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"Roxy, am I really this stupid?" I ask looking up to my friend with pleading eyes. Yes, I am very pathetic, I know.

"Well..." the harsh reality.

"So I'm one of those stupid annoying girls who can't handle having an ex-boyfriend?" Please say no. Please say no. Please say no.

"Not particularly, but you're also not handling it too well either. It's been two months and you can't do anything when he's even in the same room." She takes a seat on my bed and looks pointedly at me, "Move on and everything will get back to normal."

Well, maybe that is what I need to do. I mean, I don't have to forget about him, just... say there are other fish in the sea. Which is really stupid since I don't even like fish.

"So you want me to get over him?"

She gets this huge smile, jumps up, and shouts "Yes! I'm finally getting through to you! Now let's continue this process. What would happen if you got over James?"

I took a second to think over it, "I would start falling for other boys, but no boy would ever ask me out and I'll die a spinster with eighty seven point six cats." That's not a comforting future.

"No!" she half snorts, half laughs, "You'd go through like twenty more boyfriends until you found the perfect one, got married, settled down and had eighty seven point six kids."

"Is that even possible?"

She was silent for a moment and put on her thinking face (i.e. her chin got all crumpled up and she stared up at the ceiling) then looked back at me, "I'm not sure. I don't know where you'd have to cut for the point six without losing vital organs and-"

"Sarcasm," I interrupt. Gosh the girl can be dense. I see her face slowly relax out of the thinking face and I laugh at her relieved face. Her cognitive ability was apparently not up for the challenge of a point six child.

"Was the whole cat thing sarcasm too?" she asks, half afraid for the answer.

"Yes Rox, I was joking. I'm not stupid, I know that other boys will like me." I roll my eyes for emphasis, but I’m still not sure she gets it.

"So, you'd be up for a date with that one Ravenclaw this weekend?"

"Which one?" I ask, "The blonde one with the hair or the uber cute dorky redhead?"

"The dorky one of course!" she says as if it was completely obvious.

"But what about Selena...Melina...Marina... whatever his girlfriend's name is?"

"Alex?" she asks, perplexed.

"Yeah, her!"

"They broke up like four months ago."

"Really? Poor Alex!" I actually do feel for the girl. "But it's not like he would want to go out with me anyway. I mean, I'm Dess Briar. There's nothing special about me."

"Well is there something special about me?" Roxy asks in her voice that indicates I'm about to get a lecture.

"Yes. You draw attention from people."

"And why would someone who draws attention spend all their time with someone without anything special in their personality?"

I think about this for a second. "Because you like the attention?" I guess.

"Desdemona! You think that I just love attention? That I crave the spotlight?" She glares at me in a don't-be-stupid way.

"Ugh no, but I don't know why you do hang out with me all the time. Is it because you don't like our other dorm mates?"

"Yes, that must be why," she states with her voice absolutely lathered in an irritated sarcasm.

"Sorry. I don't know why then."

"Because you're fun to be around. You are quite dense though. Even with that, any boy would be lucky to get you and the ones that let you go are losers."

I roll my eyes at this sentimental comment. I don't do very well with feelings. Getting up from my bed I ask her if she wants dinner. When she confirms that she does, we leave and walk down the staircase to the common room. I keep my eyes averted as we walk through, just in case.


"So would you go out with Adam if he asked you?" Roxy asks as we fill our plates.

"Ew, not him." Louis interrupts.

"Why?" Roxy looks all perplexed as she asks.

"He's just... not someone you want around. That's all." He looks back down at his plate and continues eating his potatoes in a slightly embarrassed manner.

Roxy and I exchange raised eyebrows before continuing our conversation, "Who's Adam?" I ask. I'm not the best with people or the names of those people that I'm not the best with.

"The dorky Ravenclaw? That we were talking about earlier."

"Oh! Is that his name?" Good to know! I was kind of wondering what it was. She rolls her eyes at me. "Well, he'd have to do it in a really romantic way."

"So like serenading you outside of the last class of the day?" she asks, trying to get my view of romantic.

"Can he sing?" It's the obvious question that I must ask.

"I don't know."

"Well if he can't sing, then I don't want him to serenade me. Plus, that would be more embarrassing than romantic."

"Ugh, so what if he..." she breaks off and puts on her thinking face. I just leave her there in her world while I dig into my dinner.

I feel someone sit on the bench next to me and almost choke on my chicken. James Potter is sitting next to me, filling his plate like it's not the weirdest thing that he has ever done. Tolkien looks up (his head had stayed down from when he embarrassed himself) and doesn't look surprised to see him there. "Hey James," he murmurs between bites.

On hearing her cousin's name, Roxy looks around and her thinking face morphs into a wide eyed what-are-you-doing-here look. Probably the same one that's on my face. James doesn't seem to notice.

"James," Roxy starts in a tense voice. I know what's going through her mind- she just convinced me to get over the boy and now here he is, sitting right next to me. He looks up at his name, an expectant expression on his face. "What are you doing here?"

He looks relieved that it's such an easy question. "Well I decided to take a new approach is all."

"To what?" Roxy asks incredulously.

"Dess," is his simple response.

Oh no, that's me. Not good. Does that mean that he’s still trying to get to me? Not good. In fact, it's bad. All bad. No good. I'm sure my eyes are as huge as saucers now and I keep my head focused down, hoping I'm not blushing or going to vomit.

"Go away," Roxy replies.


"I don't want to see your face, go away."

"My face is beautiful thank you." It really is.

Oh great. This is going to turn from a Dess thing to a pride thing for Roxy. "Well your hair isn't. What'd you do, decide to go for a mullet?" What? His hair is beautiful. I sneak a look up and am shocked to see that his hair is different. I'm so shocked I forget I'm hiding from him and stare blatantly at it.

"What'd you do to it?" I ask, half attracted by the sudden change, half repulsed by the cut itself.

He looks at me as if happy that his plan was working. It isn't, no need to worry. "Well I thought it was too long, so I cut a little off by myself."

It's shorter than it was last time I saw him. In the classroom. Where he was attractive and- No! Can't think of that. It's shorter, a major change from the usual style. Before it was kind of almost shaggy, but now it's not even mildly shaggy. And, being completely honest, it's a bad cut and a bad look for him. "Okay then," I draw out as I turn my head back down.

"Okay, you've shown off, now go." Roxy was never one to get easily distracted.

"Rudeness!" He says with a laugh in his voice.

I can tell from a peek up that Roxy's trying hard to stay mad. I might as well take her out of her misery, "It's fine Rox, he can stay."

James perks up and, in an excited voice, asks, "I can?"

"Yeah," I make brief eye contact with him. "You guys are cousins, you shouldn't fight over me. Plus, I'm done. I'll be in the room doing homework, okay Roxy?"

She nods her head in silent agreement and I stand up and walk out of the Great Hall.

Who in the world would think of cutting his hair to get attention? I don’t understand humans.

 A/N: Thank you for reading! I redid the first two chapters as I am picking up this story again! Hope you enjoied.

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