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It was three years after the final battle against Voldemort and life had finally started to reshape itself. Ron and Hermione had been married for almost a year now and they had just announced that Hermione was pregnant. Bill and Fleur had given birth to a baby girl a month and a half ago and she was the spitting image of her father. Every single one of the Weasley boys were married now and everyone expected Harry to ask Ginny to marry him any day now. 

Ginny had the feeling that harry was about to propose too and the thought was not as happy as it should have been. Harry and Ginny had gotten back together right after the final battle. At first it was all Ginny had ever wanted, just to be able to call Harry her own. But after a few months the fame of being “The Chosen One’s Chosen Girl” or just “The chosen Girl”-as the reporters had dubbed her-was wearing thin. She was nearly just as famous as Harry was because she had not only helped him in the last battle, but she was also now dating him. The reporters never seemed to tire of digging up new dirt on the couple and printing it in ever paper and magazine in the country. After three years of living in the lime light Ginny was feeling as though she had had enough. She did not know if she could stand to be married to the man who drew all of this attention. She was not sure if she could stand it. 

All of this led Ginny to her final conclusion. She had to take a break. She had to get away from all of the fame and attention. She had to get away from Harry, but only for a little while. She just needed a few weeks to take a breath and reorganize her thoughts. The hard part was going to be leaving Harry. She did love him, no one could deny that. But she needed a breather from the life she was currently living, but being in love made saying goodbye all that much harder. There was no way Ginny was going to be able to face him in person. She knew if she told him in person that she would never get away. 

Ginny walked to Harry’s side of the bed and gently placed a sealed envelope on the nightstand table next to it. She turned her back on the sleeping form of harry and felt herself start to cry. She made her way over towards her suitcase. 

“Ginny” She jumped slightly as she heard a tired and strangled voice from behind her. 

“Harry” she gasped as she turned around and furiously blinked away the tears that were threatening to fall. 

“What’s going on?” 

“Um, oh well I sort of, um need to go away for a while.” 

“Wait, what! Ginny what’s going on?” He asked as he sat up in bed and placed his glasses on his face. 

“Oh, Harry. Please don’t get angry. I-I just have to go.” She managed to say as the tears started to roll down her cheek. “The letter explains it better than I can right now.” And with that Ginny grabbed her luggage and fled from the room before she could change her mind. As she left the room she could hear Harry’s quiet voice calling after her. She continued to run however and did not stop until she was outside the front door of the small house she and Harry shared together. She took one last look at the house through her tears, spun on her heel and was gone with a small pop. 

It was three weeks after leaving Harry when Ginny went to a muggle doctor’s office to figure out why she had been feeling nauseous for the last two and a half weeks. After several tests that Ginny did not fully understand the short little doctor smiled sweetly at her. 

“Well dear it appears as though the reason for your nausea is because a wonderful little blessing is growing within you.” She said in a stick sweet voice. 

“Wait, what do you mean?” Ginny asked, afraid of the answer. 

“You, my dear are pregnant!” The doctor clarified with a little giggle.
Ginny could not believe what she had just heard, she stared stupidly at the doctor, refusing to believe the words she was hearing. “That can’t be possible.” 

“Oh, but I am afraid it is not only possible, but true.” 

With that last statement Ginny stood up and left the doctor’s office as fast as she could. 

When Ginny got back to the small apartment she had been staying in she paced up and down the floor trying to figure out what she was going to do. Finally after hours Ginny finally came to the hard decision that she was going to stay where she was and try to live as a muggle. There was no way she was going to ruin Harry’s life by telling him he had a child. He was training to be an Auror after all. He could not afford to have a kid at his young age. 

Ginny knew though that sooner or later her family would track her down and then they would all find out that she was pregnant with Harry Potter’s children. She could not let her nosy family ruin his future either so Ginny did the only thing she could think of. She changed her name from Ginny Weasley to Anne Taylor.

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