember every detail, how he smelt of musk and hazelnuts, and how much it terrified me. “I just don’t understand.”


Lily replied supportively by breaking in to a fit if giggles. “Finally!”




“After six years one of you has realised it!” she took my hand and tried to act like the older sibling. “You like James, and not like you like a brother.”


I scoffed good-naturedly and laughed. “The dream was a fluke, it just had me a bit shaky, is all.”


“No, Chic,” Lily replied. “You know as well as I do, that’s not true.”


“He’s got Evie,” I finished. She knew it was the end. 


The fact that caught me out; I couldn’t even convince myself.


Days passed, and still I found myself moping through confusion. I was sat alone in my dorm, still trying to contemplate the idea that I may like James in a way that wasn’t platonic. The thought alone terrified me; James was my best friend, my shoulder to cry on when I needed a friend. But that only, just a friend. 


I noticed a jumper that I recognised to be Kyle’s. It hung from a chair near Elle’s bed - contemplated for a moment the innocent ways that it could have gotten there. Grabbing it, I recalled him mentioning to Drew earlier in the day how he was missing a jumper; assuming this was the one, I decided to be the good citizen I like to pretend I am, and bring it back. 


Racing up the stairs to the boy’s dorm, I pushed down on the handle. Half expecting Fred to be asleep in his bed I was prepared for a sight worth many therapy sessions, yet the picture that will be forever etched in to my brain is something worth much, much more. 


Evie sat curled on James’ bed, her hands embedded deeply in to his hair. James held her tightly and chuckled deeply as she squirmed under his tickling hands. I jumped back, dropping the jumper on to the floor and trying to bite back nausea. 


After taking a moment to compose myself, I realised that my breathing wasn’t going to return to normal unless I really tried to get a hold of emotions. I picked Kyle’s jumper up from the floor and made my way back down the corridor. 


James really was serious about Evie; we had hoped for a while that he was simply deluded, or maybe in need to a pity date. But James wasn’t a ladies man; he was a gentleman – a broody one at that. He didn’t chuckle in the way he did unless – in fact, I couldn’t recall a time that I had ever heard him make that noise. 


They hadn’t seen me; I hadn’t given the time to catch me. I wasn’t going to be that naïve friend, the jealous one who hangs on to the vein hope that you’ll always be first in the relationship. James may say it, and it may or may not be true, but I wasn’t going to pretend like I hadn’t seen what I had just witnessed. 


I bit back the sickness, the turning in my stomach and tried to pass off the gut-wrenching feeling of betrayal and despair as simply flu. For the first time in a long time, I had felt as if I wanted to be violent towards another human being. I wanted her to get out of the picture, I wanted to tie rocks to her tiny body and throw her in the black lake. Yet, I could also picture myself battering James with the closest implement that I could reach for even considering touching a girl like Lewis. 


Sighing, and trying to push away the dramatic feeling of curling in to a ball and dying, I ran in to the man that I wanted to see. 


“Chic?” Kyle asked, his expression falling from a smile as I looked at him through watery eyes. “Charisma, what’s wrong?”


Shoving the jumper towards him I shook my head, gaping like a fish. I tried to form words, I honestly did, but all that greeted him was tears. Large, salty tears that I was sure had grates lines in to my flushed cheeks. 


He quickly dropped the books he was holding and threw the jumper down next to them, taking a moment to assess the situation he did the best thing that he could think of; open his arms out and pull me in to them. Kyle was the kind friend, the one who always knew what to say, but he wasn’t the one to be with in situations such as these – he always came up trumps. 


“I didn’t think that he was serious about her,” I admitted with a sniff. 


Kyle didn’t ask questions; he simply knew. He looked over my head and towards the door I had come from. “No one did, Chic, no one did.”


Tearfully I began to apologise, but he shrugged it off, saying there was no need. He offered me everything he could think of, from making me hot tea, to fetching me Drew to complain to; Circe knows the boy could give the best bear hugs known to man. 


“If you need anything,” he settled with. “You know where I’ll be, just knock on my door.”


 “I’ll knock on your door.” I agreed before adding an afterthought, “I’ll always bloody knock.” 



Hours later, I was sat in the Common Room. I skipped dinner; knowing that the sight of food would probably trigger the earlier nausea. James was probably too wrapped up in Evie’s presence to even notice that I wasn’t there. 


Yet, half an hour in to dinner, the Wicked Witch herself gracefully strolled through the portrait hole, attempting to hide the dreadful amount of sex-hair she was sporting. 


A leer grew at her lips, “Price, I need to have a word with you.”


