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Chapter 13 - Mine

Baby it's like you place a finger on my heart
And your lips next to mine
Make me think that maybe;
Heavens where you are

- Forever Love by Anna Nalick

Sirius’ POV
Shit! What the hell?
No, go away. It’s sleep time. It’s still night time.
I felt the covers lift and someone slip in beside me. I could feel smooth legs wrapped around my waist and soft hands caressing my neck.
“Sirius,” the girl whispered.
I opened my eyes to see Maisy smiling at me, hair tousled, breath so fresh it tickled my face when she spoke.
“Good morning,” she said, leaning in to kiss me. Was this real? Was this seriously happening to me?
“Is this real?” I said between her kisses.
“Uh-huh,” she replied, kissing my neck and giggling softly.
“You’re in my bed.”
“I am.”
“We’re in bed together.” I breathed. Wait, no this couldn’t be real.
I fell out of bed with a thump and rubbed my eyes. James was stood by the door shouting at me.
“Now you get up!”
“Sorry, I was, err, dreaming.” I said, getting up and itching the back of my head. AND IT WAS A GOOD DREAM ASWELL, YOU BASTARD!
“Well, it’s breakfast time. And urm, yeah, the girls are down and I thought you wouldn’t wanna miss breakfast. Am I correct?”
“Urrr, yeah okay, I’m coming.” I said, leaving with him.
“Dude, put a t-shirt on. There are ladies around,” he laughed, running down the corridor to breakfast.
True. I grabbed a t-shirt and pulled it on whilst leaving the room. WAIT. BREATH! I ran back inside to the ensuite and rapidly scrubbed my teeth, gurgled and rinsed. There, lovely. Now I could run down to breakfast.
Halfway down I had second thoughts. Was last night even real? What if she was different this morning? So many thoughts, so little time. I’d reached the dining room. Sucking in my breath, I opened the door…
The girls were in their pyjamas still, tousled hair and fresh faces, exactly like I’d dreamt. Maisy was sat with her wholemeal slice of toast, sipping from a glass of orange juice. She looked up at me and smiled, so bright that it lit the room. I smiled back and took the seat beside her.
Lily and James were talking opposite, laughing and flirting playfully. James kept pecking her cheek at ridiculous moments, it was really quite cute.
“Good morning,” I said, smiling at Lily, who smiled back at me between laughing at James. “Good morning, Maisy.” I said, picking up the bowl of beans.
“Good morning, Sirius.” She said. I looked at her, she was looking at her plate, beaming bright. I smiled, and continued to pile my plate high.
“Good night?” I asked. She giggled and turned to me.
“Only the greatest. How was yours?” she asked, eyes wide.
“Ranks first out of all of my good nights, I believe,” I said. She smiled, and it melted my heart.
Oh shit.
“James, good morning.” I said. Lily laughed and slapped James’ hand away from the rack of toast, helping herself to two more pieces. Jesus. That girl could eat.
“Why are you two talking to each other?” he said, indicating us with his finger. Lily looked up, shocked. Maisy obviously hadn’t told her.
“No reason,” said Maisy. Lily was watching her every move.
“Actually…” I said, but Lily got there first.
“You guys have a secret!” she said, spraying crumbs of toast everywhere. Nice.
“Like I was about to say… We’re talking now, and we’re gunna be talking now for a very long time, if that’s okay with you?” I said. James smiled at me.
“No skin off my nose,” said Lily.
“Or mine.” Said James.
“Good, because we’re a couple.” I said, grinning like a naughty school kid.
“WE ARE?!” Maisy cried from next to me.
“Of course.” I said, delighted at her perfect reaction.
“Boyfriend and Girlfriend?” she inquired, still looking at me.
“That’s the idea, Maisy.” I said nonchalantly, spreading jam on my toast.
“Sirius?” she whispered, she was very close, and James and Lily were fooling around again.
“Yes?” I said, still spreading my toast.
“I love you.” She said, and moved away, to her breakfast. I turned to her this time, awe-struck. She indicated the piece of toast, and ate the whole slice in front of me. That was her way of ‘I love you’ and ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ all rolled into one. But this was my idea.
She would probably taste of toast, but whatever. I moved close and kissed Maisy full on the lips, until she went weak under my touch. After she was giddy and giggly and chatty. She was my sunrise.
That was what I wanted to wake up to every morning.

