Jennifer West sighed as she sat down in one of the seats in the Hufflepuff common room after her afternoon classes finished. The journal of Helga Hufflepuff herself was on her lap. She really didn't understand how on earth she ended up in these kinds of situations. She was going to be forced to sit and gods forbid have civil conversations with the sleazy king of Slytherin himself. She didn't particularly like anybody in their book group after all. Seriously, she never talked to any of them in her six years at Hogwarts. It was sort of pathetic, but she didn't care. She had her own group of friends; scratch that, she had no friends and as if beauty queen Rose would choose her to talk to, or the qudditch star Ryan. They were all too different.

Well, she was different. They all had one thing in common; all three of them were popular. She was a nobody, and it would look like she would be a wannabe if everyone saw her being around any of them. She couldn't add up to them. She wasn't witty, she wasn't good looking, she couldn't play qudditch - there was no quality she could redeem herself with. She was just ordinary. And man how much she hated it.

Binns had to know she didn't talk to them, because she hardly ever talked to anyone. He just had to torture her more by making her spend time with those perfect people. None of them ran in the same circles (she didn't run in any circles) but he had to know! He wasn't stupid. She liked History of Magic, but she was never stellar at it, and she had stayed in the class because she actually found it interesting being taught by a ghost. He knew so much; he was pretty much brilliant as professors could be. So why had he made her join them? She much preferred sitting in the corner, not being a part of a special project.

She stared at the journal in her hands and cursed herself for being so unlucky. She was never lucky. She ended up with all the bad genes, while her younger sister received everything she wanted. Melanie West was the epitome of perfection, the gem in their parents’ eyes.

Jenny had curly hair that hairbrushes feared. She couldn't run her hands through it and bat her eyes at a boy because her fingers would get stuck in the unruly curls. It was such a nasty colour too. A mixture between blonde and brown, so something making her look like she was wearing a mop on her head. Melanie on the other hand, had somehow ended up with gorgeous, pin straight dark brown hair that she often used to entangle even more guys into her trap. It was shiny, and she was positive she could do the whole 'run hands through hair' thing she read about in a magazine without worrying about not being elegant.

Jenny was also short, and sort of doughy. She stood a full two heads shorter than her younger sister who was tall, lithe, lean. Melanie never had to worry about her diet because she had the appetite of a horse and still managed to keep a lovely frame. Jen had to watch everything she ate.

Melanie was placed in Gryffindor, the old West Alma matter. Both her parents, and nearly everyone in the family on both sides had been a proud, brave Gryffindor. She had been placed in Hufflepuff because she had absolutely no amazing qualities that matched her to the other three houses.

Melanie had loads of boyfriends; a boy was always in line waiting for his turn. Jenny had absolutely no attention from the opposite sex unless it was to tease her.

Jenny had to work hard to keep up her grades; Melanie hardly studied and received top marks.

To top it all off, Melanie was incredibly nice to everyone. She was so god damn perfect. There was no better example of human perfection than Melanie.

Jenny? Was a disappointment to her parents.

She thought about what Melanie would do in a situation like this. The only thing she kept on thinking, was that Melanie, would obviously never be in such a situation. She would be delighted to be forced to hang out with all three. She was friends with Ryan, as they played qudditch together, and she was friends with Rose. Scorpius might be a difficult situation, but Mel would charm his pants off. She would be happy, not a nervous wreck like Jennifer. And for the first time in a long time, Jenny knew she could do this.

She just had to read this stupid journal that caused this problem in the first place, go and talk with the other three. It didn't sound hard, because it wasn't hard. If Melanie could do it, so could Jenny.

As if on cue, a younger Hufflepuff approached her. Jenny looked at her, wondering what on earth she would want with someone like Jenny, because as Hufflepuff's came, she was one of the more popular ones.

"Melanie wants to see you."

Jennifer rolled her eyes, wondering what on earth Melanie would want with her. Melanie sure was perfect, but she did have her flaws - the ones that only her older sister could be able to know. One major flaw to her whole personality was that she was needy and tended to get into trouble too much. Jennifer was the answer to that, and she had been that since Melanie started to talk.

She walked out of the common room, still clutching the journal tightly to her chest. She saw Melanie almost instantly, surrounded by a group of admiring, older boys of her own house. She watched for a moment, wondering if she should disturb the fawning attention her younger sister thrived on, but Mel caught her eyes and squealed her name. A space was formed in the group as she found a way out of it and to Jennifer. The boys were complaining loudly but Melanie turned her pretty head and smiled at them.

"I love you guys, but I need to be with my sister," she said, and the guys expressions ranged from shocked to relieved she wasn't leaving them for another male. The shocked expression was because standing beside Melanie, Jennifer felt like dirt. She felt like a strange sculpture, created while someone was drunk compared to a gorgeous ancient Grecian beauty that lasted through the centuries; a piece of grass growing beside a radiant lily. She was used to this feeling however, knowing full well that that would never change.