She stumbled over to where I was sat on the sofa, a pillow hugged to my chest. I wished that I had just stayed in my dormitory and dealt with the stuffy air. “I don’t feel like talking.”


“As if your opinion would matter,” she sneered. “I wasn’t asking.”


“Of course, how silly of me to think otherwise.”


As if my sarcastic attempt had gone straight over her head she grinned, “I’m glad we’re on the same page. I’m just here to tell you to back off.”


“To back off?” I echoed. 


“Yes, to back off, what are you? Foreign? Is there a language barrier here?” she made a fed up choke in the back of her throat. “Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush; you’re trying to steal James away from me, it’s not like I haven’t seen you making googly eyes at him.”


“I have done no such thing.”


She scoffed. “Well, whether you realise you’re doing it or not, you are. And if you come within ten feet of threatening the relationship we have, I will shove your ward so far up your arse you will never be able to sit down again. Capiche?” 


“Capiche,” I repeated. 


I bit back a sly smile; up until this point, the thought hadn’t even occurred to me.


Excitement for the Hogsmeade trip had lingered in the air for weeks. While Evie was in class, James and I shared a free period together. He had laughed in my face when I voiced the fact that I didn’t want to make Evie dislike me anymore than she already did by spending time with him. 


He pulled me around the castle grounds, ducking under trees and jumping through the thick snow. 


“I can’t believe that Lily has gone through another one again.” He chuckled in disbelief.


Lily had once again broken up with another boy, before long she would have gone through the entire Hogwarts population, but seeing as most of it is Weasley or Potters, it’s getting difficult to find someone that isn’t. 


“Don’t be to harsh, think of it this way; at least she broke up with him this time, so there are no tears for me to clean up and no fight that you have to start.” I added, remembering the past boyfriends, the past cuts and bruises that I have had to clean up for James’s fighting and the past hundred and one ice-cream nights that I have had, only one of them for me, the other hundred for Lily. 


He scoffed. “I don’t always resort to violence do I?”


“The important thing is that you believe that James.” I comforted after a great deal of sarcastic thought. He put on a sulk face and wrapped his arm around me.


“You know that you look like some sort of angel right, if you took off the black boots of course.” James stated shrugging. 


I had borrowed Lily’s coat, knowing that she wouldn’t mind and placed it over my dress. I wore a tatty old lace dress that reached to my knees and styled the ‘bed-head’ look this fine day. My black fold down boots were the closest shoe that I could grab. 


“Well, I’m not taking off my shoes, it’s basically snowing, and I don’t have wings” I said, gesturing to the mist of clouds above us. “But thank you for calling me an angel.” I answered sweetly. 


“No problem, Wolfy.” 


“And then you spoil it all by calling me that.” 


He laughed and then he stopped in his tracks and turned to me. “You know that it’s Hogsmeade tomorrow.”


“Yeah,” I replied slowly, dragging on the syllable for longer than necessary; I didn’t want to admit that I knew what he was getting at. 


The two of us were known for taking complete advantage of the Hogsmeade trips. Having been somewhat inseparable for the past five years, where you would find one, you tended to find the other. We would begin at Honeydukes, clearing out the chocolate stock on display before moving to the sugar quills. I would follow as James strolled around the branch of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and blag the cashier for free items. 


But we would always end up in The Three Broomsticks, a tradition. James has recently been known to return a little tipsier than he had set out. But there was one tradition we always kept to – sticking to the theme of the year. Halloween being the next holiday celebrated at school, we tended to buy costumes and then wear them around the town. I could see that he was planning to cancel on me. 


I nodded my head slowly once and wrapped my arm through his. “You want to go with Evie.”


“A little.”


Sighing a little more than necessary I couldn’t keep the hurt tone from my voice, “Well, next year – eh?”


“Charisma, don’t be like that, please.” He tried to give me one of his smiles, of which I had recently discovered made my heart melt. 


“I’ll try,” I answered sulkily. “Besides I will just meet up with your sister; she mentioned that she wanted my help finding a costume for the ball.”


Kindly he grinned, “So you’re not going to be alone?”


“Yes James, apart from you I have absolutely no friends so I have no one to hang around with.”


“Alright!” He said almost squealed with a grin. 


Now I needed to find Lily and ask her if she would go to Hogsmeade with me. I wondered how people became good at lying, because Circe knows that I can’t do it to save my pitiful excuse for a life. 


“Charisma, I just broke up with my boyfriend.” Lily admitted sadly. “I’m obviously going to wait at least a week before I go out with another.”


I nodded my head at Lily with a smile. “Well, good attempt at displaying British class.” 