“Stop it!” she laughed uncontrollably, tugging at my arms.
“Beg for mercy! Say you’re sorry!” I said, laughing at her, and tickling her in the ribs.
“Never!” she cried, still writhing under my touch.
“Say it!” I say, pulling her up to my height and tickling her in the kidneys.
“No!” she continued to say, still laughing. I kissed her.
“Say it now!” I said. She laughed even harder.
“No way!” I kissed her again, and let my fingers travel up her back.
“SAY IT!” She kissed me when I turned around.
“Say it.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Saying your hair looked flat and lifeless.”
“And why is that bad?” She smirked and I gave her a sarcastic look. She straightened up.
“Because your hair is beautiful and always full, thick and luscious,” she recited.
“Never say anything about my hair again.”
“Okay,” she said, pulling me down onto the sofa, and wrapping herself around me. She smelled like freesias, again.
“Can I ask you something?” she whispered, twisting her hair in her fingers.
“Anything.” I said, nuzzling into her soft cheek.
“Hold me like this forever.”
I looked down at her sad eyes and couldn’t help but crumble under her look. I nodded and kissed away her tears, and I held her. And I held her. And I held her.

“I’m so happy for you, mate.” James said on the last night of the holidays.
We were packed and ready and lounging around in his room. Lily and Maisy had gone to bed hours ago, but we were still talking.
“Thanks. I’m happy too!” I said smiling uncontrollably.
“You think Lily’s happy? With me?” he asked, staring at the ceiling.
“Well duh!” I said, laughing. “She looks at you like nothing else exists, mate. I think she’s happy.”
“Oh, right, good.” He said distractedly.
“Why, what’s up?” I asked, sitting up and propping myself up on the pillows.
“She’s just so, so happy that it seems unnatural.” He said.
“And that’s a bad thing? You’re just being paranoid!” I said.
“Yeah, I guess so. I just love her so much. Like, beyond reason, beyond words can explain.”
“I know how you feel.”
“She’s so forward and courageous and inquisitive, she’s always there, always happy, always chatty…”
“And New Year’s Eve, it was like it was just us, no one else.”
“That’s how-”
“And it was her idea! All her idea-”
“Wait. Now I’m confused.”
“What do you mean?”
“What are we talking about?” I asked, now it was his turn to look confused.
“Oh…” Right, didn’t think that was coming.
“Yeah. At school, Sirius! In the Room of Requirement, secrecy and everything. She was just… Well, I love her.”
“Thanks James, lovely images here.”
“HA! sorry. But I was wondering what you thought. Is this all too fast or what?”
“Na mate, you guys have basically been dating since second year, well in your eyes anyway. She’s a smart girl, and she’s in love. First time’s a big thing James.”
“Yeah, I know. She looked so scared I was petrified. But then she smiled and it was like the world had righted itself. Like we were meant to be.”
“That’s great, James…” I said, laughing. Oh God the images.
“We’re gunna be Aurors, you know.”
Woah. “Really? That’s amazing!”
“Yeah, we signed up last year, and we start in September.”
“This sounds so permanent!”
“It is. She’s the one, I can feel it in my bones.”
I smiled and looked up at the sculpted ceiling. The real world was such a long way off. Where would Maisy go? Who would look after her? What would she do?
“Maisy’s the one.” I said, instinctively.
He sat up and looked at me. “Well, DUH!”
We laughed and simmered into silence. I thought about life after Hogwarts. Getting a job, growing up, getting married and having kids. And Maisy was in every thought. Every thought of every part of my life, Maisy was there, holding my hand, or urging me on. She was my forever, and I was her always. There was no doubt about it, these thoughts aren’t dreams, they’re reality.

A/N: I have a beta reader! Hooray! Her names listentothesilence and she's on the forums. She did this chapter. And the next one!
A/N2: Stunning chap image by weasleys_rule @ TDA - thankyou muchly. (",)

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