The guys stumbled up and Melanie clutched her elder sister's elbow. "Jen! We need to find someplace alone," she said.'

Jennifer nodded and allowed her younger, more energetic, sibling to drag her to an empty classroom. It was one of the rooms that used to be a proud place of learning, but it probably had been destroyed during the final battle. She could almost point out blast and burn marks among the desks and chairs. It had been refurbished yes - but never used again. It sort of felt like a museum, a place that shouldn't be disturbed, but her sister could never tune into those feelings everyone got in their inner gut. Mel instantly sat down in the teacher's chair and kicked her long legs up on the desk. Jennifer sat daintily on a chair in front of her.

"Why did you need to see me?" Jennifer asked, questioningly.

Melanie sighed, and put her face in her hands. She looked heart broken, and Jennifer, who always took care of her younger sister, wanted to smooth things over immediately. "Mel?" Jennifer prodded; wanting to know what happened so she could help her.

"Ryan McCord won't look at me," Melanie said sadly, as if wondering how on earth a guy could be immune to her charms.

"Good for him," Jenny couldn't help thinking, but she instantly regretted it. Her sister might be annoyingly perfect, but she really looked genuinely sad over this. Her role between the two was clear. She would help Melanie get everything she wanted, even if that meant sacrificing herself. That was too morbid, but Jenny knew she would end up giving her life for her younger sister's happiness. She lived vicariously through her; she didn't know what would happen if Melanie stopped living like she did. They were sisters after all. She cared for Melanie, she truly did.

"He's blind then Mel," Jenny told her, making sure her words was sympathetic toward her. "Every guy looks at you. Don't bother with him."

Melanie's large green eyes - which were the only thing the two sister's shared - started to tear up. She looked at Jennifer, who was supposed to make everything better, with those eyes of hers. Even if they shared this feature, Melanie always wore them better. She knew exactly how to use them to get what she wanted. They looked odd on Jennifer, as they were the only things she liked about herself. Despite this, she still disliked them. They showed her that they were wasted on her; they were just something else she could compare herself with Melanie with.

"Jenny! I'm so ugly and fat. I know that's why he won't look at me," she sobbed, burying her face in her hands.

Jennifer hated this. This routine that pretty girls always played. They knew they were gorgeous, why did they have to weep over the fact that they weren't? That was something girls like Jennifer were supposed to do.

"No, you're not Mel," she said, gritting her teeth in the annoyance of saying such things. "I mean, look at you."

Melanie looked back up at her and smiled through her tears. "Really sis?"

"Yes Melanie. You're gorgeous. It doesn't make sense he's not looking at you. I mean, it would make sense if he didn't look at me..." She always did this. She always let a piece of her integrity fall down while talking with her. She helped Melanie at her own price. Why the hell was she so damn self-sacrificing? Why couldn't she just be a bitch and not help her sister?

Melanie looked over her sister sitting down across from her for a brief moment. She knew she was much prettier than her, and started to laugh, her tears ceasing. Another one of her flaws was that she had intense mood swings. Still - most guys she dated said it was all part of her charm. It was ridiculous how all her flaws just added to her perfection.

"You're right Jenny. I'm sure that he wouldn't look at you. Maybe he's still getting over his relationship with whatsherface. I'll give him some time." She never watched her words, never realized just how much pain they could cause Jennifer. Just hearing her own bloody sister call her short of ugly just depressed her even more.

Melanie jumped up from her seat and gave Jenny a hug, removing all bitter thoughts from Jennifer's mind. Her sister couldn't help being like this. If anyone, they should blame their parents for giving her their genes. She just needed to forgive Melanie for doing no wrong.

"Maybe could you like, become friends with him? I mean, you're in a couple of classes’ together right? You should like, tell him he should date me. Please, please Jen?" she asked while still hugging her.

Jenny couldn't say no to her little sister. She patted her back awkwardly before Melanie let her go.

"Sure Mel... we're working on a project together. I'll try for you. Anything for my little sister."

She failed to mention that she didn't care for him at all. That she had been planning on not talking to any of them outside of class, but she couldn't let her sister be this sad. That was not what sisters were for. She could attempt to befriend him. It couldn't be that hard right? Maybe he had something underneath all of the qudditch madness he had.

"Great! You're so awesome Jen! I have to go to qudditch practice, I won't let him bother me until you talk to him, okay? Thanks! You're always so much help."

Melanie skipped off and left Jenny alone with her thoughts. She looked at the problem that lay ahead of her and stared at her hands for a moment. She always ended up in these situations. She had no control over them; she just couldn't say no to her sister right?

She knew she had no friends, but that was of her choosing. She enjoyed being alone most of the time.

Making one, single friend for the sole purpose of her sister's happiness was something she could try to do.

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