“Oh shut it.” I then had a book thrown at my face. “So, we’re going to Hogsmeade together right? Dress shopping.” 


I looked up in disbelief. I hadn’t got around to asking her yet. “How did you know?” 


“James told me.” She put her feet up on to the coffee table in the Gryffindor Common Room. “It was nice to know that I’m going dress shopping with one of my best friends. But I’m guessing you were going to tell me about it sooner or later.”


I nodded. “I was getting around to it.”


“Obviously.” She admitted, acting like my superior. “At least you’re not as bad as Rose.” 


In a vain attempt to hold back laughter, I tried to ignore Lily’s look of slight anger. Rose and Scorpius had planned to spend the last Hogsmeade trip together before the summer holidays. However this had ended in James finding out, along with Freddy and Rose covering up with a terrible lie and telling them both that Lily was a lesbian. 


Albeit, this is somewhat of a normal day for the Potter and Weasley families, but Rose forgot to tell the people involved and Lil was confronted by her confused family members in the Great Hall, in front of her boyfriend at the time. 


At this moment, Lily was noticeably delighted by the idea of shopping. It involved a lot of running and jumping, grabbing Rosie by the arm and spinning her around in a circle.  


Rose wasn’t half as excited as Lily when it came to Saturday, but she was still buzzing. I wished that I could spend the day with James, and Lily, noticing my mood, nudged me and told me to cheer up. 


After an hour or so, I had wiped the look of hurt from my features and replaced it with a genuine grin. Lily took hold of my hands and pulled me up the stairs to the Glad-rags Wizard Wear. 


A busy section of the shop was filled with Halloween costumes, vampires and dragon scales hung from the ceiling, price tags from each. Rose blew one from her face and shook her head in slight disgust as Lily took hold of a feather boa. 


“Be reasonable,” Rose pleaded and was handed a glittery white angels costume by her cousin instead. 


As I followed suit and took a selection of outfits I headed towards the emptying changing rooms with the two girls. Three or four attempts later I stepped out in an orange jumpsuit and shared a knowing look with Rose. 


“It really brings out your inner community service worker,” Lily told me, bursting from behind her own door in what I was sure a dress that was designed to make you look like a nymph. 


I pulled my hair back and tied it in to a knot at the back of my neck. “I’m going to put my dress back on; I don’t think I’m going to find anything.”


“Here,” Lily said, pulling her dress overhead and handing the crumpled ball to me. “Try this; it would suit you better than me.”


She shut the door behind her and ignored as Rose looked frantically around the changing rooms to notice if anyone saw her fourth year cousin in her underwear. 


I kicked off my boots, and pulled the thin dress over my head; the green material was almost see-through, border lining on something that I would consider completely inappropriate, then again, James frequently tells me that I consider everything inappropriate. I purchased a flower along with it, one attached to a head band and strapped in on to my head. 


Rose changed in to her angel suit and Lily dressed as a stereotypical, old fashioned gypsy – a patched skirt hugging the curves of her waist and a large blouse opened at the cleavage that sported a crystal ball hanging on a chain. 


While Rose tried to reason that she had a reputation to uphold, Lily lost all dignity by pitifully trying to tell the future of a passing student. We allowed Rosie to take her wings off and keep them in the shopping bags, so that she simply wore a lacy white dress that resembled a neater version of the one I owned. 


I had picked up a rather embarrassing costume for James, trying to dress him as a failed muggle rapper – Lily, realising that I was trying to make him as unattractive to Evie as I could joined in happily. 


“And what the bloody hell are you supposed to be?” I heard Scorpius’ voice call from behind. He jogged down the steps, Blaise not too far behind and practically ran in to my back. “You look like a fucking be-“


Lily simply rolled her eyes and Scorpius’ eyes fell on Rose. It was no secret that the girl was beautiful; she was just yet to see it herself. I clicked in his face but he only mouthed words that didn’t seem to form. 


I watched as his best friend rolled his eyes, after waiting for a moment, it seemed he could wait no more. 


“You look very pretty, Rosie,” Blaise said for him. “And I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to the Ball because I have fancied you for ages and think you are beautiful,” he resumed to speak, batting away Scorpius’ flaying hands, “I myself will be going as a secret service agent and will be looking rather swave.”


Scorpius simply kicked his friend in the shin and still tried to find words to say to Rose, who had the decency to look abashed. 


“Is that true?” she asked him delicately. 


The blonde huffed. “Well, we haven’t actually picked up costumes yet, but a secret service agent is a good ide-“


“Not that you dolt,” she cut him off. “About you liking me?”


Scorpius thought for a second before turning to his friend with a murderous look; I was sure that the next move would be to push him down the stairs. “You can’t keep your fucking mouth shut for ten minutes can you?”


