"Scorpius! Are you insane?" Rose shrieked in surprise.

Ah crap, I didn't really just do that, did I? I just punched James Potter in the face. Not only that, but I knocked him out cold. Oh Merlin, I was never going to see the end of this. Not from him, not from Rose, not from anyone from their extremely large family. They have a saying you know, "You mess with a Potter, you mess with a Weasley, and a Lupin."

"Oh crap!" I said, scolding my fist, "I'm sorry Potter, I didn't mean to! And I know you can't hear me right now, but please forgive me! I was angry, and stupid and-and-"

"Scorpius, calm down," Rose told me quietly, "It's okay, he'll live. The ass has had that coming from the day he was born."

"So you're not mad at me?" I asked, a smile spreading across my face. That was probably the best news I've heard all day!

"But I gotta know," She continued, "What urged you to do it?" My smile fell instantly. This was my chance to come clean to her. To never have this hanging over me again. Albus would still make fun of me every day of my life. Potter would make my life a living hell, especially after I just punched him straight in his face with all the muscle I have (And to bring out my Malfoy cockiness, is quite a lot of muscle).

That's my boy!

Okay, I've decided to tell Rose.. now.

"He made me mad," I said, "He was just about to pull me into his little weave of lies, and ruin my life."

"What did he say that made you so mad?"

"I guess I should go find her right now," I mocked Potter, "He's such an ass. I finally came to not minding you know, and then he tries to ruin it and that angered me." I laughed nervously, even though it wasn't funny.

"So what," She said smiling, "You like me?"

She seemed happy to know that, which made me happy. And what made me even happier was that I was the one to make her happy in the first place! Yay!

I nodded, and her smile grew. I inched closer to her, this is probably the closest I've ever been to her before. My heart was racing at that thought. Out faces were centimeters away. Rose closed her eyes, and I could see every shade of eyeshadow she put on today.

James moaned. She pulled away at once.

I swear, James Potter ruins everything! The git slowly sat up. Rubbing his head, he moaned again.

"What happened?" He asked. He sounded like he was in tons of pain, "Why am I so dizzy?" It's odd that his wand isn't at my throat yet, I thought for sure that Potter would be my downfall. I thought for sure that he'd kill me as soon as he woke up.

"Umm," Rose said, "You fainted. I think it was all the hot air in your head. But are you feeling okay, James?"

"I have a mayjor headache," He said, "Did I hit my head when I fell?" Aha! He bought it! Maybe I'm not toast.

"Yes," I said, "Yes you did, it sounded nasty. But don't worry, nothing too horrible happened to it."

"Well thanks for waiting here until I woke up guys," He said kindly. Both Rose and my jaws dropped. Did James Potter just show gratitude?

"I think you knocked the mean right out of him," Rose muttered in my ear.

"Well that's a good thing, is it not?" Rose laughed.

And so in the end, no one was tortured by James Potter ever again. And Rose and I lived happily ever after. But don't worry, this isn't the end of my downfall just yet. I still have to break the news to Albus... and scold Hugo for telling Potter, of all people, my secret.

"Albus! Albus! Alby! Al! Al!" I yelled, running into out common room. He was sitting down sleeping. Heh heh, not for long. Albus Potter was the most ticklish person you'll probably ever meet. So I stuck my finger in his armpit and started tickling him. He jumped up immediately.

"WHAT THE HELL," He yelled, "Scorpius, I told you never to do that when I'm sleeping! It makes me have to pee really bad."

"You shouldn't of told me that in the first place, Alby," I told him happily, "It's just constantly coming back to bite you in the butt. But guess what!"

"Rose likes you back, you finally got the guts to tell her, and James has miracuously turned nice?" Al said, slumping back in his chair, ready for more sleep, "Yeah Huge-O was eavesdropping on yuo guys.. he wanted to make sure nothing bad happened to you. He felt awfully terrible for slipping information to James like he did. You're part of the family you know."

Hell no, he's not!

"Shut up, Dad," I said. Albus cocked an eyebrow at me, but let it slip.

I felt good. What I thought would be my undoing was really my.. well, doing.

Life's good. And I've got a girl waiting for me. Honestly I have no idea what she sees in me. But she sees something, and thats good enough for me.

*A/N: I'm soo lame, this chapter is sooo short :( I'm just saying right now, that I'm sorry for that, and I'm also sorry for not updating in forever. My computer was having a melt down! I couldn't get on it for like 5 months. Like all summer, I had to pass time by watching Day Time Television! It sucked. But I'm back and updating more regularly than before. The next chapters will probably be longer :)

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