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Dedication: To RonsGirlFriday and Inti, who both thought Hermione and her pink shoes was a good idea ♥



That was really the only word to truly describe them. Pink satin heels, about five inches high with a peek-toe and a small, pink bow, complete with a sparkling diamante clasp.

Ridiculous in reality, but Merlin, were they pretty.

Wait, what was she thinking? These shoes would not suit her! They were hardly practical—imagine trying to chase after Rose!—and she would never wear them.

Hermione blinked as Ginny Potter waved the shoe around her face, before shaking her head softly, gently biting her lip. “No, Ginny,” she said, her voice tight as she tried to hand over the shoe back. “I really don’t—”

“Hermione,” Ginny said sternly, ignoring the display shoes and quickly grabbing Hermione’s size from the shoeboxes behind the display. She shoved the box into her hands. “Try on the shoes.”

“Ginny, they’re a hundred quid!” Hermione said, trying to mask her inner enthusiasm. They were cute. “In galleons, that’s almost—”

Ginny silenced her with a finger and peered at her down her nose. “Don’t care!” she said in a no nonsense tone. “Try on the shoes.

Hermione sighed, trying to appear defeated, but inside she was very excited. Slipping the shoes gently out of the box, she paused her a moment to admire them.

They really were pretty.

Oh, Merlin, she thought, What is wrong with me?

“Ginny,” she begged, trying feebly to make her see reason. “I’m a mother now, what would I—”

Ginny pinched the bridge of her nose. “Hermione,” she said, a warning in her tone, “if you don’t put those shoes on right now so I can see, I will hex you.”


Hermione reluctantly slipped off her worn black flats, silently cursing herself for going shopping with Ginny in the first place. Really, what had she been thinking? She should have known something like this was bound to happen. Pink satin heels, indeed.

Gingerly taking the box Ginny was thrusting about somewhere near her head, Hermione opened it and carefully unwrapped the shoes, again struck by their…prettiness. There was no other word to describe them, and she was quite shocked she even liked them. They were certainly not the type of shoes she would usually buy—she preferred comfortable flats, or the occasional plain black heel for formal events—and she found herself at odds with her new-founded desire for pink satin heels.

Seriously, what was wrong with her? What would she—boring Hermione Granger—need with pink satin heels?

Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

Already firm with a resolve to deny any attachment to the shoes, Hermione quickly slipped them on, trying not to think about how genuinely comfortable they were…well, for five inch heels, anyway.

There was a moment of silence before Ginny spoke. Hermione tried to look anywhere but her feet.

“Oh, Hermione,” she breathed. “Oh, they’re just gorgeous! I swear to Merlin, if you don’t buy them, I will personally hex you into oblivion.”

Hermione forced herself to look down—and was shocked to see that the shoes didn’t look that horrible! Actually, the contrast of her pale skin and the shocking pink worked quite well and the sparkly stones just added a little touch more.

Oh, Merlin.

They were flashy; they were hardly, by any stretch of the imagination, practical.

Stretching out her leg and spinning her foot, Hermione sighed, a slight smile creeping onto her face. What could she do?

She’d fallen in love.

“Hermione,” Ginny said, a grin widening on her face. “Do you and Ron have any plans tonight?”


After coming home from work--Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes--all Ron Weasley really wanted was a nice cup of tea and to sit down with his wife and daughter. Considering he had stayed back late at the shop to do some tax work, Rose would have been put to sleep already, but Hermione would still be awake, right? Kicking off his shoes and shrugging off his jacket, Ron sincerely hoped so.

“Hermione? Love, I’m home!”

“Ron?” a hopeful voice called from up the stairs. “Ron! I’m in the bedroom!”

The bedroom?

Slight confused—and, fine, a little hopeful—Ron quickly made his way up the stairs, making sure to be quiet as he passed the baby’s room. As he reached the closed door of their bedroom, he hesitantly opened the door—and was suitably shocked at what he saw; Hermione Weasley, lying on the their bed, scantily clad in lacy pink lingerie and a pair of pink satin heels.

“Hermione!” he spluttered, turning an interesting shade of red. “Bloody hell! What happened—?”

“Ginny,” she said miserably, turning pink. “She hexed me so every time I try to cover up, my skin gets all itchy. I’m stuck to the bed, too.”

As disturbing as it was that Ginny was involving herself in his sex life, Ron had to hand her his thanks. The lingerie left very little to the imagination, clashed very…nicely with her pale skin. He smiled at her. “You know what, love? I think she has the right idea,” he said, climbing on the bed to lie next to her. I think we should leave you like this.”

Hermione’s face broke out into a smile and she hit him playfully. “Oh shut up! I’ll have you know—”

Ron smiled widely and kissed her, effectively shutting her up. Pink, he thought, his hands trailing along the top of her kickers. Pink is a good colour.

A/N: And nine months later Hugo was born… LOL. Er, right. Strange, yes, but I can really see Hermione succumbing to a pair of pink satin heels, lol. Can you? Thank you for reading! A review would be lovely :)

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