“It’s not my fault you’re a boneless wanker,” Blaise replied. “You should have told her ages ago. I thought that I would just speed up the process.”


While I hung my head in awkwardness, Lily seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the banter. Rose’s expression was unreadable, but I was sure she felt like Christmas had come early. 


“I would love to,” Rose interrupted, cutting Scorpius off in mid-rant as he called his best friend an array of colourful names. “Go with you, I mean. I would love to. That is, if you want to, of course.”


I took the opportunity to take hold of Lily’s arm and pull her from the steps, Blaise followed suit and joined us at the bottom, knowing that the young couple needed to sort this out themselves. Taking a seat on the bottom of the wall I looked back up to Scorpius – who had, by this time, taken hold of Rose and was kissing her like there was no tomorrow. Not that she seemed to mind. 


“Well done, Zabini,” Lily said casually. “Not only have you probably started a family war, you’ve also made two people very happy.”


My brows furrowed in to one. “Isn’t that an oxymoron?”


“If I knew what that mean, I am sure it would be.” Lily replied with a grin. “Oh, look.”


I followed her gaze towards The Three Broomsticks, which wasn’t too far from where we were stood. 


Kyle, Drew and Fred stumbled from the doors of the pub, dressed as the Three Musketeers and were greeting passers-by with a loud ‘huzzah!’ The three of us stood a little awkwardly, hoping that they wouldn’t notice us and we could pass it off that we didn’t know who they were. 


I am a great believer in being whoever you want to be – but there are limits. 


Unfortunately for us, they ran over and greeted Lily first, pulling her in to a heavy hug, one of which she tried forcefully to escape from. 


“Well, that’s certainly something that you don’t see every day.”


Tuning around back towards the steps, I saw Nate descend them, followed by a couple of which I assumed were the roommate and girlfriend he had previously spoken about.  His gaze was fixed on Rose and Scorpius as they smiled softy and spoke. 


“I guess everyone has a weak spot,” I said thoughtfully. “Scorpius’ just so happens to come in the form of small red heads.”


“I’ll remember that,” Nate replied cheekily. I didn’t ask him to elaborate. “Is your friend alright?”


Assuming he was talking about Lily, I simply nodded. “She’ll be fine, that’s Lily, and you know Blaise – and simply for your own safety, I’m not going to introduce you to the other three.”


He took a moment to accept the three boys, pushing a small red head between them, while dressed in old knights clothing and long black wigs. “Well, it’s certainly bold.”


“Considering that I think he’s forgotten about us, I’m Daniel Wilkins,” his friend introduced from behind. 


I shook his outstretched hand. “Charisma Price.”


“Nice to meet you,” he replied. “It’s good to finally see the pyjama-owl girl.”


“Pyjama-owl girl?” I echoed. 


“For a Ravenclaw, Nathan isn’t very imaginative,” the girl replied. “I’m Lois Hearson.”


With a nod it clicked in my brain. “You’re in my Charms class.”


“Yes I am,” she agreed. “But you see I am forced to hang out with the older boys.”


“Because we felt sorry for you?” Nate tried. 


She raised a brow. “Well, there’s that, but also realised that Daniel was-“


“A beautiful specimen of man?” Daniel scoffed.


His girlfriend paused for a moment and looked somewhat amused. “Sure.”


Noticing that the pair seemed madly in love, I laughed lightly. “On that note – anyone for a trip to the pub?”


The Musketeers cheered loudly, and I failed to point out that they had just come from the pub in question. 


Fred picked up his cousin and threw her over his shoulder, I watched as Drew tried to do the same with Kyle. Rose and Scorpius joined us as they noticed our leaving, but they didn’t seem too inclined to join in with any particular conversation we were having. 


“The last one to the pub has to buy drinks!” Kyle announced before jumping away from his friends and running towards the old, wooden door. 


As Lois and Dan watched the miracle that was my friends with amazement, I wanted to hide away in embarrassment. But Nate simply threw his arms around my shoulders and told me that I looked pretty as a nymph. 


So, why was the trip so eventful, I hear you ask?


We hit a complication. 


An; So whats did you think? The 5 second life review thing from last chapter still stands. marieluz actually left me a review about the weather last time ... I mean how awesome is that? - Incredibly thats how!

I also would like to know - do you guys want to find out what she does on a full moon ... and if you do, what do you think that she does? 
What do you think will happen next in the story?
Or the big question ... What is the compliaction?

I was going to give you a preview of the next chapter ... but then I relized that it would spoil the big action in the next chapter. XD

Until next time...

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